R Two: Sequel to Ruminations

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Much thanks to Akai and Akiravadel for having the kindness and courtesy to review and be excited, and therefore inspiring this sequel story. I am so pleased that some enjoyed “Ruminations” and hope I can do even better with this sequel. Also, Akai, I kept some things mysterious on purpose. The story “Ruminations” was meant to be a DBZ psychological/supernatural/horror/mystery/thriller/romance; though family, friendship, love, angst and acceptance were also huge themes throughout (at least that’s what I tried for). So, I left some questions floating around for the audience to come to their own conclusions on. However, since I am pleased to write a sequel, I am sure whatever questions weren’t answered in the first story will eventually be answered in this one. Though it will be written along similar lines, this one will of course have multiple distinctions, since many things have already been established between characters. Both of you, thank you so much for sharing your input.   

Sorry for this first chapter being so short, but I am going to start doing shorter chapters for all my stories to hopefully help move them along faster than I have been. Thanks again all and enjoy!

“R Two: Sequel to Ruminations”


If I were kind, I would warn you Son Goku. For you see, I too am a diligent seeker of secrets, a pilgrim of worlds within worlds, an immaculate perceiver of the void and beyond, and a harbor of immense power and abilities most could never adequately fathom; so dangerously awakened to the emptiness, that it is my home. Unlike you, I have survived the unforgiving crucible that even the mightiest of gods and demons alike have shirked away from in abject horror, the only one to this date to have survived it intact. As such, kindness is a familiarity I have not had the pleasure of in eons, yet I know you well. Very soon you shall come to know me too.

            I must give thanks to that pathetic little worm you disposed of with your new mate. Thanks to him I have learned all that I need in order to conquer you completely. But rest assured. I am considerably different than that poor excuse for a demon Mabreca. I shall make no mistakes. And when the time comes, you will be mine…

A huge sweat-drop formed on Chichi’s left temple as she heard another precious piece of furniture clamor against the wall. This is not what she had had in mind when she had volunteered to help her ex-husband and his mate with childrearing; not in the least! And even though he was now grown, she just hadn’t been able to take Gohan’s puppy dog eyes when he begged for her to babysit her new grandchild from him and Piccolo. It was maddening! How was she supposed to take care of three super tots alone for the entire day?! When their parents returned, she would surely show them a thing or two! But first, she must get her house in order.

            “Bardock! Vegeta! Nail! The three of you had better stop your mischief now or else!” she called rather loudly to each six-month-old, marching her way from the kitchen to the lounge room where something akin to chaos was ensuing.

            Her eye twitched when she caught sight of her wrecked living room. But that wasn’t what surprised her. Each tot had already proved to be unbelievably strong for their age, crushing most toys and objects given to them without meaning to. But seeing the three giggling tots actually flying around the living room, trying to catch each other with determined glee, put a lump in her throat. They could already fly!? Why had no one told her this? How the hell was she supposed to keep care of them if they decided to fly outside?! She herself couldn’t fly. Yes they were powerful little tykes, but they were still tiny babes. Anything could still happen to them out there all alone. She would definitely give their parents a hell of an earful when they returned. And, though she wasn’t the fondest of heights, she would have to demand Gohan teach her to fly. And-

            Her roiling thoughts were forced to halt as furniture started to float, she in awe as she watched each lamp, table, chair and sofa be put back in its proper place; the blue and yellow blanket the tots had previously been napping on put back in the middle of the room, three little tailed chibis floating to and sitting upon it, looking up at her expectantly as they grabbed their tiny onesie covered feet and grinned up at her innocently, their little tails curling too cutely.

            “Mou! What am I going to do with you guys,” muttered Chichi with a sigh. When they each gave her the most adorable puppy dog eyes ever, Chichi sighed again. “Well, since you did clean up your mess, I’ll let you off this time. But don’t let it happen again, ya hear?” she urged, wagging a finger at them. She had to keep herself from grinning when the three of them nodded their little heads in the affirmative. They were truly amazing children. Though they had not yet spoken a word, she knew they understood everything she said to them.

            “Well, come on then. Lunch is-” Chichi didn’t get to finish as three blurs of color flew past her; her sighing once more before rushing to save her kitchen.

“What’s pulling your skivvies Kakarotto?” began Vegeta, pulling back a punch that would have otherwise probably broken his mate’s nose, since he was dazing off. “I thought you would be pleased to have some time away from the brats. While endearing, they are full-blooded Saiyajin and absolutely a handful when they want to be. Even I can admit that.”

            “I am Vegeta. I just feel… I don’t know—blasé. I don’t feel like doing much of anything today, I guess. So-”

            “Absolutely not! We finally have some time to ourselves. Now, I am going to get a good workout in one way or another Kakarotto. What’s it going to be?” urged Vegeta with a keen side smirk.

            It took Goku a slight moment to realize precisely what Vegeta was alluding to before he blushed vividly and then grinned mischievously. He suddenly felt much more ready to do something, the natural Gokuish childlike thrill within him making him perk up. “Alright Vegeta, if you can catch me, you get to be on top this time. Your it!” And with that, Goku suddenly phased out of Vegeta’s sight, beginning a game of onigokko, Vegeta feeling his presence pop up at another location on the other side of the planet.

            “You’re so on Kakarotto!” he roared, also using Shunkan Idou to teleport to his mate eagerly.

“Mmmph! Mmm… Uhh… Errrhh… Uhh… Uhhnnnrrr… GOHAN!” finally bellowed Piccolo’s powerful voice at the top of his lungs, effectively losing the bet between them.

            Gohan smirked devilishly deep thrusting more ardently as he was in sure heaven, riding the blissful waves of their mutual climax into his mate, relishing the feel of his mate’s insides squeezing him so deliciously, before letting go of Piccolo’s legs and pleasantly slumping to his grand person; his ascended SS2 form fading out as he was finally relieved of his seed.

            After lying pleasantly in the afterglow for a few moments, Gohan couldn’t help but gloat. “So, I ‘can’t’ make you ‘scream’ my ‘name’, huh Piccolo?”

            “You cheated,” grumbled Piccolo under his breath, not really able to feel a bit of malice in his current state. “You weren’t supposed to use any ascended forms.”

            “Okay. But you did scream my name, delectably I might add.” Gohan’s grin only widened as his beloved blushed a lovely violet.

            “Yeah, yeah. But next time it is certainly my turn,” declared Piccolo, a smirk taking over his immaculate green face.

            “Indeed, my Love, indeed.”

Vegeta paused his admiring affection and devotion to his mate’s body, peering down into Goku’s arduous dark orbs of sight, a frown coming to his face. “Do tell me if I am boring you Kakarotto. Perhaps I will find another whom will appreciate the affections of a great warrior prince.”

            Goku quickly pulled him over his naked form like a glove, ardently kissing Vegeta’s lips until they were breathless, promptly holding him close as if he were cold. “It’s not that Vegeta. I just feel… like something is coming soon, like something extraordinary is about to happen.”

            “Well we were about to embark on an extraordinary bout of sex if you would get your head out of the clouds, baka.”

            “I know. I just feel so unnerved, but I can’t tell precisely why. I don’t like it. My feelings are never wrong, not when I feel them like this… We must be ready Vegeta. We mustn’t fail this world or our children,” said Goku seriously, peering profoundly into Vegeta’s eyes.

            Vegeta’s eyes hardened then, he grasping firm hold of Goku’s chin as their eyes locked. “We will conquer any foolish enough to mess with us or our own. As long as you don’t doubt it and we keep our training up, none will stand in our way. Now do you or don’t you want some royal lovin’?”

            Goku grinned then, moving his face, locking lips with his prince, veritably enjoying each sweep of his mate’s sultry tongue as they continued to take each other higher. Tomorrow he would have to worry about when it came.

Chichi scowled when Goku and Vegeta finally showed up at her house, strings of her hair wild about her head. The Prince and his mate just grinned, their grins widening when two adorable chibis flew into their arms. “Why didn’t you tell me they could fly?! How was I supposed to take care of them if they flew off? Huh!” growled Chichi, her foot tapping the ground in an anxious fashion.

            “They know better onna,” answered the prince curtly.”

            “Well, I did ask Gohan when he came to pick up Nail with Piccolo. But since he is too busy trying to finish up graduate school so he can land his dream career in the near future, one of you is most certainly going to teach me to fly before I ever babysit again, ya got that?!”

            “Why can’t the Namek teach you? It’s not like he has a job either.”

            “On the contrary, Piccolo has been doing all he can to support Gohan, doing work from home and taking care of their first child. So, either you, Goku or both of you is going to teach me,” she urged adamantly.

            Vegeta and Goku shared a look, before Goku answered kindly, “I’ll do it Chi. We can start tomorrow in the morning, okay?”

            “Fine. Vegeta and Bardock, you be good for your parents now, alright?” Chichi finished more softly as she gazed at the amazing Saiyajin tots, a smile coming to her face as they grinned at her happily. Though a handful, they were precious, and she did love small children. They brought a certain energy and positivity to the house, which she had been missing since Goku and Gohan left, and her still young but not quite so little Goten was either off too at school or with his best friend Trunks most of the time. So, she was more than grateful to still be a part of Goku’s life and family.

            “Ready for supper guys?” chirped Goku jovially to his and Vegeta’s children. When both tots grinned from ear to ear in their parents’ arms, each adult smiled genuinely; Chichi waving somewhat wistfully as she watched them fly into the twilight together.


Until The Next…  

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