A Saiyan's Love

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"DON'T touch me!"

"Come on, Princess.. It'll just be quick.."

"No! Get away!"

Princess Bulla struggled to push one of Lord Frieza's henchmen, Dodoria off of her while at the same time trying to free herself from her restraints. She had been taken as a hostage after Lord Frieza and his army had taken over their castle.

Dodoria licked his lips and touched her thighs. Instinctively, she kicked him, hitting him accidentally on his groin. Dodoria howled in pain.

"Why you, feisty little..." He muttered as he clutched his groin, his face contorted in pain. "I'll make sure you pay..."

Princess Bulla had a look of fear in her eyes as she anticipated what he would do to her next. Before she even had a time to react, he flung himself towards her, pinning her soft body beneath him.

"No! Don't do this! Please!" Princess Bulla begged while tears flowed from her eyes. Dodoria was already starting to touch her and he had a malicious smile on his face.

"You are very beautiful, Princess..." He said as he licked the skin of her neck.

"No! Kakarot! Help me! Kakarot!" She screamed while tears were now flowing freely down her face. She kept struggling but to no avail. Dodoria is just too strong for her.

"General Kakarot is nowhere here and he can't hear your screams. Don't worry, Princess. I'll make this quick. Zarbon hates it when he has to wait."

The thought of other men besides Kakarot touching her horrified the princess, but all she could do was cry as Dodoria successfully violated her body.

"Kakarot!" She screamed helplessly.

It was already dark and quiet, and everyone on Lord Frieza's lair was asleep, except for one. Princess Bulla sat in one corner of the prison room she was in, her clothes tattered and blood flowing down her legs. Her wrists were still chained to the wall and her feet to the floor. Dodoria, Zarbon and some of Lord Frieza's other henchmen had successfully desecrated her being and violated her body by raping her multiple times. She sat crying as she thought of her and Kakarot's baby supposedly growing inside her but sadly now, she couldn't feel her offspring anymore. She looked at the blood trickling down her legs and cried at the thought of her offspring dying due to the fact that she was abused.

For days, Princess Bulla had been constantly abused, raped and beaten by Lord Frieza and his forces. Everyday, she would scream and cry as they penetrated her body but if she tried to push them away, they would retaliate by hitting her and hurting her, so she would always end up bloody and bruised after a rape session. At the back of her mind, she was still hoping that Kakarot would come and rescue her, as well as the other Saiyans held captive, including her family. Kakarot and his team had been sent on a mission by Lord Frieza to a very faraway planet and according to what she heard, it would take them a month to come back. By that time, all the other Saiyans, or maybe including her, must be already dead for sometimes, Lord Frieza tortured some of the captive just for amusement.

The door to her prison room opened, and Princess Bulla immediately tensed when she felt someone entering. Maybe it's one of Lord Frieza's men again. She didn't have the power to fight back anymore. The constant abuse she got from them drained her of her energy.

"How are you, Princess? I hope you're still in for another round."

She recognized the voice as Zarbon's. Princess Bulla closed her eyes, her body lying limply in the cold prison floor. She felt him removing whatever was left of her clothes since the first day she was held captive but she didn't struggle anymore. Her mind wants to, but her body couldn't.

"It's a pity Kakarot's offspring wouldn't be born anymore. The little monkey didn't even have a chance to grow and he was already exterminated from your body."

So, they knew she was pregnant and they deliberately abused her in order to kill her baby. Princess Bulla's eyes closed tightly as tears flowed down her face.

"Don't worry, Princess... This will take just a second...-"

She waited for Zarbon to assault her body once more but it didn't happen, instead, she heard a loud thud on the floor, as if someone fell. She opened her eyes to see what happened and she saw Zarbon lying in a pool of blood. His own blood. He had a huge hole in his back that went straight through his chest which was probably caused by a ki blast. It dawned on her that someone had hit Zarbon and killed him, but who could it be?

Her eyes turned towards the door where her savior stood. It was none other than Kakarot. He was in his Super Saiyan form and he had a deadly look in his eyes as he eyed Zarbon's corpse, but when he turned towards her, the death glare he was shooting earlier vanished and his features softened. In an instant, he had already freed her from her restraints and he is already cradling her limp body against his chest.

"K-Kakarot... Is.. Is it... Is it really y-you?" She asked as she raised one of her hand and stroked his cheek.

"Yes, Princess. It's me. We're getting out of here. Everyone is safe now." He said to her in a broken voice as he kissed her forehead.

"L-Let's go home... I.. I want to go home now. I don't want... To be here anymore.." She said as she passed out in his arms.

A lone tear fell down Kakarot's cheek. He clutched her weak body close to his and placed two fingers to his forehead.

"Yes, Princess. We're going home."

"SHE suffered so much..."

Kakarot clenched his fists to his side when he heard what the healer said while attending to the still unconscious princess. He and his team had successfully captured and purged all of Lord Frieza's forces, saving all of their fellow Saiyans which were held captive, including the royal family. He was the one who found the almost lifeless princess who was about to be abused by Zarbon that time. The moment he saw her almost naked and being intimately touched by another man, he felt his blood boil as immense anger consumed his being at once, enabling him to kill Zarbon instantly in cold blood.

"I have already given her a medication that will allow her to recover from her physical wounds, but you must let her rest. She needs plenty of those, especially because she hasn't only suffered physically, but mentally and emotionally as well."

The healer had already left but Kakarot still sat by the princess' bedside, watching the steady rise and fall of her chest as she slept peacefully. He imagined the torture she might have undergone while she was held captive, and he felt his anger rising once more. She didn't deserve all those, she isn't even a fighter unlike the rest of them. The thought of her being physically abused and tortured while he was miles away, the vision of her screaming and calling him for help but he wasn't there to hear her calls, those were enough to bring the Saiyan warrior in tears. No matter how brave he is, or no matter how King Vegeta stressed that crying is a display of weakness, he couldn't help it. He just couldn't stop himself, for the princess herself is his own weakness.

Her eyes fluttered, and she began to stir as she opened them slowly. She looked a bit confused as she examined her surroundings, but when she caught sight of him, her eyes instantly watered.

"K-Kakarot..." She whispered as she tried reaching out to him while tears flowed down her face.

That sight was just too much for the Saiyan warrior. He wrapped his arms tightly around her small form as he cried himself, his tears leaking on her hair. He held her tightly against him, never wanting to let her go. The princess wrapped her slender arms around him in return as she buried her face in his chest and cried.

"I... I thought you wouldn't come... And I would never see you again. I... I was so scared and... And... It was horrible. Z-Zarbon... Dodoria... The men... They were all over me... A-And they would beat me if... if I refused..." She stammered as she cried.

"Ssshhh... You're safe now, Princess.. No one can harm you now... I won't let anyone harm you now..." He said to her as he patted her back gently.

"It was horrible Kakarot... I was... Raped and beaten almost everyday... And... And my child... O-our offspring... Our offspring died because of the constant abuse..." She blurted out which greatly shocked him.

As soon as he heard what she had said, he felt as if someone just stabbed him in the chest. He let go of her and held her on her shoulders. "What did you say, Princess?"

She clung tightly to his arms as she continued to cry. "I... I was abused. Our offspring died because of it. They killed our baby, Kakarot..." She said as her words dissolved in a torrent of tears.

Kakarot clenched his fists tightly that blood flowed in between his fingers. More tears flowed out of his eyes as he thought of his unborn child dying in the hands of Lord Frieza and his men. His unborn child who had not even done them wrong. He could feel his anger rising once more as immense anguish coursed through his whole being. He wanted to scream and take out all his anger on Lord Frieza's remaining troops.

"They'll never get away with this, I swear! I won't let them... I'll make them pay for killing my offspring! I'll make them pay dearly with their lives!" He cried angrily through gritted teeth. His emotions overcome him once more as he turned into a Super Saiyan without him even noticing it.

Princess Bulla looked up at him and for a while, she got scared when she saw the look of pure hatred and fury on his handsome features. She reached up and touched his cheek, which is now wet with his tears. Instinctively, she rubbed his cheek gently as she wiped his tears away.

"Kakarot... I.. I'm sorry I wasn't able to protect our child. I tried to fight them... But they were much too strong for me..." She told him.

He tightened his arms around her. "No... It's not your fault. I should be the one to ask for forgiveness. I wasn't able to protect you from them.. You and our child had to suffer because I was away... I let myself be fooled by Lord Frieza when I followed his orders and went to a very distant planet. I shouldn't have left you by yourself. If I had known that it was all a trap... I never would have left. Now, our offspring is gone... And you... You had to suffer so much..." He said, his voice thick with anguish as he spoke.

"Please don't blame yourself. What happened is nobody's fault. Even if you hadn't left, Lord Frieza would still hold us all captives. A-And... What's important is... I'm safe now... Everybody's safe now... And Lord Frieza's forces are no more..." She told him.

"There are still a few of his men left alive and held as captives. But I will take care of them. After everything that I have heard, I won't be showing mercy on them anymore. They deserve to die for desecrating you and for killing our child." He said in a cold and determined voice.

Just then, Princess Bulla seemed to remember something. She looked at Kakarot sadly. "Kakarot, I'm not worthy to be with you anymore. My body had been desecrated and tainted so many times. I am no longer worthy of your love." She said in a soft voice as new tears fell down her cheeks.

He cupped her face in his hands. "No. Don't say that. You will always be worthy of my love, Princess. Even if you say that you have been desecrated and your body as well as your being had been violated. You will still be the one for me. I love you, Princess, and I don't know what I would do without you. Please do not let what happened affect us. My love for you will never change. It will always be the same, no matter what happens." He said to her in a voice full of emotion as he looked at her lovingly.

More tears pooled in her eyes and flowed down her face. "Oh, Kakarot!" She muttered as she hugged him tightly and he returned her hug. They remained like that for some time, seemingly content in being enclosed in each other's arms.

Kakarot tiled the princess' head so she looked at him. He stared at her lovingly.

"I love you... So much..." He whispered as he closed the distance between them and claimed her lips in a gentle and passionate kiss. She responded to him as she wrapped her arms around his neck, enabling him to deepen the kiss.

"I love you too, Kakarot." She replied when they broke from each other.

Though she had suffered such a tragic fate, Princess Bulla is now at peace. Knowing that Kakarot will always love her no matter what is enough to bring her mind and heart at ease.

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