Selfless Scarifice

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A DBZ fanfiction

Raditz (gender bend) x Vegeta (hint of noncom Nappa) No like No read.


Summary: When Planet Vegeta was destroyed and as far was anyone was concerned there were only three male Saiyans in existence, what happens when an alien race known as “The Conservers” step in to try and save the race? What happens when Raditz keeps Vegeta safe? Will he feel bound to repay the act? And before you say anything yes Vegeta used telepathy once; on the bug planet with Nappa. He never used it again in the show which I think stinks.


            “Prince Vegeta? Prince Vegeta are you awake? What about you Nappa? Nappa?” The voice echoing in his ear from the scouter woke the prince of the Saiyan race. The tone and the fact that General Nappa was also being addressed let him know that he was being woken up by the weakest of them, Raditz, a dangerous thing for him to do. Not that he was a total waste of Saiyan blood; he could fight and was very clever and tactical, but no matter how many missions he went on he didn’t seem to evolve in power level like himself and Nappa. His thoughts were broken away when the constant badgering in his ear proved to be too much.

            “What do you want baka?!” Vegeta snarled in response, practically envisioning the wild haired comrade jumping at his tone.

            “Forgive me my lord, but my system woke me up due to an emergency. Seems someone was trying to hack into my pod’s computer system and change our course. I was checking to see if it was also happening to yours.” With a “humph” Vegeta checked his system to see that there was indeed a bug trying to change route of his pod but his advanced security system was editing it back to the original.

            “Nappa? Nappa you idiot! Wake the hell up!” a sudden coughing that signaled that the ogre like Saiyan was woken from his deep snoring and choked on his own drool in the back of his throat. Rolling his eyes, the young Saiyan permitted Raditz to explain the situation. Nappa simply resorted to calling Raditz a coward and asking what the big deal is, clearly a defense mechanism for him not understanding the situation.

            “Raditz, let your pod system be taken over and we will follow, I am curious about who our attempted sabotages are,” He then chuckled with confidence, “besides a good stretch of the legs and workout would be nice after how easy that planet we conquered for Frieza was.”

            “A workout? Yeah I’d love that,” Nappa laughed along with Vegeta, leaving Raditz and his concerns over the situation. Of course you’d “love that” baka, anything Vegeta says you “love” big kiss ass” Not that Raditz would ever say that aloud, not unless he wanted to die. He was nowhere near the strength of the old general of the Saiyans, and comparing him to Vegeta was to compare a rodent to an Oozaru. He silently did as was instructed and let his pod get pulled into the gravity of the closest planet, with the two superiors following right behind him. Upon landing, the three Saiyans observed their surroundings. Had anyone been around they would have seen an interesting and fearful site. A huge ape of a man with almost grotesque sized muscles, a bald head and a thin mustache that lined a dark smile that promised pain, a smaller but still above average man with wild black flowing hair and an attractive and yet frightening face and a much shorter man with spiky hair, yet his size did nothing to hide his intimidating presence. The three split up, dashing and flying all over the terrain of the foreign planet. The land was nothing to write home about; it was a purple stone wasteland with thick green fog and a deep red sky. Thankfully the scouters and pods told them in advance that their air was not toxic. As time wore on with no signs of life, Vegeta became very irritable and decided to call off the hunt.  

            “Wonder what the heck called us here,” Nappa pondered aloud as he and Vegeta prepared to get into their pods, only to notice that Raditz wasn’t coming up on the scouters nor was he responding.

“Raditz? Raaaditz…” Nappa called out via scouter, and after quickly looking to see if Vegeta was paying attention added, “guywhosasstrongasasaibamansayswhat?” earning an eye roll from his prince and no response from the weaker Saiyan. Vegeta rose to the air and headed the direction Raditz went without a word, never being one to show emotion other than sadistic fun and anger, no one would expect him to feel anything similar to fear.

“Raditz where the hell are you?” A deep growl of frustration echoed in the young Saiyan’s throat as he continuously scanned for Raditz and found no result.


A Few Minutes Earlier

            Raditz landed at the top of a crevice pondered the situation. The best place for an enemy to hide in tough and flat terrain is to go underground, which is why he was looking for the key place for someone to get in and out of the under layers of the planet. As he descended into the blackness of the canyon, he doubted the situation more and more since he couldn’t pick up anything on the scouter. But that did not mean no one was there, and that was proven when a metallic tentacle suddenly plunged out of the darkness and grabbed his tail with full force, causing him to black out.


Back at the Pods with Nappa

            Nappa kept with the pods to make sure if Raditz came back with some malfunction with his scouter then he could at least contact Prince Vegeta and tell him what the idiot was doing. A sudden cracking and pealing back of the planets crust made him rise to the air in preparation of attack, but with the green fog that coated the land hid every blemish and opening that Nappa would be looking for. Stubbornly and irritated, he started to Ki blast in the directions that he thought he had heard the noise coming from. “Grrr! Come out you bastards! Fight with some guts!” The barbarian kept blasting and yelling at what he assumed was an invisible enemy. Even with his scouter constantly active, he wouldn’t have been able to understand where the figure that came from out of thin air and knocked him out would have come from.

            As Vegeta returned back to the pods he found Nappa was now gone. The land was decorated in small craters that resembled a rain of Ki blasts. As he slowly descended to the ground his interest was perked when the ground split a few feet away from him and instead of a chaotic craters of jagged walls and a dark pit, a stairway was revealed with glowing orbs of light floating to guide him down. With caution to the wind the young Saiyan descended into the underground, not even looking back when the entrance closed behind him.

            Walking down the dark corridors Vegeta’s scouter refused to acknowledge the life forms that just had to be down there; heck he was practically being welcomed down into their home with a figurative red carpet treatment. Taking the useless device off his face he didn’t hesitate to simply drop it to the ground and not even hesitate when his foot crushed it along his way. His pace did quicken somewhat when he heard the grunting and clashing of metals. Turning the corner without hesitation he saw a huge lab that was practically as efficient and upgraded as the one back on the main force ships of Frieza’s army. In lieu of healing pods however seemed to be large cages with laser like bars. A large wave of sparks coming from one dragged his attention to an infuriated Nappa who was shooting blasts of Ki at the bars, some as just pure balls of energy and others in a buzz saw method. Next to his cage was Raditz, who was sitting in the far back of the cell; a dazed look to his eye.

            “Enough Nappa,” Vegeta drawled in irritation, “You clearly can’t break them that way.”

            “I could!” Nappa growled, “If they hadn’t caged my damn tail.” Vegeta’s eyebrow cocked as he looked deeper into the cage and noticed that a similar laser material was wrapped around the midsection of the larger Saiyans tail, a tight constriction squeezing the appendage. It was no surprise that Raditz’s tail was in the same position which is what make his comatose like behavior understandable. 

            “A vexing problem isn’t it?” the monotone vocals of their mysterious host rang through the room, making Vegeta take a defensive stance with his back to the cells and ready to strike at any movement.

            “Curious. To be the strongest yet so small,” as softer pitched yet equally monotone voice added. Needless to say Vegeta’s temper fuse shrank drastically. Everyone knew better than to mention his height differentiation from his comrades, those who did didn’t tend to survive.

            “Egfasta norr moie tauntosssi.” A strange voice, which really sounded more like a static infested communicator added its own two sense to the situation.

            “Three on one huh? Cowards in every sense.” Vegeta called back to the darkness above them.

            “Now now there is no reason for insults. Just making observations. Such fascinating creatures you Saiyans are.” The light pitched voice called out, and slowly descending from the darkness came a strange figure. It had an oblong like head with pale blue skins. The head seemed to be the only organic part of this being, while the rest of the body was robotics; even its eyeballs seems to be screens. Its bottom was a simple smooth rounded metal, no legs or other appendages seems to be on the metallic vessel; it was frankly a floating head. “And such an honor to have you hear your Majesty.” When the creature spoke again, the vocals didn’t come from its mouth that seemed to stay shut and the voice came from the filter like patch on the chest.

            “Well kidnapping my underlings doesn’t show much hospitality.” Vegeta wanted to destroy this weak being before him but he was still curious how it could evade the scouters, or even catch Nappa and Raditz off guard. Well maybe only Nappa.

            “You see Era, I told you it would me mad.” Vegeta couldn’t stop his pulsing vein or twitching eyebrow at being called an it.

            “Oh don’t get so sentimental Eon, there is no point with these lesser lifeforms.” A creature much like the one before him descended alongside his comrade, his head a bit longer and skin tone darker.

            “How dare you speak to Prince Vegeta in such a way!” Nappa hollered, grasping at the bars of his cell in a moment of ignorant anger before being shocked by the laser he grasped.

            “Quiet Nappa!” Vegeta hollered at his comrade. Not that he didn’t feel the same as Nappa, but it was pointless to show it, not only that but it would only give their hosts satisfaction.

            “prrrrrrricckkkkaaa ticktackaroac” A third creature smaller than the other two but by far the darkest in skin came down and seemed to have some kind of malfunction, since every other sound he made had spastic tremors and shocks of electricity spaz through his robotic parts.

            “Indeed Epoch,” stated the one who was called Eon said with a somewhat pleased tone, “We didn’t bring them here to fight or threaten. We are here to help you.”

            “Help?” the young prince though it was a bit absurd; what could these weak and pathetic creatures do to help them.

            “Oh yes, you see we are scientists!” Eon stated with a bit of glee; even his lips lifted in a smile, “And we find creatures like yourself fascinating.”

            “The fact you are so primitive and yet so highly revered as the strongest race makes us wonder why this is?” The one named Era stated with almost a bored tone to his voice.

            “Primitive you say?” Vegeta’s anger swelled inside him to the point of bursting. He put up with Frieza’s shit for the time being, but what did these creatures have that made them so superior. In an attempt to show them some of his power he let his Ki rise, a large purple light surrounded him, the room shook in awe, and even some equipment seemed to crush under the weight of his power level. It was enough to make the bars and tail traps short circuit, freeing Nappa and Raditz in the process. Nappa ran out to support his prince, who now relaxed with his arms crossing his chest in a confident matter.

            “Yeah! Ha! You wanna say that shit again?” Nappa hollered.

            “Enough Nappa. Help Raditz get up. We are leaving. They aren’t even worth the time.” Vegeta turned to walk out the way he came, expecting his subordinates to follow as directed.

            “N-no cough wait…” Raditz called out in a weak voice as his right arm was wrapped around Nappa’s shoulders and he limped along. But his warning came too late as suddenly neither of the three could move and were hoisted into the air by some strange force they couldn’t resist. They floated parallel to the three small creatures before them and try as they might they couldn’t even move their heads to look at each other.

            “Now that that is out of the way, would you Epoch?” Era turned to his comrade who merely nodded. Suddenly a sharp pain constricted around the three Saiyan’s necks as laser like ropes that had once been wrapped around Nappa and Raditz’s tails were now holding them like leashes from the walls. Slowly the machinery around them started to repair itself from Vegeta’s damage and it was then that the young prince knew they were dealing with much stronger opponents than he had first believed.

            “So sorry your majesty,” Eon continued, “but such chances like this are once in a lifetime for both sides of the equation. It is only logical that you would agree to our plan.” A growl was all Vegeta could let out as he continued to raise his Ki in an attempt to break free. “Now we are oh so curious about your race and our natural desire to find the truth in the galaxy can only be quenched through experimentation.”

            “Normally we would get right down to it,” Era interjected, “but one of us seems to take this a bit personal.”

            “I do not,” argued Eon, “I just know that with all the experiments I have in mind we might lose them before we are even halfway done. So we have come up with a way that not only helps us study your fascinating race but also will help you rebuild your race in a way. Isn’t that exciting?” All three Saiyans had looks of confusion and disgust, unable to understand just how exactly these scientists planned on doing this.

            “Prrrickickckicicii Tututuroooo.” Epoch called out to his two colleagues.

            “Oh yes yes thank you Epoch. In all the excitement I was getting ahead of myself. Now genetic mutation is an easy process for beings of superior intellect.” Suddenly a pit in the floor opened and the force that kept the three warriors in the air tilted them to look down at a lab table and multiple torturous looking tools and chemicals. “A few hormone tranformers and organ modeling, cosmetic work and we can have ourselves a fully functional and fertile female Saiyan. All we need now is to pick which one of you would be perfect.” 

            There are no words in any language on any planet to explain the horror struck faces the last known three Saiyans had on their faces. True females were strong and respected, but to turn from a male, the dominant sex of the race to become a submissive would be one of the greatest insults to the pride of whoever was chosen. The struggling of all three became more urgent and they even were able to open their jaws in attempts to cuss and threaten the ones holding them prisoner. All of which fell on deaf ears.

“I personally vote for the smaller one.” Era stated, floating over to Vegeta who went as far as to try and bite him. “A bit wild but the physical frame would take less time to construct and reform. While he is strong he won’t need nearly as much muscle deterioration done to his body to make him look in their standard attractive.” Vegeta roared in anger and was able to move his arms at the elbows, though it took all his strength, and pushed to grab at the annoying blob who floated before him with a bored expression on his face.  The other two didn’t seem to argue and for the first time in many years Vegeta fell true fear as he was pulled by the leash down toward the pit.

“Let h-him go! I-I’ll kill ya!” Nappa grunted through his struggle, unable to help his prince he was sworn to serve.

“I-It won’t grr i-it won’t work!” Raditz yelled with all his might. Vegeta was frozen in mid descent into the pit but was kept still just at the entrance. The three scientists circled Raditz with quizzical looks, as if it was impossible but curious that this primitive alien would know better than them.

“Intriguing. Why would you say that?” Eon asked.

“Don’t waste your time Eon he is clearly trying to distract us.” Vegeta felt the pull of his body back toward the table.

“Hold on now Era, we don’t want to assume.” Again Vegeta’s body stopped, to the point that he was sure he had whiplash. Raditz felt the wrap around his throat weaken and gasped a few breaths before looking to the waiting aliens in front of him.

“It huh is basic Saiyan instinct. A gasp a female would never mate with a male weaker than she is. You said it yourself, Vegeta is the strongest of the three of us. Even if you turned him it would be pointless.” As Raditz talked Vegeta was slowly lifted back to be beside his comrades, his eyes wide in understanding and shock at what Raditz was saying. What it meant if they listened.

Raditz what are you doing?! Vegeta thought, he looked to Nappa who had become speechless and had ceased his struggling to try and understand what was going on.

“Vickicicikooo rourousst” Epoch called out, hovering around the three Saiyans with a certain delight in his fast movements.

“Indeed Epoch, we must scan their power levels.” Era and Eon joined in their circling of the Saiyans in what seemed to be a scanning motion. Vegeta took it as the chance to use his telepathic ability that he could only use with his Saiyan comrades.

“Raditz. Don’t you know what will happen if you-” Vegeta made eye contact with the weakest of them and couldn’t bring himself to finish. He was met with an understanding smile. It was a weak attempt to reassure his prince, but his eyes showed the fears that made his whole body shake.

“Well that is important information. Epoch take this one here,” Era hovered over Raditz, who hung his head in dismay as he was lowered down into the pit, “It is going to take quite a bit of work.”

“It just makes it more exciting,” Eon replied.

“You sick bastards!” Vegeta snarled. The three didn’t even bother to look at him or Nappa, but instead they were flung into the cells along the walls, and once again the laser bars were raised. Vegeta sprinted to the edge, the heat of the lasers inches from his face as he watched the scientists descend into the pit, the metal doors closing behind them.

In the Pit

            “Now we will have you under for some things, but right now may be a great time to test your pain receptors in your brain.” Eon said, in the same manner you would a child if they were being promised something fun.

            “Don’t worry about holding in your screams or cries please,” Era added, “That just helps with results.”

            Raditz snarled up as the scientist as he saw blades and needles start rising from their holders and approach him. He braced himself for the worst pain he could experience, the only solace was that it was not his Prince suffering. Who knows, he thought, maybe I will finally get stronger.


The screams that came from that pit echoed for hours, giving even then two seasoned warriors held prisoner horrid images of what could be happening. Nappa sat with his hands pressed to his ears, trying to block the animalistic sounds of pain to no avail. Vegeta sat cross legged on the floor, hands squeezing he knee caps as he listened to his subordinate take the torture that was originally meant for him. If listening to the screams was his punishment then he would take it. This is nothing, Vegeta thought, compared to what he is going through.



Should I continue? Will Raditz survive? How will they escape? Also Eon Era and Epoch are inspired by characters of the same name. Bonus points to whoever finds out what they are from. You get an imaginary cookie.

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