Under the Surface

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Disclaimer: I do not own DBZ or any of its characters. Work of fiction made for personal and public enjoyment with no gaining or intention of making a revenue from the resulting work(s).

Warnings: AU, non-cannon character traits, crossdressing (trasvestite) oral sex, anal sex, all the fun stuff!

I do not own DBZ or any of its characters. Work of fiction made for personal and public enjoyment with no gaining or intention of making a revenue from the resulting work(s).


He saw the petite figure sitting alone at the bar as soon as he walked into the darkened room, his eyes seemingly drawn against their own will to the small beauty. Silently approaching the bar, he took a seat next to them and signaled to the bartender, who came up quickly thanks to the very few amount of patrons currently in the entire place.

Raditz ordered a beer, absentmindedly taping his fingers as he waited, intentionally not looking over at the figure next to him yet. The bar keep returned order in hand, then walked off again just as quickly. Raditz took a small swig, before clearing his throat a bit.

"Come here often?" He offhandedly asked, still not looking but obviously directing the words to the person next to him, who did exactly as Raditz wanted and turned to look at him first. Only then did Raditz himself look, finally able to take in what he had admired only from afar thus so.

The beauty struck Raditz more because of their close proximity, gorgeous black eyes expertly done up with liner just enough to enhance their owner’s features. High cheek bones lightly painted with blush, and plump lips colored with a darker red coat to contrast with the black outfit they had on. A tight black miniskirt revealed sweetly small yet toned thighs, leading down to skinny but fit legs with a pair of ankle length laced boots. Raditz tried not to linger long below, and swept up to the deliciously fitting sleeveless turtleneck, and the choice of shirt did not go unnoticed by Raditz, whose heart beat a bit faster as he told himself not to get ahead of himself, as he wasn't quite sure yet.

The smaller being next to him shifted in their seat a bit, looking back towards their drink a bit sheepishly, before responding.

"No, I'm, I'm not from around here but it looked like a quiet enough place." A feminine voice replied softly, causing Raditz to smile at how innocent they sounded.

The person paused a moment, before in a bit of an embarrassed rush as if remembering to mind manners, added, "how about yourself?"

Raditz continued to look on, scooting a bit closer as a test, internally cheering as he was rewarded with a slight blush creeping upon the face of the person still looking at their drink.

"Not from around here myself either, also thought this place looked nice to avoid any trouble." Raditz replied back, taking a swig of his beer before finishing his sentence, "Didn't expect to walk in to see someone as beautiful as yourself sitting all alone. I can't believe you don't have anyone else chatting you up, I guess I should call myself lucky to have the honor of first chat."

The blush deepened, and the stranger glanced at him again finally, seeming to be searching for a sign of sincerity, ensuring Raditz was true to his words and not just teasing. Raditz understood why they were naturally cautious, he was sure past experiences were the reason for it. Luckily the person seemed to like what they saw on Raditz face, actually seemed more surprised by the honesty of the words and in the large man’s face over anything at all, and that adorable flushing of their face deepened further, rising and reaching their ears turning the tips a bit pink as well.

"Oh, um, well." They stammered, taking a sip of their own drink nervously. "Thank you. And I usually tend to put people off, so that's generally the reason I'm alone."

Raditz let himself be a little more risky, tilting in towards the small being and whispering near their ear.

"I can't possible believe that to be true. No way could I see a face like yours to ever be anything such as off-putting. Enchanting is what I'd go for instead." He leaned away again, enjoying the fluster of the young one he was talking to.

They seemed so genuinely not used to this kind of flirtation, Raditz was honestly shocked. He really had expected with their beauty and kind and shy nature that would have been hit on more often, but apparently morons never had seen what he himself saw. Raditz internally shook his head at those who had completely missed or ignorantly ignored the amazing gem to behold in front of him.

Although he was almost one hundred percent sure on his assumption, even that reason couldn't be enough that everyone this beautiful creature had met had been repulsed or off put. Raditz was having trouble controlling himself from even being more flirtatious than he was already daring, not wanting to scare the lithe person away, how could others have resisted?

The person captivating his eyes gave a small laugh, an absolutely adorable sound to Raditz ears, and flicked their eyes to Raditz face again, meeting his eyes for a moment to share a small and a bit unsure smile.

"I'm from a small town, you'd be surprised what reputation alone would do to keep people from talking to you."

Seeming to try and test waters on their own, the lissome being kept their gaze with Raditz's own as they crossed their legs causing the already nearly obscenely short skirt to hike a bit more with an intentionally flirty smile. "Even when they are liking what they see."

"Only an idiot couldn't enjoy the sight of you." Raditz replied quickly, meaning it just much as what he had said before. The person before him looked away again but kept their smile, obviously enjoying the compliment as they took another sip of their beverage.

"Would you like to get out of here?" Raditz blurted nearly without thinking about it, his brain really wasn't doing the real thinking at this point.

The smaller whipped their head to study Raditz's face intently, sharp eyes searching again for any sign of danger or insincerity.

Raditz now had his turn to look down at his beer in a sheepish manner (as much as his large frame allotted a sheepish look), realizing perhaps his suddenness may sound suspicious to the being next to him. They didn't seem all that trustful, but again Raditz understood this although it angered him they ever had to be afraid of being hurt. The beauty next to him deserved to be ravished and worshiped, never having to tremble in fear of a man hurting them for who they were.

Raditz sincerity must have shown, because the young person slowly let the corner of their lips twitch into a small smile.

"I think that would be nice." Before they reached into their purse, Raditz placed his large hands over smaller and softer ones, earning a surprised look he returned with a smile.

"Please, allow me. You deserve this at the very least," Raditz tipped a wink. "Someone who looks like they could be royalty should be treated as such."

The lithe being blushed deeply once more at this compliment, smiling and rubbing their hands together a bit nervously, a tingling sensation lasting where Raditz had placed his hands to still them trying to reach their money.

Raditz hailed the bartender again, paid their tabs and left a hearty tip. Maybe not the bartender specifically, but he had this place to thank for finding this gem in the desert, the first beautiful thing Raditz had seen in weeks of what seemed like endless wandering from wasteland to wasteland.

Raditz moved off the stool and extended a hand to help the shorter off, who took the larger man’s hand gently and with a dazzling smile.

"Not used to a man being such a gentleman to Me." the sweet voice said with a small giggle that warmed Raditz low in his loins.

"My dear, have you not met the right men then." Raditz pulled them closer to his side as they walked out of the bar, hooking his arm loosely around the small beings waist.

Raditz felt them tense a moment before relaxing, and Raditz then slowly and without pressure placed his hand on the middle of the smaller's back. This action was met with a sideways glance with those beautiful black eyes that were holding a devilish twinkle and Raditz also saw an upward twitch of the corner of their lips. Leading them out of the bar and down the sidewalk, Raditz used his free hand to point to a building about 100 yards ahead.

"I'm staying at that motel, I have some beers in the fridge so I hope you'll be able to stay a while if you'd like?" Raditz asked with a characteristic friendly grin that ran in his family, and the response in return was just as warm.

"I think I'd like that very much." The smaller being beamed back, more radiant than ever as they shone from happiness of the friendly treatment from Raditz. The larger man vowed to make this night as comfortable and relaxing as possible for the smaller being, intent on showing them an evening they would both not forget any time in the foreseeable future.

They chatted idle talk as they made the quick walk to the motel, Raditz glad they were able to walk straight to the room and having no lobby to walk through. The attachment he felt to the small being next to him was unusual as Raditz was very much a person who kept to himself, and others usually gave him no qualms about that. His large stature usually had people intimidated enough to stay away, standing six foot six, he was the tallest in his slightly large (yet not close-knit) family.

The petite being next to him, although the boots they were wearing had a slight wedge on the heel that gave them a boost, had to be no taller than five foot five. Raditz being aware of just the size difference alone being a possible intimidation factor, although of course not on purpose, was causing him to be even more nonchalant and non-intimidating with his movements, voice, and attitude.

The former military in him had and would never leave, one could pick up on this side of him just from his posture and short buzzed hair (although the latter had gotten a bit long, about three inches over his entire head). Regardless, with the former service served shining through, along with the tattoo's and general largeness of Raditz's entire being, he wanted to make his petite guest feel welcome as possible.

Raditz pulled the key from his pocket, unlocked and swung the door open, holding it with one extended arm and in an exaggeratedly chivalrous manner muttered, "After you my dear."

The smaller grinned at him, picking up on the air of sarcasm and gave a mock curtsy, walking in in their own exaggerated style.

They both laughed as Raditz shut the door, and the large man walked past the other towards the make do kitchen (Which consisted of mini fridge, microwave, and singe serve coffee maker.)

"Take a seat, you'll take a beer, ya?" Raditz said, opening the fridge and grabbing two anticipating the reply.

"Yes, that'd be great." The other replied. Raditz sauntered over and twisted the cap off before handing it over, twisting off his own cap as he sat down. "Well as much manners as you say I have, I feel like a jerk for not even asking you your name yet or even giving you mine."

The smaller being's eyes widened a bit as they realized themselves that names hadn't even been exchanged yet. They shook their head giving a laugh like a child who had forgotten something simple would.

"Vegeta for me." They said, quickly adding. "It's Russian, I know it's a weird girl’s name."

Raditz shook his head and reached toward the coffee table in front of them, setting down his beer and grabbing a pack of cigarettes. "Not weird at all. In fact, sexy I'd say. Very exotic sounding. Would you like one?" He offered out a cigarette and Vegeta smiled and took it. Raditz leaned closer than exactly necessary to light up the smoke for Vegeta, smirking a bit at the crimson face.

"I'm Raditz, and it's an absolute pleasure to meet such a lovely person such as yourself, Vegeta." He purred this into Vegeta's ear before moving back and lighting his own cigarette.

Vegeta was flustered a moment, taking a couple drags to calm down, before (trying at least) to casually say, "So what brings you to this piece of shit state anyways?"

Raditz leaned back, placing the arm not holding his smoke across the back of the couch and thus above but around Vegeta's shoulders. Vegeta in return, responded positively and scooted closer catching Raditz's intention and his come on’s, Vegeta was shy, but was not dense. Raditz his let own a breath of smoke out slowly, tilting back his head and closing his eyes before responding to Vegeta's question.

"Really... just happened to end up here. I've been traveling on the bike you saw out front for some months now. Just left my home town. Couldn't take my fucked up family any longer, they didn't give a fuck if I was around anyway, so I just hit the road for something new. Something better." He smiled down at Vegeta who had politely looked up at his face as Raditz spoke. "Seems after all these months of travel, this 'piece of shit state'," he joked poking at Vegeta's side and earning another smile, “of all places has lead me to meet the most stunning person I have in my life."

Raditz edged on a little more, leaning down and close to Vegeta to whisper against his neck, "I hope you do actually realize how truly beautiful you are." He felt the heat of Vegeta's blush and he kissed under the lithe beings chin eliciting a delicious shiver of excitement.

"You obviously haven't seen too many people in your time then," Vegeta said a bit breathlessly, and Raditz grinned at the excited tremble in the smaller's voice.

He flicked his cigarette into the ashtray without even having to look, quickly bringing the now free hand up to cup and turn Vegeta's face up and facing his own.

"You doubt yourself too much, you don't see how sexy you really are." Raditz leaned in and gently pressed their lips together, enjoying the soft moan Vegeta made against his lips. While locked together, Raditz took one hand to snatch Vegeta's own cigarette away, tossing it to be forgotten as well as his own in the ashtray.

Raditz ran the hand cupping the other persons face to the back of their gorgeous long black hair, running his fingers through it before wrapping a handful softly in a fist and tugging Vegeta's head backward so Raditz could lean a bit more heavily on the small being.

The surprised noise Vegeta made caused lips to separate a bit, letting Raditz take advantage of the response he caused and plunged his tongue into the others mouth. Another moan into his mouth had Raditz, more light-headed than ever, made him have to control himself from moving even quicker. He didn't want to scare the smaller one, wanted this all to feel safe and pleasurable, so he sucked a bit on Vegeta's bottom lip, before attacking the sculpted jawline then moving to the smaller’s neck, tugging down a bit of the turtlenecks material to gain better access to this masterpiece squirming next to him.

"Raditz wait," Vegeta said panting a bit, as Raditz other hand trailed to the hem of the black shirt and began reach underneath to fondle at the soft and pale skin of Vegeta's stomach and chest. "There is something I need to tell you before we go any farther. I think you'd want to stop to hear this. You might have a change of mind about this."

Raditz paid no mind to the words other than smiling because he was happy to finally have the topic broached. That just meant they both could continue with what they were doing as he showed Vegeta that he, Raditz, already understood what the lithe beauty wanted to tell him.

So instead of having Vegeta have to say anything, he got off the couch and between the skirted legs of Vegeta and lifted the skirt to reveal a thong.

A thong that had a bulge pulsating, although the reason was tucked and was attempting to be hidden between Vegeta's small legs.

Raditz felt Vegeta freeze completely, probably from fear of how this new found piece of so far omitted information made the ex-military man react.

Raditz once more surprised Vegeta by not hesitating at all, instead, in one quick motion pulled the thong out of the way and lifted Vegeta up a bit to spread legs to gain better access to what he wanted. As the feminine man had himself lifted and spread, his tucked dick sprung free and Raditz swiftly took the petite man into his mouth and deep down his throat in an expert manner. Vegeta let out a chocked wine, hands moving to Raditz's head and fisting for leverage in the short locks as Raditz bobbed up and down on his cock. Large hands moved to cupped and fondled his balls, and Vegeta arched his back with a moan of pure excitement and pleasure.

Raditz suddenly popped off his dick and launched upwards still between Vegeta's legs to kiss the man on his already swollen lips.

They released after a long time and Vegeta gasped in air, flushed face staring up at Raditz with hungry arousal in his eyes.

"You knew the whole time didn't you?" Vegeta asked, not really needing a verbal response as Raditz's grin answered for him.

The large man suddenly gripped Vegeta's shirt and pulled it over the man’s head, revealing a red lacy bra stuffed with tissue just enough to give the impression of breasts. Raditz leaned back a bit to look at the man in front of him, face flushed, chest heaving and also flushed with desire. So obviously a man as he sat there in his tight skirt hiked up and thong pulled to the side to reveal his proud standing dick, while at the same time looking like such a delicacy as the man’s features Raditz enjoyed were accompanied by the feminine traits Vegeta also possessed.

Supple hips, slender and curvy legs, a flat and toned stomach, compact shoulders, and had he mentioned Vegeta's beautiful damn face? He couldn't get enough of those blown pupils in the pools of darkness that were Vegeta's eyes, beautifully lined with the eyeliner so neatly put on. Vegeta's lipstick covering his swollen lips was a bit smeared and Raditz gave a husky growl and kissed the man deeply again, fisting and tugging Vegeta's hair a bit harder, experimentally. Wonderfully, the rougher reaction had Vegeta bucking his hips, tongue clashing with Raditz's own as his small hand reached forward to touch Raditz through his jeans.

Vegeta broke the kiss this time, pulling Raditz by the shoulders so he was lead back to sitting on the couch, he then replaced Raditz's position and knelled between the large man’s legs. Nimble and thin fingers unclasped Raditz's jeans quickly, Vegeta just as fast getting the large man’s own rock hard penis out of his boxers and running a manicured nail tauntingly slow along the throbbing member. Raditz closed his eyes again and let out a deep moan of his own, breath hitching as Vegeta leaned forward and flicked his tongue over Raditz's leaking slit. Vegeta did that a few times, also running his tongue slowly down the shaft to Raditz's balls, back up again before wasting no more time and swallowing Raditz down his loose throat.

Raditz gave a cry and fisted a hand into Vegeta's long hair, unable to help the bucking of his hips, fucking Vegeta's throat with mind numbing ecstasy as the small man sucked and swirled his tongue about. With Raditz nearly causing Vegeta to take down all impressive nine inches of his manhood, the lithe man took it surprisingly well, expertly squeezing and releasing Raditz's balls in time with the man thrusting up into his mouth and throat. Seemed a gag reflex wasn't going to be causing a problem.

Raditz realized he was approaching too quickly, so he tugged a bit harshly at Vegeta's hair pulling the man off of his dick so suddenly, a small pop was heard as Vegeta's lips were moved off of his member.

They both stayed still a moment, both breathing harshly and staring at each other with such want it was almost too much to bear. Raditz reached out and grabbed Vegeta by his hips and pulled the man up towards him and onto his lap, Vegeta for his part aided by wrapping his legs around Raditz's waist and began grinding their cocks together as he withered around in Raditz's lap.

Raditz hissed at the motion, gripping the man’s hips tighter and sucked hard at Vegeta's neck, causing the other man to arch against him in a most erotic fashion, and Raditz lifted him again so his large dick was now neatly set between Vegeta's ass cheeks. He nibbled at the small moaning man’s neck, leaning them both forward as he fished a bottle out from under the couch. Using one hand Raditz got the bottle popped open, and began to pour the cold lube on his penis which also leaked down Vegeta's crack Raditz's was nestled up against. He gave an experimental lift and drop, still no penetration, but the slickness now causing him to slide between Vegeta's plump cheeks. His hands moved from the man’s hips to his spectacularly toned ass, massaging it a bit before having one hand slip between the man’s ass, and a finger swirled a bit before finding and pushing past a tight ring of muscles. Vegeta tensed a bit but Raditz kissed the man’s sweaty temple.

"Just relax sweetheart, I'll make sure you are nice and ready before we move on. I'm going to make sure you feel fantastic, want you squirming with pleasure." Raditz whispered in his ear, moving his finger currently inside Vegeta, getting to about the second knuckle and preforming a come hither motion when Vegeta shouted in pleasure and Raditz smirked having found the spot he wanted.

He wiggled his finger again and again, enjoying as he held Vegeta in place with his other strong hand as the smaller man tried to push himself down and deeper onto the feeling Raditz was giving him. No such luck, as the strong man held him tight, but suddenly he withdrew, then the feeling a two fingers caused Vegeta to fall forward into strong arms. Raditz stopped holding Vegeta in place, free arm coming up to rub circles on Vegeta's back, all the while thrusting those two digits in and out of the man in his lap.

"You just tell me if I'm hurting you," Raditz panted, and he withdrew his fingers again, adding a third one to prepare for what would be coming next.

Vegeta snuggled closer, head heavily resting on Raditz's shoulder and eyes partially closed in pleasure as Raditz expertly fucked him with just three fingers. Each thrust was accompanied by Raditz twisting in a way that hit that sweet spot for Vegeta, who was overloaded with pleasure as his leaking dick was pressed against Raditz's and his own stomach. No one had ever made him feel like this before, no one had ever focused so solely on giving him pleasure that made him unable to think, Vegeta was totally naive to an experience such as this. He never believed that sex could actually feel this good for both partners. Only way he could to react to this foreign stimulation was to moan softly into Raditz's neck, breath hitching each time the skilled fingers hit that spot inside him that had him seeing stars.

Suddenly, and large calloused hand wrapped around his dick between their bodies and Vegeta let out a small whine of enjoyment.

"Just breathe normally okay? You just say the word and I slow down okay?" Raditz mumbled into his ear as he slowly and gently lifted Vegeta's hips again, aligning himself with the other man’s entrance. He waited until Vegeta responded with a quiet 'yes' before slowly lowering the small man down onto his throbbing dick.

Vegeta sucked in a breath and Raditz waited until the man slowly exhaled before pushing himself a little deeper. Raditz knew he wasn't gigantic by any means, but still larger than average and therefore knew taking it slow was the best route for his partner’s pleasure.

Even stretched with his fingers, Vegeta was till so tight around his dick that he had to bite his lip a bit to resist the urge to pull out and slam in again. Maybe later when his small partner was accustomed a bit more, but for now Raditz slowly pushed himself deeper inside of Vegeta while whispering words of passion and comfort to relax the small man.

Vegeta did slowly relax, and Raditz pulled out just a bit before pushing in again quickly. Vegeta moaned in approval, so Raditz repeated the action, pulling out a bit more this time. This action was repeated for many minutes, Vegeta's ragged breath puffing out against Raditz's neck, and Raditz pumped the man’s dick as he rhythmically pulled himself out then pushed himself upwards into Vegeta's tight heat.

The other man began to become a bit louder, his moans becoming an under the breath chant of 'yes, yes, yes' that had Raditz quickening his pace. As he gave the hardest thrust so far, Vegeta cried out and clawed at Raditz's back in ecstasy.

"Oh, fuck." Vegeta cried, kissing Raditz's neck before the man ran a fist into his long hair to pull him back enough to slam their lips together.

Raditz mercilessly pounded at the sweet spot inside Vegeta's warm heat, and the smaller man moaned and cried out with pleasure into his mouth. Raditz began to give little squeezes to the man’s dick syncing the actions with pumping the throbbing member and his thrusts inside Vegeta's body.

Vegeta was desperately grinding his hips down onto Raditz, pushing the man as deep as the large member would go inside his tight hole. He began gasping against Raditz's mouth, breathing spastic and irregular as Raditz thrust and pumped.

"Come on baby, come for me, I wanna hear you scream." Raditz growled out against Vegeta's panting lips. "Say my name sweetheart, say it as you let go."

And Vegeta couldn't take any more than that.

"Raditz!" He cried, spilling his seed between them onto both their bellies. "Raditz, god, don't stop, fuck!"

Raditz didn't last much longer himself, as Vegeta's muscles seized around his dick he felt his body tip over that edge and he was coming inside Vegeta in such an intense wave that he squeezed the smaller man to him almost seemingly trying to combine them to one being, as he thrust upwards frantically, milking himself and breathing in the glorious smell of Vegeta as he buried his face into the smaller’s neck.

Slowing then stopping, the only noises in the room were both of their ragged breaths panting and gasping out little shocks of pleasure as it still coursed through both of their bodies in the afterglow. After what was a long lapse in time when they both calmed a bit, Raditz lifted Vegeta's spent body gently and pulled out his now flaccid cock, earning a small mewl from the now drowsy Vegeta. Raditz arms ran up the smaller’s body, unclasping the bra the man was wearing and guided it down his arms and off his body. He then tugged at the skirt, pulling it down from being hiked up around Vegeta's slight waist and then down and past his slender legs. Having the man now fully nude, Raditz pulled him bride style in his lap, before standing with Vegeta in his arms like that.

The other man squeaked a bit, wrapping thin arms around Raditz large neck as the man walked them both towards the queen mattress in the room.

Laying Vegeta down onto the bed, Raditz stood long enough to pull off the t-shirt still on his body, before joining Vegeta in the bed now naked completely as well. He lay on his back and pulled Vegeta close, the other man letting out a sigh and snuggling himself up to Raditz as form fitting as he could get, and rested his head in the crook of Raditz shoulder, hand lazily tracing on Raditz chest and now that they were exposed, the smaller man began to play with Raditz's dog tags.

"You'll have to tell me about your military days," Vegeta said sleepily. "If I'm still okay to hang around a bit when we wake up later." This was punctuated with an adorable yawn.

Raditz smirked, stifling his own yawn. "What do you mean 'if'? Sorry but I don't know if I'm ever going to let you leave." He fished the sheets up and around their nakedness then wrapped an arm around Vegeta's waist and planted a kiss to the man’s temple. "But you are right about one thing." He finished.

"Waz' that?" Vegeta's sleepy reply came.

"Well talk when we wake up later, you really gave me quite the workout." Raditz smiled lazily, his own eyes becoming half lidded as sleep washed over.

He felt Vegeta smile against his neck and before he knew it sleep had claimed him. Vegeta was not far behind, they slept tangled together, and soon in the future to realize that they had found more than a one night stand, found that always talked about soul mate. Maybe too cheesy of dialogue for their own taste, but one thing Raditz and Vegeta found was from then on life was lived together as if they had always been one entity, and both have never been happier.


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