The Life Of Raditz

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Raditz wasn't completely sure, but it almost seemed as if making dinner took longer than usual. Perhaps this was heavily tied to the fact that he wanted this to be both special and memorable. The Saiyan took a step back to take in his now finished handiwork, searching for anything in the set up that may need changing.

He found nothing wrong; if anything, everything seemed to turn out just the way he wanted it to. Before him was a simple candlelight dinner and he had to admit that he was glad that 17 went out for drinks. Raditz wasn't sure what the occasion was or if 17 had an inkling that tonight was special, but that certainly made things easier. And with a silent yet satisfied sigh, Raditz decided to wash the dishes in the sink to pass time. If he was right, Lazuli and Chi-Chi should be arriving a little under five minutes.

He swallowed the lump in his throat.

He was beginning to get nervous as his heart was beginning to pound a little harder and his hands were getting sweaty. As much as he tried to tame his thoughts, it seemed to prove difficult as Lazuli got closer and closer; after all, he couldn't help but think of how tonight would be their first time together. There was also the possibility that he could end up claiming her as his mate. Raditz cursed. He needed to get a grip, and fast — as Lazuli was due to be home any minute now. With that being said, he finished up the dishes and focused his mind elsewhere.

Then what seemed like minutes later, he heard a familiar, feminine voice. "You're home."

The Saiyan diverted his eyes to the entrance of his home, noting a surprised Lazuli with a handful of bags in either of her hands.

"Yeah," He answered, trekking towards her and taking the bags out of her hands. He placed them down on the living room couch for now, guiding her to the table. "I took tonight off."

Lazuli's eyes widened at the candle light dinner before her, quickly piecing everything together as she sat down. Raditz had indirectly kept her busy while he planned all of this for her. On his day off at that. She cracked a small smile when she snapped out of it. "I don't know what to say. No one's ever did this for me before."

"Do you like it?" He inquired curiously.

Lazuli nodded once. "Yeah."

Unbeknownst to Raditz, his tense shoulders finally relaxed at her answer. And, in comfortable silence, the two ate dinner together, Lazuli telling her boyfriend about her day with Chi-Chi about halfway through dinner.

"We found her some more things for Goten."

Raditz cocked a brow. "I'm surprised she still bought stuff for Goten after everything she received from Bulma and the baby shower."

"It was small things." Lazuli informed. "You know," She continued, "things like bibs, stuffed animals, and baby socks; it wasn't anything too expensive."

"Sounds about right. What about you? What did you buy?"

"I ended up buying some more clothes, of course." The blonde tucked her blonde hair behind an ear, picking up where she left off moments later. "And I got a few pairs of shoes as well since they were on clearance; I can show you everything later, if you like."

Raditz refrained from shrugging, lest she get the wrong idea. "Sure." He agreed, finishing up the last of the food before him. One of the things he learned about her was she liked modeling the things she bought. Of course, Lazuli claimed that she just wanted a male opinion, but he wasn't fooled. The Saiyan was then getting up, placing his dirty dishes in the sink. And just as he finished, his blonde girlfriend was at his side, pecking him near the lips after she slid her dirty dishes in as well.

"Thank you."

He returned her kiss, placing his lips atop of hers in a brief kiss. "You're welcome." He murmured lowly, capturing her lips once more as the first one wasn't long enough he decided. The blonde didn't resist as she eagerly welcomed the action, returning his kiss with equal vigor. It was barely audible, her soft moan, but his Saiyan ears picked up on the sound, and couldn't help the urge to elicit another moan from her as a result; Raditz deepened the kiss, noting that her back was now pressed against their refrigerator and that their bodies were pressed together.

Though, the couple was too distracted by the other to be fazed by their proximity.

Or how quickly things was escalating between them.

Slowly, almost too slowly for Lazuli's tastes, Raditz's right hand crept up her curve, his thumb rubbing over a pert, clothed nipple. Her back arched into the action, a louder moan slipping passed her lips and the blonde found herself clenching his shoulders with a hiss when he did the same with his other hand. Smoothly, the Saiyan let his hands explore her small frame, his onyx eyes never leaving her half-lidded icy ones as he tacked on her arousing reactions to the back of his head for later. He was acting on pure instinct alone, just like in the changing rooms the other day, and it seemed to be working. He trailed his right hand back down to the dip of her curve, hooking his left arm around her hoisted leg and giving her bottom a small squeeze with his left hand.

Another moan.

The Saiyan pressed a kiss against her neck again, this time trailing up to her parted lips tortuously slow. "Lazuli." He called out quietly, ignoring her soft whine of protest when he ceased his ministrations. If possible, he felt himself harden even more at the sound and refrained from instinctively pressing himself against her. "I'd like to continue where we left off the other day; we can wait if you're not ready."

The way she was regarding him through half-lidded eyes and the way her chest was rising and falling mesmerized him to the point of urging him to continue where he left off. The Saiyan clenched his jaw, tearing his eyes away from the arousing sight lest his instincts get the better of him; he refused to go any further lest she give him the okay.

She offered him a small smile, hoisting her other leg for him to grab. "I'm ready." She assured.

He regarded her in silence for a moment, scanning her icy eyes with his own eyes and offered a quick kiss against her lips once he was sure that she was ready. Easily, he carried the slim android to his bedroom, shutting the door behind him with his foot. The couple barely made it to the bed before their lips were reuniting once more, quickly escalating to the same vigor they had in the kitchen.

In the midst of their passion-filled kiss and wandering hands, the blonde Cyborg felt her back coming into contact with his soft sheets, the bed deepening slightly when he boxed her in with either of his huge hands. Again, he placed a kiss on her neck, pulling back so that he was at eye-level with the ends of her shirt, pushing it up with his hands as he trailed up with soft, lingering kisses in the process. He could feel her hands in his hair, but he didn't mind; instead, he focused on the sounds she was emitting, dedicating himself to hearing more of them as he guided her shirt off of her pale frame.

With a flick of the wrist, the offending article was no longer in his way and he greedily took in the sight of her bra-clad, full breasts. "Damn." He murmured lowly, smirking at the brief blush that appeared on her calm features. His eyes finally diverted off her breasts, trailing down to her jeans of which dared to cut his view of her body short. Somewhat impatient just as he was eager, he guided her out of her jeans, cocking a brow when he realized that she was tugging on his jeans afterwards.

He released an amused chuckle at her action; nevertheless, he did as she wanted, diverting his attention back onto to her half-naked body. He had the perfect view of both her bra-clad bust and her notable curves, and the only thing that would make the sight a hundred times better was her being completely naked. Ceasing his brief thoughts, the Saiyan went back to his ministrations, trailing his soft tail up her right leg as he cupped a soft breast with his hand, enjoying the hiss she released when he brushed his thumb over her nipple.

She seemed to really like that, so he repeated the action again.


The blonde bombshell's body arched and he daringly captured a breast with his left hand, the head of his tail brushing against her throbbing core as he placed his mouth over her right breast, nipping against it lightly as he massaged her other breast with left hand. The triple sensations he was providing her was enough to have her writhing beneath him, the blonde moaning her approval.

Raditz switched things up a bit, now massaging her right breast with a hand and nipping lighty at her left breast, teasingly allowing his tail to slip under the fabric of her damp underwear. He felt her legs tremble in anticipation when his tail neared her clit, and he commanded the appendage to brush against it.


Her face contorted into that of pleasure and the Saiyan dropped his hand from her breast to his throbbing manhold, repeatedly massaging her clit with the end of his tail. The blonde all but tossed her head back at the sensation, her fingers clenching the sheets at her side as he picked up the pace. The blonde hardly noticed Raditz's huge member easing into her damp folds.

That was until it came to an abrupt halt.

Lazuli hissed.

The Saiyan quickly apologized, trying again yet he was met with the same results and another hiss. "Shit." He cursed. Not only was she incredibly tight, but it was painfully clear he wouldn't be able to continue without hurting her. He was already trying his best not to get absorbed in his instincts. Now he couldn't help but think that he was faced with an even harder task.

"It's okay." Lazuli assured. "You don't have to stop."

Raditz opened his mouth to protest, the hesitation clear on his features as was the pain on hers. He pressed a light kiss against her lips. "We can continue another time. It doesn't have to - "

" - No." She interrupted. "It's going to hurt either way; I rather get it out of the way now."

He nodded, though he still had yet to move. If he continued to go about this slow, then wouldn't that only succeed in hurting her even more? Or was fast the best way to go? That way he could try to get her through the pain as quickly as possible? However there was a chance that if he went fast, he'd lose what little control over his instincts he had. Raditz closed his eyes, releasing a sigh.


"Yeah?" She inquired just as hesitantly.

"I'm sorry." He apologized, and then before she could respond, the Saiyan was capturing her lips in a kiss the moment he pulled back and entered her roughly, swallowing her hisses of pain. The blonde's fingers clawed at his clothed back, an unexplainable pain wracking her body like she had never experienced before. The urge to tell him to stop was just as overwhelming as the urge to tighten her legs in an effort to prevent him from continuing his fast pace.

As each painfully slow second transitioned into equally painful minutes, it seemed as if the pain would do nothing but increase despite his attempts to make the pain as short as possible for her. Her vision swirled as she felt something wet and foriegn escape her eyes, and then, just as the android thought she could bare no more, she was suddenly overwhelmed by a wave of toe-curling pleasure. The blonde barely registered Raditz's shoulders relaxing, but his pace never slowed, his teeth gritted as his teal eyes seemed to be in another realm of sorts.

Throughout the empty house, nothing could be heard but Raditz's animistic growls and Lazuli's pleasure-filled moans as the bed beneath them dipped with every movement. And just when Lazuli thought it couldn't get any better, she felt her core tighten and toes curl even more if possible. Body trembling and covered in a light coat of sweat, Lazuli's mouth opened in a silent scream as her body trembled one final time, wincing slightly at the feel of teeth digging into her neck.

Unbeknownst to her, as she was completely lost in euphoria, she returned the action, her teeth digging into his neck moments later. Images of her mate's past immediately flooded her senses, and it took her a second to realize that he was most likely going through the same thing. And just as quick as said images filled their minds, it was gone just as quickly, leaving the two lovers lazily entangled with one another. 

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