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Okay, everyone, this story is a rewrite of a story I have on Fanfiction.net. I have decided to rewrite it as DBZ instead of X-Men. I hope everyone enjoys it!


Chapter 1


Vegeta was driving through the blizzard back home, he knew he shouldn’t have gone out in this snow, but he had been craving some Ben and Jerry’s Phish Food. He had stocked up, having five paper bags of the pints since they would be snowed in for the rest of the week.

Vegeta was eight months pregnant with Kakarrot’s third offspring. Their other two were around five years old. It was a miracle that Vegeta was able to evade Kakarrot’s horny Saiyan side whenever there was a full moon. For five years he was able to evade him and control his own heat, but one full moon was the biggest and brightest Vegeta had ever seen on Earth. Vegeta had lost control, resulting in the two Saiyans fucking wildly on Bulma’s front lawn during a party. Since then, Vegeta was having Bulma try and come up with a strong enough birth control for him to take.

Vegeta frowned slightly when the blizzard was getting worse. He had met Gohan at the supermarket and the oldest Son child had tried to convince Vegeta to stay the night and he would fly him home in the morning, but the older man refused, assuring the boy that he would be fine. Gohan even made Vegeta promise to call him when he got home.

It was getting hard to see, the wipers not quick enough to clear away the snow. Vegeta gave a huge sigh as the windshield started fogging up. He turned the vent on to clear the condensation. Vegeta was about ten miles from being home, so he just needed to go as slow as possible then he would make it home safe and sound.

The car took a sharp turn around a corner and the tires slid, Vegeta’s heart starting to quicken as he tried to maneuver the car to stay in place, but it was useless and he felt a chill go up his spine when the road started going downhill. Hitting the brakes didn’t matter as the car gained even more speed, but he turned the tires, trying to get some sort of traction. Trying to gather up ki was useless, the baby inside him sucked up all of his energy. He couldn’t even fly.

Vegeta turned white when the car slammed into the guardrail, breaking through it, flipping and rolling down a cliff. Each roll slammed into rocks and trees, damaging the car more and more, breaking all of the glass. Finally, it landed right side up, the car completely totalled and dented. Vegeta was barely conscious, his head lolled forward. Cuts and gashes littered his frame, a baseball size gash on his temple, blood seeping from the wound. His baby bump was unprotected, his shirt ripped to shreds, his bump covered in cuts.

Vegeta groaned and suddenly felt a sharp pain go from his abdomen and up his spine. With blurred vision he saw his jeans were soaked in blood, but his legs were not cut. He felt a chill go through his body. He tried lifting his arms to unbuckle the seat belt, but they were to heavy and ached. The freezing wind and snow blew through the blasted out windshield, causing him to shiver. He had to get free, had to get home to his mate.

Vegeta knew he was in very bad shape. He hated to, but he needed to ask for help. He concentrated hard and sent a telepathic message to Goku.

Kakarrot. . .

Vegeta! Where are you? Ya were suppose to be home already.

I have been in an accident, Kakarrot.

What?! Where are you?! Are you okay?!

I’m fucking far from being okay, baka, I will try to raise a little bit of ki, but it will be very feint.

Goku scowled at being talked to like that. I am on my way.

Goku waited for the tiniest bit of ki to be risen and when it felt it, he IT’d to Vegeta’s location. The younger Saiyan shivered from the sudden cold and his eyes widened up when he saw the wreck. He grabbed the door handle and pulled the door right off its hinges, tossing it aside.


He ripped the seat belt off and when he started picking him up, Vegeta yelped in pain, making Goku stop. The dashboard was crushing his legs. Goku shielded Vegeta and blasted the dashboard to dust then carefully picked up his injured mate.

“Oh my God, Vegeta,” he sucked in a breath and cradled the shorter man to his chest, watching him as he whimpered and shivered from the cold. “Don’t worry, we’ll get you a senzu bean.”

Goku IT’d them home to the bedroom and set Vegeta down on the bed, using ki to burn off the remaining clothes to inspect how serious the injuries were. Goku’s eyes widened up and he swallowed hard when he saw the blood coming from Vegeta’s birth canal. Oh this was not good at all. Goku pressed a palm against the swollen belly, feeling the baby move around a lot. The baby. . .

“Kakarrot, the baby. . .” Vegeta lifted his head, his eyes half lid.

“Don’t talk, save your energy,” Goku looked at his mate. “I am going to call Bulma.”

Vegeta just laid his head back down and took deep breaths as Goku ran for the phone and shakily dialed Bulma’s number, practically screaming at her to get over here right away. He hung up and went back to Vegeta, keeping him company, holding his hand. Bulma had hurried up to them with her father with supplies.

“Goku, why didn't you just bring him to the lab? That would have made things much easier,” Bulma said.

Goku rubbed the back of his head. “I panicked.”

She patted his shoulder then helped Mr. Briefs get a few monitors and an IV set up, hooking Vegeta up to the IV and machines. Vegeta’s heart beat was normal, but the baby’s was slow. As Mr. Briefs prepared tools, Bulma took a peak between Vegeta’s legs, examining the birth canal. There was a deep frown on her face.

“Well? Can he give birth naturally?” Goku asked.

She shook her head. “No, it is too risky. We will have to do a C-Section.”

“What is that?” He asked.

“The stomach is pulled apart then the womb is pulled apart and the baby is pulled out of the womb,” she said.

Goku didn’t like the sound of that. “Will they both be okay?”

“We won’t know for sure until the baby is out,” she said.

Vegeta gave a loud cry, arching his back, more blood and liquids gushing from between his legs, his eyes wide. He panted when the pain faded, but then it came right back in a matter of seconds, rendering the poor Saiyan gasping for air. Goku gripped his mate’s hand, the older Saiyan squeezing the life out of it.

Bulma grabbed a vial of sedative, filling a needle with the drug.

“We have to operate now.”


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