A Deal You Can\'t Refuse

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Sitting in the Capsule Corp living room, once again ChiChi was complaining to Bulma, “He’s nothing like his brother. No ambition
at all. I saw the mistake I made with Gohan and began Goten’s training
right away. But I didn’t encourage him enough in his studies, and now
look. He barely scraped through high school. What sort of future could
he possibly have, huh? You know what I think, your son’s been a bad
influence on him.”

“You take that back!” Bulma retorted indignantly.

Vegeta rolled his eyes and turned about-face toward his training room.
The two women had had this conversation for years, and now that high school had finished, it only got worse. Not only did he have to listen
to ChiChi drone on about it all afternoon, he would also hear it again from Bulma later. What was he supposed to do? His responsability was their training… Goten’s as well since Kakarot had left again… not

Vegeta considered Goten, who’d eclipsed outside with Trunks, the two
of them intently focused on their video game consoles, and frowned.
ChiChi did have a point. Trunks would inherit Capsule Corp and would have no problem, but Goten could not depend on his mother forever, nor
would he wish to. Outside of combat, the youngest Son man seemed passively resigned to life in general, which to Earthlings was considered carelessness.

Had he grown up on Vegeta-sei, Goten may have turned out more like Bardock, Vegeta reflected.
(On the old planet, Goten would already be in his bed.)
Vegeta scowled. His subconscient hated him.

The point was, he decided firmly, was that Goten did not deserve to be treated like a loser just because Earth’s pointless, artificial system did not interest him. The younger man had more Saiyan in him than human, Vegeta thought triumphantly. Perhaps there was something he could do to help.

Entering the expansive office, Vegeta took out his phone and scrolled through the directory, selecting the personal number of his yakuza contact. Some years ago, Vegeta had dealt with them a few times, and as he’d helped get rid of some tongs who were bothering them, they owed him a favor. To the voice on the other end who answered, Vegeta instructed simply, “Pass me Shimada.”
Some time later, Vegeta leaned out the door to call Goten inside. “Come on, we’re going into Tokyo,” he announced, glancing critically at his jeans and oversized T-shirt, “Change into some better clothes first.”

“Okay. But what for?” Goten inquired, noting the khaki slacks and black silk shirt Vegeta himself wore. He’d actually planned on hanging out in the city with Trunks and some friends, but gladly pounced on an
opportunity to spend time with Vegeta.

“To get you a job,” Vegeta replied, seeing Goten’s shoulders slump with a reproachful look. “Not just any job,” he pointed out encouragingly, “Through the yakuza. You’ll have very little to actually do.”

Goten raised an eyebrow. “Great. My mother would be thrilled if I
became a gangster.”

“Not a gangster,” Vegeta said impatiently, “An investor. They’ll
assign you a financial advisor, and all you have to do is sign papers
in your new name and watch your bank account grow.”

“Money laundering,” Goten concluded, mentally face-palming. But Vegeta
looked pleased with himself, and the last thing Goten wanted was to
disappoint him. “But, how would I explain that?”

“Just don’t mention the yakuza or your fake ID,” Vegeta settled the matter, “But your house is in the other direction and we’d be late. These will fit you.” He handed Goten a folded pair of his own black pants and blue silk shirt similar to the one he wore, with black shoes and socks. Goten accepted them with a blushing smile at the idea of wearing Vegeta’s clothes, and went to change.

A few minutes later, Goten returned, wearing the clothes. “Look okay?” he asked.

Vegeta reached over to straighten his collar and handed him a satchal
case. “Much better. Let’s go.”
TBC in part 2...

(A/N: The Shimada Clan is fictional.)

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