Everyday life with a Saiyan

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Everyday life with a Saiyan


After the terror of the Cell Games a young half Saiyan named Gohan who lost his father had decided to continue his training, in order to better protect the planet and had left the safe and controlling grasp of his mother and went to live with his godmother Bulma and her husband, a fellow full-blooded Saiyan by the name of Vegeta....


During this time a bill called: "Cultural Exchange Between Species Act." Was passed and humans began to integrate more with the monsters on the planet due to Cell's actions causing more monsters to be revealed to the public.


And now seven years after the Cell Games and now a well respected member of the Brief company. Gohan was mistakenly chosen by Kuroko Smith a "Cultural Exchange Coordinator." To host a female Lamia at his home...


Seeing how nervous the Lamia was, Gohan couldn't find the heart to tell them that they had the wrong home and so began his life with a monster girl....


Chapter 1: Miia loves her Darling!


Beep, beep!


Stirring from his rest slowly, a seventeen year old Gohan notices a tightness around his lower body.


“Miia... it's morning, I've got to get up.” Gohan said as he realized that the Lamia had wrapped herself around him.


“...Five more minutes... no just wait for me to heat up five degrees more..” Miia moaned as she tightened her grip on Gohan's body.


“Miia... remind me why your in here in the first place?” Gohan said with a smile as even with his Saiyan physiology he felt her strong embrace.


“I heard you squirming in your sleep again and I was cold so I solved both problems!” Miia said as she sat up.


“Okay then now that we're both awake why don't I go and run you a bath or raise the heati.. Gohan began, as he sat up.


“Nope! I want you to warm me up darling.” Miia said as she used her tail to pull him back into her embrace.


'This is bad! I tend to sleep half nude and with her body like this...' Gohan thought, as Miia pulled his head into her cleavage.


“Your not like the other men that my race used to have... your warmer and more alive than any other male i've ever encountered..” Miia murmured as she snuggled with Gohan.


'This is dangerous but as long as she doesn't do anythin...' Gohan thought before Miia tightened around his entire body minus his head.


'Crap! My neck, she's cutting off my carotid artery!' Gohan thought, as Miia tightened around his neck subconsciously.


“So warm.....” Miia moaned.


'She went back to sleep?!' Gohan thought. 'Good this is the perfect time for me to get out of this!'


Inhaling a great amount of air, Gohan blew on Miia, causing her to wake up and instinctively move away from him due to the cold air of his breath.


“Darling! Why did you have to do that?!”


“That's not the fastest way for your body heat to be raised.” Gohan sighed as she glared at him from the other side of the bed.


“But I wanted your body heat not some silly old bath!” Miia said as she shook her tail in frustration.


“Look i'll trade you, if you get in the bath right now i'll join you.” Gohan said sounding weary.


“Really you will?!” Miia said in surprise.


“But only if you go now.” Gohan said as he glanced at her.


“Yay! Miia's finally gonna have a bath with her darling!” Miia said joyfully as she left the bedroom to make way for the bath.


'Jeez, that was a close one!' Gohan thought. 'Now I can...


Going to his knees suddenly, Gohan put his hand on his lower back... and almost screamed when he felt something he thought he'd never feel again.

His Saiyan tail.

“Bath with darling, bath with darling!” Miia sang as she lay in the bath.


“Ok, ok.” Gohan smiled as he entered the modified bathroom moments later in just a towel.


“Come in darling, the water is nice and warm!”


“Sure!” Gohan replied as he removed his towel revealing his swimming trunks and his newly restored tail.


“Bath with darling!” Miia continued to sing, causing Gohan to smile from her voice.


'I can do the more intimate parts of myself later.' Gohan thought as he grabbed a sponge entered the bathtub and began to carefully scrub down Miia's tail.


“Oooh keep rubbing darling!” Miia said with a blush as her tail began to wriggle under Gohan's caring touch.


'This isn't so bad.' Gohan thought as he had become accustomed to cleaning Miia's lower half surprisingly quickly.


'I guess I can get used to this. The only problem is my tail...' Gohan thought as he kept his tail wrapped firmly around his waist and under control.

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