Songs in My Head

BY : Lil_DuOver
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Disclaimer: I own nothing but my imagination, and sometimes I question even that. I do not own Gundam Wing, and I make no profit from this story.

So this is the first installment of a set of song inspired works that keep floating though my brain. I couldn't get the song "Take me to Church" by Hoizer out of my head and it inspired this. I do hope that you like it. Also the series will take place in various different places and will not necessarily be connected. 


I would also like to give special thanks to Ms. Amberly and Clara Barton. You don't know me but your works have inspired me sooooo much. I think I've read every one you've posted. I'm not a stalker. I swear. Just an obsessive fan. 


I worship every inch of him, feeling complete only when he is in my arms. It is a sick type of worship, one that was built around carnal desires. A need for comfort, the thrill of having something so wild, so untamable in my arms. There is nothing I wouldn't five to have this dark god in my arms; and with his wicked smirk and fire in his amethyst eyes he knows it. 

He gives me no pretense, makes no absolutes or promises. Honesty is his foremost weapon, yet the little minx could make you think the sky was yellow with poka-dots and still not utter a lie. He has never said he loved me, nor will he ever. A god does not need to love those who worship him; yet it is always me he returns to, his most devout follower. 

I trace each scar along his body, my calloused hands guided over pale skin. I read my scriptures from the marks in his flesh. 

"Fuck..." the whispered curse is laced with pleasure. It's almost enough, yet not. Growling, he rolls us. I lay on y back for him, watching as his wicked amethyst eyes slide closed in pleasure as he seats himself more firmly. 

I groan as I slide deeper into him. Fuck he feels so good around me. I grip his hips tightly. I'm sure that he will be bruised yet it is all I can do to keep hold of my sanity. He begins to slowly rise, head still tossed back, eyes half lidded. I groan at the sensation. Just when I think he will leave me he slams himself back down, a cry of sheer pleasure erupting from his lips. He tightens around me, nearly strangling me with his heat.  

The ride is rough, the sound of our bodies slapping together along with his moans is music to my ears. My world narrows down to him, and only him. I reach forward, my calloused hand gripping his shaft. He stutters in his movements. My other hand helps guide him, keeping him in time with each pump to his cock. He swears over and over, profanities falling from swollen lips. He stutters again... 

One heart beat... two... 

My dark god becomes impossibly tight. His eyes darken, lids sliding shut as he arches his back. I feel his cock swell in my hand. Time seems to freeze for a moment. His shout of pleasure rings out in the otherwise silent room. His essence coats my hand and chest. That is the final trigger for me. I cry out, my eyes slamming closed despite my unwillingness for them to do so. 

My cock twitches deep inside him, I feel him shudder as my seed fills him. After a few moments he collapsed forward, chest against my chest. I wrap my arms around him, holding him close as out hearts thunder together. He slowly lifts his head, just enough to meet my gaze. He gives me a smirk, one filled with wicked promise.  

"That was great babe." I just smile at his praise. He kisses me lightly before rolling off of me. My lips tingle from the chaste kiss, and I crave more like a starving man craves bread. Yet I don't dare try to take more. He curls up against y side, eyes drifting closed as he pressed closer to share warmth. I let myself follow his lead, wrapping my arms about him. Soon his breathing evens out and he sleeps in m arms, a dark god for me to hold. I look up to the painted ceiling above us; some Biblical scene about the garden of Eden. I smirk as the irony as I notice the serpent has amethyst eyes.  

Oh yes, my little dark god let me into temptation, much like that serpent with Eve, but I followed without a second thought, always craving the forbidden fruit he offers me. 


Lil_DuOver: Well here it is. The fist of several. >< I wrote this at work, scribbling down in my notebook between customers. I'm sure I would be fired if they ever read this.  

Evil Mutant Bunny Rabbit: Bwhahaha! -pokes with stick of plot- You will not rest! 

Lil_DuOver: NOOO!!! Not you again! -runs away- 

Evil Mutant Bunny Rabbit: Teehee. Well thanks for reading. Please leave reviews. It's good to keep her motivated! See you next chapter!

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