A Second Chance

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"Hey, lunch is ready!"

Goku looked towards his wife, Chichi who had just finished setting and arranging all the food. The three of them were out on a picnic that day and while he and Gohan fished, Chichi busied herself with preparing their food.

Gohan immediately sprang out of the water and quickly dried himself before putting on his clothes back. "Come on Dad, let's go. I'm starving!"

Goku smiled at his son before they walked over to Chichi who had a smile on her face. Gohan sat across from his parents while Goku sat beside his wife and wrapped an arm around her. "The food looks really delicious, Chichi." He said to her as he kissed her cheek.

She smiled at him and handed him a plate. "Well, then go and help yourself now. I prepared all your favorites." She told him.

He took the plate from her and filled it with food while Gohan was already busy eating his own fill. Chichi watched her son and her husband eat and smiled to herself. They really look like a perfect and happy family at that moment. How she wished that moment would never end.

Chichi felt a pang of sadness as she thought of what's about to happen during the succeeding days. Her husband and her son are about to go and join Cell's tournament and face the evil android who was responsible for the death of many people in the neighboring villages. Deep inside her, Chichi was greatly worried for her husband's and her son's safety, but she knew that there is nothing she could do, Goku and Gohan are among the strongest beings on this planet who are qualified and have the chance of beating Cell, and just like the rest of humankind, Chichi wanted to put an end to the evil android's reign of terror.

Goku noticed his wife looking at them intently and immediately he knew that something is bothering her. He knew her all too well during all the years that they were married, that he knew the meaning of her every actions. He stopped eating and turned towards her.

"What's the matter?" He asked her.

Chichi seemed to have awakened from her reverie when she heard her husband's voice. She looked at him and tried to smile. "N-Nothing.. I was just thinking of something." She answered.

He inched closer to her. "What about?"

She looked at him and met his gaze. Right at that moment, she wanted to tell him how she felt but she didn't want to break down in tears in front of Gohan and ruin that special family moment, so with all the strength that she could muster, she answered him while trying to prevent her voice from breaking.

"I was thinking of the upcoming Cell Games, h-how you will beat that monster and put an end to.. To his evil ways." She replied.

Goku thought for a moment. "Hmm... Is that all?" He was not convinced with her answer.

Chichi nodded. "Yes. That's all. But forget about it. W-We're here to have a good time. I-I'm sorry for bringing out such things.." She said as she started gathering the used dishes.

Goku nodded but made a mental note to ask her later about it. He knew that there is something else bothering her besides what she had said. He decided to talk about it with her privately once they get home.

Later that day, Goku carried a sleeping Gohan in his arms while Chichi held on to their picnic basket as they walked on home. She was still silent during the whole trip, yet another thing that Goku noticed. Now he is fully convinced that something is wrong. He is not used to his wife acting like this.

When they reached their house, Goku went up to his son's bedroom and laid Gohan down on his bed while Chichi went straight to the kitchen to wash the dirty dishes they had used. She needed to do something to keep her mind from thinking negatively about the upcoming Cell Games and worrying about her husband and her son. However, she couldn't help it as tears started forming and pooling in her eyes. She had not seen Cell but she knew that the monster is strong, for Goku would not bother to train inside the Hyperbolic Time Chamber with their son if he knew that he had enough power to beat Cell. What if the monster had the upperhand and something happened to Goku or to Gohan during the battle? What if these few days were the last days that she would be with them? Chichi shook her head as the tears finally flowed down her face. She loved her family so much, she didn't know what she would do without them.

She was caught by surprise when a pair of strong arms wrapped around her waist from behind, pulling her closer to rest against him. Goku held his wife closer to him as she cried, a small frown on his face.

"Chichi..." He started. "You know that I hate seeing you cry..."

She moved in his arms and pressed herself closer to him as more tears fell down her cheeks. "Oh Goku!" She exclaimed. "How can you expect me not to cry? I am worried... Deeply worried for you and for our son. If I were to be asked, I don't want you two to participate in this... This tournament. But I know there's nothing I can do.. You would still go.. Even if I try to stop you..." She said.

"Chichi... I told you, I'll come back to you.. We'll come back to you safe. I promised you that, didn't I?" He said as he rubbed her arm gently.

"What if you die? It's not that I don't trust you, Goku, but what if something happens to you? I haven't seen that monster but I know that he's strong, maybe even stronger than you are now. What if you get killed once more? I would have to be alone again... And what if he hurts our son? Goku, I'd rather die than see both of you hurt, or live my life without you two..." She said as her words dissolved in a torrent of tears.

"No! Don't say that, Chichi. You and Gohan are the most important people in this planet for me and I won't let anything happen to you. I'd die for you if I have to, I'd kill if I have to, just to keep both of you safe." He told her as he tightened his arms around her. For some reason, what she had said about her dying rather than live her life without him and their son bothered him and triggered a feeling of uneasiness deep within him. For a while, he continued to hold her as she cried her heart out.

"I.. I love you, Goku. I don't know what I would do without you..." She confessed as she looked up at him and caressed his cheek with her fingers.

He placed a hand over her hand that was on his face, making their fingers interlace with each other. "I love you too, Chichi. Please... I just want you to trust me this time." He said to her.

She nodded softly. "Yes... I trust you, Goku."

With that, he smiled at her and planted a soft kiss on her lips. The kiss turned out to be gentle at first, but turned into a passionate one when she started responding to him. The kiss soon led to something more as they let their intense emotions overcome them, enabling them to express both of their love for each other.

Goku smiled to himself as he held his wife close to him, one of his arms wrapped around her bare waist. He knew it was still too early to tell, but he had a feeling that another being had been conceived after their passionate love making awhile ago. He also felt this way before during the night when Gohan had been conceived. As early as now, he could already feel another faint life force from within his wife. He smiled at the thought of having another child with her. He would have another one to treasure, to love and to protect. He then thought of the upcoming tournament with Cell. The Cell Games are about to commence three days from now. He knew that Cell was a lot stronger than him but for the sake of everyone he loved and cared for, for the sake of Chichi and Gohan and his soon to be second child, he would do everything in his power to beat Cell and put an end to all his evil ways and reign of terror. He would not let that monster come near his family and inflict harm on them, especially now that he feels that he is going to be a father once more. Just like what he told Chichi, he would kill and die if he have to, just to keep them safe. There is nothing he wouldn't do for them, for he loved them very much.

With that, he wrapped both of his arms around her and closed his eyes, willing himself to sleep. Soon, he was sleeping contentedly with his beloved enclosed in his arms. It had been such a perfect moment that both of them will forever treasure in their hearts.

Too bad that all good things come to an end, and sometimes, the end brings quite a tragic fate.

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