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"I'm sorry, King Vegeta. But the Princess seems to be infected with some kind of a poison that is really strong, it proved to be resistant even to the strongest antidote I have here."

Kakarot flinched when he heard what the doctor had said to the king. He then looked at Princess Bulla who had now fallen asleep after the doctor gave her an injection to relieve her of her pain. She was still sweating profusely though, and her skin is flushed.

The Princess had been infected with an unknown illness after the inhabitants from Planet Aria came to conquer Planet Vegeta a few days ago. The Arians were a strong alien race, and the Saiyans did have difficulty fighting them and driving them away from Planet Vegeta. They succeeded though, but one of the aliens managed to sneak into the castle, where Princess Bulla was. Princess Bulla fought, but she was easily overpowered when she was hit and wounded by the alien's stray arrow in her left arm, but before the alien savage managed to kill the Princess, Kakarot appeared and came to her aid. Upon seeing his beloved Princess wounded and bloody, he became enraged and killed the alien intruder almost instantly. However, before the alien finally died, he said one thing which made Kakarot worry. The arrow which had hit the Princess had been poisoned and infected, which means that the Princess will also become infected with whatever that is in the arrow since she had been hit.

True enough, Princess Bulla's health began to deteriorate at a fast rate in the succeeding days. She suddenly fell ill and her temperature is very high that she began to develop chills and convulsions. She also became very weak, to the point that she could not even get out of her bed on her own. As the days passed, the Princess also complained of the extreme pain she felt in her entire body, and she also began to cough up and vomit blood. The King summoned all the doctors in Planet Vegeta but unfortunately, no one is able to cure the Princess of her ailment.

"The Princess is going to die in three days."

Everyone turned to the one who spoke. Kakarot recognized it as the old Saiyan woman who used to work in the palace. All of them were baffled as to how she managed to enter the Princess' chamber, when she wasn't even there a few moments ago.

"What did you say?!" King Vegeta bellowed as he approached the woman.

"The Princess is going to die in three days. An Arian is responsible for giving her the poison which caused her illness, and the poison is very strong that it can kill someone in a matter of days." The woman spoke again, shocking everyone.

Kakarot shook his head in disbelief. "No.. No. You must be mistaken. The Princess cannot die.." He said as his fists clenched tightly.

"I can never be mistaken, Saiyan warrior. Do you not see how the Princess' health deteriorated so fast? She only has three days to live, before the poison finally consumes her."

Kakarot fell on his knees and tears formed at the corners of his eyes. At that moment, he didn't care anymore if the other Saiyans or if the King himself saw that he was acting weak. He felt distressed, his beloved Princess is going to die and leave him and there's nothing he can do to save her.

"No... No... That can't be true... Not her..." He whimpered as his fingernails pierced through his palms, drawing blood.

"I apologize, Saiyan warrior, but it is true. The Princess is dying. However, there is a way to help her, but it might not work as well. The time is too short." The woman spoke again.

"What?! What is it? Tell me what needs to be done and I'll do it!" Kakarot said frantically while the others, including the King, anticipated the woman's next words.

"You must destroy the maker of the poison and get the antidote from her blood. That is the only way the Princess could be cured."

"But... The one who shot her with the infected arrow is dead.. I killed him.." Kakarot said.

"Saiyan warrior, the one responsible for infecting the Princess is not the one who made this poison. This poison is made by an Arian witch using her blood as one of its ingredients. That is why the only antidote for this is the blood of the Arian witch herself. You will have to kill that witch and obtain her blood to cure the Princess, but I am afraid you are out of time. Only three days left and the Princess is going to perish."

"Three days is more than enough. There is still time." Kakarot said, determination in his voice. He slowly stood up and walked towards the sick Princess.

"General Kakarot, how are you expecting to make it in three days? We have seen the power of the Arian race. They gave us a tough battle and they fought evenly against us. You might be able to retrieve the antidote but you might not make it in three days." The Princess' brother, Prince Trunks, said.

Kakarot stroked the Princess' cheek and felt her cold skin. "I will do everything I can to do it and save Princess Bulla's life, Prince Trunks. Even if it kills me." Kakarot replied.

"Very well, Kakarot. I commend you for your courage and nobility. Tonight, you and your team will leave to pay Planet Aria a visit. And I'm counting on you." King Vegeta finally decided.

Kakarot nodded. "Yes, Your Highness. I will do everything to save the Princess." He replied as he bowed before the King. Then turned to look back at the sleeping Princess. His heart cringed and his chest constricted when he took note of her pale appearance as well as her labored breathing. He took her hand in his and almost shivered because of the coldness of her skin. A few tears escaped his eyes as he looked at her intently.

I will save you, Princess. I will do everything in my power to save your life. I will not let you die. I love you, and I don't know what I would do without you, so please, just hang on in there. Hang on in there, my love, and please wait for me...

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