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A/N: R2: Sequel to Ruminations is still on, don’t worry; first chapter is just not quite finished, but will hopefully be up soon. For some reason, this story kept writing itself first in the few moments of leisure I get. If it lifts someone who’s decent, genuinely worthwhile human beings’ day, I couldn’t ask for more. Thanks for R & R regardless. I’ll keep updating each story as I can. And will begin answering comments/reviews once again in chapters; communication between decent folk a must. And please know, I do not vent or merely write for myself as some people have assumed. I write for my readers and because it is in me to write; it’s what I do. I could not live without different languages and writing. That’s why I ask for feedback, because I do care about what you think as I do my best to progress each story. I think about everything seriously in life, the planet, the universe and all that I do; giving my all to hopefully uplift decent persons’ days and help them get away for a while in this still unnecessarily sad, unfair world, while still touching on important, meaningful subjects throughout. Thanks again all. Enjoy.    



Deep down I knew the truth all along, but of course, I did not want to have to claim it. And even as I fight you with dishonorable, somewhat borrowed power, your eyes haunt me more so than ever. Your deep disappointment in me is painfully evident; direct and acerbic, cutting through a bit of my resolve. But you are just as contradictory a creature as me, as you smirk at me, enjoying the battle just as much as any real Saiyajin ought to; my determination solidified; your potent Saiyajin vibrations and musk calling me, though not more than my own heart. Though, I know what I aim to do will be the end of us both.

          I am already sure what I mean to do next will make you hate me. But I must mark you. You have no idea just how deeply you make me feel so many things… I must make certain that when you leave us this one day you have on Earth—me—once again that I will remain an indelible part of you, even if only as one you loathe. My fire will burn you as you always have me, one way or another.

          I can feel that you are attempting to hide much deeper power from me almost enough to taste it. Always better. Always stronger. Always above me. Won’t even be honest with me. My being the last prince of our lost people meaning absolutely nothing to you. Even in this you have to dishonor me; making the insistent urge to kill you mount. Yet, both of us know, on some level, I’ll never kill you. For, my need of you has evolved to an obsession far greater than my hate for you could ever be.

          I cannot help my smirk as your surprised eyes peer at me from the crag I’ve just fastened you to; binding you at the wrists, ankles and neck with powerful golden rings of Ki. I know you can break free from them whenever you wish, but still I feel the need to create the illusion that you can’t; that for one moment you are entirely at my mercy.

          As I move closer to your person, my bombardment of your body with my relentless fists finally halting; you gaze at me questioningly, your eyes widening yet curious; only urging me forward. I move closer still and can feeling you shudder as my breath ghosts over your skin. “Vegeta?” you question quickly, clearly unnerved at my change in demeanor.

          I ignore your question and begin undoing the sash of your dogi and forcing your boxers down; my head coming in line with your manhood, only upping your disquiet. “Vegeta, what on Earth are you-?” But I quickly cut you off, my tongue reaching out almost tenderly to lick head of your dick, my mouth quickly enveloping it in its entirety, licking and sucking it with just the right amount of suction, until I’m licking and sucking you to the hilt; knowing that even if you don’t really want me, there is always manual override.

          And it doesn’t take long for you to harden in my mouth. I smirk around you while I hum; your sudden plea like moan penetrating my very soul better than I could have imagined. I knead your powerful thighs and buttocks alternately, sensually as I continue to deftly but slowly suck you as deeply as I can without choking. Yes, just a little further. And I know you will-

          Yes! You break free of the Ki restraints as easily as I thought you would; punching me hard enough to make me see stars, tossing me down onto the ground, tearing my pants off and forcing your swollen hardness into me faster than I can blink.

          It easily brings tears to my eyes, but a part of me is glad it happened this way instead of the way I had originally planned it. I do not ever want you to know how it feels to be raped; to feel that never-leaving shame, lament and weakness. Though, in a way, I guess I am still raping you. For, if I had not brought you to this point, had not pushed your instincts to take over, this surely never would have occurred. Only a battle-upped, inexperienced Saiyajin could lose their self so easily from such common touch. But at least my assumptions were correct.

          Your strokes are hard, deep and brutal; making me feel as if you are tearing me in half, just like a Saiyajin taking what is rightfully his. I bite my lip. I can feel that you have torn my throbbing insides; my blood making oddly better lubricant than my saliva had as you stroke my insides relentlessly. And I relish it—the pain, the illusion of closeness, the hope of pleasure and more, your fiery touch, the only one that could ever match my own. And my heart throbs just as deeply as you are inside me; half of me genuinely wishing this moment would never end, the other knowing it is still a dream unfulfilled as your instinct driven pupil-dilated eyes see me not with every primal thrust.

          But I close my eyes and keep dreaming; wrapping my arms around your neck and my legs around your hips as if we were actual lovers; all the while being driven deeper into the crater in the earth you’ve made with my body.

          All too soon it’s over. I grunt as I feel you speed up until you lock up; shooting your seed deep within me—your immense power causing me to cum too despite the searing pain, all that power and long down your back energy-drenched hair somewhat mesmerizing as I behold you in moment of genuine awe—before collapsing atop me. You really are a bastard for trying to hide all that magnificence from me. Really.

          I know not precisely how long we lay there. I only know the look of sheer horror you give me once you’ve lifted your head and fully returned to consciousness pains me more than anything I’ve ever felt before. Did you really regret is so thoroughly? Am I truly so distasteful? Or is your horror for another reason? If so, let me enlighten you.

          For the first time I kiss you. I pull you closer and shove my tongue past your lips and into ardent bliss; loving your insides the way only I could. You try to pull away, but my arms and legs are still enveloped around you, your softened but still impressive phallus still very much inside me. I won’t let you call this a mistake, a fluke. No! I will not accept you humiliating me again!

          But alas, my devoted kiss is not enough to break through the barriers of false notions you’ve been taught by limited mediocre earthlings. The scent of your disgust and regret halt my attentions; all illusions draining from my countenance, my face hardening to its usual stony inimical state. 

          I will not let you take this moment from me. And at least I know now; whatever you think of me, you will never forget me wherever you go, wherever you are. Hard and swiftly and with the aid of precision Ki, I hit the back of your neck in a specific place hard, knocking you unconscious. After easing away from you, a single tear falls from my eye, but I ignore it; swiftly but carefully dressing the both of us, taking that last Senzu for myself and ingesting that last sup with all the enjoyment of a migraine.

          I take one last long wistful look at you in lying in the dirt. A strange premonition fills me that I won’t see you again; for, my wretched soul is headed to only one place when I die. And as I go to clean up my own mess, I am oddly sure I will lose my life. But a quaint peace also imbues me then. Knowing your soul is too pure to ever deserve Hell as a final destination, that I am now an indelible part of you, however grotesque your memory of me will be; is probably the only solace I have left…


The gods must really have a grudge against me. Why else would they thwart my every attempt to secure my sanity? How many times must I fail before they feel the need to mock me no longer?! And fucking Kakarotto! Must you always fuck things up! How the hell could you chose that blithering poor excuse for an Earthling and the green runt over our children?! You fucking imbecile, you! Urgh!

          And yet, deep down I know you did only what you could; it killing you just as much, as me. And though part of me longs to comfort you, my pride will not allow it. So, I chastise you instead; also unnerved that our battle with that pink demonic child is far from over. The anguish is also unimaginable that I have died yet again in vain. My son and Bulma will be able to be wished back once you finally save the day like you’re supposed to. But I will be forced to return to Hell. Perhaps that is all I have ever deserved…


Somehow everything turned out, for the most part anyway. The earth was saved, not-so-evil lives returned to life, and the menacing pink adolescent finally put down for good; sort of. Though, again, you and those damned Earthlings tried my last nerve with that one. A Genki-dama ought not to have been so difficult, bloody fools. But, at least that moron Satan came in handy in the end.

          Now everything returns to normal, huh? Yeah, in a way it does. For some reason the gods have allowed me to return to life too. But it brings not a smile to my face. Even now you crush my pride beneath your boot Kakarotto. You won’t even look at me; give a solid goodbye, some sort of acknowledgement as we stand on Kami’s Temple with our families and your motley clique of friends and comrades, looking everywhere but at me. It is then that I finally resign myself entirely. I shall finally cease obsessing over and chasing you. After all I’ve been through, the last prince of a lost people; I should know better than to ever hope. And as I take off with my son and Earthling wife, I use all my devoted training to keep my presence neutral; to keep my weakness from easing out and affecting them. At least they deserve better from me, if no other here.

          And though my chest clenches tightly at the hard truth I do not wish to accept, what’s left of my demolished pride won’t let me look back, not even for you.


Until The Next…      

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