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Giana threw ki blasts at the bots as fast as they appeared. Her body was dripping with sweat as she breathed. She was shocked that Vegeta had let her use his gravity room. Bulma built it and he didn’t even allow her in unless she was making repairs or doing regular maintenance. She shrugged.
“I guess he didn’t want to seem predictable.”
She smiled to herself and fired off blasts as the next set of bots came at her. 


Vegeta wiped the sweat from his brow and chugged back the bottle of cold water. He looked over at Goku, doing the same. He had been training for eight hours and yet, something still felt bound inside of him. This was an all too familiar feeling. One that a little sweat and a few punches could loosen and calm. He wanted to scream. Goku raised an eyebrow at him.
“Are you okay, Vegeta?”

“I’m fine, Kakarot.”
Vegeta lied, pouring the rest of the cold water on his face. It was clear that training with Goku wasn’t enough to calm the storm brewing in Vegeta’s gut. 
“I’m done here.”
He pulled off his training gloves.
“I’m going to take back my gravity room. I’ll send Giana your way if she can handle it after the gravity room.”

Goku smiled.
“I’ll be at the plains with Piccolo and Gohan.”

“I’ll be sure to pass on your message.”
Vegeta nodded and kicked into the air.

“See ya later, Vegeta!”
Goku waved.

The two Saiyans darted in different directions. Vegeta needed that gravity room and she was going to give it up whether she wanted to or not. He needed to let out the frustration the continued to rise inside of him. He grunted as his feet hit the ground. 


The lights dimmed in the gravity room as another round of droids flew from their chamber. Giana covered her eyes with her bandana, trying to sense their presence. She let blasts fly in all directions. She could almost feel exactly where the large droids were. There was a faint presence, ringing in her ears. The room began to fall silent. Had she really gotten them all? She smiled as she scanned her surroundings. A clank behind her made her jump. She shot.

“Are you trying to kill me?”
Vegeta growled, leaning, dodging the blast all together. 

“Oh my gosh!”
She yanked the bandana off of her eyes.
“I’m so sorry, Vegeta! I thought you were…”

“Shut up!”
He shouted. 

Her eyebrows knitted together as she squinted at him. He seemed much more tense today than normal. His dark eyes searched her green ones from across the room. 
“Are you okay, Vegeta?”
She finally broke the silence.
“I really am sorry.”

“Are you?”
He glared at her. His body was perfectly still as they continued to eye each other.

There was something menacing behind his eyes. Her body stiffened. He had something up his sleeve but she wasn’t sure what. A few silent moments passed by as she readied herself for whatever it was he was going to throw at her. 

Before she could blink, Vegeta shot a blast at her. She dodged. He let out a barrage of bright blasts that sent her running. When she got a second, she pressed her fingers to her forehead and shimmered out of Vegeta’s sight. He growled. A swift boot crashed into his back. He flew forward, catching himself on the control panel in the center of the room. She pushed herself against his back.
“Fuck you.”
She groaned against his ear. She grabbed a handful of his hair and slammed his face against the display screen. He kicked off of the panel, sending them both backwards. He grabbed her wrist and flipped her over his shoulder. She landed on her back with a loud thud. He grabbed her wrist and drug her across the floor. Her feet kicked as she tried to break free. She clawed his arm. He winced as her nails broke his skin. He tossed her at the same panel she had bested him at, for a brief moment. Her palms slammed into the display screen, catching herself before she could hit it. Vegeta’s large hand grabbed her wrist before spinning her around. Her back hit the metal panel. She gasped.

“What did you say to me?”
He glared at her.

“Fuck you.”
She breathed.

He grinned.
“Is that what you want?”

Her eyes quickly shifted from green to teal. Chills covered her skin. She felt her body stiffen.
“What did he just say?” 

Vegeta gave her a shove in the opposite direction. She caught herself again against the counter. She glanced at her water bottle. “Did he just say…?” Her mind seemed to be spinning. Vegeta’s fingers wrapped around her waist. They quickly slipped under her tank top, finding the dripping skin at her hips. She bit her lip, holding back any noise her body wanted to make. Vegeta’s hot lips pressed against the sensitive skin at the base of her neck. She shivered. 
“I forgot how much you like that.”
His raspy tone had her trembling. His tongue traced the salty curve of her shoulder. Her eyes closed. She held her breath, waiting for his next move. He bit down on her shoulder, purposely leaving his mark on her. It was too much. Giana gasped and let her head fall against his shoulder behind her. She felt him smile against her skin. She brought her hand to his cheek. 
He slammed it back against the counter. 
“You do what I say, when I say, do you understand?”

A little shocked but completely aroused, Ana nodded.

“Yes, what?”
Vegeta growled, thrusting his hips against her backside.

“Yes, Prince Vegeta.”
She breathed.

“That’s my girl.”
He chuckled. 
Giana bit her lips again as Vegeta’s fingers slowly slipped under the fabric at the front of her shorts. His fingers quickly found her heat. He wasted no time, immediately toying with her sweetest spot. She covered her mouth, as she whimpered. 
“What’s the matter, Giana?”

She managed breathlessly. 

He pulled his hands away from her. She spun around to face him. The desperate look on her face was almost too much for Vegeta to handle. 
“Is that how you address me?”
He squinted at her.

She licked her lips. 
“I mean…”
Her fingers gripped the edge of the counter as she tried to hold herself back from him. 
“Nothing, Prince Vegeta.”

“Much better.”
He smirked.
Vegeta stepped toward her. His lips trailed against her neck. It was everything she could do to keep her hands off of him. He lifted her wet tank top just above her breasts. His rough fingers found the clasp behind her. He popped it open with ease. He pulled the straps off of her shoulder and eventually off of her completely. He tossed her bra next to her water bottle before taking a step away from her again. He examined her body as she reeled for him. He could almost feel her muscles reaching for him. He licked his lips before giving in to his own desires. His mouth captured her breast. There was no holding back. Ana moaned as his tongue danced against her salty skin. He gently bit down on her flesh. She bucked, shoving herself to him, all the while, trying her best to keep her hands on the counter. Her head fell back as he took the other into his mouth. He lapped at her very erect nipple. He bit down again, this time a little harder. She almost screamed. 
He slid her shorts down her tanned legs. He wanted more of her and it was clear that she wanted more of him. His dark eyes shifted to her green ones as he let her breast fall from his mouth. He raised her leg and rubbed his length against her groin. She groaned.
“Is that what you want?”
She nodded frantically, trying to catch her breath.
He smiled.
“Not yet.”
She almost cried as he pulled away from her. He slid two fingers into her already open mouth. She sucked on them hard, tasting her own juices on him. He raised an eyebrow at her.
His hot breath swirled against her lips as his forehead pressed to hers.
“No noise until I say. Understood?”

“Yes, Prince Vegeta.”
She whispered against his mouth.

“Good girl.”
He muttered before sliding his, now wet, fingers into her core. She breathed hard, trying to hold back the screams she knew were begging to come out. He slowly pulled his fingers out of her and slid them in again. He caught a rhythm. His tongue traced her lips before plunging into her mouth, capturing her in a heated kiss. She bit at his bottom lip. He shook. She knew what he liked. His cock throbbed as she sucked on his lip. A growl escaped him. 

Her green eyes flashed up at him. She squinted, still breathing hard as his fingers pulsed in and out of her. She knew how badly he wanted her, even if he tried to pretend he didn’t. The tables had turned with that growl and they both knew it. He couldn’t stop now, even if he wanted to. She bit her lip. Her leg swung and Vegeta fell to his knees in front of her. 

He tried to stand up. She pushed him back down and rested her thigh on his shoulder.
“Out of line! I will stop!”

She raised an eyebrow at him. His dark eyes glared up at her. He could smell her arousal as it practically touched his nose.
“I guess we’re done here, then.”
She pulled her shirt down and removed her leg from him. He quickly caught it and rested it back in its place.
“I thought we were done?”
She smiled.

“It isn’t over until I say it’s over.”
He growled. 
Vegeta’s hot tongue lapped at her folds. She groaned. His fingers slipped back into her. Her body shook as his tongue swirled against her sweet spot. He could tell in the tone of her voice, she was close. She was quickly closing in on her release and he got a front row seat. He could feel her soft walls contracting around his fingers. He slowed down.

“No! No! No!”
She begged.

He looked up at her.

“Don’t stop.”
She begged.
“Please, Vegeta?”
She pressed into his fingers.

He stood, never stopping his slowed pulses. His forehead pressed to hers.
“Do you want me to make you come?”
He asked, sarcastically.

She moaned, still bucking into his palm.

“Say my name, Giana.”
He demanded.

“Mmm Vegeta.”
She groaned.

His erection begged to be released as he watched her begging for him.

“Oh Vegeta!”
She nearly screamed.
His fingers roughly slid deeper into her. 

“What’s my name, baby?”
He sucked on her neck.

“Prince… Prince Vegeta…”
She stuttered.

With his free hand, he lifted her, dropping her on the counter. His fingers pulsed deep into her, making her scream. Her fingers gripped his shoulders as her climax rose back up. Vegeta winced as she clawed at his biceps. Her head fell back as she reached her release. She groaned. His fingers were squeezed within her walls. He smiled as he watched her juices run down his hand. He slowed but didn’t stop until he knew she was completely finished. Before he could stop her, Giana had untied his cotton trousers. She shoved him away from her and her feet hit the cold floor. 

“Ana, wait…”
He breathed as she bit at his jaw.
He tried to stop her. His body vibrated as her hand slipped into the front of his pants and took hold of his already rock hard length. 

“Did he miss me?”
She smiled.

“Ah… Fuck…”
Was all Vegeta could manage as her soft hand slid up and down his shaft. He caught himself on the counter behind her as his knees tried to give. The tension he had felt building inside of him all day was growing. 

Ana kissed his jaw once more before falling to her knees.
“A, wait! You know I won’t last! You’re…”

“Too good at it?” 
She looked up at him. 
“You better not come. You promised you’d fuck me.”
She winked at him before taking his throbbing cock into her mouth. It slid down her throat. 

“Ah shit!”
He trembled. 
He growled, feeling himself slide down her throat again. He bit his lip hard. He watched Giana as his length disappeared past her perfect peach colored lips. She hummed, vibrating his shaft. He took hold of a handful of her long curly hair. He thrust into her. Her nails bit into his backside. His eyes seemed to roll back into his head. She had always been too good at this and while he would never turn it down, this wasn’t the way he wanted to finish inside of her. 
He groaned, petting her hair. 
He managed again.
He grabbed her hair and reluctantly pulled away from her.

“Yes, Prince Vegeta?”
She batted her eyes at him, taunting him. 

“Stand up.”
He demanded.

“Why? I wasn’t…”

He grabbed her wrist and yanked her from the floor. He spun her around, shoved her against the counter, and kicked her legs apart. 
“I want you to scream my name.”
He growled against her ear.

“You have to earn it.”
She taunted him again.

He growled, smiling.

“I’m waiting.”
She smiled at him over her shoulder.

Vegeta shoved his dripping cock into her, making sure it hurt. She didn’t seem to be bothered by it. She moaned as he quickly caught a rhythm. She pulled one of his rough hands to her, slipping it under her shirt and against her breast. He squeezed. The other hand squeezed her hip. 

“Make me scream, Vegeta!”
She moaned, pushing back into him. 

He growled with every thrust. He wanted to hear her scream his name. He wanted to make her scream his name. He wanted her to remember this. 

She pushed back against him.
“Fuck me, harder.”

He did as he was told and rammed his cock deeper into her. She pushed back into him. He felt so fucking good but she wasn’t about to give in yet. She wanted him to earn her screams. She wanted him to work hard for it. 
Vegeta grunted as he watched his length disappear inside of her. Her moaning was music to his ears but didn’t quite satisfy the need for domination. He quickly pulled out of her, making her gasp, spun her around, and shoved her on top of the counter. He climbed over her and wrapped her legs around his waist. 
“Now I can make you scream.”
He smirked.

“You can try.”
She smiled back.

Vegeta shoved his cock back into her with a hard thrust. His teeth bit at her breasts, leaving small marks wherever his mouth landed. Her fingers ran through his hair. He shivered as her nails slid down his back. 
Her tone was starting to shift. He could tell she was getting close. 
“Come for me, baby.”
He growled.
“Come on me.”

She managed. There was no stopping the climax that was rising in her. He plunged into her core unlike any time before. He hit the sweetest spots in her. She chewed her lip, trying not to scream. 

Vegeta reached between them, toying with her clit, never losing his pace. Her back arched into him. His forehead leaned against hers. 
“Ah Ana.”
He breathed. 
“Oh yeah.”
He groaned.
“Ah fuck…”
He whispered against her lips. 

That did the trick. She couldn’t handle it anymore. Giana wrapped her legs tighter around him. Her nails bit into his. 
“Oh, Vegeta!”
She was loud but it wasn’t quite a scream.
“Don’t stop! Please, don’t stop!”
Her back arched into him and her breasts pressed against his chest. 

“Scream my name!”
He demanded.

“You scream mine.”
She could barely speak as he ravaged her.

Vegeta looked down at her. This was the game she was playing? She won’t come until he fulfils her demands? He growled and thrust into her harder and faster. Giana called to him little louder but not quite the way he wanted. He pinned her hands to the counter and let his power level rise. In a flash, his hair flashed blonde, his eyes turned teal, and they were covered in a warm golden glow. His mouth crashed against hers. Her body trembled as his tongue plunged into her mouth. 

Vegeta grunted against her mouth. His own climax was close. 

“Come for me.”
She breathed before letting out a loud moan. Vegeta pressed his forehead to hers. His body dripped sweat. His groin tightened and his body began to shake. He could feel Giana’s walls contract around his length. 
“Oh, Vegeta!”

It was almost exactly what he wanted. He gave in a bit. 
“Mmm, Giana.”
He groaned, kissing her hard.

Her nails bit into his backside and her back arched. She called to him as she hit her release. It hit her hard. Her legs shook as they tightened around his hips. He never slowed his pace. 
There is was. 
That was exactly what he wanted. 
She screamed as he never let up, forcing her orgasm to drag out a little longer.
“Say my name.”
He growled.

She happily complied. He felt too good not to. He had earned it. 

Vegeta lost it as she screamed to him. He let his fingers tangle into her hair. He kissed her hard as his climax hit. He spilled into her, hard. He could feel their juices running down his thigh. 
He muttered against her mouth, his pace slowing. She pulled him to her as he collapsed. He breathed hard against her shoulder. He took note of how he felt. He was tired, but no longer frustrated. 

Was there anything she couldn’t do for him? 

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