Love Saiyan

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Love Saiyan


Chapter One An Old Friend


Location, Tokyo Airport..


Stepping off of the plane, a well built young man dressed in a red gi looked up at the sky and smiles...


Leaving the airport, amidst lots of wanting stares from various women... and men, the man signals a cab.


“Good morning young man and welcome to Tokyo!” Said the pleasant driver. “Where do you wish to go?”


“Hinata Inn please.” The man smiled as he took a seat.


“Very well. Buckle up young sir, I'm known for quick transports...”


“I'll be fine, the man said sitting back comfortably, in fact since i'm not in a hurry could you take the longest route through the town? I have the money for the inconvenience, the man said with a smile. I'm just here for a personal request...

At the Hinata Inn however, things aren't as cheery as usual. Due to the appearance of the landlords sister, tension has been rising and feelings are being trodden on.


“I'll leave you in charge now. I'm not good with her, Haruka said to Naru. Good luck, you'll need it..”


“What? Ah.. Haruka-san!”


“We won't accept you! Mitsune said as she amongst the other tenants

looked up at their aggressor in the middle of the yard.


“You appear all of a sudden, and become the manager...?! Motoko added.


“You're... your too strict! Shinobu said quietly but firmly.


“What's going to happen to Keitaro? Sarah asked.


“This cat is cute! Su said petting Kanako's cat Kuro.


“If you don't like it you are free to leave.


After paying your rent.” Kanako finished smirking directly at Mitsune.


“What!” Mitsune said shaking her fist in fury.


“Wa... wait everyone, if she's Keitaro's sister, maybe she does have the right to be the manager.” Naru said.


“What? Your going to side with that witch over us Naru?” Mitsune said turning to her friend.


“Naru-san, she was the one who...


“Motoko-san?” Shinobu said in concern when she saw Motoko pause n mid-sentence.


“This ki... it's so overwhelmingly powerful.. and the density.. i've never sensed anything like it.” Motoko said as she unconsciously grabbed the Hinata blade for reassurance. “And it's heading this way!”


Their argument now forgotten, the girls all look to Motoko.


“Is it a good type of 'ki?'” Naru said not knowing much about the energy, but curious.


“No... wait, somehow the user has hidden his or her ki once again.” Motoko said frowning. “it's almost as if they were trying to protect something..”


“Is it still coming here?, maybe it's another one of Keitaro's family?” Mitsune asked eyes fully open.


“No... no one in my family has that level of ki. This person is a true master...” Kanako said shaking her head.



Rubbing his nose after he had dispatched the bank robbers, our mysterious visitor powered down.


“Who's talking about me?” He said as he brushed his clothes.


“Oh well, probably someone else called Gohan..” The visitor said as he tied the robbers to the bank with the money and a note. “Now I can get back to finding Kei-chan.”


Closing his eyes, 'Gohan' focused. “Ah! I've found Haruka-san.. but she seems... troubled. I wonder what's been going on since I last saw her.”


“Let's go set the wolf amongst the chickens then shall we?” Gohan said with a smile as he made his way towards the Inn.

Returning to her room after sensing the large ki, Motoko sat down and began to meditate.


'I've never sensed a ki like that in my life, I couldn't even tell what it's intentions were....'


“Hey Motoko!” Su said bouncing into their shared room. “Whatcha doin?”


“Do you remember that ki that I said I sensed earlier?” Motoko said without opening her eyes.


“Hmm ki?.... oh yeah! You said it was very important in your training!”


Smiling, Motoko continued. “Very well remembered Su. What I am trying to do Is to locate this ki to see if it is a friend or foe... however.”


“The owner of this great ki is so good at hiding it...”


“That even you are having trouble tracking it I suppose?” Haruka said as she entered Motoko's room.


“Lady Haruka?” Motoko said.


“Don't worry about the ki, I know who it belongs to, but it seems he's grown stronger since we last met.” Haruka said with a smile.


“Is it coming here?” Suu said.


“Yep, it's an old friend of the family, a little back-up for situations like these you might say.” Haruka replied.


“Ah! He's arrived.” Haruka said as she heard the door bell.


“What but I don't sense anything?!” Motoko said as she heard Shinobu open the door.


“Haruka-san! There's someone here who wants to talk to you!” Shinobu called.


“At least he has better timing than his father.” Haruka said as she went towards the front door, the rest of the house close on her heels.


“Ah long time no see Auntie!” Gohan said with a smile.


“I thought I told you about not calling me that?!” Haruka said as she slapped him with her fan which broke on contact with his skin.




“Still just as volatile as I remember!” Gohan said as the other girls gaped at him. “Why did you call me anyway?”


“Kanako's here.”


“Oh... so you want me to keep these guys safe from her wrath huh?” Gohan said as he grew serious. “Does she even remember me thou...


“Gohan-kun?” Said a voice from behind him.


'That voice sounds familiar.' Gohan thought as he turned. “Mutsumi! How have you been?”


“It is you!” Mutsumi said as she jumped the startled man.


“Yeah it's me, why is there someone else who looks just like me?” Gohan said as he caught Mutsumi with ease and held her close before placing her on her feet.


“So did Keitaro fulfil his promise?” Gohan continued as the girls behind him were even more stunned.


“Much better than you did.” Mutsumi said as she pinched his cheek.


“Hey! It wasn't my fault that my uncle kidnapped me.”


“Excuses, excuses.” Mutsumi said with a smile. “But your here now and I guess that's what counts.”


“WHO IS THIS GUY?!” The rest of the tenants cried out.

“Who's what guy?” Said another voice.


'Ah the promise girl..' “You forgot all about me Naru-san?” Gohan said as Naru stepped out from behind her friends.



“So auntie called for you huh?” Kanako said as she looked at Gohan.


“You always took this place too seriously, you need to lay off of people sometimes Kanako-chan.” Gohan said as Kanako's cat sat on his head.


“Your too soft on people Onii-Chan.”


“And you have a brother fetish...” Gohan replied as the two sat in the annex.


“It's not a fetish, Onii-Chan and I are supposed to run this place together... you would have been with us if you hadn't disappeared!”


“I told you, I was kidnapped by my uncle remember!?” Gohan sighed as he looked at the girl that he had known from childhood. “Look these people are trying. If they continue to mess up or not pay their rent then you can bring the hammer down not before.”


“Very well... oh and one other thing.”


“What's that?” Gohan replied.


“Let's go and take a bath in the onsen together!” Kanako said with a smile and red cheeks.


“If it will calm you down.” Gohan said.


“Oh it will definitely calm me down...”

“So the new guy is someone that you, Keitaro and Mutsumi knew from your childhood?” Mitsune said to Naru as she sat with the other girls in the living room. “You sure do meet all the good looking ones Naru-chan!”


“He.... he didn't look like that when we were kids... he.. he's grown a lot.” Naru said with a blush as Motoko and Su amongst the other girls waited with baited breath to hear more about Gohan.


“He was in the world martial arts tournament wasn't he?” Motoko said as she remembered a warrior who vaguely resembled Gohan, on the telly. “So why is he here?”


“Because I asked for him.” Haruka said. “Also because he needed some time away from home due to his messy break-up.”


“He's single?!” Mitsune said as her eyes lit up.


“I don't know, I'm not the kind of person who goes around asking my godson about their personal life.” Haruka said.


“But you knew about his break up.” Motoko said.


“Because his mother told me.” Haruka said and besides if you really want to ask about him why don't you go and ask him?”


“Just not right now...” Haruka added.


“Why not?” Su said curiously.


“Because he's in the Onsen with Kanako.”



“See isn't this nice Onii-Chan?” Kanako said as she rubbed Gohan's back down with a large sponge.


“You really need to show this caring side a lot more...” Gohan said as he fell into a daze as the hot water washed over him.


“I only show this side to you and Onii-Chan...” Kanako said as she continued rubbing all over his body. You've got some scars I see.”


“Yeah... been in some pretty rough battles. Gohan said with a sigh as Kanako began to massage out his muscles. Oh you little devil.. you got better at giving massages didn't you Kanako-chan?”


“I'm glad you noticed.” Kanako blushed as she continued her work.


“Okay I think that's enough for me.” Gohan said as he placed his hands on hers. “Now it's your turn.”

“So he's another pervert?!” Motoko said as she drew the Hinata blade.


“No... and my nephew is not a pervert. He's just really clumsy.” Haruka said with a sigh. “Gohan promised long ago that he would give Kanako a massage that she would never forget....


“ONII-CHAN!” Came a scream from the onsen.


“And it looks like he came through on that promise.” Haruka smirked, as the other girls jaw dropped.


“That... that was just a massage?” Mitsune said in shock.


“It looks like he perfected Hina's technique.” Haruka said as she put a cigarette in her mouth and lit it. “Looks like you guys will be safe for a while.”




“Granny's technique completely soothes the soul... only downside is that....


“Is that?” Naru said as she and the other girls waited patiently.


“I've actually forgotten what it's downsides are...” Haruka said as she puffed out a large amount of smoke. “No matter, just know that Kanako won't be troubling you for a while. But Mitsune if you don't keep up with your payments no amount of massaging from Gohan will stop me from kicking you out understand?” Haruka said as she glanced at the freelance writer.


“G..Got it Haruka-san.”

“Ara... what do we have here?” Mutsumi said as she stumbled upon Gohan and Kanako in the Onsen.


“Onii-Chan was just giving me a massage... Kanako said dreamily and I was about to repay the favour... want to help me Mutsumi-chan? He has got a lot of muscles..”


“Sure!” Mutsumi said as she removed her towel to slide into the onsen with Gohan and Kanako.


“You have grown since I last saw you...” Gohan said with a red face.


“I have?” Mutsumi said in confusion. “How?”


“He's talking about these!” Kanako said as she reached up and grabbed Mutsumi's breasts.


“Oh... that's because I eat a lot of watermelon. Apparently that affects my boobs.” Mutsumi said, not at all embarrassed by Kanako's grab.


“And what about you Gohan-kun you seem to have gotten bigger then i...


Passing out in front of Gohan. Mutsumi is caught by the concerned Hybrid.


“I forgot about her fainting spells.” Gohan sighed. Wrapping Mutsumi up securely in her towel. Gohan carried her in his arms bridal style to his current room, Kanako on his heels.


“We''l have to finish our massage later.” Gohan said.


“You still have a tail Onii-Chan?” Kanako replied.


“Oh that... It doesn't scare you anymore does it?” Gohan asked.


Holding her cat Kuro as it jumped into her arms. Kanako smiled


“No it doesn't Onii-Chan..”


“That's good.” Gohan smiled as he took the two into Keitaro's room.

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