Infinity Times Two

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A/N: I’m not going to lie. This story was born to help get my creative juices going again after having been physically injured and therefore depressed there for a while, and needing a lemon. I hope for it to turn into a real adventure for our heroes as they travel through space, learning more about themselves and each other. I am hoping to make a more realistic coming together of Goku and Vegeta. Most of my stories are too fluffy or mushy. When in reality they wouldn’t be lovers or mates at first, as a true relationship is earned, so it will begin as Saiyajin urges, lust, sex and mutual tolerance. Actual love between them will come later. I also wanted a more realistic Piccolo and Nail story and eventual Gohan and Dende, so they will have huge parts in the story as well. This is just the beginning and we’ll have to see how things evolve. And hopefully I’ll have some chapters in other stories completed soon. But I am certainly not going to stress it. Life is too precious to take for granted. Anyhow, thanks for reading. Please don't be afraid to let me know what you think, because I do feel rusty.

“Infinity Times Two”


“You dirty, stinking brats!”

“Wait. We’ve only had two wishes granted so far, so there is still one wish to be granted,” Gohan quickly answered the irate Vegeta. But as Vegeta’s hackles simmered down some, Gohan did not get to catch the rest of what he and Kuririn said; a familiar presence tapping his mind.

Gohan, can you hear me son?

“Tousan? Are you all better now? How-?”

No. There is probably some time left for me to heal completely. But don’t worry about that. Hurry and have Dende tell the dragon to use the final wish to make both full-blooded Saiyajin on the planet completely immortally young. Hopefully that can count as one wish.


It’s not exactly what I want. But Vegeta can take care of things until I can get out there. Ya only got one wish left, and I am not so sure we’d be able to take on that powerful monstrosity headed your way, even if I was at full power. Hurry son! Tell Dende now!

“Dende, tell the dragon to make both full-blooded Saiyajin on Namek completely immortally young. Hurry!”

Vegeta dropped Kuririn then—he had been this close to killing him for arguing with his demands—his attention swiftly going to both Gohan and Dende.

Dende was unsure, but after seeing his friend’s earnest and imploring eyes, Dende hurriedly went to Polunga and began telling the exasperated God of Dreams the very specific wish in Namekian.

“Very well, this can be done,” grumbled the mighty dragon, his eyes glowing red and everyone quiet a moment. “It is do-” but before the dragon could finish his sentence, he stilled, dispersed, brilliant light bathing the area until he was seen no more; the sky returning to normal and the Dragon Balls changing and dropping to the ground as regular large pale stones.

The next moment, the pompous intergalactic over-privileged tyrant Freeza was upon them…

“…Don’t worry. Your individuality will be yours. I will be yours…” The merging of two great Nameks whom had just met took place in order to become a greater one, to fight the monster that had heartlessly annihilated their people.

What’s this? I feel different somehow, yet the same. Can I…? Am I really…?  Thank you great Dragon of Namek. I won’t let ya down.

Finally accepting the extra gift of full rejuvenation from Polunga; Goku busted his way out of the Medical Machine on Freeza’s ship, determinedly making his way to the battle. Perhaps the grand Dragon yearned in his own right for his people to be avenged too, bending the rules some with the last of his will.

When Goku got to the scene his eyes narrowed in anger. The monster that must have been Freeza was holding Vegeta around the neck with his tail, pummeling him like a speed bag; blood just oozing from his nose and mouth, Kuririn, Gohan and the small Namekkuseijin child nearby obviously wanting to help but unable to, cringing while they watched in certain horror.

Feeling stronger than ever, Goku jetted to just in front of Freeza; causing the large horned monster to pause before tossing Vegeta’s limp unconscious body aside.

“What is this now? And just whom might you be?” quipped the pompous now large pink, purple and white horned tyrant.

“I am the Saiyajin of Chikyuu. I have felt the agony and humiliation of the people of Saiya and Namek, and I will be your end.”

“Hoh? Will you now? I am not even at my strongest and your pathetic excuse for a prince is laying ass-up in the dirt. What more do you think you could bring? Hmm?” cajoled Freeza haughtily.

Goku answered with a fist to face, knocking the spoiled arrogant tyrant into a crater.

Once he finally got his bearings back, Freeza growled; wiping the copious blood from his busted nose, glaring hatefully at the orange-dogi-wearing Saiyajin.

“How dare you cause me pain! How dare you damage my face! Unforgivable!”

Freeza began powering up then; the transformation hard and lengthened as he was skipping to his final form. He would not admit it, but he felt unnerved within, shaken for the first time in his life. There was something different about this new Saiyajin, something dangerous. But there was no way he could possibly beat him, the Great Freeza. He would never let himself be overcome by some filthy monkey!

Vegeta groaned as bones and tissues seemed to take their time knitting back into proper place, stirring as his body finally began to realign. But once he was able to stand, he grinned devilishly. He hadn’t been sure at first. After all, he had taken quite a beating for a while there, the agony of damage still so real and visceral, but he was certain now. He was truly immortal. He would be dead and broken otherwise. The wish had gone through after all. And he felt much stronger after being taken to the brink of death. If he wasn’t yet, he would become a Super Saiyajin, and Freeza would surely die…

Piccolo finally made it to the party from another place on the grand planet, going to stand near Gohan, his eyes widening as he felt the extraordinary power emanating from the monstrously transforming Freeza.

Finally standing and brushing himself off, Vegeta shared an intense eye-lock with Goku for a moment; much communicated without words. It was not at all what either of them wanted; burning both their warrior and Saiyajin spirits. But until they were strong enough, they would have to fight together, avenge their people; pride be damned.

Piccolo remained silent. Though he burned inside, he knew a quiet resolution—however temporary—had been reached between Goku and Vegeta. He would continue to observe. If they needed help, he would give it. He was no fool. He knew what he himself was capable of. And though his blood boiled to vanquish that pompous murdering monstrosity Freeza with his own hands, he would be pleased to know it was done at all. 

Piccolo, Gohan, Kuririn and Dende watched in silent fascination as the battle commenced once again; their spirits humbled but anxious as they felt the intense power emanating from each senshi, their eyes struggling to keep up.

Freeza grinned as each foolish monkey took turns having a go at him to no avail; avidly thrashing each back down to the planet in a crater of dust, making Piccolo’s eye twitch. Hadn’t the two of them reached a temporary pact? It just was not yet possible for them to beat Freeza going at him alternately. They needed to go at him together-

Piccolo cringed as he heard two necks snap with clarity, one after the other; he swiftly tossing off his cape and turban and jetting to Freeza as two Saiyajin bodies fell to Namekkusei limp. He would buy them some time. He had heard the wish to Polunga. As long as Vegeta and Goku were immortal there was hope. He just hoped they got strong enough soon. Dastardly villains tend too often to do foolish things to take everyone down when they believe they can’t win. And he could feel that though Freeza was still much stronger than all of them, he was beginning to lose his patience. He would hold on as long as he could. Hopefully both Saiyajin would be strong enough after immortally regenerating, after those devastating blows.

Kuririn covered Gohan and Dende’s eyes, though still watching himself, holding each child close. Children ought not to have to witness such bloodshed. And though he knew, had witnessed firsthand just how incredible of a young warrior Gohan already was; he knew the yasashii senshi ought not to have to see his father’s body be so brutally broken again. He had already had to help beat it up when Ginyu was in it. His young mind had already endured way more than it ought to have at that point. And even he had had enough bloodshed for one lifetime, fervently hoping that Goku and Vegeta would not have to have their bodies wrecked again; that this time they would finally put that pompous universal oppressor down for good.

Though, even he finally had to turn his eyes away when he witnessed Freeza grab Piccolo from behind, wrap his putrid white tail around him to secure his limbs, he yelling out as Freeza crushed him tightly, biting into his neck, beginning to drink his blood like some fictional blood-gorging monster.

But Piccolo and the Nail within him extraordinarily kiaied then with all the fury and resentment of the Namek people and planet; busting out of Freeza’s hold and kicking him as hard as he could in the face, turning and beginning to swiftly blast him with as many pointblank kikohas as possible.

Once the smoke cleared, Freeza smirked devilishly before slapping Piccolo so hard with his tail his teeth clicked. Piccolo tried to shake it off. But in a moment too fast for him to sense, let alone counter; Freeza thrust a fist into and through Piccolo’s abdomen, blasting through the other side with power, laughing condescendingly as Piccolo’s body slid off his arm and began to fall to the ground from high above.

Something snapped within Gohan then. He had long since urged his way out of Kuririn’s grasp, the moment he had felt his shishou fighting the pale arrogant monster. And as he watched Piccolo’s body fall limply to the ground, a fire erupted within him like no other time; sending him up to meet the pale white and purple demon Freeza.

His rage allowed him to get a barrage of powerful hits on Freeza for a few. But in the split of a second, Gohan’s eyes widened as he suddenly felt the most simultaneously frigid and scorching pang through his young torso, like lava and ice kept taking turns ganging up on his organs. Freeza had impaled him with his tail as it was saturated with fierce glowing power, his dastardly pink eyes grinning down at the boy devilishly before sickeningly flicking him off his tail.

“You see all you filthy monkey and slug garbage! None of you can lift a finger to me. Now lower your heads and die with a little sense. For, certainly you have never had any dignit-” Freeza’s reprehensible rant caught in his throat as his eyes caught a glimpse of the impossible. “No. No. NO! Neither of you should be able to move! What the hell is…?!”

Standing up again, spinal cord finally realigned, even Vegeta trembled with awe as he peered at Goku incredulously. Goku’s eyes were colder than death, particles vibrating around him, his hair and eyes beginning to harden and fluctuate from black to gold and teal, sparks of awesome power coruscating around him as wrath erupted in him unlike any other time in life. His Gohan, his little boy had been murdered and tossed aside like refuse. Absolutely unforgivable! And he flew.

Goku began beating the living hell out of Freeza; beginning with a furious kick to the groin to off-center him, bombarding his flesh wherever he could with his mighty fists, grasping Freeza firmly by the scruff of his neck and jack slapping his face with all the rage his spirit could muster.  

Back on the ground little Dende hurriedly began healing his first real friend from Chikyuu, tears of relief filling his young eyes that it hadn’t been too late; he quickly going over to Piccolo next and doing the same. Even Kuririn let out a sigh of relief. Though, his eyes quickly traveled back up to the violent beating taking place up in the sky, awe filling his person as he felt his best friend and the greatest warrior he had ever known continue to deliver a severe dose of justice.

Vegeta continued to observe with silent umbrage, his nails digging into his palms as he watched another of his birthrights stolen from him. No. Kakarotto may have reached the pinnacle of their people before him, but he would not be far behind. And so help him, he would deliver the finishing blow to that world-thieving, genociding, kidnapping, poor excuse for an autocrat!

Freeza was becoming frantic. Never in his life had he experienced such pain and humiliation. He would not have it! Jerking his way out of Goku’s reach, Freeza began to build a giant ball of energy and death; making it as large as swiftly as he possibly could.

But Goku wasn’t having it, jetting and kicking Freeza hard in the face before it could fully form, making the grand ball of energy dissipate.

“Hurry up and power up to 100% Freeza. I know you’re still hiding power that you are afraid to bring up, lest you not be enough to contain and wield it. We are going finish this right. You will not be allowed to take the cowards’ way out,” commanded Goku fiercely, everyone on the planet feeling a slight chill at his tone and visage.

Freeza growled with vehement ire, capillaries showing in his manic eyes. He would not lose to some overpowered monkey! He began then to call up the last dregs of his power.

Goku and Freeza began to fight again, blow for extraordinary powerful blow; the entire planet shaking and shifting under their onslaught. But Goku became bored fast. It was obvious Freeza was no match for him now, and knowing that Gohan was okay-

Don’t you dare Kakarotto. If you try any of that soft asinine shit now, I will never forgive you. Some people do not deserve another chance. If you let him go, you will be no better than him. For, one of the greatest crimes in the Universe is allowing genuinely evil ones to persist. Honor the Saiya, our people. Hell, even honor the people of Namek. But do not let that dastard get away to do evil again to anyone else! That will be a dishonor to us all and you will be a willing accomplice in his next crimes otherwise. You are Super Saiyajin. Now finish it right!

Goku’s eyes widened as he heard Vegeta’s earnest plea directly in his mind. Perhaps Vegeta was right. Perhaps he was too lenient with villains. He certainly never wanted more innocents to suffer and die because of him. But he had to be sure.

Swiftly locking Freeza in a hold from behind, Goku began siphoning Freeza’s mind like he had Kuririn’s when he had first arrived, only less kindly; the forced probing causing Freeza enough agony and confusion to stall his movements. Horror and fury erupted within Goku again then at all he learned Freeza had done and had others do under his name, all compassion Goku might have had for him draining away from him entirely.

Deliver the final blow Vegeta Ouji. His kill is yours just as much as it is mine.

Vegeta’s eyes widened before narrowing slowly. Kakarotto’s words thrilled him and killed his pride at the same consistency, causing him severe conflicted feelings. But he knew now was the time; he powering up to his current max and flying up to Kakarotto and the still discombobulated Freeza he held.

With a move only he and Kakarotto could see clearly, Vegeta thrust his power glowing fist into Freeza’s chest; grasping tightly to multiple organs and tearing them out as he harshly removed his fist, causing Freeza to gag on his own blood. Vegeta grinned wickedly then, moving behind and grasping Freeza’s tail, snapping it in four different places; causing the once pompous fool to cry out and beg for his own pathetic life. Vegeta relished the moment wholeheartedly, smirking as he caught Kakarotto’s cold teal eyes urging him to finish it.

With me, he pushed Kakarotto on a mental note; quite pleased when Kakarotto suddenly grasped onto Freeza’s skull and harshly forced it around a full 360 degrees. And as Kakarotto nonchalantly tossed the limp body up into the air, Vegeta could not help feeling a new thrill for him; blasting Freeza’s body along with him with his simultaneous blast of power until there was not a remain of the dastard.

Back on the ground all that watched had widened eyes full of apprehension. Had the extraordinary transformation changed Goku somehow? Were they safe? What…?

Once both Saiyajin touched down in front of them, Piccolo was the first to speak; his tone and demeanor remaining even though his spirit was a bit unnerved. “Son? Are you-?”

“I’m better than ever,” interrupted Goku coolly, his Super Saiyajin transformation still going strong, Vegeta leering at him from the side with more novel conflicting feelings growing for him by the moment. “You should either stay here Piccolo, if you wish, as it is your home world. Or you go back to Chikyuu with Kuririn and Bulma in the ship I came here in. The choice is yours.”

“Actually, I would prefer to go with you, Son Goku,” answered and asked Piccolo seriously, his warrior pride aching something fierce; though he set it aside, knowing he could become much stronger if he stayed with him.

Gohan had been staring at his father with wide eyes for a while now, not sure what to say to him.

“How ‘bout you Gohan? Would you rather go back home to Chikyuu and your mother, or train out here with your father for a while?”

Gohan looked to Piccolo and then back to his father. “I would like train with you and Piccolo-san, Otousan,” answered Gohan as politely as possible. Though slightly disquieted, he did not want to leave his father or Piccolo yet.

“Alright then. Kuririn, you and Bulma take my ship back to Chikyuu. Let everyone know things are alright and we’ll eventually return.”

“But Goku-” Kuririn’s voice caught in his throat as Goku’s cold teal eyes peered at him intensely, not liking the hint of insubordination. “O-okay Goku. I guess I’ll see ya back on Chikyuu,” emitted Kuririn softly, swallowing thickly as he flew to find Bulma, wherever she was on Namekkusei then.

Piccolo and Gohan both yearned to say something but decided to remain silent for the moment. Goku was obviously not his usual self.

Vegeta couldn’t help the smug smirk that painted his face. He was beginning to like the new Kakarotto immensely. While he didn’t care for the Namek and half-breed brat to follow them through space, he was liking how Saiyajin Kakarotto was being, thrilled at him taking charge, almost licking his lips.

“Kita Kaio-sama, tell Chikyuu’s Kami to gather the Dragon Balls and use them to wish everyone back to life who has been murdered by, massacred or died because of Freeza, his minions, soldiers, ex and otherwise; except the real evil ones,” urged Goku evenly.

Yeesh. You’re getting pretty bossy. I hope you don’t let all that power go to your head kid. Alright Goku. I am on it, telepathically answered Kita Kaio with a sigh.

“Thank you Kaio-sama.” Then Goku finally let go of the transformation, sighing heavily before popping his neck. “I need a shower and then a nice hot bath,” he finished out of nowhere.

For the first time since all the rapidly escalating chaos began, little Dende found the courage to speak up. “Once my brothers are brought back to life, I am sure they would not mind accommodating you as long as you would like to stay here on Namekkusei.” He did not at all want to part with Gohan yet. He was his first real friend. While he loved all his brothers and their planet dearly, his young heart yearned for something more.

Goku grinned at the young child before gently petting both his and Gohan’s heads. “You may come with us too if ya would like. Perhaps some of your brothers could help repair Freeza’s ship for me.”

“I am sure they could, Son-san,” answered Dende softly, he and Gohan smiling for the first time in what seemed ages.

Vegeta frowned then. What the hell? They were not going to be able to properly train if they were babysitting whelps. And what about that wish? Those poor weaklings were already dead. What good did it bring to return them to life? He should have asked for-

“Why don’t you, Gohan and Piccolo stay at one of the villages for a while. I’ll find you later. Vegeta, I would appreciate your assistance,” finished Goku seriously, beginning to fly back to Freeza’s ship.

Vegeta had almost barked a stream of vicious invectives at Kakarotto for his insolence, but held back as the wild-haired Saiyajin peered back at him with a look that sent thrills up his spine; following after him avidly.

“Is my father alright Piccolo-san?” asked Gohan with large questioning eyes.

“I think so Gohan. He is still Son Goku. The life that he has lived up to this point is not lost. But I think that new transformation has opened him up to more of his Saiyajin side. We may just have to be extra careful around him until he gets a good hold of himself.”

Gohan sighed softly then; flying quietly from then on with his dear shishou and newest friend Dende.

Vegeta grunted as he was harshly shoved to the shower wall, easily denting it, latching onto Kakarotto’s naked body and thrusting his eager tongue into his sultry mouth; both moaning as their tongues slithered across one another and deeper into the other’s mouth.

Pleasantly warm-hot water rained down upon their wet muscular forms; their movements becoming more frantic as their lust heightened, pristine cut muscle rubbing up against the same, both Saiyajin panting in eager.

“Are you going fuck me or tease me Kakarotto?” finally pushed Vegeta, tingling too perfectly to want to wait any longer.

“Actually, I was hoping you’d do me. Make me feel only you inside me, if only for a little while,” answered Goku haggardly, much silent anguish in his dark eyes. Then Vegeta knew what Kakarotto must know, what he must have seen and absorbed from Freeza. Why the need to feel something else profoundly ached his entire being.

No more words were said; Vegeta grasping and shoving Goku up against the same wall he’d been, lifting his hips and forcing his engorged member up into Goku with a single thrust, both hissing through their teeth at the abrupt forced connection.

Goku was beyond words. Though pain was fierce and unlike anything he’d ever experienced, it was nothing compared to the anguish now a part of his soul; the naive innocence verily raped from his person long before Vegeta’s entering him. So Goku urged Vegeta to continue with a lick to his ear; making him growl low in the throat before pulling out and thrusting back up and into the receiving Saiyajin again.

Thrust! Goku wrapped his legs around Vegeta’s hips and came down on him stroke for fevered stroke; willing the images and voices now part of his mind to quiet at least for a little while, greedily accepting whatever Vegeta gave him, biting his lip to keep from screaming.

Part of Vegeta observed Kakarotto almost surgically; imprinting it all to memory. This type of sex was nothing new to him. The universe wasn’t as mediocre and limited as Chikyuu. Though it was the first time he’d been with one of his own kind as such. And another part of him was still fascinated that it—that anything that had occurred recently had veritably happened. He had to admit, it was the best sex of his life and he wasn’t even close to climax yet. It was just damn good. The feeling of Kakarotto throbbing around him, the rich musky scent of their thick blood and fluids mixing—the power, essence and wonder that could only come from another Saiyajin—it was all more than he could adequately bring to words. But he relished it all heartily just the same. Truly savoring the way Kakarotto kept whispering his name in rote as if he were his god. It surely delighted Vegeta to no end, he dipping in closer and stealing Goku’s lips with his own once more, his tongue thrusting in to taste that rare sweetness once more.   

Goku panted harder, Vegeta punctuating each breathe with a thrust; smirking as a thought came to him. Kakarotto truly wanted to feel only him then, so be it. Maneuvering his tail tip up to Goku’s lips, without losing the rhythm of his strokes, Vegeta began pushing it between them, causing Goku’s eyes to open. “Suck it,” he commanded smugly.

Goku smirked back at him, bringing his own tail up to Vegeta’s lips in answer.

“Very well Kakarotto. As you wish.” And Vegeta opened his mouth in a perfect “O”, allowing Goku’s thick immaculate Saiyajin tail into his mouth as far as he could take it without choking, allowing in and out, doing the same with his own tail in Goku’s mouth; both moaning incomprehensively as tears, saliva and other fluids collected and drained down their hardened bodies with the runoff of the shower.

After a while they began humping each other more frantically; thrashing, urging the other further, an apex now in viable reach. Though, the sheer pleasure was already overwhelming. And with a sudden burst of pure corporeal bliss, they both came; power beginning to emanate from each and light up the entire bath and shower room like small suns might, both moaning loudly until they were thoroughly liberated of their seed.    

After leaning on Goku’s wet hot body awhile, Vegeta pulled out and eased him down to stand on his own. Goku immediately groaned, almost falling over, holding his back but said nothing; quickly washing once more and thanking Vegeta before stepping out of the shower.

“Anytime Kakarotto. Anytime.”

“I do not understand. I thought you wanted us to be separate beings again. I and my brothers’ dear parent and Sai Chourou offered the last of his shortly returned life to separate us as only he could. You should be grateful.”

“I did. I am grateful. I just… The tremendous gap in my power in comparison to the Saiyajin…”

“I know. Their power is overwhelming. And now that they are both immortal… I hope the one you call Son Goku doesn’t give in to the pain and confusion. I can feel that there is a heaviness to his spirit that wasn’t there before. And the other certainly has blood and vileness saturated upon his soul. Our only hope is that they somehow balance each other out.”

“And how the hell do we even know that they will stay together? Huh?!”

“We don’t. But they are the last of their kind Piccolo. No one truly wants to be alone forever. And knowing that you are the last of a kind naturally draws you to the other. Whether or not they like each other, they will be drawn to each other. One won’t stay away from the other long.”

“Speaking of which, Nail, why have you been hanging around me for the past few days? You are your own being now and there are plenty of your brothers on the planet again. What is your purpose in seeking me out?”

“You are the first Namek I have ever met that I was not closely related to… I was part of you, if only for a short time. Though you blocked my mind fiercely, I could feel that no matter what you believe, you are an extraordinary decent spirit. There is no comparison, but we are both warriors at least… I am honored to know you; would like to get to know you better. If you go with the Saiyajin or anywhere else, I wish to go with you.”

Piccolo’s eyes narrowed then, he turning to peer strongly at Nail. He couldn’t be serious, could he? “What about your duties to your brothers? Aren’t you the strongest warrior they’ve got? What happens if you leave?”

Nail sighed before answering. “I have already spoken to all my brothers. They understand. Yes, we are the last of the Nameks. But we are our own persons too. Now that our mutual parent is gone, it is up to us to live the best we can as we see fit, on our own terms. Some of my brothers have already begun procreating children of their own to help replenish the planet. It was our parent’s dying wish that we all follow our hearts to what would make each of us most happy.”

“First, you’re a fool if you think you would be happy with me. Second, I am not interested Nail. So you’d best-”

“I think you will change your mind eventually. But even if you do not wish for me to be your mate; I am already your comrade, your friend and your companion. That will not change. You have already touched my heart, my soul Piccolo.”

Piccolo sighed heavily then. I must be getting soft. Something in his eyes just won’t let me turn him away. He is a fool, but a humble decent soul. Am I really so eager to be through with him? We could always part later. But, I have no idea what going along with the Saiyajin will be like. Any danger could occur and-

“I will promise nothing but you can come with us for a while, and only under one condition.”


“When the Dragon Balls are active again, have your elder brother and new Sai Chourou Tsuno make us both immortally young.”

Nail’s eyes widened considerably with genuine incredulity. “But that’s-”

“If you are coming with me and them for any amount of time, I am not going to worry about our safety. We may not be able to as easily exponentially up our sentou ryokus after being near death like the Saiyajin, but we can still train to get as strong as we possibly can while we are. We are extraordinary in our own rights.

“I know they won’t wait for a Namekian year to be up either, so your brother will have to make the wish while we are off planet. If you can’t accept that, you may as well stay here,” barked Piccolo coldly, hoping that would deter any further thought on the subject and successfully push Nail away for good.

There was a severe sadness evident in Nail’s arduous warrior eyes then, though his face remained strong; making Piccolo regret his continuous harsh words and treatment of him and respect him all the more. Though, he was taken off-guard when Nail suddenly gave him a solid warrior embrace of the arms before pulling away to gaze fervently into his eyes. “You have my word Piccolo; if that is what you wish, it shall be done. But whatever I become to you, I will not leave your side. I was not lying when I said ‘…I will be yours…’”

Piccolo quickly looked away, his face remaining stern, not at all enjoying the sudden throbbing warmth in his chest. “Whatever. Your life, your choice, your responsibility. I’ll hear of no complaints later.” And with that, Piccolo finally left the room, taking to the ever sunny Namek skies to clear his head for a while.

Gohan and Dende curled up together once more when it was time for slumber. Neither child was quite ready for the drastic turn their young lives had taken. Their one solace was that the adults leading their lives had relented in agreeing to let them go through the next chapter of their lives together.

Until The Next…

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