In A Different Timeline

BY : goku'sPrincess014
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"I missed you.." Goku whispered against Bulla's ear as he pulled her to him, making her fall on the bed.

She giggled then pinched his cheek. "I missed you too.."

He wrapped an arm around her waist and pulled her to him for a passionate kiss. He pried her mouth open with his tongue and tugged on hers softly, making her moan against his lips as she started responding to him.

She broke off from him, a faint blush on her cheeks. "Goku.. I'll just.. Just take a bath first." She whispered against his lips.

"Just do it later, Princess..." He answered breathlessly. He could feel his now erect member twitching and straining against his pants and he wanted nothing more but for her to take care of it and tend to it already.

"But Goku... I..-" she was cut off when he kissed her again, harder this time. She responded to him then pushed him gently as she broke off from him once more.

"I smell awful. I have been playing with our daughter outside for the whole day. I really reek of sweat." She told him as she struggled to free herself from his grasp.

He groaned. He knew she would never rest until she gets to take a bath. But he couldn't help it. He really felt so needy right now. He had been away for a week because King Kai had called on him and asked him to do something in Otherworld. He had just returned a while ago and he really missed her a lot, for he had not seen her for one whole week. That was already quite a long time for him.

Bulla saw his disappointment and smiled. Her eyes travelled down his body and she noticed his bulging crotch, his big and now erect member fully outlined on it. "I'll just take a quick shower, I promise. Then we'll go and continue where we left off." She said as she stood up and blew a kiss towards him. Then she walked all the way to the bathroom, stripping off her clothes as she did so.

Goku watched her and groaned when he felt his member twitch upon him seeing her naked body. Right at that moment, he wanted nothing more but to tackle her on the floor and make love to her until they both grew tired. It was a real struggle to control himself from doing so.

She had been living with him ever since Chichi had divorced him many years ago. Bulla had been his source of strength and comfort during the hard times that he felt really down because of what happened between him and Chichi. Bulla made sure that she was always there for him until one day, he just woke up and realized that he is already in love with her. It was only a matter of time before he found out that she too felt the same. That was also the first time that she surrendered everything to him: heart, mind, body, soul and all of her being. After all, Bulla knew that she would never regret whatever she had done.

And she was indeed proven right, for after what happened, he became more loving and more caring towards her. She became the center of his universe, and it mattered not if he was almost three times her age. They loved each other, and that is what's really important.

A few months after that, Bulla discovered that she was pregnant with his third child. When they informed everyone, of course, shock was the initial and usual reaction, but after some time, all of their families and friends learned to accept that they were both happy with each other. In the end, Bulla was allowed to live with him and stay at his house, with Vegeta specifically telling him to take good care of her and their would be child.

That was almost three years ago. Now, their child is already a toddler and even at her very young age, she displayed certain Saiyan characteristics, such as having a big appetite, and the desire to fight. Whenever he would go training, their daughter always insisted on coming with him. She was always fascinated whenever he showed her his fighting techniques, and when he went Super Saiyan for the first time before her very eyes, she didn't stop pestering him and almost cried because she told him that she wanted to have blonde hair too, just like her Daddy.

Goku heard the water from the shower and looked at the direction of the bathroom. Then he looked down at his crotch, his member already straining painfully against his pants. He thought of Bulla inside the shower and her naked body, and he felt himself getting harder as he did so. He placed his hand on the large bulge that had formed on his pants and stroked his hardened cock as he thought of the things he would do with Bulla once she gets out of the shower later. He let out a soft groan when his member twitched in his hand, his pants becoming soiled with drops of precum as he continued stroking himself through his pants. Deep inside him, he wished Bulla would come out of the shower already and attend to his "need". He would make love to her endlessly and make her scream his name until morning. The thought of her writhing against him and moaning in pleasure while she called out to him made him more aroused. He always loved the way she called out his name whenever they would get intimate and make love.

He heard the bathroom door open and Bulla emerged, a piece of towel being the only thing to cover her body. He stared at her body hungrily as she made her way towards the closet to pick out something to wear. Unable to control himself any longer, he stood up and walked over to her. He wrapped his arms around her waist, his erection poking and pressing against the small of her back.

"G-Goku..." She whispered as she craned her neck to the side so she could look at him.

He stared at her with a lustful look in his eyes. One of his hands cupped her breast and squeezed it softly. "Don't bother dressing anymore... You won't need clothes until tomorrow morning anyway..." He whispered in a slightly deep voice as he started to peel off the towel from her.

"B-But...-" He silenced her with a hot and deep kiss as he claimed her lips hungrily.

Bulla clung to his arm for support as she returned his kiss and responded to him. She was totally oblivious that he had already peeled off the towel from her as they continued to kiss, their tongues duelling inside her mouth. She moaned and arched a little when she felt one of his hands on her breast, his fingers playing with her hardened nipple. His other hand wandered down her body until he reached the spot between her legs. He traced her slit with his fingers in a circular motion before inserting a finger into her, rubbing against her clit as he pumped into her core.

She broke off from their kiss and moaned. "Ohhh... G-Gokuu..."

"Hmm?" He asked her as he continued pumping inside her while simultaneously playing with her breast, his erection continuing to twitch and poke against her back.

"Gokuuu... O-Ohhh my..."

He nibbled on her earlobe softly, making her flinch a little. "Mmm... You really smell good..." He whispered as he rubbed his finger against her clit once more.

"Ohhh Gokuuu..." She whispered breathlessly as she struggled to turn around in his arms.

He chuckled as he finally made her face him. She then wrapped her arms around his neck and pressed her lips against him as one of her hands slid down his arms and stroked on his muscles. She pinched his biceps softly as they kissed, making him groan softly against their joined mouths.

Bulla was now totally lost, lost deep in his kisses and touches for she didn't even feel it when he scooped her up in his arms and carried her towards the bed while they continued to kiss. She let out a soft gasp when her back hit the soft mattress, then she moaned once more when he pinned her down on the bed and resumed kissing her, his still clothed erection rubbing against her core. She wrapped her legs around his waist, pressing more of herself against him. Goku kicked off his boots and though it was quite hard to do so while they were kissing like that, he started undressing himself. He took off his gi shirt and untied his sash, then he pulled his pants down, finally exposing and freeing his rock hard member from its confinement. Bulla let out another moan when she felt his tip encircling her now drenched opening, her eyes widening when he finally entered her. He made sure to bury his full thickness inside her, then he started thrusting into her, slowly at first, until his desire for her got the better of him, his thrusts becoming more powerful and vigorous. Her legs tightened around his waist as she withdrew her lips from his and she moaned out in pure pleasure.

"G-Gokuuu... Gokuuuu... Mmmm.. Ohhhhh..."

That was enough to turn him on. He continued thrusting into her, almost driving her insane as he made a circular motion with his hips while still inside her. He rubbed his shaft along her inner vaginal walls while making sure to hit and work on her G-spot with every thrust, his balls slamming against her pussy and making soft clapping sounds. The bed is now creaking and shaking and the atmosphere around them began to grow heavy as strong smells of sex started filling the room. Bulla clung to him tightly, her nails raking on his back as he moved inside her.

"Ohhhh Gokuuu... Harder... Go harder... Gokuuuu..."

The room became filled with their moans and grunts of pleasure as they continued making love, letting all of their emotions take over them once more.

On the other room, their little daughter Celine could not sleep. She kept on closing her eyes only for her to open them back again. The strange sounds coming from her parents' room are really bothering her and keeping her from finally falling asleep. She didn't know why they were still awake or what they were doing, but it's already night time. Surely they aren't playing during this time right? Wait, playing? That sounded like fun. Maybe her parents are playing a game that's why they are still awake. Since she could not sleep, she decided to go and check them out. If they are indeed playing a game, she would ask them if she could join. With that, the little girl got up and climbed down from her bed. She went out of her room and walked quietly towards her parents' room.

"Ohhh... Gokuuuuu..."

"I... Love you.. Princess.."

Celine's eyes widened when she heard her parents' voices. They sounded soft and as if they are almost out of breath. Then she suddenly saw a bright light erupting from under their door. She gasped when she found out that her father had turned into a Super Saiyan. As early as now, he had already taught her on how to sense energy signals so she didn't need to see him for her to be able to tell that he has indeed transformed.

What are Mommy and Daddy doing? Are they training?

Her eyes lit up. Maybe they aren't really playing a game, but maybe they are training. She felt excited and walked quickly towards their room. If they were indeed training, maybe they will allow her to join them.

She twisted the door knob of their room. Good thing it isn't locked. Now, she would be able to enter and join them.

The door creaked open slowly and she peered inside.

"Harder Gokuuu... Harder... Ohhhh.. My.. Gokuuu..."

The lights were turned off inside the room but since her dad is currently a Super Saiyan, Celine could see them both on the bed. They both didn't have their clothes on and they were in a rather odd position, her mother's legs were wrapped around her dad's waist and he is moving strangely, but she could not figure out exactly what they are doing because she is viewing them from the periphery and her dad's back is the one turned towards her. Determined to find out what they really are up to, she walked over and approached them.

"Mommy? Daddy? What are you doing?"

Goku and Bulla both froze when they heard the small voice speak. Slowly, they both turned to look at their daughter who was holding her teddy bear and staring at them curiously.

"Mommy? What are you two doing? And why are you a Super Saiyan, Daddy?"

"C-Celine.. Honey, how long have you been there?" Bulla asked as she struggled to regain her composure, her face starting to turn red.

"I just came. I couldn't sleep because I kept hearing the strange noises you make. I thought you were playing a game so I decided to check but then I sensed Daddy turning into a Super Saiyan so I thought you were training." The little girl explained.

"T-Training?" Bulla couldn't think of any words to say. She looked at Goku and saw that he had a strange expression on his face as well.

"Yes. And if you were training, I thought that maybe I can join you two. Can I, Daddy?"

"No!" They both said in unison.

The little girl looked shocked. "Why not? I want to be a Super Saiyan too, just like Daddy, and in order for me to become one, I know I must train." She reasoned out.

"Baby... It's.. It's... Me and Mommy are indeed training but this... This is a different kind. It's not for little children like you..." Goku struggled to explain as he bent over to cover Bulla's exposed body.

"Why?" The little girl asked again.

"Well, it's... This is a different type of training that only mommies and daddies do. The training that daddies do with their children is... Is different." Goku answered his child while struggling to hide his nakedness.

"Oh... But why don't you have your clothes on, Daddy? Is this type of training really done this way?"

"Y-Yes, Angel. It is."

"Cool! A different type of training! You told me I can't do that now. When can I do it? Can I do it with my male friends if I can't do it with both of you? Because you are a male and Mommy is a female, so I figured out that this training is done by females and males together." Celine said excitedly.

At the thought of his daughter being "done" by someone, a feeling of protectiveness overcame Goku.

"No. You can't do it with someone else. I'm not allowing you or giving you any permission to do it." He answered in a firm voice. If someone even tries or dares to do this with you even in the future I'm gonna kamehameha him in the face and blast his head off!

"Daddy, are you angry? Sorry if I said something to make you cross..." Celine instantly apologized when she heard how he spoke.

"No... No.. I'm not angry, Baby." Goku answered as he rolled to his side and reached out for the blanket to drape over his and Bulla's nakedness. Then he reached for his pants on the floor and struggled to slip them on. Then he powered down back to his base form and walked over to where his daughter is standing while Bulla just looked at them, a blush still on her cheeks.

"Now, I believe it's already past your bedtime, so you should go to sleep." He started as he carried his little daughter in his arms. He went out of their room so he could tuck his little girl in bed.

"Goodnight, Baby. Sorry if we kept you awake." He said as he kissed his daughter on her forehead.

"Daddy, will you train with me tomorrow?" She asked as she wrapped her little arms around his neck.

Goku smiled. "Yes. But right now, you must go to sleep so you would have energy for tomorrow's training." He answered.

"Ok, I will. Goodnight Daddy."

"Goodnight, Angel. Sweet dreams."

Goku waited for a little while before he stood up and walked out of his daughter's room and closed the door gently behind him. Then he walked back towards their room, where Bulla was waiting.

"Is she already asleep?" Bulla asked.

"Yes. And now, to continue where we left off..." Goku trailed off as he smirked at her. He climbed back on the bed and pinned Bulla down with his thighs.

"Gokuuuu..-" she started to protest but she was silenced when his lips came crashing down on hers, claiming her mouth in another passionate kiss that soon led to another round of "intense training".

"I... Love.. You.. Gokuuuu.." Bulla moaned as he penetrated her with his powerful thrusts. She felt his member throbbing inside her as his hot seed spilled and filled her core. At the back of her mind, she is already thinking of the possibility of her becoming pregnant for the second time. Goku is such a passionate man, both in the battlefield and in bed!

He held her tightly against him and shuddered as he continued emptying all his essences inside her. "I love you... Too..." He grunted as he claimed her slightly swollen lips in another hot kiss before he collapsed on top of her, his member still embedded deep inside her core.

Bulla stroked his hair as she stared at the ceiling. Then she remembered what had just happened earlier when their daughter caught them in such a compromising position and the way the little girl had thought of it as a different kind of training. She couldn't help but chuckle when she remembered how Goku sounded so protective when their daughter asked him if she could do what they were doing with one of her male friends. She remembered her dad. He used to say before that any man who dares to court or date her would first have to prove his worth by training with him inside the Gravity Room, that's why Bulla thought before that she would grow old without even experiencing how it feels like to have someone who would love her, for she knew that no mere human could surpass her dad in strength. However, here she is now, bonded to the strongest man in the whole universe.

Goku heard her chuckle so he looked at her questioningly though he didn't say anything.

She smiled at him. "I am just amused because you sound just like Daddy when Celine asked you earlier if she could train with her male friends.." She explained to him.

"Why? Do you think I was joking?" He asked her in a serious voice.

Bulla hugged him tightly as she shook her head. "No I don't, Love." She replied.

He looked at her with a serious expression. "I meant what I said. I'm gonna Kamehameha anyone who dares to do training with my daughter. Even if it happens in the future when she's already a grown up." He said. 

Bulla chuckled. "But if you do that, then she's gonna stay single forever." She said with a small laugh.

Goku tightened his arms around her. "I don't care, Princess. No one trains my daughter, and that's final."

Bulla laughed as she nodded. "Yeah.. Yeah. I get it. My Super Saiyan's getting protective again."

He smiled when he heard what she said, then drew her closer to him and kissed her slightly swollen lips.

She kissed him back. "I love you.." She whispered against his lips.

"I love you too." He replied with a smile as he rolled off of her so he could lie down beside her. He wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her to him, her head leaning and resting against his bare chest. They fell asleep that way, safe and content in each other's arms.

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