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"I believe he's a Saiyan, my prince." Nappa spoke quietly to Vegeta as they made their way through the alien festival. 

Vegeta looked over to the humanoid mossy skinned alien who was making a show of beating his slave in the middle of the festivities. The slave was restrained with large metal bands on his wrists, forearms, neck, and ankles. On his knees with only a small loincloth covering the essentials, his scars were very obvious. The scars were thick and risen, dark like they were inflicted while other wounds were still healing. He had no tail, but his build looked extremely Saiyan. Under the scars, his muscles were corded and bulky, obviously worked. His spiked hair stuck up in every direction. From the back of his head, he even looked familiar. Something rang in Vegeta's brain that he knew this Saiyan.

As Vegeta studied the situation, he noticed a brilliant blue glow coming from the shackles around the slave. That broadcasted that he was not only restrained for his physical strength, but his ki was being restricted as well. 

Was the slave master afraid of his slave's strength?

Vegeta wrinkled his nose in disgust. Normally, he would not think twice about walking away and allowing a slave master to do with his slave as he pleased, but something flared inside him at seeing one of his kind being shamed in a way. Has he no pride?

Walking over to the slave master, Vegeta's stance didn't waver. Nappa shouted to his prince, trying to deter him.

"You!" Vegeta shouted. 

The slave master turned to him, focusing his dark eyes on the small prince. "What do you want, small fry?"

"What is your price for the boy?" 

A cackle came from the slave master. "You couldn't handle him, child. He's a delinquent. He's too strong and too stupid for his own good."

Vegeta growled. "He's a Saiyan. I demand to purchase him, or I will take him by force."

The slave made a slight whimper in complaint, and the slave master cracked the whip against his raw flesh. Blood slipped down his back and a shriek came from the young boy, escaping through clenched teeth. Anger ignited in the young prince again at seeing the treatment. 

"He's a pathetic Saiyan, and isn't even worth shit as a piece of pleasure meat." After another crack of the whip, Vegeta had it.

Vegeta reached into the master's hand and swiped the whip, moving too quickly for the master to follow. He wrapped it and held it tightly.

"Do you know who I am?" The prince paused. "I am the prince of all Saiyans, Vegeta, and I demand you release the boy to my custody. If you refuse, I will end your worthless life where you stand."

The alien shook with the shock of Vegeta's actions. "But, your highness, he's useless. He sustained considerable brain damage and was taken from earth in an invasion before the Earthlings pushed the invaders out."

The Earthlings were allies of the Saiyans as of recently. The war that this alien was speaking of was the one where they reached out to the Saiyans for help. Now, the Earthlings supplied the empire with technological advancements, such as a gravity simulator, in exchange for the protection that the Saiyans provided. 

Ever since a Saiyan by the name of Bardock had reached Super Saiyan form and warned his people of an attack by an alien dictator, they'd been a powerful race. He gathered the rest of his race to defeat Freiza and save their planet, and the galaxy. All the planets worshipped the warrior race.

"In that case, you should have no problem releasing him." This wasn't a case of releasing the slave boy anymore. It was just Vegeta wanting something and not receiving it promptly. It was unacceptable.

The slave master made quick work of pulling the boy to his feet and removing the collar. Once it was deactivated, all the other shackles ceased to glow and were removed easily with a small key. The boy was clearly weak from the trauma and the blood was dripping down his body, soaking into the loincloth. 

Looking at him now, he was a tall boy, in his late teens, a few years younger than the prince. His face was still slightly round from youth and seemed to be the only part of his body that was unmarked by the horrendous scarring that covered his body. Even his chest and thighs were scored like cheap meat.

Nappa scoffed about this whole interaction, not grasping why the prince was so worried about this petty pleasure slave. He was worthless, not even strong enough to get himself out of slavery. What kind of Saiyan is he?

Vegeta slung the boy's arm around his shoulders and lifted to help him walk to where they were staying for refueling before heading back to Planet Vegeta.

"What is your name, boy?" Vegeta asked, helping him sit down on the floor of the hut. He slumped, but looked up at the prince with weak eyes. He didn't respond. "Weren't you ever told to answer when spoken to?"

The boy flinched and his mouth flew open to speak to him. "My prince, please forgive me. I have no name."

"No name? What rubbish. Your family would have given you a name that you would know once your mission began." Vegeta said sternly.

The boy's eyes widened. "I don't remember my mission. They took me from Earth as a child, and I didn't know what I was. They cut off my tail and put me in chains."

It finally dawned on Vegeta that the slave master had told him that the idiot had sustained brain damage. 

"How old are you, boy?" 

The boys thought for a moment. "I'm seventeen."

"Nappa!" Vegeta shouted across the hut. "Contact Bardock and find out what infant we sent to Earth seventeen years ago."

"Yes, sir." Nappa made the call on his scouter. 

Vegeta looked at the boy, sitting on the floor, flushed and scared. "You need to get washed so we can put some healing gel on you before we leave in the morning."

"Where are we going, sir?" 

"We're taking you back to Planet Vegeta. You're a Saiyan and you should be with your people, even if you're only a servant." Vegeta explained, walking to the washroom and starting the water.

He watched as the prince took out a bathing towel and a stained rag, glaring at it in disgust. He muttered something about it not being up to a prince's standards. 

"Get up, boy! I told you that you need to be cleaned. I won't have blood and dirt all over my pod!" Vegeta shouted. 

The slave struggled to stand, looking in horror at the blood that stained the ground. He made his way slowly to the water, trying to pull out of the loincloth. He nearly tripped, but managed.

"Have you no decency?" Vegeta shouted, tossing the rag to him. He was really beginning to wonder what came over him when he decided to take this idiot to Planet Vegeta with him.

The boy jumped, panicked, falling to the floor and lifting his arms to defend against an attack he was sure would come.

"Get up, you fool! I have no desire to see you naked!" Vegeta shouted, leaving the room, stomping.

He stood, climbing under the spray of water. He gritted his teeth against the hot water pounding into his wounds, watching as the water going down the drain became pink. He had never had access to this amount of warm water. It was odd for him, but he washed his body gingerly, being careful to not injure himself further. 

As he climbed from the spray, he wrapped himself in the towel and dried off quickly. Remembering Vegeta's reaction to his nudity before, he looked outside the washroom and wrapped the towel around his waist, exiting quietly. 

He found that Vegeta had laid out a set of clothing, much too large for him, but they would do. It was black spandex, but it didn't grip him as he'd seen on Vegeta's comrade. Seeing that, he assumed it was the second man's clothing. He slid on the chest plate and noticed that it was also loose.

"We'll get you clothes that fit when we arrive on Planet Vegeta." Vegeta said.

Nappa was standing off to the side, studying him closely. 

"We have discovered that you are the second son of the savior of Vegeta, Bardock. You are like a carbon copy of the man, and I could see it when I found you. You were sent to purge Earth as an infant, but you never got the chance, seeing as you forgot your mission from the brain damage you sustained." Vegeta explained. "It's no matter though. We are now allies with the Earthlings, and your father assumed that you had been killed during your travel there."

The slave was confused. "You wanted me to kill the Earthlings?" 

Vegeta chuckled. "That is how the Saiyans used to purge. We no longer need to, because of your father. He is the lead councilman on my father board, so he's definitely made a jump from his third class birth placement."

"So, he's royalty?" 

"Not quite, but he's only a step down. Your father has physic powers unlike anything anyone has ever seen. I'm surprised he didn't know that you were still alive. You were his youngest, and he gave you the name of Kakarot."

Wrinkling his nose, the boy whispered, "Kakarot?"

"Yes, and that is the name you will respond to." Vegeta said, annoyed.

"So," He paused. "What does that mean for me?"

Vegeta raised his eyebrows. "Well, you are an adult, so your father has no claim to you. You will be respected for bloodline alone, but I can't guarantee where you'll be placed."

"Placed?" Kakarot panicked. "Will I remain a slave?"

Vegeta glared at him. "Perhaps. You'll probably be used for work that requires more physical labor than anything, but someone may take a liking to you and use you for a concubine."

Kakarot felt his eyes grow wide and his heart sink. "A concubine? Can't I refuse? Don't I have a choice?"

"Kakarot, you are a third class Saiyan, so those are your choices. You won't be of use to the small army we have, and you can't run a business. You have no education or understanding of the Saiyan culture. Your best choice is to find tolerable work and hope to find a mate to bare you children." Vegeta said, crossing his arms over his chest.

Kakarot's hands were shaking. His mind filled with images from his past few years and his numerous masters. Each one of them had their own agendas for him, and all of them included sexual gratification. Even as a ten-year-old child, he was forced to satisfy his masters and he was used as a piece of meat. He could feel his heart jump to his throat.

"Don't be a puss, Kakarot. It will be better than what you've been dealt in the past." Vegeta said, walking past him to a table. He picked up an odd colored fruit and began tossing it into the air and catching it absentmindedly. "Think of this as a promotion. You get the same work, but with your own people. They'll be more understanding. You may even get your tail back." He chuckled and took a bite out of the fruit. 

The younger Saiyan was staring at his hands, wondering if he'd be able to escape any of this. He was strong, he knew that, but he couldn't quite control every power his Saiyan body had given him. Knowing he didn't stand a chance against Vegeta, he saw no hope.

The sun was beginning to set, and Vegeta had retired to a small room where a large mat was laid out as a bed for him. Nappa also moved to a room, but his door had closed. Kakarot stood, trying to put together some kind of plan. 

"Don't even think about it, Kakarot." Vegeta's deep voice came from behind him. "If you try to run, I will catch you. If you do manage to get away, you'll just go back to the life you had before."

Kakarot froze, peeking over his shoulder tentatively. "Why are you forcing me to leave with you?"

"You are a Saiyan, and I refuse to have my wonderful race's name defiled by some kid who can't defend himself." The words were cold as they left the prince's mouth. "Now, there is a cot in the room that I am staying in. Come and get some sleep. We have a long trip tomorrow."

Kakarot saw no point to pushing the issue and turned to follow the prince. Even as he closed his eyes, he didn't find peace. The memories of his body being violated time after time and being unable to do anything about it haunted him in the night. 


"Wake the hell up, Kakarot!" Vegeta shouted, nearly smacking the thrashing fool. He's been at this for nearly an hour and he refused to deal with it any longer. 

Sweat drenched the younger Saiyan's body as images passed through his brain, forcing him to relive every sick moment of torture.

"Kakarot!" Vegeta backhanded the boy in the cheek, hoping to stop this constant annoyance.

"Please, don't! I don't want to! It hurts! Please!" Kakarot was screaming so loud that Vegeta was surprised that the entire village wasn't awake from his shouts. His eyes were squeezed shut tightly, trying to block out the assault.

Vegeta paused for a moment. What the hell was this idiot whimpering about now? 

Vegeta grabbed both of Kakarot's shoulders, shaking him violently, causing his head to flap back and forth. 

He gasped loudly, looking up to a very pissed off Vegeta. "Oh, my prince, I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to wake you." Kakarot pleaded with the prince with his eyes to overlook his overstepping. His cheek stung as if he'd been struck, but he chose to ignore the pain for now.

"What the hell was all that screaming for, Kakarot? You better have a damn good reason for waking me at this ungodly hour!" Vegeta shouted. 

His eyes grew wide and he stepped off the cot to kneel at Vegeta's feet. "I'm sorry, my lord. If you wish to punish me, I understand."

"I don't give a damn what you understand! I asked a question, you fool!" Vegeta's shouting did not stop at that. "You are useless, aren't you? I never should have taken you from your slave master. I see why he beat you into the ground." 

Kakarot's teeth were chattering, his entire body shaking in rememberance. "I'm sorry to have displeased you." The phrase was a reflex, one that had been conditioned into him for years of serving.

Vegeta ground his teeth together to fight his frustration. "Then answer my question."

Kakarot wet his lips, hating every bit of this conversation. "My masters were not good to me, my lord. I have night terrors from the treatment I was dealt, but I thought they'd been conditioned out of me. I apologize."

Vegeta's anger only faltered slightly. "Conditioned out of you? What the hell kind of Saiyan says that?" 

"I was beaten for them for these years I've been here, and I thought the punishment had taught me to better control myself. Allow me to make it up to you, your highness." Kakarot begged, his voice shaking, dreading whatever the prince would make him do to make up for the slip up. 

Vegeta sighed angrily. "How old were you?"

Kakarot looked up at him, taken aback by his question. "Excuse me, my lord?"

"How old were you when they took you into slavery?" His voice had calmed significantly.

Kakarot looked down at his knees. "I was eight."

"You spent half of your life as a slave." Vegeta chuckled. "What a Saiyan." 

Kakarot's stomach tied into knots. "I will do anything to clean my reputation, your highness."

Vegeta chuckled again, a dark noise, nearly a purr in his throat. "Anything?"

Remembering the way that his latest master had said the same thing after he dropped a tray of food and he begged to make it even, Kakarot shivered. "Yes."

"Tell me, why did you allow them to keep you enslaved when you're stronger than everyone on this planet?" 

The question caught Kakarot off guard. "I knew that if I failed, the treatment would become worse. I'd be punished."

"So you'd rather stay a slave?"

His eyes drifted from Vegeta's, ashamed. "Yes, sir."

Vegeta scoffed, sitting on the edge of his mat. "Pathetic."

The younger boy remained silent. 

"Your master had said you were a pleasure slave at one point. Is he correct?" 

The question made Kakarot tense, his muscles bunching awkwardly. "Yes, at least, that's how my masters used me."

Another scoff came from the prince. "And how old were you then?"

"It started when I was ten, I believe. I don't remember so well." 

"A child. You hadn't even had your first rut yet. This creatures truly are disgusting."

The answer Vegeta had given shocked Kakarot. Did that mean he wasn't going to use him the same way?

"That's why you're so freaked out about being a concubine, am I correct?"

Kakarot simply nodded, feeling panic rise in his chest.


Kakarot held his breath for a moment as he heard Vegeta shifting on the bed. 

"I suppose we can work something out, Kakarot. We will talk of this in the morning, since you've kept me awake this long." Vegeta said, nearly snapping the last word.

"As you wish." Kakarot said, climbing back into his cot and laying awake, watching over the prince. Though he feared what it may be, he couldn't help but think of what this arrangement was that Vegeta had in mind.

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