The Lost Footage

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When Gohan started to take computer science classes at the University, the rumor of that mysterious file someone had found in the depths of the Deep Web was already spreading through all the other classes.

After a few days, it had become like a game.

Someone would find a memory stick on his tray at the cafeteria or in the pocket of his jacket, and the next day everyone could witness his very sudden but very obvious weird behavior. Like, he couldn't walk straight through a door anymore because he was both avoiding eye contact and keeping his head low.
But then, about the third day, he would start to make copies of the file, just so that it would be his turn to spy someone else's reaction.
Yes, malicious friends or total strangers, a lot of the pranksters absolutely enjoyed the effect the 'Lost Footage' had on others, and could never have enough. Ever.

So that day, whoever inserted that memory stick in Gohan's pencil case was already laughing at the idea of seeing him crash into every closed door the next day.

Except Gohan didn't attend his classes the next day.


As soon as his computer had started to read the file, a huge window had filled his screen, but then there had been no virus alert and after all, it was a Capsule Corp. machine, so he had decided to let it do whatever it was supposed to do.

The clues he had somewhat gathered about the 'Deep Web' and the 'Lost Footage' were very few but in his mind, it had to be some kind of really underground?? amateur horror movie?? Some had spoken about animated CG... why not? He had seen and experienced so many things in his life till now, that he doubted any kind of man-made movie would ever 'traumatize' him. Plus, some of his friends had had that very 'weird one-day behavior' in front of him and well... he had been curious about it for a little while now.

But then, the movie started and to his total horror, he immediately recognized the location.
It was the very place Cell had chosen for the Cell Games.
Gohan had heard about Cell waiting for days there, standing in the middle of the arena till Goku had achieved his training.

What that 'Lost Footage' revealed him that evening, is that Cell hadn't been only waiting.

The Saiyan Prince who had sneaked out of the hospital in the middle of the night to go defy him again, had involuntarily given him some very new and very satisfying kind of entertainment. And a human television crew had been there to record every detail, obeying -shakily- each order the green mutant had given them.


The lesson had begun with punches too fast for the injured Saiyan Prince, to even know where they were coming from. They were raining, along with Cell's sarcastic comments and remarks all perfectly clear probably thanks to the boom operator who had been ordered to follow them as closely as possible.

The last ones sent a cold shiver down Gohan's spine:

-"Since getting your ass handed to you obviously does nothing, it seems that merely kicking it was an error."

-"Fortunately, observing the Earthlings all these last days was extremely informative. I now know how I should treat that... royal ass of yours."

-"I'm going to make you my bitch and you're going to put up a good show in front of these puny humans you despise so much!"

A series of punches had pushed the Prince nearly outside the limits of the ring, but a hit between the shoulder blades sent him flying back right the middle and in front of the startled television crew.
As he was laying flat on his stomach, half unconscious, Cell appeared at his side and kicked both his hips high up in the air and knees wide open. Then he grabbed him by the neck to press his shoulders down and while pulling down his blue spandex pants, declared with a wide grin for the cameras:

-"This is my bitch. A haughty royal Saiyan bitch with a bad mouth and bad manners, and she is now panties down on her knees to please me. This is her naughty little ass, graciously high up in the air for you all to see, and this is... what you would call her pussy, I guess? Nice and tight. Make sure her virginity gets immortalized, because I doubt she'll remember she was ever one when I'm finished with her."

Cell replaced his left hand by one of his knees on Vegeta's neck, then moving his hands to the Prince's ass, he grabbed both the smooth cheeks, sinking his fingers deep into the round globes to part them fully open. As soon as it was exposed, Vegeta's tiny anus was captured in close-up by the camera, and Gohan's jaw crashed on his keyboard.

He was looking wide-screen at the Saiyan Prince asshole.
This was assuredly NO CG.
And he was looking, wide-screen, at the Saiyan Prince's, tight, virgin asshole!!

Wait, wha-

But then this was an old footage. What could he do, except... watch?

He had already grabbed his head, but his eyes nearly fell out of his orbits when Cell's fingers spread the opening of the Prince's little ring of muscles open, mercilessly revealing his tender, velvety inner walls.
Now he could hear Vegeta's strangled voice as he was vainly trying to scream both menaces and insults, and he wondered why it was that Vegeta couldn't realize what kind of disastrous effect that had on the mutant.

Maybe because he was having his cute little ass put on display and played with in front of a fucking camera?

The situation was so outrageous that Gohan's brain overloaded.
Hell, the Prince's muffled cries nearly sounded cute to him now!

As a matter of fact, Cell's laugh was only growing louder every minute as his struggles were met with more and more public shaming. Patiently putting his ass back on full display every time he managed to lower a little his hips, or pushing his knees back wide open despite his efforts to close them, Cell was openly toying with him, and enjoying it greatly. When he suddenly slapped the Prince's ass cheek to make his point clear, getting him to yip with surprise, Gohan nearly facepalmed.

Please tell me this is going to end soon and nicely.

A little remark by Cell brought him back to the very... perverted reality:

-"That's a very delicious looking little Saiyan pussy. Humans, record closely as I'm eating that royal ass."

Vegeta's struggles went frantic as the mutant sat on the dusty floor, bracing his captive's hips with one arm so that his ass was lifted in front of his face, but holding his arms pinned behind his back with his other hand.
The small Saiyan literally screamed when Cell's face abruptly sank between his spread ass cheeks to french-kiss his anus, thick, muscular tongue forcing the tight ring to ravage its warm insides.
As the microphone posted just above the Prince's open cheeks was collecting every slurping and kissing, wet noise, Gohan absolutely petrified with fascination started to hear him give what sounded like desperate orders to "stop!!"... "right, no-now"... "fucking, nngh, filthy son of a-ghyaaa!!"...

He wondered vaguely if Cell could be called the 'son' of anyone.
He had no idea, all he knew is that the humiliated, voraciously ass-devoured little Prince was definitely sounding both too vain and too cute for his own good.
But he wasn't Vegeta for nothing, of course, he had to go on.

-"You can't, treat me li-like, that!! Unhand me right, n-now,... Ho, no, nonono, NO, NOoo! How, DARE you!! You vile piece of- ghyaaaAAH?! I'm going to make you, pay for such-!! I'm the Prince of-!!Nhhhh... I t-told you... I-I ordered, you, to-AaaAAH!!! I'M GOING, TO FUCKING KILL-mmMMHH?!!"

Slightly annoyed this time, Cell had suddenly tossed Vegeta on the floor, only to immediately re-capture him using his expansible tail.
Horrified, Gohan had sprung from his chair at the vision of the furious but exhausted little Saiyan absorbed from the head to the elbows before he could even think of running now that he was free.
He slowly sat again remembering that at this hour of the night, Vegeta had to be peacefully sleeping somewhere at Capsule Corps headquarters.

On the screen, Cell had lifted an entrapped, kicking and squirming Vegeta off the ground with his tail, and grabbed his knees to force them open. As the Saiyan's reddened, glistening, saliva-coated anus was on full display again between his well spread ass cheeks, Cell took his time to comment:

-"Yesss... still so tight, that's my little Saiyan bitch. Enjoy, because that's the only worship you're getting."

Burying his face back in Vegeta's ass again, Cell resumed his thorough tongue-fucking, kissing, licking and nipping at times, and delighted every time his prisoner's hips jolted, jerked and shivered. No amount of wiggling could help him escape, but it was still so adorable, especially with that pair of nicely round balls and soft penis that were bouncing between his thighs, sometimes hitting his nose.

-"This is cute too... but there is a time for everything."

And all his time, he definitely took.

As the camera was switching angles to 'document' Perfect Cell's 'perfect' working of the Saiyan Prince's virgin 'pussy', he paused briefly to replaced his tongue with his middle finger.
Holding one of the Saiyan's ankles high up in the air, he forcefully shoved the thick length of his long finger into Vegeta's anus, while of course making sure that the cameras could capture both his prisoner's renewed efforts to escape, and the sight of his well worked ass ring enlarging slowly to suck progressively his whole finger deep in. When he felt Vegeta's anus clench around the root of his finger, he started to work the tight ring of muscles again.
But this time, nothing to compare with his patient ass-eating, as he was vigorously pumping his finger in and out of Vegeta's ass, at such a speed that the prisoner was bouncing on his fist, legs swaying at the same pace.

Gohan who was refraining hard from touching his cock through his already tight pants, thought he was going to explode when he realized two things: First, he could hear Vegeta's continued screams from inside his prison, and second, his definitely still tight asshole was growing redder and redder under the ever speeding up, merciless fingering. A pinkish hue had even started to spread between his open cheeks as the mutant was keeping on pummeling him with his fist, and... no, he wasn't dreaming, some kind of transparent foam had started to encircle the base of his furiously pistoning finger...

That ass was going to be both tender and hot for whatever Cell had in stock for the arrogant Prince.

Then suddenly Vegeta stopped to move and Cell, a second surprised, eyes wide, finger still buried in the Prince's ass, burst into laughter and declared:

-"Oh, what a shame, it seems my little Princess has passed out from a mere fingering. Of course, this deserves punishment."

Completely puzzled and worried for the Prince whose body was still half hanging lifeless from Cell's tail, Gohan saw the mutant use telekinesis to create a sort of... high and narrow platform made of rock in the middle of the ring. A pedestal? A podium? He had no idea of what Cell had in mind, till he saw him jump on top of it and strike a glorious pose, legs open, hand on hips... and long, massive dark phallus springing from his crotch area with its pair of swinging, heavy balls!!

Oh shi-

Was all Gohan could think, apart from a very disturbing 'Why the fuck am I not mounted like that?!'

But next, Cell was freeing Vegeta from his tail to hold him against him, knees lifted against his shoulders and ass presented wide open for the cameras and just above the thick length of his brand-new 'human-like' genitalia.
The large, round and well polished head at its top, the long, heavy shaft getting even thicker from its half to its base... Vegeta might not be able to see it in that situation, but he would assuredly feel it...

A few minutes later, the small Saiyan woke up and Gohan's eyes glued themselves to the screen.

First, the Saiyan Prince saw his humiliating position.

His spread legs held on each side of his head.
All the TV crew's cameras encircling him as his wide open ass was on full display.
And then, with a swaying on his hips, Cell showed him what was standing erect just under his spread ass. The long pole was so hard that it only bent slightly, but it was enough for the Saiyan to catch a glimpse of its enormous head and instantly recognize what was pointing straight at his tight little hole.

Immediately and with a roar, he concentrated his ki, so violently that on Gohan's screen, all turned into stripes of black and grey, then intermittently blinding white before the display came back again, but tilted. In the center of the ring, a tornado of energy had enveloped Cell and Vegeta, whose hair was starting to turn golden.

Except suddenly, Cell declared:

-"Yeah. I wonder if Saiyans can concentrate well with a cock in the ass?"

And suddenly, Vegeta's roar turned into a yell as his anus spread open on Cell's cock head, forced to swallow it in one go.
Gohan had no idea where that other camera had been after the Ki explosion, but it had been able to focus on the very moment the green bug monster's dark pole had stabbed that tiny royal ass, and he doubted he would ever forget the way the narrow, pinkish ring of muscles had open wide to adjust to the penetration.
It had been like a tiny, hungry mouth hastily gulping down some delicious treat...

Oh Vegeta, no wonder Cell couldn't stop eating your ass. Did you kiss him back with that other mouth of yours?

That was very possible, as Cell seemed to be completely intoxicated by his captive.
His voice was way lower that usual when he murmured to his ear:

-"Good, I prefer my tight little Saiyan Princess with her luscious black hair."

And deep black eyes, completed unconsciously Gohan.

-"You're gripping me so hard. Do you realize this is still only the tip? Sure you don't want to try level up again? Here, I'll give you some time to think about it."

And Cell started to pump his cock head in and out of his captive's clenching ass, enjoying his obvious rage, seething, and also the bloody insults he was trying to push out of his throat despite his hitching breath. The Prince's reluctant ass, first clenching and pushing against him, had started to make audible suction noises when he laughed, and kissed him behind the ear.

-"That's it, try to fight it, squeeze hard just that way, It's totally not like you're sucking me as hard as you can, and I'm totally not going to shove it all deep in your ass as a reward."

Vegeta went white with horror as Cell began to slowly push his long shaft up his impaled ass.

-"You know you can stop me, squeeze that ass harder, come on! You're the proud Prince of all Saiyans, you're not going to let some 'filthy' monster fuck your brains out in front of a bunch of weaklings? You can do it!"

The mutant's voice was dripping with irony and Gohan, mesmerized, watched the tiny Saiyan's anus spread wider and wider as Cell's rock-hard phallus was inexorably forcing its way up his ass.
Finally, his dilated asshole finished to slide down the hard rod to encircle its root, his cheeks open around Cell's massive balls, and Vegeta let out something like a hiss. His flustered face, trembling thighs and teary eyes were speaking for him, but Cell wasn't going to waste any occasion to humiliate him.

-"So? I thought you were supposed to 'fucking kill' me? Was it before or after I rape your royal ass? Maybe you could explain me before I fuck you so hard all you can do is scream and beg?"

Cell waited maybe 10 seconds, then concluded:

-"Yeah. That's what I thought. Don't say I didn't warn you, Your Highness."

Still, no kind of warning would have prepared the small Saiyan for what followed, as Cell's whole shaft brutally pulled out of his ass till only the large cock head was holding his anus stretched. Before he fully realized what had just happened, the massive phallus slammed back between his spread cheeks, and Cell's huge, heavy balls slapped his own so hard that they hit his soft penis, sending it bounce against his cock-filled belly.
In shock, he was desperately searching for air when the punishing shaft abruptly withdrew again. He gasped and grit his teeth, understanding that Cell was pausing briefly so that the cameras could catch the sight of his puckered anus sucking on the large head of his thick, mutant pole. Then his ass got roughly impaled back to the hilt and Vegeta couldn't help it: he screamed.

-"Oh yes, that's what I wanted to hear. You're going to scream for me, bitch.'

Gohan saw Cell start to slide his captive up and down his shaft as he was thrusting to meet his opened ass. His balls were soon slapping on the steady rhythm of his forceful pistonning, but seeing his concentrated expression, Gohan knew somewhat that he was still holding back to work a little more that arrogant saiyan ass.

On his side, Vegeta was so mortified that he had swore himself he wouldn't let out a single sound more. He was gritting his teeth with all his might, trying to dismiss the huge pressure in his guts each time the huge rod disappeared deep into his distended hole, as well as he was trying to ignore the cameras that were all focusing on his abused ass.

He would not scream. Never again.

Too bad Cell's patience was now starting to wear thin, and he perfectly knew how to make him howl.

His mutant cock buried deep in his ass, he released Vegeta's legs to immediately grab him by the hips, forcing him to lift his impaled ass high up in the air as his tail locked in a tight loop around his neck and shoulders.
The angle of the camera changed and it's immobilized in the perfect position to get pounded like a bitch in heat, that Vegeta appeared in the middle of Gohan's screen. His cock-filled ass tightly pressed against Cell's belly, just above his gagging, panicked face... the way he was desperately trying to unfasten the iron grip around his neck, or even his short muscular legs kicking pathetically...

Gohan was screencaping and saving at such a speed that his computer could have crashed.

He stopped everything when Cell's low voice buzzed again in his speakers at full volume:

-"I said: SCREAM!"

And it at last started. Cell vigorously pounding Vegeta's ass and the Saiyan Prince screaming and thrashing as the mutant's hard pelvis loudly smacked his naked, violently bouncing cheeks. At least three cameras were zooming one after the other from different angles to expose Vegeta's vulnerable anus fully dilated around the powerfully thrusting rod, and Gohan felt his throat go dry watching how his cute balls and cock were swinging at the same rhythm as the fast slapping noise echoing through the large arena.

Not even at the half of his full force or speed, Cell moved the thumbs of his long bony hands between Vegeta's ass cheeks to spread them wide, stretching the throbbing, royal anus even wider around his massive pole before he resumed his pumping.
He was soon speeding up and Vegeta's screams turned into howls as his tight ass ring felt like it was on fire, puffy and inflamed as it was now from such hard drilling.

From there, Cell decided to play a little with the cameras, giving them the best shots possible, alternating long, hard strokes and fast heavy ones or emphasizing the way the Prince's round ass was bouncing on his pelvis with each thrust as his legs were swaying in the air. He even boasted that he could make his 'Princess' sing, and demonstrated: balls deep in his captive, he rolled his hips in large circles, making him yell at the top of his lungs.

A bit surprised, Gohan wondered if he had decided he had played enough when he finally pulled out of an exhausted and hoarse Vegeta. He understood very fast that he was sorely mistaken when the camera that had shown his long dark shaft emerge slowly from Vegeta's abused hole, also revealed that he was still hard as a rock .
The next moment, Cell had grabbed Vegeta's ankles and spread them wide in front of him, opening his ass for the television crew to refocus from new angles, that is, all the ones that showed how full his access to the powerless Prince's ass was.

With one powerful thrust, he rammed his pulsating rod all the way back into Vegeta, nodding when this time, he got a cry of distress instead of one of rage.

-"Your Highness, tell me who is going to breed that tight royal ass?"

A low hiss was all he got, and he smiled.

-"Very well. It's time I teach you some manners, Princess'

He opened slightly his legs to get the best balance possible, and while holding Vegeta's ankles open with his legs totally stretched, started to fuck the Prince's ass right away, except this time... at full speed.
The smacking sound was back, twice louder and many times faster as his hips were like a green blur, and Vegeta's wobbling ass cheeks rapidly reddened under the force of the incessant, furious slapping.
Watching how his dilated anus could never find enough time to tighten after the thick root of the massive phallus had forced it open, and how the mutant kept on brutally plowing him at such speed, Gohan found absolutely incredible that Vegeta had found the courage to show up at the Cell games after having been used and abused that way.

He was thrashing and screaming again, and one of the cameras that had captured the sight of his belly getting incessantly pummeled from the inside as Cell's massive cock head was rocketing in and out of his stuffed ass, zoomed back to his... face.

He was totally drooling, mouth wide open and streams of tears pouring down his heated cheeks.

Gohan exploded in his pants.

Behind him, Cell seemed very proud of himself, and with a wink to the camera, he bent down to ask at his captive's ear, cupping his chin with one hand to hold his face in front of the camera:

-"Who is balls deep in your royal saiyan ass?"

-"...fucking... piece of...", spit Vegeta.

Cell's fingers found their way into Vegeta's mouth, trapped his red, wet tongue between his fingers and while massaging it gently, he repeated patiently:

-"WHOSE thick, long cock is buried to the hilt deep in your tight, royal saiyan pussy?"

Who would have thought that the Saiyan Prince's tongue was the most erogenous part of his body?
His jaw trembled, tiny slippery tongue trying to escape the delicious caress but only managing to amuse Cell, who told him:

-"You DO realize that you are actually squeezing and massaging my whole cock? What will happen if I start to pound you now?"

And start to pound him again, he did.

On Gohan's screen, Vegeta was now on his knees with his shoulders held down down like at the very beginning. His thighs were spread and his swollen, well worked anus on full display between his ass cheeks when Cell straddled him with his large phallus pointed at the Saiyan's exposed opening.
This time he took all his time to bury his mighty rod deep into Vegeta, then he held his ass open with both hands for the cameras to zoom between the two muscular mounds as he sodomized his little Prince slowly, with long, heavy strokes.
As his right hand was sometimes getting back to Vegeta's mouth to play with his tongue, his captive wasn't trying to resist anymore, and Gohan could only stare, stupefied, at his shivering balls and erect penis that were swaying with Cell's gradually pacing up thrusts.

When Vegeta finally screamed and shot his load between his splayed trembling thighs, his nipples too were erect, red and swollen after Cell had abundantly played with them while lengthily fucking his clenching and spasming ass.

It's only then that Cell sank balls deep into the Saiyan Prince's anus to empty his massive balls. Huge load after huge load, he shot till the very last drop of his hot, heavy mutant semen into the tender ass still sticking high up in the air for him to use. And as he was breeding Vegeta, filling both his ass and belly till they overflew, pools of thick cum forming at their feet, he kept on complimenting him for his 'hot bitch pussy'.

When Gohan realized it was morning, he had rewatched the footage so many times he couldn't count anymore.
He needed more.

Fortunately, the file that had copied itself on his desktop was titled 'Part One'.

-The end-

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