That Green Light

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When Gohan finally awoke after staying over at Piccolo’s, a throbbing hangover assaulted his senses; making him groan. Though turning over and being able to see his love’s face as he quietly meditated nearby in his usual levitating pose did allow a small smile to grace his face. “Hi,” uttered Gohan softly, somewhat amused by the smirk that painted Piccolo’s features before he opened his eyes to glance upon him.


“Hi,” mimicked Piccolo, though more roughly, his smirk growing as he peered at Gohan a moment before closing his eyes once more.


“Um, is there some clean water around, a toilet?” asked Gohan sheepishly, rubbing the back of his head much like his father.


“The lavatory is farther back in the cavern,” answered Piccolo evenly, not opening his eyes.






Gohan rushed to the aqua hued porcelain throne—truly impressed with Piccolo’s decorating/architectural skills on the way there, the cavern proving quite homey, as if it weren’t a cave at all—hugging it for dear life as his body forced him to wretch.


A huge sweat-drop appeared on Piccolo’s forehead as he could easily hear every movement Gohan went through with his immaculate ears.


When Gohan finally came back out to what he deemed the living room, he looked as if he had just lost a severe fight, all pale and clammy; causing Piccolo to frown.


“I’m probably not going to be the loveliest sight for a while. I really ought not to have gone all willy-nilly on Bulma’s liquor last night. I think some are not supposed to be mixed,” he answered Piccolo’s questioning eyes.


“If it’s just a hangover, I have a remedy for that,” answered Piccolo evenly, finally coming out of his meditative pose and planting his feet on the ground.


“Oh, and how would you know anything about hangovers?”


“Let’s just say an incorrigible flame-haired Saiyajin no Ouji though it was funny to swap my water one time a while back… It didn’t take much because my system is so clean… But I certainly made the little bastard regret it once I was clear again,” grumbled Piccolo as an unpleasant memory permeated the forefront of his mind.


Gohan couldn’t help but grin at that; moving closer to Piccolo and affectionately embracing his magnificent person. He couldn’t wait to share the rest of life with him.


Though Gohan’s breath and overall scent just then was particularly appalling, Piccolo relished his warmth; the feel of his body against his own. It was amazing just how natural it felt. He never would have thought it would, but it did. And though he longed for the moment not to cease, he knew he had to help his… life-mate? That’s what they were now, wasn’t it? The realisation both amazing and slightly terrifying at once.


Gingerly pulling away and lifting Gohan’s chin so he’d look up at him, Piccolo began, “There are some herbs and whatnot I need to gather in order to make you the broth that helped me. Just chill out here until then. My home is your home,” he declared honestly, patting Gohan once before heading outside.


Gohan smiled softly then; letting himself sink into the most comfortable grand sofa he’d ever had the pleasure of, his eyelids falling again without his say.

Yamucha groaned as he groggily stirred awake; clearly disoriented until he noticed there was a muscular arm wrapped around him from behind. That woke him like a pail of ice water, causing his eyes to bulge.


“Good morning Lover,” purred a stern voice, one he would have never thought would do such a thing, especially with him.


“G-good morning,” attempted Yamucha, hoping he was in some weird nightmare and not actually waking the night after having had too many drinks.


“What’s wrong Lover?” Yamucha shuddered at hearing the term used on him again by that voice, shivering as he felt oddly gentle hands move his long hair to the side before wet warm lips pressed to his nape.


All Yamucha could do was moan in response; his body betraying him after, as his rear moved backward towards the hardness near it, a new oddly conditioned response.


His odd bed partner chuckled behind him before turning him around so he could see his face. “Want to go for another round before we shower, or just take it to the shower?”


Yamucha blinked owlishly; still incredulous. Though, he did not get much time to contemplate as powerful yet soft lips pressed to his own; making him close his eyes. The hot tongue that began duelling with his was incredible! He’d never felt this good, this natural with anyone. Who would have thought that this person would have so much passion in him, and for him? Wow. As he felt pleasured warmth pervade his body, he decided not to question it. If felt good to both of them, why fret about it?


When they finally pulled away for air, his partner peered at him seriously. “You know, I never in a thousand years would have believed you could feel such a way for me Yamucha. I am grateful to Gohan; that what he did last night helped give you some courage… I hadn’t said anything before because you seemed to be only into women, but mostly because I did not wish to ruin our friendship… Will you and Pu-erh really come with me and Chaozu, really live and train with us for the rest of your lives?” his bald, three-eyed partner asked ardently, all three eyes shimmering expectantly.


Yamucha’s eyes drowned in his for a moment. While alcohol had allowed him to say some things he would not have otherwise, he was not displeased with the results; memories from the previous night filling him. Though his inebriated self had only wanted some easy sex—him so smashed then he didn’t care who it came from, and had said things he usually did to get women—there had been some truth in his words. He had always wanted a family. But no woman he got with would stay with him for long because of his loose ways. Maybe it was time to really settle down. He certainly never experienced anyone else look at him with such profound need and hope before. He couldn’t turn this honourable man down.


“As long as Pu-erh and Chaozu don’t mind,” he finally answered sincerely, truly smiling at the three-eyed man in front of him, amazed at the tears, smile, and tightened almost desperate embrace that followed from the usually stern, proud man.


Yamucha actually kissed his partner’s third eye then, causing it to momentarily close before pulling away. “I think we better take it to the shower for the warm water. You got me good Tenshinhan, and I’m embarrassed to say I’ve been shirking my training. I might not be able to walk today,” he tried to joke. Though, he quieted at Tenshinhan’s very serious expression; his eyes widening when he suddenly picked him up bridal style.


“We will be each other’s strength; the one place the other can call home without shame,” declared Tenshinhan earnestly, carrying his new life-mate to the immaculate bath and shower room afforded them by Bulma.


“Hn,” answered Yamucha in the affirmative, letting his head fall to Tenshinhan’s chest. Though it felt significantly awkward to be the “woman” of the two; it felt nice to be truly wanted for once, no gimmicks, no BS; to just be loved.

“Eck! This stuff is terrible Piccolo! What is it?” complained Gohan after sipping a very bitterly potent hot drink.


“If I told you everything that was in it, you might not want to ingest it. Just trust me when I say it is healthy and will help your body detoxify and rebalance itself. The taste is well worth it.”


“Alright,” conceded Gohan, making the most amusing faces as he drank the brew given him by Piccolo.


It took him ten whole minutes to get it all down. But he had to admit that by then he was feeling significantly better, even his appetite returning. He wondered something then. “Piccolo… would it be alright if I went to get my things and bring them here?” he asked tentatively. While Piccolo had expressed that his place was his also, he had also conveyed that this was his place to get away. Maybe he wouldn’t want him to really live there with him.


“I don’t see why not,” answered Piccolo evenly, “This is our home.” He almost shuddered at the breath-taking smile Gohan gave him then.


“Alright, I’ll be home later,” expressed Gohan excitedly before giving Piccolo a nice peck on the lips, smiling at him once more before taking off out of the cavern and to the skies.


Piccolo’s fingers went to his lips after Gohan’s departure. While he was thrilled to see Gohan happy, part of him was unsettled. He was not confident in himself that he could truly reciprocate all that Gohan was expecting. He hoped he could, would certainly do his best to try. Flying outside himself and levitating once more, he took his usual meditative pose in front of his claimed mountain and cavern; doing the best he could to calm and clarify his own mind while Gohan was away.

Gohan continued packing his bags in the cheap excuse for a room he had been renting since Videl had tossed him aside like rubbish. Women could certainly be cruel when they wanted to be. She could have at least given him some time to get his bearings. He shook his head then. He didn’t want to think of her or anything unpleasant. He needed to think of his and Piccolo’s future together. Should he attempt to build the life of well-known scholar once more, or ought he to go in an entirely different direction altogether? Though he did love learning new things—always had, probably always would—him being a scholar had been more his mother’s dream than his. While he would always appreciate a good read, he really didn’t like the higher circles and how people that were supposed to be educating and lifting all people up mostly seemed to look down on others, kicking them down in many ways instead. No, he did not wish for that type of life, to be part of such undeserving, hypocritical, over-privileged, pompous fools. He had, however, already acquired his degrees up to Master’s in both Biology and Mechanical Engineering, and Mathematics. Perhaps Bulma might have a place for him on her team. And while he did loathe hand-outs, he knew he would be offering her more than she him. There certainly wasn’t anyone the world over that could offer all his talents to her company. She had even offered once before but he’d declined out of pride. Perhaps it wouldn’t be the worst.


Zipping up his last bag, tossing it over his shoulder with the others and jumping out the window; Gohan was more than ready to leave the smelly, cheap, overpriced room, eager to be home with his love.  

Goku sighed heavily as he sat uncharacteristically at the dining table in their afforded room at Capsule Corp., for once not stuffing his face, his face held up under the chin by his hands like a small child; causing his wife to frown. “Goku-sa, what’s bothering you?”


The muscular wild-haired Saiyajin fidgeted some before answering, “I… I don’t think I know my sons like I thought I did…”


“You’re not having a problem with Gohan and Piccolo being together, are you?”


“No. I want all my family to be happy. ‘M happy for him. The small minds that refuse to accept, respect and allow all people to live freely, equally and healthfully aren’t even worth hating. No. I’m upset because I had no idea. Am I really so oblivious Chichi? I really don’t mean to be insensitive,” muttered Goku softly.


“Oh, my Goku-sa! You are an amazing person. Some things just are not your forte and that’s alright. No one has it all. Just keep being your wonderful self,” answered Chichi sincerely, petting Goku’s head affectionately. She had to grin when Goku perked up and began stuffing his face as usual. He just wouldn’t be Goku otherwise.    

When Gohan finally returned to his and Piccolo’s home, a multitude of pleasant aromas tickled his olfactory, causing him to salivate. His body began to move on its own then; taking past the protective tree camouflaged front of his new home and deeper inside until he met a sight that just about undid him. There his Piccolo was, stirring some pots over a stove, turban and scarfed cape off, wearing a purple apron over his clothes. How it took every ounce of discipline in him not to just pounce his love’s bones then, but he managed it, focusing on his bags instead.


Piccolo looked over and smiled lightly; though it faded at the strong glint in Gohan’s eyes. Though Gohan hadn’t asked, he felt the need to speak in order to make the atmosphere in the room less intense. “As you know, I only require water to subsist on. But every now and then I do enjoy something else. So I have picked up some cooking skills over the years of my own accord. Hope you’ll like tonight’s meal,” he finished awkwardly, his eyes going back to the pots on the stove.


“I’m sure I’ll love whatever you make, Piccolo,” purred Gohan sultrily, the last part coming out extra low, causing Piccolo to shiver. Gohan could sense how tense Piccolo was then. Perhaps he was going too fast. But damn if he didn’t want him… He would just have to occupy himself with something else until dinner was done. Now that he smelled himself, he could certainly use a bath.


“I am going to wash up and then take a bath. The food should be done then, right?”


“Yes, it should be done then,” answered Piccolo too softly, Gohan frowning at the underlying relief he caught in his voice at him being out of the room for a while. But he remained quiet; pulling some things out of his bags and trudging off to the bathroom. It was the first real night together as a couple for both of them—since he had been sloshed the night before, it didn’t count—and nothing in life was perfect. It would take patience and work. And he would do anything for it to work between them.


Gohan had to grin as he looked around the bathroom. It was beautiful. Everything, walls and all, was covered in some sort of oddly sturdy yet porcelain-like material, everything hued in lovely vivid greens, aquas and purples. And the grand bath carved into the cavern was the most magic of all; large enough to be a small pond or lake, a fierce but majestic looking lapis lazuli hued dragon head opened in a roar as the tub’s spigot. And there was plenty of room to wash on stools before taking a bath. The retractable skylight was particular stunning; giving him a nice view of Earth’s lovely current twilight state. The room was just absolutely amazing! And he certainly wanted to ask Piccolo just how he had set up all the plumbing and electricity; if he had just materialised it into being with his magic or if he hadn’t built some of it with his own two hands. Either way, the entire place was extraordinary, much like his mate; making him smile.


After thoroughly washing all the stink and grime from himself, Gohan happily plunged into the tub he’d allowed to fill with blissful heated mineral waters. Closing his eyes and sinking deeper into it, he allowed his mind to ease and quiet as pleasant warmth enveloped him.


Piccolo sighed inaudibly to himself; stirring lightly as he tended the food. As much as he cared for Gohan, everything was suddenly so strange, unnerving between them. He yearned to be able to be in the same room with him without tensing up so much he thought he might tear a muscle. Things ought not to be that way between them. He had to somehow get it together and quick.


By the time Gohan was through with his bath, dried and dressed; Piccolo had a nicely candlelit purple-clothed wooden table filled to the brim with delectable appetizers, healthy drinks, entrees, soups, salads, breads and desserts, making Gohan’s mouth water. He’d really had no idea Piccolo could cook, but was certainly glad the secret was out, sitting himself in a cushioned chair eagerly.


After saying his thanks, Gohan gazed at Piccolo a tender moment appreciatively before beginning to fill his plate.


Though Gohan had ended up polishing most everything off himself, dinner concluded almost without a hitch. Gohan’s only regret was the fact that Piccolo had remained so tense during the whole thing; as if it were an ordeal instead of just a meal, causing him to frown. Somehow he had to help Piccolo wind down. They had never had that much tension between them before; even the first day they had met. He had to do something.


“I’ll clean up if you want Pic. It was me who ate the most anyway,” Gohan offered, chuckling lightly with a sheepish grin.


“That is alright. It won’t take me long,” Piccolo answered matter-of-factly, his eyes gleaming a bit as he began utilising his telekinesis to start moving and clean up dishes, the dining area and the kitchen. Gohan did his best to hide his deepening frown then. Piccolo was usually so good at reading him. But now it was like they were not only from but in two distinct dimensions, though in the same room. What could he do to bridge that gap?


After he was sure Piccolo had finished cleaning up he began, “Look Piccolo-san, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want to make love with you, wasn’t thoroughly attracted to you. But you are in this too. Do not ever allow yourself to be sacrificed. I will never just use you for sex. Gods Piccolo, I love you. If you’re not ready, that’s fine… Please, stop acting as if I would jump you any moment,” implored Gohan earnestly, gingerly grasping Piccolo’s majestic hand in his where they stood, slightly relieved when his otherworldly ethereal black eyes finally met his instead of evading them like they had been most of the night.


“I am sorry Gohan… I have just never felt quite like this before… After that kiss with you last night, I haven’t quite felt myself. Every time you’re in the room I can’t help but get flustered. I was actually quite glad when you reached slumber early then. Because, although I felt fuller than ever before; it’s overwhelming, this feeling, I can’t describe. I’ve never felt so much before… I keep feeling like I’m falling and might fail you because I’m not yet where you are. Am I making sense?” Piccolo closed his eyes and pinched the bridge of his nose then. He wasn’t some blooming teenage Earthling for crying out loud! Bloody hell!


“It can be pretty unnerving for any virgin. But at least we know we have mutual chemistry. Please don’t worry; we can take as much time as either of us needs Pic. I am just happy to be here, with you… Is that it? Did I move in too soon? You’d prefer to have your own space? It was pretty crass how I told you last night. I am truly sorry. I meant no disrespect to you.”


“No! It’s not that. I want you here… so immensely. I just can’t seem to control how I feel around you anymore, and that is exasperating.” Well, that’s an understatement. It seems like I’m going mad, but yeah.


“Can we just chill tonight then? Do you read? Actually, what is it you do all day, besides meditating and training?” asked Gohan curiously. He couldn’t help but smile at Piccolo’s small oddly kawaii blush, as just the tops of his cheeks flushed then; his antennae dangling as his head slumped down.


“I do a lot of things,” answered Piccolo softly, “it depends on the day and my mood.” Gohan smiled then. He had never had the pleasure to see this side of Piccolo, and felt honoured. “You know, most of the vegetation from the meal I grew myself, no magic?” he continued more strongly, proudly even, his eyes looking up to read Gohan’s.


“That’s truly amazing Piccolo.” Gohan smiled then, hoping he was passing on some positivity to his mate. “So, how should we end this day Piccolo-san?” he asked honestly, cocking his head to the side like he used to do as child, a happy glint in his eye as he peered at his favourite mentor and so much more.


Piccolo fidgeted a moment before one side of his mouth curved upward slightly. “I paint sometimes… It’s easier to do at night for me… May I paint of portrait of you?”


Gohan blinked owlishly then, taking a moment to gaze around the cavern more closely. He smiled as he realised that all the lovely nature paintings that lined the walls, making the place more so warm and inviting had no doubt been painted by his Piccolo. That made him smile and gave him an idea.


“You can, under two conditions.” He had to bite his lip to keep from laughing when Piccolo’s brow ridges cinched closer together, he obviously not pleased with there being conditions to something that ought to be a simple “yes” or “no”. “One, I would like for you to paint me nude…”




“Please let me finish. Two, I would like for you to keep every nude picture of me for yourself. They are meant for no eyes but yours, my beloved life-mate,” finished Gohan ardently, his eyes shimmering with love, determination and challenge towards Piccolo. He meant no disrespect. He simply needed for them to be more comfortable around each other again. Once they could both look at the each other nude without freaking out, perhaps they could move forward. At least this allowed some sort of start. And if Gohan made it more a challenge, more like battle; perhaps Piccolo could do it without floundering uncharacteristically about, allowing his true spirit and intentions to shine clearly.


It was quiet for a long moment—their eyes not leaving each other—before Piccolo finally relented. “Fine. Disrobe,” he commanded firmly, a grand easel supporting a blank canvas and his protected paints and brushes floating in from another room, causing Gohan to throb with lust. Uh-oh! He hadn’t thought of that.


“It was your idea, now disrobe,” urged Piccolo more strongly, feeling the need to prove he could handle such moments.


Gohan turned around then utterly embarrassed. “I-I… We probably should wait. I’m aroused right now.”


“And? These pictures are for me and I want to see all of you. Disrobe.” Heat flooded Gohan’s cheeks and groin then, he unsure if he should just book it out of there or-


He could not help but blink when he saw a bottle of lube suddenly float out from somewhere in their home and move towards him. “P-Pic?”


“Sex has been on your mind a lot… I’m not ready for all that, but I can help you ‘get off’ as I’ve heard some call it. I really do not like to be interrupted during my painting,” informed Piccolo gruffly.


It was Gohan’s turn then to be unnerved. Now that something was actually about to go down, he wasn’t as confident. “W-what are you going-?”


“A hand job ought to be simple enough. As long as you cum, you’ll be alright, correct?” Piccolo uttered surgically, as if it was of no consequence.


You’re killing me Pic, really killin’ me. “Um, yeah,” Gohan answered demurely, biting his lip.


“Alright then, would you please undress already?” Piccolo was getting more and more determined, as if it were battle; giving Gohan mixed feelings. But he decided to do as he was told. Though, after his boxers were past his hips, he felt particularly vulnerable; striving to cover his angry erection as he shook them off his ankles.


When Piccolo smiled at him softly, verily admiring his slim pristine yet muscular form, he was speechless. Confidence seeping back into him like a warm tide, finally removing his hands so Piccolo could see all of him; Gohan smiled back at him. But the serious, unrelenting look that Piccolo’s face morphed into made him swallow thickly.


Gohan watched then with silent fascination as Piccolo scrutinised his own hands seriously; truly amazed as he witnessed Piccolo’s exquisite Namekkuseijin claws retract until his magnificent long fingers appeared less dangerous. Full realisation hit then. Piccolo was going to-


“Maybe you should be sitting on the settee while we do this,” Piccolo said seriously, still glancing at his hand calculatingly, the bottle of lube in the other. The moment felt too surreal to Gohan for him to do anything other than nod and do as was directed. “If there is something else you want or want I should stop, say so.”


As nervous as he felt, Gohan was still quite erect. And when Piccolo’s exquisite oil coated hand finally made contact with the plumped conical head of his dick, Gohan’s eyes closed and mouth open in a silent “O”; his hips beginning a rhythm of their own in Piccolo’s smooth deft hand.


Piccolo observed with genuine interest as Gohan continued to thrust into his hand with abandon; his flushed wet hot demi-Saiyajin skin and pristine muscular curves, the imploring whispered moans and desperate pleas doing something profound and novel to his own body and mind, his heart beginning to race and breath quickening. Licking his lips, he wanted… more. It was what Gohan wanted too, wasn’t it? “Gohan? Gohan!”


Gohan finally opened his eyes to half-mast, peering at him through a lustful haze without ceasing the movements of his hips. “Uh… Pic… Please do not tell me you’re… having… second thoughts.” It’s just a bloody hand job! A damn good one I couldn’t have precisely given myself, but-


“No, on the contrary. I want you inside of me.” Gohan’s eyes dilated more then, if possible; them scrutinising Piccolo’s earnestly, his movements surely slowing to a halt.


“You’re sure? You don’t have to-”


“Gohan, I want you, now,” urged Piccolo with conviction, the deep timbre to his voice sending shivers throughout every vertebra of Gohan’s spine. If not enough, he used his technique then to materialise all his clothes off him. The ravenous look Gohan gave him then as he looked his body up and down, after switching their positions, licking his lips; made Piccolo’s activated sex organs thrum for the first time in his life; his impressive smooth dark emerald penis swollen and up, pressing his natural protective body armour out of the way, the bright pink of his engorged and puckered female genitals visible then too and sopping with natural lubricant. Yeah, he was ready.


Piccolo noticed Gohan pause as his eyes peered down at his lower half. “Problem?”


“No, you’re just so beautiful. My imagination didn’t do you any justice.” Piccolo wasn’t sure precisely what to say to that; though the urge to kiss the hell out of Gohan then mounted, so he did, urgently pulling him down and locking lips with him.

Plump ruby plundered and duelled with deep violet within their sultry mouths; both deft muscles pushing the other for more as they explored hidden wonders before they reluctantly had to pull away for breath. Gohan was in pure heaven and ready to move further. But when Gohan reached for the lube, Piccolo said something. “I don’t need that. As you can see and scent, I am Namek; built for mutual simultaneous copulation, well-lubricated once properly simulated,” he said straightforwardly, though his cheeks were burning violet.


“But this is your first time, shouldn’t-”


While Piccolo was grateful for Gohan’s thoughtfulness, he needed him inside of him soon. “I’ll be fine. I am a warrior. Go ahead, take me, My Gohan.”


Gohan had no idea how he had made it that long without cumming, but he was glad he had; urgently bringing Piccolo’s legs around his hips and beginning to sink into the most exquisite heat he’d ever felt, causing them both to gasp as the head of his turgid beige cock breached Piccolo’s hot pink opening and pressed into him slowly. Words just wouldn’t do the moment justice, but both parties were certain then they would never feel that way with any other person, ever.


Time seemed to stop and speed up all at once, Gohan beginning to thrust into his mate enthusiastically; smiling at him reverently every time he went down to kiss and drink that immaculate green face, relishing the new sounds he was bringing out of his Piccolo. He growled a little when he accidently brushed against Piccolo’s erect antennae while going down for another kiss; the hiss that emitted from Piccolo’s teeth then feeding his passion, the speed and depth of his strokes mounting until he finally got Piccolo to moan. He had to smirk then, loving how Piccolo had sat up some, clinging to him for dear life as their hips began to move together in blissful frenzied harmony.


Gohan bit his lip as he felt his balls really tighten and lift; only regretting that such ecstasy had to be over so soon, riding the most powerful waves of pleasure he’d ever felt, relishing that he could feel Piccolo’s heat tighten and undulate around him and not at all displeased by the blast of semen that shot up his chest from Piccolo’s cock, as they both came together most extraordinarily before collapsing on what was left of the plush settee. Not having to hold back was absolutely amazing, but finally being with the one he cherished and honoured with all his heart and soul was wonderful beyond words. Gohan could only hope it had been that great for his Love and Mate.


Besides much needed breath, neither sound nor movement commenced for many moments. Though, Gohan was the one to break the silence, “Still want to paint me?” he asked joking, not really feeling like moving at all just then.


“Another day… another day,” whispered Piccolo drearily, sounding as if he were incredibly tired.


And Gohan thought he must have been when within moments he heard light snoring. So, he gingerly pulled away from Piccolo, stood as quietly as possible and tiptoed all the way to the room with his bags in them; pulling out one of his favourite blankets. Gingerly lifting Piccolo bridal style, he moved his elegantly grand form over to one end of the much larger sofa across the room; affectionately covering him in his large jade and plum hued blanket, kissing his head in between his antennae and then laying himself at the other end under the same blanket. He was truly joyful then and could only hope Piccolo felt as wonderful too.


To Be Continued…    

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