Ketsueki to Kinzoku

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Ketsueki to Kinzoku



Vegeta actually grinned with pride as he watched his son finally get serious about his training of his own accord; even using his Gravity Room to do so. It was also nice to see him away from Kakarotto’s youngest spawn for once. It was like they were joined at the hips sometimes; truly irking his nerves. And he had never seen him so serious before, thought about cutting in for a real spar with him; certainly glad to see he wasn’t as stuck only on his human side as he had presumed. “Up for a bit of hand to hand?” he offered in his usual tone and stride, garbed in black tank top, sweatpants, and his unearthly dark obsidian eyes piercing Trunks’ keenly. Trunks merely grunted an affirmative before taking a combat stance; his piercing blue eyes more fierce than Vegeta could recall them ever being, making him smirk.


Coruscating sparks danced around them even before the first blow was thrown. A familiar glint shone in Vegeta’s eyes then. He hadn’t gotten his chance at that buffoon Kakarotto, and now the lout was off “training” some reincarnated brat on the other side of the planet; proving once again that he was a selfish, unthoughtful, low-class bastard. What he wouldn’t do…


Why does everything important have to be so hard? Why did I have to realize that I-? Pain! To the gut and the quick. Trunks coughed hard as the powerful blow to the gut from his father did a bit more than knock the wind out of him. Yes, he knew one ought not to ever be distracted during battle, but he hadn’t been able to really focus since…  But, for the first time in his life, he felt himself liking the bloody violence, craving it; that he actually wanted more—anything to be rid of the thoughts of what he could not have. Anything to feel a moment’s peace in such a wastefully chaotic world; to be, if for a moment, truly free. And that’s when it decided to take over.


Rising back to his feet and standing strongly, Trunks gave his father a particularly devilish grin, unlike ever before—his immaculate, pearly sharp teeth glinting with the strange new gleam in his eyes—causing Vegeta to scrutinize him more seriously. Though, he didn’t have much time to as Trunks was on him before he could blink.


Powers rose and the GR thundered as the Saiyajin blood in the both of them reigned supreme in that moment; rushing through their veins and urging them on like no other beings in the universe. They beat each other savagely under 400 Earth G’s, powerful flesh pounding into powerful flesh, every kick, punch and thrust pure primal heaven; smirking dangerously as blood and sweat trickled down their keen faces. Already hyped up on battle, thick emotions, and hormones, the scent of thick Saiyajin blood undid them both; a unique unforeseen metamorphosis beginning to take them hard. 


Trunks howled in both pain and excitement as he felt his body begin to transform in a way it never had before. As he transformed, Vegeta moaned; panting, clenching his fists, and smirking while deliciously painful new power stretched his skin and took him too in throes. Their hearts beat harshly to a new rhythm; their simultaneous roars too finally cracking the GR under their incredible vibrations.      


Once free of their “prison”, father and son grappled with each other with animal ease and ferocity; growling and tearing at each other, as usually well-trained and buried urges took the crown. Trunks roared at his father in way and strange voice that would have scared any other creature on Earth. Vegeta roared back; his recently somewhat elongated teeth and snout making for a dangerous display before he began pummeling his purple-furred “enemy” into the ground.


Within mere moments, Goku appeared out of nowhere; his eyes bulging at the display of two furry, tailed, musclebound persons continuing to beat the ever living daylights out each other; neither giving an inch, both moving so swiftly and blood marring each of their faces so much Goku could not recognize them, let alone see the full change in them. But he was sure by their scent and Ki it was them. As much as he did not wish to interfere with “father son time”, they had already amassed great shock from the public, doing such right outside Capsule Corp, the quaking of the Earth scaring people; as they were moving too fast for average persons to see. But they could surely hear and feel “explosions”. The only good thing was Bulma was away on a business trip, so he wouldn’t have to hear her bitchin’. That, and he was certainly interested in whatever was going on with those two.


Placing two fingers to his forehead and very swiftly and carefully touching Vegeta on the shoulder, Goku transported the three of them to a place that ought to be safe enough.


Oops! Goku rubbed his head sheepishly as a brightly flushing half naked Namek and his eldest son practically fell over themselves at his sudden arrival, on their blanket, in a beautiful patch of canopied desert. While he was they some choice words for him, the ongoing brawl between father and son took precedence. If either of them drew any more blood from the other, both Vegeta and Trunks might truly do more than hurt each. Powering up to Super Saiyajin Three, Goku attempted to cut in. But when Vegeta grabbed his leg faster than he could counter, and bit deeply into his thigh, breaking skin and flesh; Goku howled his agonies and frustration, him quite off balance a few moments, his transformation instantly dropping.


And when Trunks saw those familiar dark wild spikes of hair; something clicked within him, forcing him to jet over to Goku. Though, he was quickly halted by a harsh heavy backhand blow from Vegeta, finally knocking him unconscious.


Vegeta’s bloodied still transformed face and body looked particularly menacing as he loomed over Goku’s forced supine form; licking his chops as Goku peered up at him with wider-than-usual inquisitive dark eyes, truly speechless. He had been beaten by Vegeta?! And what the hell was this strange new form he and Trunks wore…?!


Vegeta growled low, deep in his throat; enjoying every sensation as he had never been allowed before as rubbed himself against his “prey”. Mmm… He tasted as good as he smelt. Yes. Motto…


Just when things had slowed down enough for Piccolo and Gohan to have a chance to step in, Vegeta and Goku suddenly disappeared out of sight entirely; the powerfully inhuman double timbre to Vegeta’s voice and all they had just sensed, if not quite witnessed, leaving quite the impression on the already flustered couple.


“Do you think Tousan will be alright? I can’t feel them on planet anymore.”


“Goku should be fine. I think we better tend to Trunks though.”


When Gohan gingerly turned Trunks’ body over; he could not help but gasp at the bloodied visage, the drenched lavender fur, and semi-Oozaru snout and ears. This wasn’t a transformation he had ever seen before. Yet the power and majesty of it could not be overlooked. Extraordinary.


So much for “recreational activities”. “Well, let’s give him that Senzu I’d saved,” growled Piccolo none too pleased, handing the magical bean to his mate. It had been for them to share after going all-out in their lovemaking, not having to hold back. But the mood was gone, so, so much for that.


Gohan placed the bean inside Trunks’ mouth and tapped his face a few times in attempt to wake him. Nothing happened. But when he tried to sit him up; Trunks’ form curtly sprung on him, inadvertently swallowing the bean. Piccolo being the only one keeping Trunks’ sharp Saiyajin teeth out of Gohan’s arm as he held him in a lock from behind. “Trunks! Come back to yourself now! You can do it,” Gohan urged.


Piercing blue eyes caught his deep obsidian. It took a few moments, but conscious realization finally occurred in those eyes once more. “Gohan-san?” enquired a deeper-than-usual voice.


“Yes Trunks. Do you remember anything?”


Trunks stilled for a moment as he tried to collect his thoughts, Piccolo finally letting go of him. “I remember feeling particularly frustrated today; so much so that I used the GR, which I haven’t in a while… Father came in and offered to spare with me. That made me even more hot and frustrated. I wish we could have together time that had nothing to do with battle… Anyway, the harder I tried to focus on our ‘spar’, the more frustrated I got. We went at it hard; I don’t know for how long. But I eventually found myself really liking it. An intense thrill went through me then unlike any other time… I can’t remember what happened after that. My next memory is waking up to you,” answered Trunks honestly, gasping as his hands went up to touch his still transformed face. “What’s going on?!”


“That’s what we were trying to figure out,” chimed in Piccolo. “Goku just suddenly appeared with you and your father going at each other like no tomorrow, beating each other bloody. When Goku attempted to stop you two, Vegeta bit him. And when you tried to go at Goku; Vegeta knocked you out, forcibly straddled Goku, and then the two of phased out of here annoyingly like Goku does at will; leaving you here unconscious,” informed Piccolo matter-of-factly.


Trunks was truly speechless a moment; still rubbing his newly shaped face and furry arms in disbelief. “So, Father was like this too, and neither of you know what it is?”


“Correct,” answered Piccolo curtly.


Trunks sighed heavily then. “Am I going to be stuck like this?” the disquieted teen asked, truly unnerved at the prospect, still poking at his somewhat elongated jaws and snout.


“I do not think so. Now that I’ve gotten a better feel of it, it seems to be an incomplete transformation… What were you thinking before your father came into the GR? What had you so initially frustrated?” enquired Gohan in scholarly fashion, genuine curiosity and the thirst to know gleaming in his dark keen eyes.


Trunks immediately flushed a deep crimson; his new furling lavender tail giving away his emotions, if his face and scent didn’t. “That’s none of your business Gohan!” he growled indignantly.


Piccolo’s face remained unreadable, but everything fell into place in his mind then. Though, he decided to remain silent. Gohan rubbed his chin thoughtfully before thinking “aa sou” to himself. Remaining tactful he began, “You’re right Trunks. But you know, Piccolo and I were very rudely interrupted. Why don’t you go find Goten and see if the two of you can’t figure out that new transformation?” he offered skillfully, a grin hidden under the surface. When Trunks’ eyes almost bulged out of his skull and his tail fluffed out to a sickeningly cute state, Gohan had to bite his lip not to laugh. The chibis were still kawaii, even in their teens.


Though, sure enough, that’s when Goten chose to show up on his own. “What on Earth was-?” He had to pause a moment as caught a good look at Trunks. “Trunks, what…?” Goten couldn’t help himself—he had always been a lover of nature—swiftly moving closer and grasping hold of Trunks exotic tail, making his eyes bulge and face heat up once more.


“Sugoi Trunks! What is this?!” exclaimed Goten, marveling at the soft lavender fur, amazed once he moved around to get a better look at Trunks’ face and the rest of the transformation. “Can I do it too?!”


“Actually Goten, that’s what we’ve all been trying to figure out. Both Vegeta and Trunks have attained this state. While powerful, it’s not exhaustively wasteful of energy like usual Super Saiyajin forms. We wonder if it isn’t for something else. Do you know anything about it?”


“Can’t say I do Bro. But it looks awesome!”


“Why don’t you and Trunk-”


“NO!” cried Trunks suddenly. “Everyone just stay the hell away from me!” And with that, Trunks blasted off away from them all; pain and shame erupting within him at his own cowardice.


“What did I do?” asked Goten seriously.


“He just needs some time. But my advice, wait until he comes to you Goten,” offered Gohan.


“Like I have a choice. He’s always been stronger than me, and so uppity and testy at times. I really wish he would just be himself and stop worrying about everybody’s damn approval. He was so much cooler as a kid.”


Wow Goten. Now if that isn’t the pot calling the kettle black. “We all have to grow up sometime Goten. Finding your own path and having the courage to follow it wholeheartedly isn’t easy; especially when you are constantly being pushed in conflicting directions.”


“Yeah, I guess you’re right Bro… Oh, hi Piccolo-san. I guess I’ll catch you both some other time.” And with that, Goten took off back for home to get ready for his date with Laila. She was so hot, strong, yet still genuine, good-natured and sweet, always keeping his interest—a rare combination in any person of any gender. Maybe she could be the one...


“I kind of feel bad for Trunks,” uttered Gohan, rubbing his hand through his hair in a manner much like his father. “While Goten surely feels strongly for him, it’s not the way in which he yearns for him to; probably won’t ever be.”


“Never say ‘never’ Gohan. You are the one who got me to begin believing in miracles. Miracles aren’t created by incompetent gods that allow countless unnecessary hells to begin and perpetuate on Earth and other planets, but by us—living souls diligent and courageous enough to believe and fight for all that which is genuinely worth having and being part of… They are both still young. Regardless of whatever ups or downs Goten and Trunks might have to endure to get there, if they both want it badly enough; they will eventually find each other at the right time and place,” answered Piccolo evenly.  


Gohan moved closer to and embraced his strappingly handsome wise green mate then, lifting up on his toes to kiss his luscious midori lips. He was right. His younger brother was still quite young. He had time to learn and grow. And perhaps he eventually would reach his own “happily ever after” too.


“Do not move, Kakarotto!” growled Vegeta fiercely, thoroughly relishing the feel of having Goku underneath him.


“V-Vegeta! This is crazy! Get off me!” yelped Goku, still disbelieving of Vegeta’s held transformation, but feeling even more unease at what the fiery prince was currently attempting, at the fact that he couldn’t currently overpower him. “Ya don’t know what you’re doin’ Vegeta. Now stop this!”


Oh, I know exactly what I am doing Kakarotto. I have never felt so alive! Transform with me; be with me now! Only you could ever be my true equal.


Goku stopped struggling then; his large glistening obsidian eyes gazing at Vegeta intently, truly captivated. He had heard those thoughts clearer than day. “Vegeta? Omae… What is that transformation? And what do you-?”


“You know what I want Kakarotto. Stop fighting me, it! If Trunks and I can do it, so can you and your whelps. I do not know exactly what it is, but you and I can find out together,” all but purred Vegeta, allowing his tail to flit to and fro, curling at the tip, emitting the scent of his intentions as he held fast to Goku.


Goku’s eyes closed as Vegeta’s potent Saiyajin musk hit him hard, his eyes almost rolling into the back of his head as he shivered.


“That’s it Kakarotto! Let it take you and live!” And Goku did; his powerful Saiyajin heart beginning to pound in a rhythm like an ancient drum in his chest, forcing his breath to escalate and his fists to clench. Vegeta jumped off of him and stood watching with hungry eyes as Goku began to transform. Just as he’d thought, Kakarotto was truly beautiful—power incarnate; majestic ebony hair, fur, tail, and changed but still immaculate Saiyajin face making Vegeta’s hands ache to touch him.


But when the transformed Goku suddenly came at him in a primal frenzy, Vegeta knew he had to help him return to conscious awareness. Locking his arms around Goku from behind, Vegeta licked his neck and began whispering a continuing mantra of yearning in his ear. Not enough, Vegeta had to fight to break through to Goku’s mind with his own awareness; forcing his consciousness to the surface once more, their minds deeply connected.




Yes, Kakarotto?


While this form is awesome, you can’t seriously want to-. Goku’s thoughts were cut off as Vegeta threw him to and pinned him to the ground; beginning to run his longer tongue from his chin to his neck and on to the nipples on his furless pecs; causing Goku to shudder with want. He’d be damned again before allowing the lout to run off and leave them all for another long chunk of years. If he wanted to train that reincarnated brat, they could do so from now on together.


You know you want it too Kakarotto. Give in.


What about our wives Vegeta?! Being super beings from another planet does not permit infidelity.


Vegeta stopped his licking and began to get annoyed then.


Don’t give me that crap! You just left everyone a year ago as if it were okay, no doubt to stay gone for long years again. Don’t you dare talk to me about loyalties! You’re always fucking leaving us all behind for years at a time, for whatever the fuck next adventure you want. I won’t let you this time. How many times must I tell you that you are mine!?


And with that, Vegeta sunk his elongated teeth deep into Goku’s neck and shoulder juncture, making him howl.


Dammit Vegeta! Stop biting me! That’s the second time today. Ouch!


Stop bitching about the pain and realize the significance of the act. You are not human Kakarotto. You are Saiyajin. And by the Gods you are going to start acting like one!


Just as Goku was going retort and begin struggling some more; a flood of honest thoughts, emotions, and memories began inundating his psyche, causing him to gasp.


Wow, you really feel that way about me, Vegeta? His breath caught then as Vegeta’s sharp clean obsidian pierced his own in answer.


I’ve already spoken with the onna. She understands that a Saiyajin needs more and only demanded that we let her watch sometimes…




…So it is up to you and your harpy. Do you feel the same Kakarotto? Vegeta purred to Goku’s mind, crossing mental fingers.


Goku peered at him a moment before answering aloud, “I don’t want to hurt Chichi, Vegeta. But it is not unrequited… I guess you and me will be training Uub then. Just give me time to get the feel of things; let me speak with my wife first?”


“Alright Kakarotto, that’s fair,” uttered Vegeta, lifting up off of him and standing, crossing his arms in the usual fashion; their transformations slowly abating as the ardent feelings dwindled.


Goku stood and kissed him then tentatively, almost chastely to reassure the both of them. “Give me a couple days. I’ll meet you at Capsule Corp then, and you can teach me all about being Saiyajin?”


“Hn,” muttered Vegeta, his tail furling in his frustration. But he could be patient. It had, after all taken them decades to reach this point. A couple days more wouldn’t hurt. “Though, you better get us back to Earth. I have no idea where I brought us to or how to do it again.”


This only made Goku smirk, but did as he was told, bringing them both back to Earth instantly. And as Vegeta watched Goku take off to the clouds, he couldn’t help but smirk smugly. “I told you, you were mine,” he whispered before taking off back towards Capsule Corp.


Trunks stood quietly under pristine showerheads; only the sound of water pulsing through pipes and out to drop onto his tan skin and limp lavender hair. Thankfully, the transformation had finally waned on its own, though the tail remained. A long, furry lavender tail. Yeah. That was just what he needed. And damn if Goten wasn’t just as oblivious as his damn father. Why couldn’t he…?


Hot tears mixed with the steaming water streaming down his face. Why do I have to be the different one, the weird one of our group? Gohan doesn’t count; he has always been weird in some way. Didn’t Saiyaman attest to that? And actually, Gohan without Piccolo would be even weirder. I know of no other two that seemed to be so meant for each other. Even Videl understood that, insisting that they get together, and now the three of them along with Pan-chan are quite the happy family. Happy… Something I’ll probably never be able to be. Because I am severely attracted to and in love with my best friend, and he just doesn’t “swing” that way.


After mechanically washing all the dried blood and dirt away, turning off the tap, Trunks moved to step out of the shower; grabbing a fluffy yellow towel and beginning to dry himself absently. Even what would have been pleasurable, if he wasn’t miserable, the feel of light fluffy material gently rubbing against his fur, did not alleviate his depression for even a moment. But he still stood strongly; making himself continue to go through the motions of the rest of the day. His only solace was that he could afford to take time off from university. He already had his Master’s in Computer Science, specializing in AI. While he had much technological experience in multiple facets of engineering and could have acquired engineering degrees as well, he had tried to keep some time for himself. And going through motions just to get a piece of paper seemed like a waste of time. He was already more educated than most persons with doctorates and at the height of their careers. He was also heir to the wealthiest company on the planet. The last thing he needed, after all, was undue stress. Perhaps he should find a way to have some fun while he was still young.


Until The Next…     

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