Dragon Ball GT Redux

BY : Evilpikachu
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Date updated 1sr of August 2021

Chapter 1: Devastating Wish

This story begins high up above the clouds, at a grand temple magically floating in the blue sky. While all seemed peaceful, three piloted robots Flew towards Kami's Lookout, "We're approaching the lookout, Sire," said one of the pilots as they slowly made their way closer.

"Good, we finally made it," the second pilot said in response, who seemed to be the one in charge.

While the machines approached unnoticed by those who were on the floating building, Goku along with the student his Uub was right in the middle of an intense sparring session deep within the lookout. "Oh dear Dende, they're going to destroy the whole lookout if they continue!" the black-skinned assistant-deity Mr Popo yelled as the floating temple shook and rocked with every blow the two fighters were exchanging.

"I knew it! They're distracted, and it's all thanks to Goku," one of the three pilots said out loud while the three bots deployed what looked like giant suction cuffs, tethered to long metal cables. Aiming at the sloped outer wall of the temple, the mechanised Robo-suits launched their grappling devices and latched themselves onto the top of Kami's lookout.

As the three bots climbed their way up the side of the lookout, a sudden quake like a collision between the two sparring fighters caused the three to lose their footing, "this is too much Sire, the cables are going to snap!" the third pilot yelled as the cables strained under the tension of erratic movement.

"Move quickly! Don't stop until we reach the top!" the leader yelled back quickening their pace continuing their climb while Goku and Uub clashed.

Just as the cables were to snap under the stress, they barely reached the top; "just a little farther..." the pilot said struggling to get over the last hurdle.

Then at the climax of the battle, the two sparring fighters suddenly decided to send Ki blasts slamming into each other, "I warned you this would be dangerous," Mr Popo said.

"T-There was no way around this, what else could we have done?" the green-skinned Namekian Guardian Dende replied with a question as rubble flew at them forcing the two to seek outside the lookout.

"Okay, we're finally made it! Everyone, follow me!" the lead pilot yelled to the others.

"Right!" the two other pilots said in response just before the blast of Ki threw them right into a wall inside the lookout.

After falling to the ground one of the pilots got out of their robot and stood on their feet massaging his back, "After all these years of researching, spying, information gathering, blood, sweat and tears along with being stuck in a child's body, and a little bit of good fortune, I've finally discovered the greatest and darkest secret of the former Kami and Piccolo!" the short blue-skinned self-proclaimed Emperor, Pilaf yelled at his subordinates as he got back into his piloted robot before a final explosion tossed them away.

Finally finishing their sparring, Dende and Mr Popo noticed Goku along with an exhausted Uub exit from deep inside the lookout, "We're done, Dende," Goku declared.

"Yes, yes, I'm sure that you're tired after your training for the past few days." The green-skinned Namekian elder stated as he walked towards the pair of them.

"T-then, that's it for Uub's graduation ceremony?" the green-skinned Namekian Guardian asked.

"Huh? This wasn't a graduation ceremony or anything as extravagant as that," the Saiyan said in response, "I just wanted to fight Uub all-out for once."

"Then, was it fun Uub?" Mr Popo asked.

"Yes..." Uub replied with a wince of pain.

As Uub collapsed Mr Popo grabbed him, "Uub...! Are you okay!?" asked Goku in surprise before he too dropped to his knees.

"Mr Popo looks like that they went a little too far," a shocked Dende said.

Meanwhile deep within deep within Kami's lookout, Pilaf and the gang now out of their robots were sneaking around looking the greatest and darkest secret, "It's a good thing we placed that tracker On Goku, huh!?" anthropomorphic dog, Shu asked, "but why are we here Sire?"

"Remember when we found out that Kami and Piccolo were once, one and about the larger Namek Dragon Balls, right!?" Pilaf said in response, "well that made me start thinking... ...what if, what if the Dragon Balls on Earth right now are not the first Dragon Balls that Kami created."

"So, you're saying that there's another set of Dragon Balls right here?" the dog shinobi Shu asked in surprise.

"That's right, and they have to be here, unused and waiting for us!" Pilaf replied.

"Look, sire, over there!" the woman called Mai yelled pointing at a centre point of the room.

"Bingo! I found them! I've finally found them!" Pilaf yelled in excitement as he reached out and grabbed one of the spheres.

"Those are Dragon Balls?" Mai asked.

After rubbing a layer of dust on the ball off showing the single black star in the centre, the self-proclaimed Emperor showed the Dragon ball to Mai, "See!?" he said.

"Black stars?" Mai said in surprise noticing the difference in the new set of Dragon Balls.

"But Sire, aren't the stars normally red?" the ninja dog Shu asked.

"Their appearance isn't the only thing," Pilaf said with a smirk, "after all these were created before Kami and Piccolo split themselves." Then after taking a deep breath, the self-proclaimed Emperor blowing the dust off the rest of the ball, causing the others to cough, "what do you think now, incredible right?"

"Which part?" the two said in response.

"You fools!" Pilaf yelled as he slipped backwards in rage sending the balls flying all over the place.

After hitting the floor and having one of the balls hit the short blue-skinned man hard right on his face, the other two in shock quick went over to see if he was okay, "Sire!" the dog shinobi Shu yelled in surprise.

"Are you alright?" Mai asked.

"Do I look fine?" Pilaf replied getting to his feet, "as I was saying, these were created before Kami and Piccolo split meaning these balls are even more powerful!"

"Ah, so that's it..." Mai said in response, grabbing one of the balls on the ground, "now I know why you want them."

"Give me that! You finally understand do you?" Pilaf yelled before snatching the ball, "hurry up, grab the other balls!"

"Yes, Sire!" Mai replied.

While Pilaf and the gang were gathering, after a large meal Uub was planning to finally head back home after so many years of training Goku, "Really, you're going home already?" Goku asked.

"I'm worried about my brother and sister, so yes..." Uub replied, "I have to apologise for leaving this place in such a state."

"Don't worry so much, Mr Popo can easily repair all the damage," Dende said in response, "besides the Earth wouldn't have withstood you both anyway."

"Goku, thank you very much for staying with me and teaching me so much," Uub said shaking Goku hand.

"It was a great time," Goku replied, "I helped you out with your training because I wanted to. Don't worry about it.

"Right," Uub said in response.

"Well take care," the Saiyan waving him off.

Uub then left and headed towards his village.

Then while Uub heads off after saying farewell to Goku and the others jumping into the sky and flew off back home, Pilaf and the gang placed the Dragon Balls out in the open getting ready to call the Dragon, "Now all I have to do is call forth Shenron!" he said jumping out of his robot walking to the balls.

"After so long..." ninja dog Shu said tearing up, "the moment we've been waiting for, world domination."

"B-but Sire, we still have Goku to worry about," Mai said.

"You're right, so without further delay..." Pilaf replied.

As Pilaf and the gang were about to call forth the great wish-granting Dragon, Shenron. Goku on other hand had just finished a second helping of food, "whew, I'm full, I'm full!" he said rubbing his stomach before getting up, "okay then, I should probably head home too."

"Oh, already?" Dende said in surprise.

Then raising his hands, Pilaf summoned the Dragon, "Here we go!" he yelled, "come forth Shenron!"

After calling the Dragon, the seven balls began to glow and the sky began to darken with an excited Pilaf looking on, while Goku was about to leave, "I haven't been home in years, and Chichi is probably mad at me," he said before noticing the darkening sky.

"Did someone gather the Dragon Balls?" Mr Popo asked.

Then after a bolt of energy hit the sky, a large red in a golden glow appeared in the sky, "Huh? Dende did you guys change Shenron?" Goku asked looking at the Red Dragon.

"Oh no, it couldn't be?!..." Dende yelled turning white as a sheep.

"Oh Kami no, they found them!?" Mr Popo said in shock.

"What's wrong with you two, you look like you've seen a ghost?" Goku asked before noticing Pilaf and the gang, "what are you guys doing here?"

After finishing his sentence, Goku walking into the view of Pilaf, Mai and Shu, "Goku!" they all yelled in surprise.

"It's been a long time guys," the Saiyan said along with a question, "looks like you've grown since I last saw you, so what are you guys doing here?"

"Oh nothing, just taking care of a small errand..." Pilaf said before nervously whistling to himself.

"What kind of small errand?" Goku asked, "Is it something to do with Shenron's new look?"

"Oh no, Shu, Mai get him!" Pilaf yelled queuing Mai and Shu to attack.

As the two peppered to attack, they closed the hatches to the piloted robots and fired missiles, causing Goku to respond by stopping them midair, "why'd you do that for?" He asked looking disappointed.

"Dammit! Those lousy...!" Pilaf yelled in shock, "all those years spent in a nightmare as a child, for nothing!"

"You guys are planning something, huh?" Goku asked.

"You don't how it's been for us; I wish you could feel the embarrassment of being stuck in a Child's body!" the self-proclaimed Emperor yelled out not thinking about what he was saying in front of the Dragon.

"So what are you planning to do? I know you guys are up to something, I can tell!" Goku said.

Then as the red Dragon eyes glowed answering Pilaf accidental wish, it spoke, "as you wish!" the Dragon answered before lightning-sparked all-around hitting Goku as he was floating in the air.

"Oh no Dende, they made the wish," Mr Popo said as they both ran to Goku's aid.

While the others looked on, Goku's body began to shrink changing from an adult to a child, "huh, why is everything getting bigger?" he said in confusion as his clothes continued getting larger and larger until finally slipping off his smaller frame falling to the ground, exposing his young bare body to everyone surrounding him.

"Oh Kami..." Dende said as he looked on horrified at what was happening around them.

"Wh... What's going on?"

"Didn't know they looked so ugly under their clothes..." Dende whispered to himself while Pilaf and the gang just stood there with a light blush as Goku made no attempted to cover his genitals.

"What's the matter with you guys?" Goku asked in confusion as he now looked like a little child still under the effect of the wish.

"This is embarrassing," Shu said,

"W-what happened just now?" the de-aged Goku asked scratching his exposed crotch.

"I have granted your wish," the red Dragon said as he began to back off, "and now, farewell."

Then with a flash of light, the Dragon Balls began to raise and suddenly disperse out as far as eyes can see as the sky became bright and clear, "M-my dreams of world domination...!" Pilaf said dropping to his knees with his plan laid in ruin after turning his head away from the naked and exposed Goku.

"I've gotten all small," Goku said out loud to himself, "and my clothes have gotten way too big to wear."

"Huh, what are you doing?" Mai said, "Why are you nude?"

"What are we going to do Dende?" Mr Popo asked.

Then getting the idea of asking King Kai for help, Dende explained their situation to him, "What!? You say they used those Dragon Balls!?" the blue-skinned King Kai Yelled in shock.

"That's right!" Dende replied.

'Who would have thought that they still been active...' he later thought to himself.

"Piccolo said before he united with Kami, Kami had sealed them away, deep inside the lookout," Dende said, "but the seal must have weakened after all this time."

"How can this be?" King Kai said in response, "Goku listen, the normal Dragon Balls won't be able to turn you to normal, only after you gather the black star Balls you will be able to back to normal."

"Oh, that sounds pretty simple to me, isn't it?" the Saiyan replied doing naked stretches, "and I don't practically mind being like this for a while."

"Not simple," Mr Popo said with a blank expression, "ordinarily according to Dende Dragon Balls don't scatter to other planets after the wish is fulfilled, but the black star Balls seemed to have gone out into space, searching for them will be difficult."

"I'm afraid Mr Popo is right," King Kai said in response.

After King Kai finished, Goku turned to Dende for a second opinion only to see an expression that confirms what had been announced, "Is that so?" he said while scratching his itchy exposed balls, "well, I'm fine with that, I'll go home for now."

"Well Goku, wouldn't you like some new clothes before you go back?" Dende asked staring at the Saiyans body.

"No," Goku said with a small smile,

"Don't worry, Chichi's got plenty of our kids' clothes in my current size, she never throws anything out," Goku said jumping into the sky and began leaving.

"Wait, Goku! What about other people!" Dende yelled but it was too late he was gone.

"For crying out loud, what a happy go lucky guy," King Kai said to himself, "but at least he could do was put some clothes on."

Later, Far away in a built-up city area. A serious crime was being committed by a group of men with semi-automatic weapons and holding hostages were barricading themselves in front of a building, "Move back, move back," said one of the men in a threatening tone while shooting into a nearby restaurant, "move back, or he loses' his life!"

"Get a car ready for us!" one of the men demanded, "and an aeroplane! And maybe some Ramen noodles."

Then just as a Police sniper tried to line a shot, he was fired upon forcing him to duck, "A-alright we'll meet your demands!" one Police yelled, "but you have to stop shooting!"

As more Police vehicles arrived at the scene of a hostage situation, at another part of the city near a bus stop a certain old man wearing sunglasses arrived just getting off the bus, "a-ahem, could I buy you some tea?" he asked some young women passing him by but was completely ignored.

Meanwhile on a date to the cinema with an upper classmate, a young girl with a backpack was walking down a nearby street to the hostage situation, "Pan, for you to say okay, to a date with me, it's like a dream come true." The boy said.

"Mmmm, I'm the one who is glad you asked," Pan replied.

"Pan you're so cute, and kind, and graceful..." the boy said in response making the girl blush.

"You give me too much credit," the girl answered as they passed poster advertisements.

"It's the truth," the boy replied, as they continued walking the boy turned to Pan with a light blush and gulped staring at her hand, "say, which movie should we go see?" the boy asked as he moved a hand to hers, "maybe a western?"

Then before he could grab her hand, she made a loud gasp which scared him off, "Hey, this one, this one! Let's see this one!" the girl yelled pointing to a poster.

While Pan finally chose the movie at the hostage situation they just a female officer with Ramen noodles, "we got the Ramen noodles as demanded!" a member of the Police said, "Don't do anything rash"

"Before we eat anything, we're going to have this guy sample it!" one of the gunmen said surprising the woman.

As the girl and her date neared the hostage scene trying to get to the cinema they were stopped by a Police officer, "Movie? No way, no way! This is a danger zone, you can't go through here, you kids go home," he said before they heard a scream.

"Just as I thought! We're going to switch hostages!" one of the gunmen said as he notices the hostage fell asleep.

"Damn, they put knock-out drugs in here!" another gunman said holding a Ramen cup with the one grabbing the woman who delivered the ramen.

"A-alright, we'll do as you say!" a Police officer said in response, "Just let the young woman go!"

Meantime, nearby a certain perverted old man with sunglasses called Roshi was looking right a blonde-haired woman, "these young girls are so fine!" he said out loud as his bag rubbed against an older woman standing next to him behind, "so fine! Jiggly, jiggly...!"

"Excuse me!" the woman said as she walked away.

"J-jiggly! Jiggly!"

"How could you!? And here the city is all in an uproar over that robbery!" the old said after hitting him into a wall, "what a shameful old man!"

"What? Bank robbery?" Roshi said out loud.

Meanwhile, a certain Saiyan which been turned into a child on his journey home, was about to land from the sky at a nearby restaurant, "this looks like a good place," he said to himself before moving his hand to nonexistent pocket forgetting he had no clothes or money, "oh right, I forgot I left my money at Kami's lookout."

Then while he stood there nude, ignoring the whispers about the state of attire by people around him, the group of gunmen suddenly decided to let loose a stream of bullets, while stray bullets flew everywhere, "What do I do now... ...ouch, that hurt, who did that?" he asked himself as a stray projectile hit his exposed butt, looking around he saw where the bullets were coming from, "I see, it's from those noisy guys."

"There's no choice, now I'm mad! I am 'definitely' going to go see that movie! Wait here a minute." Pan said dropping her backpack before jumping into action as the boy hid behind a police shield, "now look here, you bank robber guys! I wish you wouldn't interfere with my date!"

"And who are you!?" the gunmen asked.

"Let that woman go right now!" the girl said.

As a gunman lined up a shot, Pan kicked wreckage from a Police vehicle straight into the gunmen, "why you...!" another gunman yelled as he pointed the gun at the girl.

"You, there!" a certain Saiyan said stepping out from the crowd still completely naked, "you guys should watch where you're shooting those things."

"He's wearing no clothes! Just who is he!?" a Police officer said to the men.

"And I think that girl got the better of us!" another gunman said pointing the gun at her.

'Who is this kid,' Pan thought to herself blushing a deep red as the nude boy passed her, '...and Kami, why is he naked!?' Pan thought as the boy walked towards the gunmen.

"One of those bullets hit my butt," Goku said to the gunmen, "maybe I should just take them."

"Kid, you shouldn't talk down to grown-ups!" a gunman yelled back "and why the hell are you naked? Hurry home and get some clothes on, brat!"

"Look, I'm not your brat," the boy said to them while a gunman and a Police officer look on,

Then taking a fighting stance, Goku faced off against the gunman, "I was just on my way home to see Chichi," he replied.

"You little brat!" the gunman yelled in response rushing towards him ready to punch him.

After easily dodged the man, Goku was right about to counter-attack before the girl suddenly grabbed him, "now hold on, pipsqueak!" she yelled landing a safe distance away from the gunmen, "A little kid like you, shouldn't go jumping into the middle of a fight like that!"

"Huh?" was all that Goku could respond with.

"And why on Earth are you naked!? Have you any sense of shame!" Pan continued blushing while getting a closer look at the unclothed boy, "Especially with ladies like me here!"

"I don't know, I just left my clothes on the ground," Goku replied.

"Ladies...? Does that mean that you're a girl?" the Saiyan said in response. "I wasn't really... sure?"

"O-o-of course I'm a..." she told him avoiding his gaze as the boy suddenly gropes her crotch, patting the young girl on her crotch.

'W-why did he touch me there!?' the girl thought as she stood in shock blushing until finally, she decided to speak out flustered. "W-w-what do you think I am, pervert!?" she yelled at him with a deep beet red blush before pounding him in the head.

"O-ouch, that hurt, why'd you do that for!?" Goku yelled back in pain clutching his head.

"Use your brain, you crude little boy," the girl replied, "Now go home before the police cuff you for indecent exposure."

"Dis... indecent exposure!? What do you mean by that!?"

"You're naked, for one thing!" the girl told him blushing even more,

Then after she finished speaking, one of the gunmen tried to jump her but failed when she counted with a kick, "s-shoot! Shoot! Shoot the girl and the brat!" yelled one of the gunmen to the other that was rushing to the gun they had dropped which he grabbed and unloaded a stream of bullets at the girl.

As a spray of ammo flew at her, Pan dashed at the gunman dodging all the bullets, but just before she hit the man the nude boy decided to jump in from the back only to watch the gunman fly past him by a kick from the girl as he collided with her crotch first right into her face, 'oh my Kami, his thing touched my face...' she thought, making her blush again as she pushed him away. "W-what the... I told you, to stay out of this you little Exhibitionist!" she later yelled at him.

'...So, that's what Exhibitionist means,' Goku thought as he stood there in shock, looking at the girl and the gunman.

'With that expression, she reminds me of someone,' the nude boy thought as he studied the girl's face.

'...But I can't place who she reminds me of,' he thought as his eyes wandered back to the gunman,

Then while one of the gunmen was distracted, the woman hostage bit the man freeing herself and pushing him away.

"ACK!" the gunman screamed in pain before dropping his gun, which the woman picked up, "shoot her!" yelled the other gunman to the other man that had moved to the gun they had dropped.

As she rushed towards him, the man began to unload his weapon at Pan before she punched a supporting column knocking the last of the gunmen down, "sorry to keep you waiting!" she said to her date as he was about to sneak off, "okay, let's go see the movie!"

"Y-yeah, uh about that..." he replied nervously, "y-yeah, uh, I-I just remembered I have something I need to do. See you!"

After finishing his sentence the girl's date ran off leaving her, tear-filled and sad on the edge of depression, "he wouldn't...!" she yelled, "I've been ditched again!"

"U-um..." Goku murmured getting Pan's attention. "Pan?"

"What, what is it, the nudist boy?" Pan asked looking at the boy, blushing as she did so.

"W-wait a minute, what you're still here...?" the girl asked grabbing her backpack and desperately thinking of what she could do, before getting a good look at his exposed penis, "For Kami's sake at least cover your junk please!"


"Junk?" was all that Goku could say before he was interrupted by a police officer who was on the scene, "Hey you two where your parents, you do know that even if you're a minor indecent exposure is still an offence," the officer said to the two, "you're both coming with me."

"Wha...?" was all that Pan could utter as she was lead away by the officer. Goku stood there motionless with the police officer, not having anything to say.

The officer looked at her, "Tell that to your parents," was all the cop said back sighing as he scratched his head, "Well, in any case, you're coming with me too girly. This is going to be a long night."

"Why me!?" she asked the officer, "he's just a random perverted boy, I don't know him! He's a complete and utter stranger to me."

'Crap, how on Earth am I going to explain this to mum and dad!?' Pan thought panicking believing that if her parents found out she was hanging around with a perverted kid she would be grounded for weeks, 'no choice but grab the pervert and run.' Without a second thought, she grabbed the Saiyan boy by an arm and ran off to a nearby alleyway so fast that the police officer could only see a faint faded outline of an after-image the two disappear. 'Well, this is just perfect! I am so dead if my father finds out!' she thought not stopping for anything, dragging the boy behind her.

Pan was so panicked that she didn't really think before she acted and had dragged the guy into a dead-end alleyway. "Hey," the guy said looking around, "what are we doing here?"

Later as the girl tried to calm herself down by remaining hidden making sure they were not followed, she couldn't help but look back and stare at the naked boy, 'for a pervert, he is kinda cute,' she thought to herself letting her eyes take in every detail of his nude frame, 'I have to admit he has quite the body for a kid, I kind of want him to remain like this.'

"Why'd you run off like that?" he started up again, "you surprised me!" She remained silent, not wanting to admit she had grabbed him by surprise when she did.

"So... where did a girl like you learn to fight?" Goku asked snapping Pan back to reality but didn't hear the boys' question. She didn't answer but instead continued to stare at the guy crotch, although she was trying to act like she wasn't.

"Huh, what did you...?" the girl said in surprise as she caught herself staring at him making her blush once again.

"I said, where did a girl like you learn to fight?" he asked again. "Huh?" Pan said once again focused on the task at hand. "Err... right, Chichi made that same kind of face when she sees me naked too," Goku claimed in response as he noticed the look flustered on the girl's face.

"I... erm..." Pan stuttered as she turned away blushing again. "Ch...? Hey! don't get ahead of yourself pervert," she said back offended by the implied statement that she was perverted, ignoring and forgetting the name drop that he made, "just because you're kind of cute you think..." "Wait, what?" he said in genuine surprise, "what did you just say?"

The boy stood there in confusion when she stopped mid-sentence as her eyes drifted back down his lower body, "You keep looking at my crotch," he stated bluntly, "does that mean you want to touch me?"

"Touch!? Of course not! Who do you think..." Pan replied unable to form a completed sentence taken aback by Goku's question.

"So why then were you staring at my crotch for the last minute or so?" The girl blushed once again, getting annoyed at herself for doing so. "You can touch me, I don't mind," he said with an innocent smile, "I did sort of touch you first after all, so I guess it's only fair."

The invitation to touch that the boy made, really got under her skin but she couldn't bring her to say anything and reject what she considered a perverted suggestion. In fact; she was considering taking him up on his offer, "S-should I... really?" the girl said thinking out loud as she began to bite the skin of her lip.

"Come on, you know you want to," he said capitalizing on her inner pervert that was screaming for him to take the lead, "how hard can it be?"

"I... I don't know," she answered honestly struggling to not let her inner pervert take over completely, it isn't that easy with him as a leader.

"Sure you can," he answered her outspoken thoughts as inched forward towards the girl, reaching out his hand to grab hers.

"I guess if it'll make you happy then..." she started before he interrupted her with his statement, "Happy?" he asked as if thinking it over.

"What are you..." was all she could say as she felt the warmth of his hand on hers, guiding it to his exposed privates.

"Well, are you going to hold it or what?" She wanted to say no but she also didn't want to hurt his feelings, "Fine," she said squeezing the hand for a second before releasing.

Any thought of doubt or hesitation completely left Pan when she felt her hand brush lightly against the Saiyan boys' testicles, "Go ahead," he said before realising her hand and placing both of his hands behind his back not thinking about what the implications of his earlier gesture, giving Pan full access to his body.

"Wow, they're really big," she said as her hands gripped them tightly as if afraid they would escape, "and hard."

Then throwing caution to the wind, the girl began to kneel before the boy, letting her curiosity get the better of her, 'I guess I can indulge the pervert, I've never been this close with a boy like this before,' she thought to herself as she started to lightly touch the boy's penis in front of her, 'this what it looks like close up? It's kind of cute in a weird-looking way.' She stopped herself, not wanting the moment to get too out of hand, 'I can't let myself go down this road, a perverted jerk like him? No way.'

She was about to stop and let go, cutting short the strange experience before Goku decided to speak up, "it's okay you can keep going if you like," he said starting to feel the stimulation instilling more confidence in the girl with her gaining curiosity leading her to now feel up his balls.

'This is going too far, I don't want this to go any further!' The girl thought desperately to herself while keeping her hands in place. "No, that's okay." she heard herself saying. But it wasn't okay, "Are you sure?" While Pan continued to lightly touch the penis, the shaft slowly became erect, "Wha, what the... it's getting bigger!?" she said out loud releasing her grip and couldn't stop herself from becoming flushed.

"I-it's okay, keep going," he told her while she was still recovering, 'Maybe if I act like this it'll make him not want to do this to me anymore. "We can do something more," he replied.

"No, I really don't think so," she said desperately trying not to let her voice break, 'I need to stop him before he sees how much this is affecting me. "Come on, please."

"Something more?" she asked repeating what he had just said in a form of a question.

She could feel the crotch of her pants getting tighter as the situation grew worse and worse, 'Oh no, what if he says yes?' "Yeah, something more."

Guiding her hand back onto his erection, Goku wrapped her hand around his growing cock, "yeah, it's called a handjob, you just run your hand up and down," he said moving Pan's hand up and down on the shaft.

"Jeez, I know what a handjob is, I've seen videos of this online I'm not that naive," she said back blushing deeply admitting that she may have searched for porn, "hey, what makes you think I'm gonna give you a handjob nudist boy? I've never done this before," she said as she moved her face closer to his crotch, being careful not to touch his dick with her face.

"Huh? Don't you want to give it a try? he asked in response as he released her hand and let her continue at her pace.

"Well... I mean I'm not that experienced, I mean what if I do it wrong and hurt you or something," she said with hesitation, trying to pull her head back a bit away from his crotch. "Oh what the heck, let's get this over with," she said in response with a deep blush as she gently ran her hand brushed the tip of his cock and the boy let out a soft moan of pleasure surprising Pan. The girl stopped in panic, worried about what sounded like pain coming from him, "are you okay?" she asked looking at his face.

"Yeah... it's just... your hand... it feels really good," he said in appreciation. "Don't stop, I'm fine it's just that it felt really good," the boy told her, trying to reassure the girl that he was more than okay.

With a shrug of her shoulders, she decided to continue, happy that he didn't seem to be in pain. With her confidence back she set her focus back to the erect appendage in front of her, "wah, it feels so hard... and hot," she said out loud after she had placed her hand back on the shaft. Tightening her fist around the shaft she began moving her hand up and down, she then realized that she was staring at his crotch while she was doing this.

"That's the way!" the boy said.

"It feels good, right?" the girl questioned as she ran her soft fingers along his shaft, stroking it gently before wrapping her fingers tightly around it and began to move them up and down, slowly at first, "alright nudist boy let's go at full force."

The naked boy quickly nodded in return, "yeah let's get to it," as his breathing grew heavy. Goku was beginning to enjoy himself as she continued rubbing up and down, "ah... yes keep it up," he said letting out a loud moan of pure pleasure finding it hard to find time to respond to her between the pleasures of each stroke along his length as Pan continued pumping his erect cock.

"You really like this don't you?" she asked. "Yeah...!" he responded as her hand moved up and down, with a single finger on the hand that wasn't gripping his shaft.

As he experienced the joy of a hand-job, Pan seeing the reaction of the boy decided to speed up. The girl was moving her hand up and down the shaft, going faster in confidence with the praise from the boy. Maybe a little too fast, as Goku became closer to climaxing, "Hey! Slow down, if you don't I'm gonna..." he said shortly before suddenly stopping mid-sentence as he felt so much pleasure to even speak as his penis began to ooze from the head.

Although the girl paused her hand motions for a brief moment she quickly began to speed up as she felt the warmness of his pre-cum run down her hand. "Oh so close..."

"You're going to what!?" the confused girl asked but not stopping in her actions, continuing to pump his penis at full speed feeling it throbbing getting even harder until a jet of hot semen sprayed all over her face. "eww! Did you just pee on my face!" she screamed in shock jumping to her feet with surprise smearing the white substance coating her face with her hands.

"No, it's just my Semen," Goku said trying his best to reassure her of what had just happened as his dick slowly began to deflate back to normal. "I'm gonna kill you! You pervert!" she screamed at him, looking down at her sticky hands and then smearing the stuff all over her face. "I think it's cute."

"Semen, huh!? But there's so much of it," she said back shaking the spunk of her hand as she reached for her bag, "I need to get a cloth from my bag to get this gunk off."

Then the boy suddenly moved closer to the girl and inched his face closer to hers, "Why don't you just eat it?" he suggested before sticking out his tongue and licked his cum off her face making her blush at his sudden movements.

"You're not going to get me with your flirting," she said turning her head away as she tried to wipe her face. "Wha..." was all she could say before she felt his lips met hers, pushing his semen coated tongue in her mouth.

"Mmmm... yeah," he moaned in her mouth as she tasted the saltiness of his cum, "That was good, let's do it again sometime." "Eww!"

He licks more cum off Pan's face and kissed her again, she couldn't resist the deep kiss as he began a tongue battle with her, "like that," he said to her after breaking the kiss. The girl was left in a daze until as she was about to question Goku, the girl heard the voice of someone approaching the alley.

"Man, the women of this city are unbelievable," the voice of the elderly man said with heavy breathing as he just made it to the alley, "I just accidentally touch her breasts, and she responds by chasing me down with a gun."

"S-shit!" Pan said with utter embarrassment and the guilt of being caught red-handed, pushing Goku into an overturned garbage bin. She then grabbed her backpack, took a cleaning cloth for herself and threw the rest of the bag's contents at the Saiyan boy, "Someone's coming! Quick nudist boy, put these on!"

Goku stood from the bin and dressed in the clothes he found in her bag, "Huh? Someone there? Is it you... look, lady, it was an accident..." the man said out loud as he came closer before seeing a young girl wiping her face with a cloth, "wait a minute, hey Pan, is that you? what are you doing in a place like this?"

"Huh? Pan...? Wait, that voice...?" Goku said in confusion now clothed in her Gi she gave him.

"Long time no see girl," the elderly man said.

"Master Roshi!" the boy and girl yelled in unison, surprising each other.

"Aaaand we're done," Pan said as she wiped the remaining grime off her face, "what are you doing here sir?" Master Roshi quickly turned to her, "You haven't changed a bit," said Goku.

Surprised that the boy knew him, the elder which turned out to be Master Roshi decided to study the boy, "hold on, I've seen that face before somewhere..." he said as a memory of a boy with the same face flashed through his mind, "it can't be... But it might explain that strange cloudy afternoon."

"It's me Goku," the boy replied.

"What Goku? My word, that's Goku's Ki, all right... no doubt about it" Roshi said, "What on Earth happened to you?" Master Roshi could barely hide his shock when he saw him and the visible change, "My goodness...?"

"Huh? Goku... Grandpa Goku!?" the girl said in shock in the background, "you mean, I..."

"I'll... explain everything," he said nervously as he looked down on the ground, "but first I need somewhere to rest..."

Then the elder grabbed the Saiyan lifting him, into the air, "You've been turned into a kid again!" he said.

"Ow! Put me down, will ya!" "I will when he tells me what's going on," he said and walked off with him still in his hands as she disappeared around a corner.

Looking on in shock, Pan never thought the boy could be her grandfather, 'you're kidding, right? That little kid couldn't possibly be my...' she thought with a pale face, 'and I touched his...'

"What happened to you Goku?" Roshi asked.

"I got turned into a kid with a Red Shenron by Pilaf and those other guys," Goku answered.

"Oh, no!" the elderly master said in shock.

"Don't worry about it now, how are Chichi and the others?" Goku asked.

Pan's world was crashing down around her, not only did the girl do something that she felt was indecent but more importantly, she did it with a family member, 'No no! This isn't possible!' the girl thought, shaking her head in disbelief.

"Oh, Chichi, uh..." Roshi replied before being interrupted by Pan when she screamed and jump backwards. "Y-you're my Grandpa Goku!?" she yelled pointing her finger at him.

Goku was taken aback for a moment, he forgot that his child form was still a bit of a shock to her, "Huh? Uh... yeah, I guess I am," he said confusedly.

"T-then, you're my granddaughter, Pan!?" Goku said in response.

"You... you're my..." she said in disbelief, "but... but I thought you'd be..." "I thought so too," he replied.

"What's this, you two?" the man said in surprise, "You were together, and didn't even realise it?"

"Huh? Oh... yeah, we just kind of... well you know," she said.

All the pieces were now fitting together in Goku's mind, "So, you're Pan, huh? No wonder you remind me of Chichi when you made that face when you saw me nake..." he answered before Pan rushed over to him to cover his mouth.

"Don't say that out loud, you're still our family no matter what your form!" Roshi couldn't hold back a smile when he saw the two, "You, what!?" the elder man asked.

"Nothing! It's nothing," the girl replied with a nervous laugh and turned her grandfather, "it's nothing, nothing important, right nu-Grandpa!?"

Goku sighed as he let her hug him, "Y-yeah..."

"Don't mention anything about that, will you Grandpa?" she whispered in his ear. "Huh?" was all the boy could say, "oh, if you say so..." The man looked as if he didn't catch anything that was said.

Roshi looked on in wonder, as the two whispered to each other, "Is everything alright?" he asked.

"Yes, yes," they both answered in unison, then laughed nervously. The old man looked up at the sky, "It's getting late. I have to go now."

"E-everything just fine, right!?" Pan said in response jabbing the boy in the shoulder, "R-right Grandpa?" "Just fine..." he said. "Well, then, I'll see you two later." "Yeah, see ya..." the boy said in a half-assed way of saying it.

Later that day, after their chat with Master Roshi they returned to the family home at Mount Paozu. Goku and Pan explained to the rest of the family the events that lead the two to each other, intentionally leaving out what they did in the alley, "that sounds terrible, father," Gohan said as Chichi cried.

"Not really. It's just that everything looks bigger than it was before," Goku replied, "It feels weird."

"It's awful, having a grandpa who's even smaller than I am," the girl whispered to herself.

"If it wasn't bad enough that I'm getting old, my husband looks even younger than ever!" Chichi said.

"Don't worry Chichi, nothing changed we can do the same things as before," Goku said in response.

"So, father, are you going to be leaving to search for these new Dragon Balls?"Gohan asked.

"I'm still thinking about it," he said, "Hmm, I'm not sure what to do..."

"But unless you wish upon the black star Dragon Balls, you can't return to normal, right?" Gohan asked in response.

Goku paused for a moment, and then nodded, "Yeah... guess so."

"Well, we're all behind you father any way you choose to do it."

"By the way why are you wearing Pan's Gi?" Videl asked finally noticing what Goku was wearing.

"Ah... this?" he asked, "Oh, I ran into Pan on my way here. She gave it to me."


"Well..." Goku answered before being interrupted by King Kai. "Goku! Goku! Goku and his family!" his disembodied voice yelled.

"Is that you, King Kai?" Goku asked in response.

"That's right. As it happens, I did some more looking into these Black Star Dragon Balls," King Kai replied, "and I found out something terrible."

"Something terrible?" Goku said in surprise having a bad feeling.

"The Black Star Dragon Balls are very unstable," King Kai answered, "if we don't find them within one year, they could bring havoc to the galaxy destroying stars and planets in their wake."

"T-that can't be...!" Gohan replied, "So if the Dragon Balls aren't brought together within the year, they could destroy the innocent lives of other planets."

"Yes I'm afraid so," King Kai said in response.

A new, galaxy-shaking tale in the legend of Goku, the likes of which no one has ever seen or heard before, is about to begin!

To be continued...

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