High Rolling

BY : ShenLong
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Disclaimer: I don't own Gundam Wing, it belongs to Bandai, Sotsu and associated parties. Written for pleasure not profit.

Disclaimer: I don't own Gundam Wing, it belongs to Bandai, Sotsu and associated parties. I just borrow the boys from time to time and return them a whole lot happier. I have also used inspiration from the Cirque Du Soleil show 'Zumanity' for this fic without permission; also several of the hotels that will feature in this fic are real. No disrespect is intended to the show or the hotels. Written for pleasure not profit.

Rating: NC 17

Pairings: 1x2x1, 3x4x3, 5xH

Warnings: Yaoi, Lemons, limes, angst, sap, OOC, AU, gambling

Summary: Duo is a multi millionaire having made his money in computer games and is working himself into the ground. Hilde, his secretary and best friend convinces him to take a vacation – to Las Vegas.

Dedication: To Leslie, not only for giving me the plot bunny and breeding said plot bunny by taking me to see the show but for also being a wonderful friend and excellent 'tour guide'. Hope you enjoy what Fred did with the idea, Les! *hugs*

Betaed by the ever patient Karina *snugs*

Commenced August 2015 - ShenLong


“High Rolling”




“They say this run of hot temperatures isn't going to end anytime soon,” Trowa commented.

“I didn't think it would, this is the desert in case you'd forgotten,” Quatre replied with a shake of his head.

Trowa gave an amused snort. “No, I hadn't forgotten.” Trowa returned to his perusal of the paper, leaving his partner to continue looking through his closet.

“Are you planning on getting up today?” Quatre questioned, finally deciding on a loose, pale pink button up shirt and cream slacks.

Trowa was about to answer when an article caught his eye. Completely forgetting the question, he countered with one of his own. “Do you know a Duo Maxwell?”

“Huh?” Quatre was completely blindsided by the question and turned to look at his partner who was still reading the paper and lying in their bed.

“Duo Maxwell,” Trowa repeated. “There's an article here in the paper about him.”

“Not that I'm aware of,” Quatre replied and approached the bed and his reclining lover. “Why? What does it say?”

“Apparently he's just released a new computer game that's taking the gaming world by storm.”

“Computer game?” Quatre crawled onto the bed and wormed his way against his partner's side to try and read the article that had his lover asking questions.

“Yes. According to this article, he's a self made multi millionaire. He started out designing and programming computer games, managed to convince a company to financially back him in producing one and when it hit the market it sold like hot cakes. He's since designed, programmed and produced another twenty games, all of which sold out in the stores within two hours of their release. His latest offering to the computer gaming world has just gone what is termed gold in their sales figures and means several more million in the bank to him.”

“Who would have thought that computer games could result in making someone a multi millionaire?” Quatre mused.

“Oh, I don't know. When you think about it, you're not that much different to this Maxwell guy,” Trowa said.

“Eh? I'm nothing like that Maxwell fellow. I wouldn't know how to play a computer game.”

“I'm not talking computer games, rather other games; isn't that how you make your money?” Seeing the blank look on his lover's face, Trowa clarified a bit further. “The casino in the hotel?”

“Ah.” The penny dropped for Quatre. “I suppose in one way that could be true.”

“I'd say more than one way. The slot machines, card tables, roulette wheel, they're all forms of games. The only difference is that your games are tangible, real if you like, whereas Maxwell's games are pure fantasy.”

“You do have a point.”

“You should invite him here.”

Quatre gazed at his partner for a moment, mind locked in thought. “You know, that's not a bad idea. If he's so into games then I'm sure he'd enjoy a bit of gambling.”

“It's pretty much along the same sort of lines as those computer games he designs and programs, only difference is, here we play with real money in a real situation.”

“It's certainly worth thinking about. Now, come on and get up, it's already two in the afternoon and I have work to do.” Quatre pounced on his lover and stole a kiss.

“Okay, I surrender,” Trowa breathed out. “But only if I can have more of that later.”

* * *

“There's quite the crowd starting to gather out there tonight.”

“That's what you say every night, Wufei.”

Wufei shrugged. “It's true. Pretty much every show is sold out for the next four weeks-”

“-and the ones after that are selling really fast too,” Heero cut in. “You say that every night too.” Heero glared at the Chinese man before returning his attention to the mirror in front of him and continuing to apply his make-up

“Not my fault that the show is one of the best currently playing and you're one of the hottest performers to grace the stage in ages.”

“I'm nothing special, they just come to drool over all the half naked performers.”

“Even you have to admit, they are all worth ogling.”

“Vultures,” Heero muttered and applied the thick eyeliner.

“If you're so opposed to it all then why are you still here?” Wufei moved behind the other man and picked up a brush. Locking eyes in the mirror with the performer he began to run the brush through the red tinged, chocolate locks that were cut slightly shorter on the sides and left long at the back to trail between the top of the man's shoulder blades.

“It's a living – for now,” came the curt reply. Make-up finished, Heero shifted causing Wufei to move aside so he could get up. The brush was placed back on the table, Wufei settling in the vacated chair.

A knock sounded on the dressing room door followed by a young voice. “Ten minutes, Mr. Yuy.”

“Thank you,” Heero called back and picked up a pair of leather gloves. He pulled them on his hands, tugging them into place and flexed his fingers. The gloves settled into place, finishing half way up his forearms. A final check of the leather collar around his neck and smoothing of the leather pants that encased his legs and Heero deemed himself to be ready.

Wufei licked his lips. “God you look good,” he murmured.

Heero gave a smirk, turned around and left the dressing room. He had a show to do.

* * *

“Duo! You're back!” Hilde called.

“Yeah,” the man replied as he closed the door and strode across the small room.

Getting up from behind her desk, Hilde followed her boss and best friend through the other door and into his office. She frowned when she noted the look of weariness about him. “You okay?”

Tossing his briefcase to the top of the desk, Duo reached for the decanter of whiskey and poured himself a shot. Swallowing the amber fluid down he placed the glass on the desk and sank heavily into his chair. “I'm okay,” he replied.

Rounding the desk, Hilde plonked herself in Duo's lap and wound an arm around his shoulders. “You look exhausted. Was the meeting that bad?”

Closing his eyes and leaning his head back, Duo gave a sigh. “No, the meeting was okay, everyone is all excited about the new release and predict that sales are going to beat the previous release.”

“Then that's a good thing.” Hilde began to rub her fingers gently along Duo's neck in an effort to ease some of the tension she could feel there.

“Yeah, it's a good thing, but...”

“But?” Hilde prompted.

“They want two sequels and another new game by the end of the year.”

“Ah, that's good, isn't it?”

Duo let go another sigh. “In one way it is.”

“Then, what's the problem?”

“I have no problem coming up with a new game; actually I have ideas for several new games. I'm just not too sure about the sequels.” Duo shifted and opened his eyes. “I've never really been into sequels, whether it be for movies or games, for some reason I don't think that a sequel is ever nearly as good as the original.”

“I see your point.”

Duo closed his eyes again and let the soft caress of Hilde's fingers against the back of his neck soothe some of the tension away.

“Did you tell them that?” Hilde broke the silence.

“I did and although they said they understood what I was saying they still want sequels. They say I owe it to the gaming community.”

“Are you going to do it?”

“I guess I'll have to come up with something.”

“You will, Duo, you're a genius when it comes to creating games.”

“Thanks, I think,” Duo muttered.

Hilde took a long look at her friend and noted the fatigue lines etched into the handsome features. “You know what you need, Duo?”

A violet eye cracked open. “Don't start on the whole 'you really need to get laid, Duo,' rant again, Hilde. I told you already, I don't do one night stands or casual sex.”

Hilde punched him lightly in the arm. “Idiot, I wasn't going to suggest that and I know you'll find Mr. Right at some stage. No, you know what you really need?”

“No, but I have a feeling you're going to tell me,” Duo sighed.

“You need a vacation.”

“A what?”

“A vacation. You know, go somewhere different, relax, enjoy yourself and spend some of that wealth you're accumulating. There's no point in making all that money if you're too burnt out to enjoy it.”

“I suppose you have a point. It would be nice to go away somewhere and just relax.”

“See, I always have the best ideas,” Hilde smiled smugly.

“In the meantime though, I have work to do.” Duo shifted again, unseating Hilde who promptly stood up.

“You work too hard,” she said.

“Someone has to as it's obvious my secretary isn't,” Duo teased.

“I do too work hard,” Hilde huffed.

“I know you do, I'm only teasing. But seriously, I really need to get some work done.” Duo stood up and moved from his desk to a large table in the corner of the room that held an assortment of sophisticated computer hardware.

“Promise me you will think about that vacation, Duo?”

Knowing he wouldn't be getting any peace from his secretary unless he agreed, Duo blew the bangs out of his face and turned to the woman.“I promise I'll think about it, now, shoo, go answer phones or something and leave me to figure out the sub plots to this latest game.”

“Okay. Good luck with the game.” Hilde turned and left the office, closing the door behind her.

Duo glanced at the closing door and shook his head in amusement. Hilde was a great friend and excellent secretary, but she also had that annoying streak of mother hen in her. Pushing all thoughts of vacations, secretaries and one night stands out of his mind, he fired up his computer and brought up the program he was working on for his latest game.

~ * ~



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