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Issho Ni


An immaculate grand green senshi, garbed in his usual weighted attire, observed his silent, for-some-reason dejected deshi with certain accruing worry. Although it had only been a couple months since everyone had died and come back to life, his dearest friend and pupil seemed to be in more than a mere fog of sorts; was anything but his usual keen yet polite, nerdy energetic self. It did not sit well with him at all. And he did yearn to help if he could.

“You can come out Piccolo-san. You are one of the most amazing warriors I know. But I think I am one senshi you will not be able to entirely hide your presence from…” Because…to me you are…

So, Piccolo adeptly came from his observing place (not hiding place, for he had no reason to hide), and floated with his cape flowing freely until he was sitting on the grass, so delicately yet perfectly blown by the warm seasonal breeze. He could pretend that he didn’t care, that the wonderful and perplexing boy, who had grown into an even more exceptional young man, did not mean so much to him, that it did not tug on his still evolving heartstrings that he could sense thickening despondency and some coldness in his spirit. But as the complex, evolving soul he himself was, he was absolutely through with any type of deception, self and otherwise; unless, of course, it involved battle. For it was a natural part of war.

“What troubles you so Gohan?” he finally asked in all seriousness, without pretense.

Deep shimmering obsidian turned to peer at him just as seriously—gazing so severely that Piccolo actually found it momentarily difficult to breathe—before the young man nonchalantly turned his striking gaze back to the sky.

Though, Piccolo did not want to admit it, that hurt, a lot. If nothing else, he thought that after all they had endured together that he and Gohan were friends. Though he had come to care for and appreciate many lives on Earth, there was no one else on the planet he felt even remotely—

“I have a problem, Piccolo-san. It is a problem I must figure out myself, as a man. I am not sure what I ought to do. But, I know it is something I must do on my own. The possible consequences are too severe to take lightly. And now that my eyes are open, I cannot return to that which I once was, must not wait much longer to choose…”

Piccolo actually allowed his face to fully frown then. Gohan was being cryptic, to him; was powerfully blocking his telepathy?! Did he trust him so little? Had he really become so useless?

“I will talk with you again, once I am certain Piccolo-san. Is that alright?”

Piccolo’s chest felt tight enough then to offset his heartbeat, but he quickly disciplined his face and voice to return to their usual ready calm. “Of course Gohan. Just let me know if you need anything. You know how to find me.”

And with that Piccolo flew in a powerful blast towards one of his usual haunts on Earth. He did not want to see Dende just now. Or rather, Kami’s Temple was more Dende’s territory now, his time there was past. Perhaps he ought to create his own solid home on Earth instead of merely frequenting places that brought him relative peace. Chikyuu was as much his home as any Earthling’s, if not more. And until Gohan opened up to him again, was no longer hiding things from him; he would not fully be at peace. Gohan was the one person he’d thought he would never have to worry about trusting his heart to: he had thought Gohan felt at least somewhat similar...

So, on he went to beginning the building of his first real house on Earth, wishing the whole way that Gohan would find his answer to whatever troubled him so, and revive his own peace once more.

“May I ask what you doing, Piccolo-san?”

A slight grunt. “I could ask the same of you, Videl,” offered Piccolo evenly, wondering just why Gohan’s all-too-obvious love interest was bothering him at all. He was really into it; working to build his first real house of his own with his own two hands, using as little magic as possible to get the real feel of it.

He easily caught her odd blush, keeping his face even, though curious as to why the young human woman would exhibit such a gesture before him. Adding another touch here and there to his comfortably sized house, Piccolo wiped the sweat from his face and naked chest with a white towel, tossing it over his shoulder before gesturing Videl to sit at the large bench on the patio; politely handing her a bottle of his favorite collected northern thawed ice, before popping the cap on another and beginning to enjoy the pure delightfully balanced with natural minerals water’s journey down his throat.

Once his draught was through, he scrutinized her intently; her nervousness obvious, even if her eyes weren’t roving so. “Was there something you needed Videl?” he asked as evenly as possible.

She looked up into his keen face then; fear, embarrassment, hope and yearning vying for dominance in her face. “I… May I ask if you have spoken with Gohan lately?”

“Yes, a week ago to be exact. He wasn’t very talkative. Why? Is something wrong?”

“I don’t know. But he hasn’t been answering my calls, and he’s been keeping his energy hidden from even his family for a while now. I-I’m worried. He hasn’t really been the same since we’ve all come back to life. I wish he would talk to me. Do you know anything?”

Piccolo closed his eyes then for a moment, a slight sigh escaping him before reopening them as he felt the strange urge to just inform the girl far more than he usually would have. “I have known something was up too. And though I can find him if I really need to, the last time I tried to talk with him, he sounded like he would prefer to handle his, ‘problem’, as he called it, on his own. So, since his life is not in immediate danger, I have not bothered him since.”

“Oh. Well. Hm.”

“Indeed. I am sure that when he is ready to speak with you he will,” offered Piccolo evenly, done with the conversation, so getting up to begin working on his grand but comfortable white and aqua hued, immaculately dome-shaped house.

“Thank you for speaking with me Piccolo-san and for the water… Would you like some help with your house? It looks really great, as to be expected from you.”

Piccolo gave Videl a bewildering then before his face swiftly became its usual stern. What on Earth was she trying at? If she thought she’d catch Gohan there somehow, she was mistaken. For, he felt a painful chasm building within himself the longer Gohan shut him out…

“Thank you for the offer, but I am fine here.”

“Alright then. Good luck with your house, not that you need it. And…thanks again.” And with that Videl flew out of sight faster than Piccolo had ever seen her fly. He couldn’t help but feel minutely bad once he caught the scent of her tears on the wind, felt the subdued quiver in her ki. He knew she had wanted to ask him to alert her when he came in contact with Gohan again, but either her pride would not allow it or she found it useless to ask. And while he could easily probe her mind to find out, he was not remotely in the mood to stomach the mess that was the human mind. Nor was he in the habit of disrespecting people’s privacy.

Piccolo sighed heavily then, his large adept hand dropping the shaping tool it held as he looked up at the summer afternoon sky wistfully. I hope you’re alright kid; that you find whatever answer you’re searching for, soon.

Crash! Bang! Bakoom! Explosions and clamorous movement erupted along Satan City, people running, fleeing and screaming as three foreign, powerful beings continued to wreak havoc…

A certain contemplating teen was abruptly taken from his discomfited reflections; getting up and swiftly moving toward where he could feel there was a sudden significant disturbance on Earth.  

“Papa, Papa! Let’s go!” cried an excited lilac haired demi-Saiyajin.

A certain haughty ouji sniffed, and scowled. “Beings of that level are hardly worth my time. It might be good training for you and Goten though. Get out of here before he beats you to them,” urged Vegeta with a smirk.

“Hai Papa!” And in the next second, Trunks was out of Capsule Corp. and towards Satan City; Vegeta following “merely” to observe.

By the time Gohan got to the scene, his eyes widened in incredulity. At least a third of Satan City had been demolished. His father, Gotenks and Vegeta were each giving their all in continued attempts to move away from the city and take out three short, lean, thin brightly hued humanoid looking beings. They were a baffling sight. Obviously they were significantly more powerful than they appeared or allowed anyone else’s radar to sense. And as he watched Vegeta drop like a pitiful sack of potatoes from the sky, his father get literally beaten and knocked out of his most powerful Super Saiyajin 3 and into a temporary coma, and his little brother Goten and Trunks get not only knocked out, but out of their Gotenks fusion; dread did begin to fill him. While he had gotten much stronger because of Elder Kaioushin’s abilities; because of certain factors plaguing him, he wasn’t as confident. And what could he do against three opponents who took out the Earth’s most powerful willing fighters with ease, in milliseconds?

Irrelevant. He was a hero, right? So, he had to try. No. He must fight and win!

Dressed in his newly chosen and designed signature attire—deep dark green short sleeved dogi; violet obi, wrist bands and shin guards, and black martial arts shoes—the next few moments Gohan flew to try and get the three strange naked, vibrantly hued, hairless, and obviously sexless culprits to follow. For some reason they wouldn’t budge from that certain locale, continuing to eye him stoically with their large cold silver eyes.

But in the split of a split of a second too short to register, Gohan suddenly felt excruciating white hot pain erupt behind his eyes and cheeks, could feel warmth trickle from his obviously busted nose. How had he not blocked or evaded that?!

“What are you doing Gohan?! Stop messing around and take these fools out!” yelled Piccolo forcefully, beginning to go after the bright red attacker on his own with all his might.

And Gohan flushed brightly; truly embarrassed that Piccolo had seen such an unnecessary blunder. His shishou was right; with all he was capable of, he should have had these fools done already. He needed to get it together.  

Flash! An aura of amazing energy could be sensed around him now, if not seen. He was Ultimate. His anger at himself made sure his power was so great now he did not need to transform in order to have grasp of the same power available as a Super Saiyajin 3, actually significantly more so. Yet, his confidence was still lacking. Why? Why today of all days did some dastardly assholes have to show up and cause trouble?! Why was Earth such a target?! Why could he not have a moment’s peace?! Why—?

Ugh! That was smarts! Right in the kisser too. These guys are certainly stronger than they seem. I think my tooth is loose. Kisama!

Gohan? Get yourself together kid. Though it is blocked, I am going to try and get into this one’s mind. I have the foreboding feeling there is somehow much more to this attack than it seems. And you’ve gotten your dose of how much greater power they are capable of than they seem logically able to. They—

A bloodcurdling scream raped whatever other thoughts there were in Gohan’s head. He had never heard his shishou scream like that—ever. It wasn’t right! And as his eyes finally came across Piccolo’s suddenly bleeding eyes and ears and stretched to the limit form, they widened in horror as they saw Piccolo be quite literally torn to pieces; could feel the agony penetrate in his cranium and heart as if it were his own. “Piccolo-san!”

“Gohan! Wait!”

“What are you doing here Videl? It’s too dangerous. Go now!”

“As if I am going to stand still while things are happening in my city.”

“Things you cannot help. Now go Videl!” But before Videl could retort, a single sharp ki blast shot into her side, taking her from the sky as if she were merely some annoying bug. For Gohan time momentarily stopped. Too much was happening too fast, and he felt too discombobulated to do a thing.

“Gohan! What are you doing? GET THEM NOW!” roared Piccolo after he painfully pulled his body back together with his psychokinesis and quickly regenerated, not really allowed much of a breath as the three “obnoxiously colorful bunch” as he deemed them, were back on him like shine on gems. His energy somewhat lower after regenerating, after enduring that monstrous psychic attack when attempting to connect minds, and just being outmatched; Piccolo was sadly shot back down to the earth quite harshly with a painful blast of power just a soon as he was up, he not moving at all after.

Gohan was torn; his psyche beginning to crumble. Both Piccolo and Videl… Why did they…? Why couldn’t he focus?! But he snapped himself out of it with two hands slapping to either of his cheeks. There was no time or excuse! He would have to make sure everyone was alright soon. Right now he had to fight, to finish it!

Rushing at the three infuriating malefactors, Gohan gave each little bastard a bit of their own medicine. The exasperating bright blue one and yellow one he jetted around and clashed their heads into each other’s many times fast until they began to wobble and fall from the sky. But the red one was on him fast, matching him blow for powerful blow, particles clicking for kilometers away under their onslaught.

Something clicked within Gohan; all the ire, regret, self-disgust and chaos of his psyche merging. He was beginning to like it. The urge to not only fight and dominate but kill mounted, and brought a twisted uncharacteristic devilish grin to his face.

Soon all four were fighting fiercely, hardened muscular flesh against hardened muscled flesh; the three coming at Gohan with more vivacity and seeming interest than before. But Gohan parried and riposted keener, harder; all his mounting frustration mutating into an uncharacteristic escalating bloodlust. He didn’t want to merely defeat them. He wanted to destroy them utterly.

A suddenly long regrown tail was used to latch around each culprit’s ankles, locking and holding them upside-down. Gohan proceeded to use each vexing little miscreant as a strange fleshy locked together punching bag, beginning to beat them with so many kilograms of pressure and heat, their skin bubbled and the city shuddered under his blows.

He was letting loose a lot of what had been pent up, when, in a matter of split moments, his heart felt as if it had been ripped from his chest. Once again he had failed. Once again his beloved shishou had given his life for him, coming in front a blast meant for him, at the last moment.

Until then none was aware of the fourth offender; observing all, alone, off to the side undetectable. In the blast meant for Gohan, Piccolo’s entire lower body was completely incinerated to ashes, the rest of him falling limply to the earth. But at least he had done what he meant to; shoving Gohan out of the way of the swift blast before it could harm even a hair.     

Gohan snapped then. Too swift to see, he jetted to, bombarded and threw the three at the new green hued offender; kicked them harshly into air and decimated them all in one vicious Chou Kamehame-ha, leaving not a particle left of any of them.

In the next instant, he performed Shunkan Idou without much thought, grasping hold of Dende and taking him to Satan City before he could blink.

Gohan breathed a short sigh of relief once Piccolo and Videl’s life-forces were high enough to sense again. Thank Dende it hadn’t been too late! Once he was certain everyone would be alright, he Shunkan Idoued himself somewhere he could be alone before anyone could so much as blink at him. He wasn’t trying to be cowardly; he just felt considerably peculiar and immensely ashamed that it had taken so long and the suffering of his beloveds to get him to utilize his full power and finally finish the job. He also didn’t trust his current self around anyone he really cared for just then.

Piccolo got up and looked around after Dende healed and clothed him with his abilities. There was no trace left of their strange enemies. Gohan had not only beaten them but disintegrated them entirely. And even stranger, he had not been able to sense Gohan’s ki in those moments. He felt, thanks his close connection to his pupil spiritually, that it was he who defeated them, though he was too weakened to see it at the time. But something was clearly off with his deshi Gohan.

As much as he wanted to allow his dear friend his space if needed, he felt a great degree of underlying dread. He needed somehow find him; to somehow help him overcome whatever problem troubled him so much that he put not only his own life in danger, but the lives of those he knew he cared for with his whole heart. And then to finally kill utterly was not Gohan’s way. Though, he was no longer a child, so he would talk to him man to man until the truth came out. He himself knew true darkness only too well. No way would he allow the one person he cared for most in the universe to wallow in it for naught, for any amount of time.

Once healed, both Vegeta and Goku took a solid look around, sending their awareness out even past the earth to be sure. Piccolo had already done such; the underlying feeling that the war was not won plaguing him along with his contemplations of Gohan.

Once Vegeta was certain there was no more threat, he grunted and took off back to Capsule Corp. without a word; Trunks following quietly after. Goten looked to his father, who more seriously than usual gave him the okay to follow Trunks. They had done their part. And thankfully, everyone who did not flee in time, those humans whom had been wounded around the city, Dende was able to heal, so the only loss of life were the perpetrators Gohan took out. And demolished portions of city could be rebuilt.

Though Videl had been one of the first to be healed, she remained standing still as rock; begrudging tear trails easily seen shining on her face as she peered up at the sky wistfully in a seemingly painful silence.

Piccolo gave Goku an acknowledging look before flying over to Videl. Though they were unsure if the threat was fully gone, they both knew, could feel it in their chest that whatever was up with Gohan wasn’t over. But as Gohan clearly did not currently wish to be found, even able to hide from Dende, all they could do was remain vigilant and wait. Though, as Dende gave Goku a pleading look, clearly exhausted after fully healing so many people in such a short time, he took pity on him and Shunkan Idoued him back to his Temple. 

While it certainly was none of his business, Piccolo did not feel right just letting Videl stand there in obvious mental and emotional turmoil. “Videl, do not let what happened here change your feelings for Gohan. He has obviously been going through something… I wish he would talk to you, me—someone. For, I know that whatever is troubling him did severely affect his fight here today.

“While I had wanted to give him time to figure things out on his own, I think it would be best if we find out what’s wrong now. If there is anything we can do to help, it would be best.” I have already tried on my own, to no avail, which kills me more than I…

Videl quickly wiped her eyes on her T-shirt sleeve, that weird flush coming to her cheeks as she gave him that same strange look. The next instant, her usual forthright self was grinning at Piccolo with honest gratitude and certain determination in her eyes. “I’ll go with you on one condition…”

Wait a minute. He was trying to be consoling, which he was not at all obligated to do, and she was putting forth ultimatums?!   

Videl suddenly bowed very formally to him. “Please Piccolo-san, once we find and talk with him, and things are alright again, train me? Please, I humbly ask you?”

Oh. So those tears weren’t just for Gohan. She was feeling inadequate, eh? She was quite powerful for a human; probably already close to her natural peak strength wise, from what he could tell. She was not Saiyajin, so battering herself with relentless brutal training would not bring her much further, only keep her able. But, perhaps he could help her bring out her true greatest version of herself; help keen her up. She was still young, so it was possible. Though, she would have to be the one to do it; he would merely be a guiding wind. But first, Gohan…

So lost in his musings, Piccolo failed to realize how long he had been contemplating; a frown coming to his eyes at Videl’s shuddering, still bowing form. “Stand up. I haven’t said ‘no’, and even if I had it would not have been the end of the world.”

Videl stood then and wiped her face once more; her shimmering sapphire eyes looking to Piccolo’s hard onyx profoundly.

Piccolo sighed audibly before answering. “Get yourself together tonight. I will come by your house tomorrow during the afternoon. Be ready. We will find and talk with Gohan then.” Before Piccolo could pick up anymore overwhelming feelings, he took to the sky, unease rife in his firm presence.

Gohan twisted, turned and squirmed as sweat poured down his naked back and between his legs, and overwhelming heat continued to undulate up his tail and spine; his bones and lungs seeming like they were molten as he continued to writhe in a sad heap, as he had chosen for the safety of those he loved—alone.  


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