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After having landed on the Minerva at Carpentaria it was kind of awkward to have the crew salute him so formally but it was proper military decorum after all. A FAITH member had a properly high rank.

“I'll escort you to the bridge,” said Lunamaria, cutting of Meyrin. Athrun nodded his thanks, following her.

“So did you return to Zaft?” asked Shinn.

Athrun looked back at him. “Sort of.”

The elevator doors closed behind them.

“…and then she married this complete weirdo.” finished Lunamaria.

Athrun’s suitcase hit the floor. “Married?” he cried out in shock.

“Well…” Lunamaria started, wanting to start about the kidnapping but stopping right before. “They say it was a pure political marriage but still. Were… were you two Involved?”

Athrun was too shell-shocked to answer, shaking his head in disbelief which Lunamaria took as a negative.

The elevator gave a violent shudder, coming to a screeching halt. The stop was so sudden the Zaku pilot lost her balance and fell straight into Athrun whom caught her deftly.

Athrun swallowed. “Are you okay?” Her boobs were pressing into him.

Lunamaria smiled up at him with a blush on her cheeks. “Uhun. Just lost my balance. Damn this elevator. It’s been acting up since the battle but they'd assured us it was fixed.”

Athrun looked away from those pretty blue eyes and at their surroundings. “Let’s just give the bridge a call to send us some help.” She was still clinging to him. Trying to separate himself from her arms, clutching his arm, she clung tighter.

Athrun looked questioningly at her.

Those blue eyes were burning into his emerald green ones. There was some innocence in there but also a pleading he couldn’t ignore.

“We don’t have to call right away, do we?” she asked hopefully yet fearfully at the same time.

“I…guess not.” Athrun stuttered.

“You know,” she said, one hand coming loose from his arm, fingers walking up it, “I could never do that. Just marrying a guy for political stuff. I would truly have to love him.”

“Lunamaria…” began Athrun but he was cut off by Lunamaria’s mouth suddenly covering his own. The first few moments he just stood there frozen, completely struck dumb.

Lunamaria pulled back, a seductive look to her now. “I’ve always had a thing for FAITH members you should know. Especially green eyed ones.”

“Maybe we should just call for help,” stuttered Athrun.

Lunamaria’s smile turned coy. “What are you saying Athrun Zala, hero of the Bloody Valentine war? Are you scared of a little girl like me?” she asked, her voice purring seduction as that other hand let go of his arm and travelled down his body to cup his groin. “You seem to like me as far as I can tell.”

Athrun tried to reply but her mouth latched into his neck and did all kinds of wondrous things that impeded his thoughts. Of course he was hard! You didn’t have the girl with the shortest skirt in all of Zaft and the very nice body pressing her boobs into you every day.

One hand held him firmly behind his neck to keep him from escaping while the other attacked his fly and in moments she had his member in her hand, stroking it deftly up and down. Athrun could only groan. Whether in pleasure or consternation at his predicament he wasn’t even sure himself.

Lunamaria came up to gaze into his eyes. “Now look closely. I don’t give this kind of show to every guy.”

Athrun nodded dumbly.

Down his body she crawled, one hand opening buttons on her uniform until her cleavage showed clearly. Athrun could feel her breath on the head of his dick and shuddered in anticipation. In one way he really shouldn’t be giving in but the shock of hearing Cagalli being married still had him reeling. Lunamaria’s eyes never left his as, with a knowing smile, she lowered her stroking and engulfed the head in her mouth. Athrun moaned involuntarily. The sight was simply too much. Those eyes, that cleavage and that skirt sticking out behind her hiding that seductive butt as she sucked him. It was almost too much for Athrun. He and Cagalli hadn’t really had the opportunity for a while now and he could feel the need to simply rut with someone.

Lunamaria sensed it in him that he was a loaded gun with a sensitive trigger. With a pop his dick came out of her mouth, her hand continuing its stroking. “Don’t cum just yet Athrun Zala. We haven’t gotten to the main event yet.”

So she was planning on the whole service, thought Athrun. His hand came to rest on her head by itself, gently urging her mouth back on to his cock. “I won't. But take it easy. It’s not every day you have the hottest Zaku pilot blowing you.”

He might have had his reservations with the Cagalli issue unresolved but his resolve was quickly fading with Lunamaria’s expert strokes. Just enough pressure and not all too gentle. Besides, it paid to give the girl with your dick in her mouth a compliment or two. Cagalli had given him more than one set of teeth marks if he got his replies too wrong.

Lunamaria blushed from the compliment and in one go took his cock as deep as she could while humming happily. He nearly blew his load right there but grinding his teeth he managed to hold on. Now that it had gotten this far he wasn’t going to miss out on the main event.

After going as deep as she dared a couple of times Athrun’s cock popped free.

With a twinkle in her eyes she surged up, whirled around and placed her hands against the elevator wall, sticking out her ass at him. With a mischievous look in her eyes and an inviting coy smile she asked: “Are you ready to give it to me?”

Athrun didn’t need to be asked twice. In one fluid motion he had his groin against her ass, one hand under her blouse massaging those ample breasts. His other hand slid up her thigh, under her skirt and back down her panties while his mouth nearly slammed into hers and she tried to devour him or at least draw his soul out with her tongue.

His fingers passed a tiny triangle of hair, that little nub that made her gasp before coming to rest on her slick folds where they rubbed the surface for a moment.

“You’re already this wet,” he mumbled through the gaps in their tongue wrestling.

“Says the man who’s harder than a tungsten round,” she shot back.

“A perfectly normal reaction to a surprise assault by the pilot hotter than a beam saber.”

Lunamaria shut him up with a particular vicious tongue attack. “Just stick it in will you. It’s killing me,” she moaned pleadingly.

“Are these your favorite panties?” he asked out of breath.

“No. Why…”

Ssssssrrrkt. Her half shredded panties fell down one leg.

“Hey, those were…ah!” she cried as Athrun plunged in to the hilt.

“I’ll buy you new ones,” he said, breath tickling her ear.

He shivered against her from the sensation of being inside her. Like a silken vice. Smooth and tight.

“Just shut up and fuck me. Hard,” whimpered Lunamaria.

And so he did. Flipping up her skirt so he could lay his hands on the smooth bare skin of her butt he pulled out nearly completely before ramming back in all the way.

Lunamaria gave a cry of pleasure. “Yes, just like that!”

Athrun obliged her. Between grunts he warned her: “I’m not gonna last long like this.”

Between gasps, shaking her head wildly, Lunamaria managed: “You won’t have to, I'm cumming!”

Athrun felt her walls clamping down on him, sending him over the edge too. With a great grunt he thrust all the way inside and came.

Lunamaria let out another cry of pleasure as another orgasm hit her. “Ow yeah, that feels great!”

Both panting they sank to their knees, still connected. The cold metal floor felt good against Lunamaria’s cheek as her flushed body needed to cool down so she would stop shaking from those two mind blowing orgasms she'd just experienced. She whimpered as Athrun bent over her. Even flaccid inside her his dick sent too pleasant tingles through her body.

In her ear he whispered: “So round two or shall we call it a day. For now.”

She panted: “I’m actually surprised they haven’t noticed the problem yet.”

As if on cue there was a shudder and the elevator started moving.

In a mad rush both sprang to their feet, trying as hard as they could to look presentable. Lunamaria blushed as she pushed down her skirt to hide the fact she was pantiles now then scowled when she saw Athrun slip her ruined panties in his pocket with a satisfied smirk. She stuck her tongue out at him just as the elevator dinged and the doors slid open. Talia Gladys stood before them indignantly saying something into the bridge away from them. “And get that elevator fixed Arthur. That’s the third time it’s broken down.”

“Yes Captain.”

She smiled at Athrun when she faced them. “Welcome back Athrun-san. I hope the elevator ride wasn’t too bothersome?”

Athrun had to fight to stay serious while Lunamaria ducked out passing Captain Gladys with a mumbled apology.

“Not at all Captain.”

“Good,” she nodded. “Come, we have a lot to discuss.”

“Hai,” he said, giving an innocent looking Lunamaria a last look.



“Hey, don’t ignore me!” yelled Lunamaria as she jumped on the elevator next to Athrun.

Athrun looked at her surprised. “Sorry. I wasn’t ignoring you, I was simply out of it for a moment there,” he said as he pushed the button to raise the elevator to the Saviour’s cockpit.

Hopping in he powered up the suit.

Lunamaria leaned over the console and looked around ecstatic. “Wow, so this is the new model huh. It’s different from a Zaku.”

Athrun smiled at her enthusiasm. “Want to take it for a ride?”

“Can I?” she asked exuberantly, clamping her hands together. “Really?”

“Sure,” said Athrun. “You never know when we might need to pilot each other’s suits.”

She leaned even further over the console, a fingers tracing his jaw. “There’s something else I'd also like to take for a ride. Like right now,” she said suggestively.

Athrun grimaced. He had to admit he was tempted but… “I don’t think this is the right place nor moment for a quick fuck.”

Lunamaria reached even further into the cockpit so her face was really close to his. “Aww, but I really enjoyed our last OOF!”

She'd overstretched and lost her balance, falling into the cockpit and nearly hitting Athrun in the face with a heel. When she opened her eyes her eyes widened and a furious blush crept up her face.

“And I guess now you're going to tell me that wasn’t on purpose,” said a grinning Athrun from between her legs, his nose not two inches from her covered pussy.

“It actually wasn't,” she said indignantly. A moment later a wicked grin graced her lips. “But while we're in this predicament, let me just twist around and…”

Athrun’s arms wrapped themselves around her waist, trapping her.

“No,” came his muffled voice as he buried his face in her crotch and teased her with his nose, lips and tongue. “I want to taste you first.”

She gave a low moan trying to keep herself down. The cockpit door was still open after all.

It didn’t take long for a finger to sneak under her underwear and pull it aside. She had to muffle her moans with a hand as Athrun’s tongue slid over her folds while her other hand gripped his hair. Oh did she love a man eating her out! And those blue tresses between her legs were a fantasy of hers come true. She squirmed and trashed weakly. Until he teased her clit with a finger only to follow it up with ramming his tongue in her. She went rigid as a board as orgasm struck. Athrun didn’t stop even as her legs clamped down on his head.

When she'd ridden out her convulsive orgasm she went completely limp, breathing fast and shallow.

“That…was awesome,” she breathed.

Athrun grinned smugly, smacking his lips for good measure. “I agree.”

Lunamaria smiled, still a bit dazed. “So do you want me to…?”

Athrun slid his hands in her armpits and lifted her up. Gundam pilots were fit to deal with the stress of piloting such strong machines after all. She helped as soon as she got the idea. With a bit of awkward wriggling she was soon sitting in his lap with her legs over the armrests of the pilot chair.

“Not really comfortable I must say,” she whined playfully, her hands locked behind his neck to keep herself upright.

Athrun shrugged. “I doubt they design cockpits for these kinds of situations. A shame too.”

They looked into each other’s eyes before both closed the distance at the same time. It was like they were trying to devour one another. Athrun’s hands went from caressing those marvelous thighs to her abdomen which made her giggle shortly and then moved up to massage her breasts through her uniform. Getting frustrated with the fabric separating his hand from those delicious mounds his fingers started working on opening her uniform.

“No fair,” she grumbled against his lips as she let go with one hand which slid down to undo his pilot suit. Which was quite easy for in case of emergencies.

“That’s unfair,” he grumbled back. “I’ve got like locks to undo here.”

In the end they both got to their goal. Lunamaria stroking his dick with her magnificent technique and he had pushed up her bra to caress one breast and suck on the other, much to Lunamaria’s delight.

After switching breasts with his mouth and having slipped a finger inside her she stopped him by taking hold of his ears, gently, bringing him face to face.

“Fuck me. Now,” she whispered as she pulled him in for a very deep kiss while lifting up her hips.

He didn’t have to be told twice. With a hand he guided the tip of his dick to her wet hole and with a shudder she impaled herself. A small gasp and a dreamy look overcame her. How she loved feeling filled like this.

After a moment of simply enjoying being connected Athrun began to move and after a couple of thrusts she happily joined him. She placed her hands on the console behind her so she could easily lift herself up and down. Athrun grunted against her neck as he rammed into her for all he was worth. Her pants grew quicker. His grinding became lower and more urgent.

“Lunamaria, this feels too good. I'm about to…”

She stopped moving on the down thrust, him firmly sheathed inside her. He looked at her with disappointment in his eyes.

“What…?” he asked but that look in her eyes shut him up. She was as close as he was and she wanted it. Bad.

But instead of resuming she leaned in close and asked in a desperate whisper: “Have you ever cum up a woman’s ass?”

He looked at her with wide eyes.

A hand went under her skirt. She lifted, sliding him out of her slowly. He was being handled from those wonderfully slick folds to her sphincter.

“Humor me will you? It’s a bit of a quirk of mine,” she said.

“I'm not complaining,” he croaked.

She wriggled in his lap. His dick was slippery from her juices yet her back entrance resisted at first until she put a little weight on it and with a grunt on both sides the head spread her ass open and he plopped inside just past the crown. They both shuddered at the sensation. She was so close now. A couple of moves was all it was going to take and judging from Athrun’s jagged breathing he was in a similar state.

So taking it agonizingly slow she slid down his cock until he was two-thirds inside and the feeling turned unpleasant. Lifting herself up just as slowly she nearly lost it there. Athrun’s head was rolling on his shoulders, eyes fluttering. Another thing she loved. Seeing a man on the brink of suffering and bliss. Knowing she was going to make him cum but if and when she wanted to. But she was feeling the need for release too. Her body demanded it. So with two more slightly faster moves she could feel it rising inside her. Athrun suddenly grasped her waist in an iron grip with both hands and with a guttural moan lifted her up and then thrust her down hard. She felt him explode inside of her. She herself screamed shrilly as her mind was blown into a burst of glorious pleasure.

Quick panting was all that disturbed the quiet in the cockpit. Lunamaria clung to Athrun as the tremors in her body slowly subsided.

Athrun’s face was buried in her neck. She could feel his breath hot on her skin coming in quick bursts.

As Athrun’s breath slowed down he lifted his head and spotted the open cockpit door. He groaned. “We really should have closed the hatch.”

Lunamaria laughed. “Wouldn’t that kind of given away what was happening here?”

Athrun leaned back so he could smile smugly at her. “Probably less than all the noise you made.”

Lunamaria blushed fiercely, purposely not looking at him. “Well sorry for enjoying it,” she said disgruntled.

Athrun laughed. Cupping her cheek he turned her head so he could kiss her.

As he Drew back he said: “I more than enjoyed those lovely sounds you make. But let’s get presentable and you out of the cockpit before someone sees us like this.”

She agreed halfheartedly. A more than pleasant shudder ran up her spine as she raised her hips and Athrun slipped out of her. It almost had her wanting to go again but they'd spent too much time inside the cockpit already. A lot of squirming and uncomfortable poses ensued before they got their clothing mostly straightened out.

Lunamaria was halfway out of the cockpit when she looked over her shoulder at him: “I’m going to take a shower. I'll see you later.” She added a wink for good measure.

Athrun nodded dumbly. Her ass sticking out towards showed off that magnificent butt under the too short skirt perfectly. He almost grabbed hold of her for another round but resisted the urge with some difficulty. Lunamaria managed to clamber out without kicking him.

“I'll send the elevator back up,” said Lunamaria as she descended out of view.

Athrun nodded and finally began what he came up here for in the first place.

It was hours later when he descended from the Saviour.

As he stepped on the hangar floor Shinn walked by giving him an evil eye. Athrun smiled back with a friendly nod.


Might be continued sometime in the distant future.

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