Jade, Bronze & Cr�me

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Jade, Bronze & Crème


Maniacal laughter reverberated throughout every corridor of the now lonely overly lavished castle; beginning to die down and stop completely when realization finally hit its originator, an uneasy silence taking its place.


“Stupid Father. You should have known you could not control me forever. You would not have lived as long as you did if not for me!” growled an extremely malcontent voice, a long extraordinarily powerful furry black tail furling and unfurling with its host’s discomfiture. “Why… Why did you have to betray me, use me?! . . .  No matter. You are right where you deserve to be now, Old Man.”


And with that, an excessively powerful being—one of the last of his kind—shot through the roof of the castle and across the planet with so much speed, exhaustive power and force it began disintegrate in his wake, leaving only cosmic crumbs and dust as remains that there was ever a planet there at all. The overly potent tall tailed being was far from sane; though enough of his brain had cogitated enough to have enclosed him in grand Ki shield and pocket of air for wherever else he was off to next to destroy. For, although his body was easily strong enough to withstand the vacuum of space, it still would eventually require some air to continue its natural processes; though unlike any other of his kind, he could probably easily go weeks without food thanks to his ridiculously high and erratic power.


It was in this time that he sleep for a while—rare moments of slumber being the only times he was allowed a minute smidgen of peace from his caustically increasing power and insane mind—allowing something unseen to guide his Ki-cloaked being to a world he probably never would have found as swiftly otherwise. Little did he know just how different his life would become.


“Nail! My son, a dangerous one comes this way. I fear there is nothing we can do to stop him. He is too powerful; even my telepathy is useless to try and alleviate his severely agitated spirit. Though I have tried, I am unable to break through the intense chaos that is his mind. I have no idea what has drawn him this way, but he will arrive any day now…. It is an entirely unfair burden. But please my son, for the sake of your brothers, meet and find a way to settle the chaotic one’s spirit once he is here. You are the strongest of your brethren… There will easily be nothing of us or this planet left otherwise.”


A tall athletically attractive jade and rose hued man’s—dressed in baggy white pants and scarf, blue vest and obi and brown moccasins characteristic of his people—face remained unreadably stoic as was his habit. But inside there was almost enough newly erupting chaos to rival that of the impending stranger on course for their world. He could tell his parent and the Grand Elder of their entire people and world was very near his death; the stress from feeling the immense power and chaos that was still so far away and even imagining what the overwrought incoming alien could easily do to his children and world only exacerbating his naturally impending demise. The athletic jade man did not feel any less stressed or disheartened than his parent and leader, but he knew his responsibility was greater, as the other was not much longer for this world. Thus, he grasped firm hold of his resolve, like the immaculate warrior he was.


“Yes Sai Chourou-sama. I shall do all in my power to save my brethren and planet,” Nail promised honestly, bowing his head a moment in respect.


“Thank you my son. Please know that you have always made me proud. And if possible, I would put no burden on any of you,” expressed Sai Chourou sincerely, deep painful emotion plaguing his voice. “I am sorry to have to ask one more thing of you.”




“Could you please make it to Muuri’s village in time to swiftly bring him here?”


“Of course. I shall return as swiftly as I can.”


With that, Nail took off from his usual post guarding his parent and Grand Elder; his elder brother Muuri his goal.


Sometime later, he returned to Sai Chourou with three others in tow. All four of them bowed respectfully to their mutual parent and leader, intently awaiting his command.


“Dende and Cargo come here first. I am glad you came with Muuri.”


They both did as commanded, one on each side of him. Sai Chourou then placed one hand on each of their heads; both children lighting up with mouths agape as he began unleashing their dormant potential. Once finished he silently expressed his love for the young ones before calling Nail and Muuri over to him and placing his hands on each of them, silently passing his knowledge, wisdom and power on.


“I have given you all I can now. Muuri, you are now the new Sai Chourou. Nail you are our greatest warrior. I am counting on you both to ensure the safety and longevity of our people and world… Thank you so much for everything my sons. There is not a day that has passed in which I have not been proud of and honored to have known you.”


Tears brimmed in all of their eyes at his words, as they felt their parent’s essence begin fading from the world entirely, even his body following; his grand chair so solemnly empty. Muuri hugged the young ones Dende and Cargo to him, striving to halt the tears that came from himself, attempting to ease their young minds.


Nail stood strong, tall. The tears that were in his eyes burned away as firm resolve took their place. He would not fail his people. That he would not.  


Two Namekian days had passed when every Nameks’ on the planet antennae jumped; their heads lifting as they were forced out of their collective mourning of their only parent and former leader. The crazed chaotic one was nearly there. All they could do was remain strong and hope. For they all could feel his power could easily decimate their entire solar system in mere moments, all depending on him.


Nail was about to take off when Muuri stopped him. “Nail, you do not have to do this. If our end is to come either way, you-”


“I will meet him as he touches down. I know full well it is futile to fight against that monstrous power… Pray that he might be lucid enough to listen long enough that communication is possible; that I can turn him from his destructive ways. And please Muuri Sai Chourou, my Brother, help ease the spirits of our brethren. It would not do well to agitate this being more than he already is.” Nail did not wait for Muuri’s answer, locking on to the enormous power soon to touch their planet, anxiety and determination vying within him.


Once there, Nail’s eyes widened at the sight before him. Curled up in the fetal position—no longer Ki shielded but still unconscious—was the tall naked haired, tailed man. As slumber laced with nightmares seemed to continue to plague the grand being, he almost appeared innocent–almost—Nail being as careful as possible as he cautiously moved closer.    


Once close enough to see the stress lines that strangely marked his young face, Nail attempted to speak to him in Universal Common—the language most people throughout the universe had some knowledge of. “Are you alright?” When the pained being did not even stir, he tried again. “Are you well?”


He was somewhat stunned when he received no answer. But when he attempted to touch the stranger’s forehead with his hand, he was abruptly lifted into a vise-like grip; the pipes which supplied his air easily crushing under the intense force of the grand tailed man who now stood tall, easily holding him above him with one hand as he glared at him menacingly.


“Who are you? What were you just about to do to me?!” he barked angrily, sparks beginning to dance around his being.


Nail’s warrior side had quite a few choice words for the obnoxious bastard, but he set them aside for the sake of his brothers. While he could not speak verbally due to the ridiculous hold on his throat, he hoped with his entire being that the tailed man would at least allow his telepathy. If their late parent hadn’t been strong enough in that regard, neither would he. This chaotic being would have to allow him such.


Crossing mental fingers, he began.


I am called Nail. I mean you no harm. It just seemed as if you were in pain. I only wish to help.


“What is that? You… You are talking in my head? Why?!”


You have been crushing my vocal chords for a while now. I have no other way to speak with you as such.


The tailed being dropped him then; beginning to observe Nail closely as he went to his knees and began a round of hacking coughs, striving to focus enough to regenerate the tissues that had been too damaged so he could speak. He was not at all ready for the destroyer of worlds to suddenly lift him to a standing position and then touch his face ever so softly.


“You’re pretty… Nail. I think I like you,” said the tailed man, a devilish smirk beginning to paint his face as his eyes continued to dance over lovely vivid green, pink and red hued skin.


Nail swallowed thickly then, but strove to keep his face unreadable. His and his brothers’ parent and late leader had bestowed all his knowledge to him and Muuri just before passing, centuries worth, so he knew exactly what this being had in mind; causing his spirit to shiver at what he knew was coming. But, if it would save his brothers and world, he would relinquish his warrior pride and somehow endure. He had to at least try.


“Thank you. You are… quite beautiful yourself. Though, it is customary on this world for people to wear clothing. May I clothe you? And may I ask your name?” he asked as unthreatening as possible, carefully stepping a little away from him and lifting his hands to the ready, hoping he hadn’t already overstepped any bounds, praying the being didn’t do what he could see in his eyes he desired to.


A chill went through Nail when the grin widened, showing off a sharp healthy set of primate teeth. “I am called Broly; remember that name well… We won’t need clothing for what we’ll be doing. However, I would like a set to put on after we’re through. Just how were you going to do that?” he asked sharply, lifting a sharp thick black eyebrow.


“May I show you? You can always take them off once on.”


“Fine. Hurry it up!” growled Broly, his rare moment of patience beginning to thin as pain threatened to overtake his head again.


With a swift flurry of light, Nail used his people’s materialization technique to manifest a set off clothes on Broly. They were the same style as his, only he gave Broly a wintergreen hued vest and matching obi instead of blue like his, fitting him perfectly; hoping it would appease him. Although a warrior-type, his power and abilities had been upped by Sai Chourou Guru before his passing, but were sadly still inadequate for this foe. How he longed to be stronger, for the sake of his brothers…


Broly looked down at himself, flexing his tail and thighs as he took in the new suit. “Simple but… nice. I like it. How did you do it?” he asked, truly curious.


“It is a trait of my people—much like telepathy—most of us can use it to some degree, nothing extravagant,” Nail answered honestly without divulging too much, it taking everything in him to maintain a calm façade.


“I like it. I like your look and your scent,” Broly paused then to breathe deeply, stepping closer to him once more. “Your sweet scent… You can bear young,” he said matter-of-factly. “You will bear mine,” he commanded without levity, grasping firm hold of Nail, his large power-drenched hands encompassing each of his biceps.


That was the last straw for Nail. He had been more than accommodating to the monstrous bastard. But hearing him talk about gambling with new life like that just to suit his whims pushed Nail to the limit. Powering up to his to his maximum he shirked Broly off of him and began an assault of his own.


Broly only smirked. Good. This one was a fighter. It would have been dull otherwise; dampening his fun.


Nail continued to go at Broly with everything he had; the fact that he couldn’t even scratch the now eerily green-blonde overpowered bastard marring his pride, he becoming more and more simultaneously disheartened and determined with each vain strike to his person. While he knew the destructive lout had a seemingly limitless well of power with which he could take from, he wanted—needed to at least dent him…


Fuck! That was smarts! Broly had just grasped him by the ankle and slammed him down hard on the ground multiple times. Kuso! He just… Oh this was going to hurt.


“Oh. I see your kind has other abilities as well,” quipped Broly, finding it only amusing that the pretty green fool could regenerate limbs, finding it fascinating as he watched Nail tear the damaged arm off and it regrow each time he crushed it. But it would do him no justice. Broly could feel his power go down with each successive regeneration. And knowing he had such amazing abilities made the thought of mating take precedence one more.


Kneeing Nail harshly in the torso until his teeth clicked, swiftly crushing both Nail’s arms until they were unusable at once and forcing him down onto the ground; Broly began removing the both of their pants, oddly without tearing them, before forcing Nail’s naked legs open and settling his major excitement between them.


Until The Next…   

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