Uncertainty and Pride

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Disclaimer: I do not own DBZ or anything of the sort and I make no money from writing this piece of fanfiction

I do not own DBZ or anything of the sort and make no profit whatsoever from writing this piece of fanfiction!

I am pleased to introduce this story which is wholly completed (for once)! This is a little different from what I usually write, it's not as long, but I have found upon it's completion that I love this story and am happy to share it with you.

Enjoy :D


               Prince Vegeta and his father, the King, were sitting outside eating dinner by themselves (with a respectable amount of servants to serve them of course) and observing the city below them.

               Once the servants cleared their table and left completely, King Vegeta turned to his son, and with a twinkle in his eye of both understanding and wisdom, he told his son, “One day soon all of this will be yours.” Prince Vegeta smirked at him, but his eyes were lifeless, and the King mused on how to awaken them again, and he tried his best every day. His son had long since given up any zest for life, other than training, and, truth be told, he worried about him more than he’d like to admit.

The only response the Prince gave was, “Not too soon, I hope, father.”

               The King smirked and scoured the land, watching his people all working dutifully and peacefully, for the most part. He said, “I think I may just hand over the crown before I die, you know. In fact, I will pick the date soon.”

               The Prince looked at him strangely, surprised by his choice, but he made no reply.

               King Vegeta said to him, “I wish for you to assume the position sooner than perhaps you expected, but I think it is for the best. There are many men who you can choose from to be your right hand. Do you have any ideas for that?”

               “Father, please, I just ate, don’t make me sick,” the Prince said with a sour look on his face.

               The King laughed gently at him and said, “I trust you to make the right decision, but make a decision you must. You will have to get used to doing that. Now, listen,” he leaned in towards his son, his large form casting shadows as he moved, and he whispered, “I want you to know one thing, so that it doesn’t tear you apart inside in the years to come when I am not here: There are many decisions that you might make that even you will come to disagree with over time. There are many choices to be made, and you may find out that you have made a wrong one, and you must live with those consequences in the form of personal demons, as well as eternal scrutiny from your subjects.”

               “In secrecy and dignity, yes, I’m aware,” the Prince replied sarcastically, but he only halfway understood what his father meant.

               King Vegeta went on to say, knowing that his son was listening whether he was acting like it or not, “I should like to think that you will make all the right decisions where it counts, especially in regards to yourself and your own happiness, as well as that of our peoples way of life, and I should like to hope that you will decide what is right in long run, before giving judgement in short term affairs, and I should like to think, moreover, that you will recognize the difference when those tricky situations arise.”

               Prince Vegeta replied, puffing out his chest and crossing his arms, “It’s a tangled web we weave, when we become involved in other Saiyan’s lives, and when we allow them into our own. If I had it my way, I would do it all on my own, and save myself the trouble of having to judge good or ill in any of the circumstances which you just mentioned.”

               “I can see that you still think you’re a one man army,” The King laughed, and said, “Trust me, son, I never thought that I would end up doing the things that I did, and the worst of them…though they torment me, I have found peace even from their memory, and I do not regret all the choices I made, not when it comes to my contentment. I have found happiness, even amidst the turmoil of nightmares and mistakes from my past.” The Prince looked at him out of the corner of his eyes, shocked to hear such a statement, and he knew of whom all his joy was directed, and he wondered about their relationship as his father explained, “All I’m saying is that I wish that for you, and I hope that you recognize the good things in life when they’re happening.”

Chapter 1

It was high past-noon, if you could even call it that on Planet Vegeta. The sky was always some shade or other of red and orange in the day, with hints of pinks and yellows often swirling about, and blue and purple at night, frosting along in the glitter of the stars in the darkness. Noon to the planet Earth would look bright and blue with white clouds, but Planet Vegeta was different, to say the least.

               Kakarot lay on the grass outside of his father’s humble, but plenteous and happy home, where he awaited the summons which was long overdue. He hummed to himself in disappointment, for no matter how hard he tried, he is never wholly unaware of his circumstances, be they what they are, which will be explained shortly. Today, though, for the young and restless Saiyan, things were changing in his world in a way he didn’t expect, not so soon at least.

               It’s Coronation day for the Prince of all Saiyans, Prince Vegeta. Every Saiyan will be watching the ceremony from one place or another. Kakarot, however, just so happens to be one of the lucky few to actually attend the prestigious party and how dreadful he felt about it. He didn’t wish to see the Prince, not yet, it was too soon.

               Kakarot groaned as he lay flat on his back and wished for the millionth time that he could be excused from the invitation, but he knew it wasn’t an option. He heard quiet footsteps coming off from behind him in the distance, and he could tell by the swift patter that it was his father, Bardock. He sat up as the man approached quickly and said even before Bardock could speak, “I’ll do anything if you’ll tell everyone I’m dying of a terrible disease today.”

               Bardock smirked at him and replied, “Child, what could I want from you that I haven’t already got? I have your respect and love, do I not?”

               Kakarot stood up and turned around, looking his father square in the eye. Their understanding of one another was deeper than anyone would guess. Now no one but Bardock knows Kakarot’s secret, and no one but Kakarot knows Bardock’s.  Kakarot replied, “Of course you do. I just… wish I could make this all stop from happening.”

               “Why are you afraid of it? For all you know it won’t be true at all and nothing will come of it.”

               “How could you be so cruel?” Kakarot laughed at the irony, and he admitted, “I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want it to be true… but…” He began to pace, walking past his father in concerned footsteps, saying “I’m constantly fighting this battle of ‘who am I?’ It’s not right. I’ll be tearing Prince Vegeta’s world apart, for what, a happier ending? What a happy ending he could have without me, if I just stay away!”

               Bardock grew closer to him as he frowned with a stern chin. He reached forward, putting a hand on his son’s shoulder and said, “Why do you begrudge yourself your own future?”

               “It just doesn’t make sense.”

               Bardock perceived him for what he truly meant, and he said, “You are no mere third-class and sometimes certain events in the universe cannot be wholly explained. He will understand.”

               Kakarot shook his head and said, “I’ll be taking him away from everything that was planned for him, everything he’s been expecting- everything he must already want!”

               “You don’t know that, and I daresay tonight I will discover the truth,” Bardock spoke, and the gleam in his eye did not go unseen by his second son.

               Kakarot pouted but turned at his father’s urging and proceeded to walk the distance to their home to get ready. His father let him linger long enough, and if he doesn’t make himself ready soon, his brother Raditz will have something else to say about it, and not as kindly as his father.

               Kakarot knew that this was probably what the psychic meant when he said he would never be able to avoid it as he admonished him on the topic. Kakarot though, upon hearing the shocking information, was torn in two, and has been for some years now. He was only sixteen years old when he first discovered his dilemma, and keeping the information from the Prince seemed rather more than easy. Why would someone of his status ever be called to see the man in person? It seemed something more of a joke than anything promissory.

               His doom, or luck, or simply, fate, would have it, though, that his older brother, who was already a part of the Prince’s guards, moved in to the castle shortly thereafter. Raditz has known the Prince all of his life (as much as anyone can ever really know a Prince without dating him) and now that he lives in his home, their relationship has grown still more personal and intimate than the Prince’s relationships was with most others. All of this has inevitably brought the Son family much closer to the castle than Kakarot would have liked.

In light of this, he’s managed to successfully avoid attending anything the Prince has ever invited him to, always saying he was sick or indisposed in one way or another. He always hoped he could come up with new excuses, and never considered that his poor manners in refusing the Prince might create a hostile temperament towards him, in spite of his own insignificance. This time, though, it seems that he has no choice and he must meet the Prince.

               The fact of the matter is that Kakarot’s experience with the psychics and his father’s powers, which were both secret, came about in the same manner, but the results created very different effects for each man. For Bardock, he gained the ability to read minds and see the future, but for Kakarot, he saw into a distant universe, a story which cannot be wholly recollected here, but there was more than truth in it- there was certainty. That is what Kakarot has never been able to let go of, the proof that the story was all true.

In that place and time, that Kakarot went by the name of Goku and that Vegeta no longer had a planet to be Prince of.  They fought each other and then they fought together, and they became far more powerful than anything that this world has ever seen. They even fell in love with one another, more completely and beautifully than anything he could compare it to. Still, his heart wrenched as he thought about the irony of it all. The psychic man had said that Prince Vegeta would remain unaware until he met eyes with Kakarot’s, and from there their true future would surely unfold. The worst part, Kakarot wanted it to happen. He wanted it because he saw the happiness at the end of the story. Prince Vegeta loved him genuinely, and he loved him back, it was near perfection, and although it was so strange, he knew it all to be true, and so he avoided the chance of it happening at all costs for many good reasons.

Besides, to his knowledge, which is well-sourced, it’s his understanding that Prince Vegeta already has a serious lover, (and many side flings, actually) and although today there’s not going to be a mergament*, today is the day the Prince becomes a King, and can then determine for himself who to bind himself to.

Bardock watched his son carefully. He knew of the dangers involved in these circumstances, but there was nothing that could be done. It’s been twenty six since his doom on Kanassa and his new powers, and (since not all of the Kanassan’s died) ten years since the incident with Kakarot, so they’ve had a lot of time to work on themselves and plan for the events, but nothing could prepare them for the actuality of it all. Bardock has been seeing visions for all this time, and he’s learned much, but his questions are never really answered, they just bring up more curious thoughts. He’s learned to deal with the fact that some of his visions happen the next day, and some of them leave no trace of their time-line, they simply occur out of nowhere, just when he thought he had it figured out, and, then again, so many of them have not yet come to pass.

He’s been training his young son off and on all of his life, trying to help him release his powers, though he has not yet reached the pinnacle that Kakarot saw in his vision, or the one that he’s seen in his own, he knows that one day Kakarot will be strong enough. Bardock figured it was his duty to him- it’s his fault they got into this mess, anyways, if it wasn’t for his brainless decisions of even going back to planet Kanassa- Bah!

Sometimes he understood where his son was coming from in wanting to dismiss it all and simply live his life without all of these ridiculous expectations, but he knew better, and he wished for his happiness far too much, and beyond a doubt, finally meeting the Prince will seal the deal, regardless of the dangers that threaten them. Bardock shook his head of his thoughts and followed his son inside, getting ready as quickly as possible. He let him slack off for too long.

Kakarot dressed in his nicest and fast, but not without interruption and he was truly annoyed as his brother called him on the monitor in their living room. He didn’t answer so Bardock clicked the screen on. Raditz’s head popped up and he yelled, “WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU GUYS?! KAKAROT- I SEE YOU- YOU HAVE TO COME THIS TIME!

Kakarot cringed and Bardock replied, amused by him, “He is, don’t worry. We’re leaving right now,” and he turned the screen off as Raditz began to yell at him again. He understood his son’s irritation; after all, it’s embarrassing for him to have such wayward family members, regardless of the reason.

Kakarot flung himself to the couch in a last ditch effort to be determined too unwell to go, but Bardock merely squeezed his tail and brought him upright, practically dragging him through the front door.


The Prince was a nervous wreck. Raditz had only seen him behave so erratically a couple of times. He wondered if he would be angry at his late arrival, but after seeing him this morning, he figured nothing would make it worse.

Undoubtedly, the pressure was on Prince Vegeta a little extra today, and today was just as bad of a day as ever. He wasn’t finished grieving his father’s death, and he hadn’t found anyone he trusted to Merge with. (*Mergament is like a marriage, with a ceremony, to announce and proclaim a binding between two Saiyans.)

Worst of all, people expect him to make the most simple and obvious choice, and without someone of more authority to back him up if he didn’t, he risks disappointing the entire planet. His choice must therefore be sound, but perhaps not equally justified, and after coronation, it’ll feel like a timeclock. The planet must have an heir and they must see to it that a suitable partner is with their King in order to go back to the steady rhythm of their lives.

Still, he remained resolute. No temptation would keep him from ruling with an unequal temperament, or any less consideration for his happiness, or that of his subjects and their inevitable and unquestionable loyalty. Little could he see of the darkness in his own heart which jaded his thoughts, though, he was so used to the melancholy hum of interrupted questions and doubts.

Prince Vegeta paced around his room, guards and lovers, past and present, gathered there under typical protocol, to keep him company and assure him of his long reign of the kingdom. Really they mostly remained silent or sickeningly courteous so as to steer clear of his wrath, for he was quick to anger and slow to simmer. Finally he dismissed them all with the wave of his hand and demanded solitude until an hour before 6, which is the time of the proceeding. Everyone scattered and he was left in peace, but there came a visitor about fifteen minutes later and Vegeta scoffed at who could be so bold. He answered the door, and to his surprise it was Raditz, and he only noticed just then that he had not been present in his room before.

“What’s kept you?” Prince Vegeta asked, crossing his arms, more amused and comforted by the distraction than anything at the moment.

“I was… settling last minute affairs, my Prince,” Raditz said and he looked about the room in a quizzical manner.

“Come in if you must!” Prince Vegeta demanded, and Raditz did just that and let the door come to a close behind him.

“Uh, your Highness, where has everyone gone?” Raditz asked.

Vegeta humphed and didn’t answer the question. Instead he said, “I bet I know what you were doing, Commander. Do you care to tell me of it, or do you wish for me to pry it out of you?”

Raditz couldn’t help his nervous smile at those demands, and he replied, “I was checking in on my father and my younger brother, your Highness.”

“Just as I suspected,” Prince Vegeta sneered and turned away from him before saying, “Spare me the good news, I’m sure Kakarot is sick and won’t be able to attend. Did you tell him that if I ever do get the pleasure of meeting him he must accompany me in our training quarters?

“I have told him so, your Highness, many times,” Raditz replied, pacified by this conversation as usual. At least the Prince hasn’t lost his sense of humor, yet.

Vegeta humphed again and Raditz gulped in an afterthought of concern for his brother. Prince Vegeta has shown varying degrees of annoyance with him, from threatening to find him on his own and fight him, to inviting him to the castle for a more personalized experience. Kakarot brought it on himself after all. Not every young man gets a personal invitation to the kingdom from the Prince, and no one would ever refuse the invitation over two hundred times now in these last ten years. Raditz sometimes couldn’t tell if these chats about his little brother were stemming from a joke and a nonthreat of curiosity, or a very serious imposition to Vegeta’s kindness and generosity, what little of it he shows. He has, after all, never stopped sending him invitations.

Raditz remained silent, though. He’s grown accustomed to the random mood changes of the Prince over time and he knows that most of the time Prince Vegeta is more even tempered than he seems and more thoughtful than he shows. Raditz was in no way going to rush him into the next topic on his mind, and he half expected him to ask him to leave, but for now, he could wait in silence as long as it took.

Prince Vegeta, who was much more interested in his own problems than the impertinence of a young man eight years his junior, began to pace the room again, ignoring Raditz’s company all together. He found some comfort in him, though, and found it easy to be more of himself and at peace around him. He has been his longest running companion for some years now, save for Nappa, and a handful of others who grew up in the castle, or have lived there since he was a child. Still, he liked Raditz for his simplicity, his humility, and his humor, all of which include his family ties in one way or another.

Raditz was grateful for the break in his day and he only hoped that his brother actually would show up this time. He’s talked about him so much, naturally of course, that it would be impossible for Prince Vegeta to not have an opinion about him already. It would make things a world easier if Kakarot would get over this ridiculous assumption that the world would change forever if they meet! Raditz didn’t understand where or how he came to that conclusion, (he was never informed why Kakarot believed such a thing) and he would never get why his father let him behave so irrationally (though his father acts a little strange on occasion, too, but he’s always been a little odd), now, though, it’s finally time to settle affairs once and for all.

Besides, who does his brother think he is for not wanting to be a witness to the coronation ceremony? It’s one of the highest honors a Saiyan could receive. Raditz chalked it up to misplaced dreams and a misguided heart, but knew nothing of the truth, and understood nothing of the doom which was certain to take place because of it.

Prince Vegeta had forgotten that he was there as he sat in his own assessments, with a wide view of the world outside, and wondered about very many things. His father’s voice was not coming to him, his guidance was long gone and his thoughts were anything but steady. He wished for the night to be over and not for the first time or the last.



‘If ever there was going to be a right time or place, this certainly isn’t it,’ Kakarot thought to himself. He considered running so many times that once he actually attempted it, but Bardock read his mind and caught him before he even took his third step. The slow approach they made to the castle was worsened only by the excitement on the faces of everyone else.

Kakarot recoiled, but his disposition was one of such short attention for anything ominous, that he couldn’t help but smile at everyone and squeal at anything he saw that struck his fancy. To his surprise that happened to be very many things.  The giant castle was anything but boring inside and out, and they went on a short tour of the part open to viewing before heading to the room where the coronation would take place.

Upon entering the vast and glorious area, like to balls and dances that he could honestly have never imagined before, there was so much ado that Kakarot often forgot that he was supposed to be avoiding eye-contact with a certain someone, and then, once he remembered, he regained all of his composure until he forgot again. The sights and the music, the smells and the food, it was all so diverting, and when Raditz caught up with them, spying them from across the way, Kakarot couldn’t hide the natural pleasant feeling he got from simply being there.

“Well, well, little brother, are you enjoying yourself?” Raditz laughed as he teased him.

Kakarot said, in spite of it all, “I never said an ill word about the Prince or his home.”

“No, perhaps not, but I begin to see that you rather regret not coming sooner.”

“I never said that either!” Kakarot insisted and couldn’t help but blush.

“Hush, both of you,” Bardock stepped in. He smiled at Raditz and brought him in for a fatherly hug, and it was Raditz’s turn to blush, but he consented to it. “Take us to our seats will you, and then you two can argue all you want after this is over, but not before,” and Bardock winked at Kakarot.

Raditz showed them to their spots, which were marked with their names, and they were located between two prestigious families. Raditz told them he had to go and left, jesting one more time with his little brother over how “happy he is he could make it,” to which Kakarot’s stomach became queasy.

The young man itched to walk around, not wanting to sit in one spot for too long, lest he command the attention of anyone as looking audacious and impatient for the upcoming event. His father more or less demanded that he remain seated and insisted that the Prince could not possibly spot him before the ceremony took place. They bickered until they found that everyone else was now making their way to their deigned seats, and the lights were changing down to a dim and focused only on the stage-like front of the room while the music was temporarily cut short.

Kakarot looked at his palms and wondered if they were sweaty, without thinking about if they actually were or not, or caring either way. It was anything and everything he could do at this point to avoid seeing the Prince. He’d hold his head down the entire time if he had to.

“Kakarot,” Bardock whispered amusedly amongst the other hushed voices, “You can’t look at your feet the whole ceremony, besides, I think you might regret it.”

Kakarot looked up at the risen platform, and lo, there was silence. Prince Vegeta had only to command the door behind the throne to be open and his voice quelled any last noises and the doors were released and swung wide. Kakarot was all in awe as he watched the five guards, his brother being one of them, follow him in predetermined footsteps beside and behind the Prince, until he reached the next platform and stood upon it. The Prince’s eyes, though engaging, looked at no one. In fact, they seemed to stare past even those who he acknowledged. He took long strides for someone of short stature and he turned to each of the men who surrounded him, which was now nine elderly men, as the soldiers took their places on the edge of the raised level, and he looked them directly in the face as they spoke to him briefly. They each said no more than two or three words. Some of them only nodded as he passed and his focus and general air was so fierce that Kakarot no longer gave way to thinking the Prince might glance at him through the crowd at all, but instead he began to wonder how he was ever going to look away.

After spending a lot of time smitten by his person, Kakarot began to realize that he wasn’t the only one, and that the whole thing was borderline ridiculous. The moment he stopped staring at the Prince he realized the longevity of their stay, already. The process, then, seemed to draw on forever for Kakarot, who waited impatiently, now that he’s seen the handsome Prince first hand and felt uneasy with himself, to escape at the first chance.

Bardock began to get testy, as well, and he suspected much the same of the rest of the audience. However, they all seemed entranced by the moment for the most part, and his foremost thought was bent on Prince Vegeta, who possessed a rather strong barricade around his mind, but not strong enough to elude Bardock’s prying all together. He learned that the young man was, as it should be obvious, grieving over his father and trying not to show it. Bardock felt his pain and stopped trying to gain his intelligence, out of respect for his mourning. He turned his thoughts towards Kakarot and felt more easy-hearted than he had all day. This was going well, so far.

Prince Vegeta finally took complete command of the stage and everyone who was seated stood up. Kakarot’s heart pounded as he watched the ceremony from a short distance away, as though he had something to do with it all, but the Prince remained emotionless and sturdy, nonchalant even, for someone about to assume such a position of leadership. From there it all happened so fast. A friend and wise man of the hierarchy gave a short speech, the words thereof were lost on Kakarot, and the next thing he knew the man placed the former King’s crown on the Prince’s head and declared him King of the Saiyans. Vegeta held his ground proudly for everyone to gauge and gawk at, and they all bowed, and only Kakarot, who dared glance up from his place amongst them, if only for a second, saw him in all his glory. The whole world was on their knees at once this day, this hour, and this very second. Kakarot’s heart thudded as their newly crowned King told them all to rise.

“Were my father here to witness this,” he began, “Surely we would be filled with more joy than this aristocracy has ever known. Alas, he is with us, though in spirit, and with our goals, which we will carry on as we always have. In peace I come into leadership, and in peace only shall I leave it.” The King’s speech was short but sweet as he spoke more of his father and also of the practical improvement he expected to see in light of their loss of such an honorable man. Everyone was touched, but only Kakarot was so removed as to begin checking for the exits.

“You cannot leave,” Bardock whispered.

You can’t make me stay,” Kakarot growled in rebellion.

King Vegeta’s speech was over before they knew it and everyone bowed again as he left out the door in the same fashion in which he came.

There was a hesitation amongst the members who gathered there. Although the music came back on and the lights changed to brighter hues, coming on strong, people still remained where they stood and talked amongst themselves, mostly.

Kakarot remembered that there was food everywhere, and as time commenced people began to shout and some started dancing, others were running to gather with friends and chatting until it was just like the scene from earlier in the day had never stopped, but became more charged with excitement. Kakarot was stunned for a few moments at how quickly it had all dissipated, and had only just turned to run when he literally ran straight into his older, taller brother’s broad chest.

“Gotcha!” Raditz said. He grabbed hold of his sibling’s arm with a vice grip and began to try and pull him, saying, “Today is the day. You will meet our King! He mentioned something to me about you earlier. Out of respect for him, if not me, you can’t keep avoiding it. I don’t know what the big deal is anyways.”

Kakarot did the only thing he could do in his terrible fright, punch him in the gut and take off. He escape was slow, though not hindered by Raditz. There were too many people and although his father did not give in to stopping their quarrel, staying true to his word, he was restrained nonetheless. Still, Kakarot would not fight his way through this crowd, which could cause an up rise; he could only take careful steps towards the exit without pushing anyone around or being too obvious.

As he grew closer to the door they had entered in by, a man suddenly came to stand in the middle of the vast opening and commanded the attention of everyone. He stated that the King has opted to join them in the festivities of the night, and, in all manners of respect and with what authority he had, he introduced the King, again, to the crowd for their adornment.

The King appeared, and this time Kakarot took in more of his attire and his disposition. It was clear to him by the look on King Vegeta’s face that this was not his idea, then again, Kakarot doesn’t know him. Or does he? Is it the knowledge from their other lives that he’s getting that notion from? Or is it from the stories he’s heard about him from Raditz? He couldn’t be sure, but one thing was for certain, the King was not in the habit of socializing. Kakarot found that he was smiling to himself as he stared at him, and it wasn’t until King Vegeta just so happened to catch his gaze and hold it, that he realized he was supposed to be avoiding that very thing.

The locking of their eyes was inevitable though, now he knew, and he understood. King Vegeta saw him and knew who he was with more clarity than the others but he didn’t know why. His mind rang with his name, clear as day, ‘Kakarot,’ it said, and he considered him with more regard than anyone he’s met in a long time.

He then realized that it must be him, Raditz’s little brother, because he looked almost identical to his father, a very handsome man himself, and his company was worth keeping, even the late King had thought so. But, upon second thought, he noted, too, that this is indeed the man who ignored him for so long, and the King couldn’t let the opportunity to confront him pass. No other thought plagued him more, at the moment, not with the chance of a tete-a-tete from a fresh new character at hand.

Kakarot could no more turn from him than he wished, which he didn’t at the rush of finally speaking with him, so he stood his ground and all of the color on his face vanished as King Vegeta approached him. But, at the last moment, the King was intercepted by another male, someone of great stature and who was handsome and seemed to be well-respected, and he could not refuse the conversation with him for a more interesting one with someone else.

Kakarot turned away, after fighting the urge to stay near at their first chance of greetings, and headed in the opposite direction. There was another exit on the far side, and although he hadn’t entered in that way, he had no worries about finding his way out for good, now.

Bardock watched it all curiously. He didn’t know what to think. Honestly he believed that King Vegeta would do everything in his power to talk with his son, but it seems that not all things pan out the way he expects them to, yet again. His visions are so misleading. He wondered, for just a brief moment, how far into the future everything really is.


Kakarot didn’t get far before he stopped all together to consider what happened and what didn’t.

First, the King noticed him, but, was it his fault for drawing attention to himself? Was the psychic all wrong about this? Is now the only reason Kakarot even drew his attention because he was avoiding him in the first place? Is this all just some elaborate… bullshit?

No. The emotions he felt coming from himself in that timeline… that couldn’t be faked or duplicated. There is something there, but maybe he’s fooling himself. Maybe the rest of it’s a lie.

After all, here he is, not being chased by the one man who is supposedly destined to be his lover. It doesn’t seem like he remembers anything at all. It just seemed like he was determined to make a fool out of a young man who inadvertently made a fool out of him.

‘Kakarot you idiot,’ he thought to himself, and though he smiled because he could hear Vegeta saying it, he wanted to cry because it was true. He ran, and, like every other time, he managed to avoid his King.


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