What Has Become of Me

BY : Sohma_Star
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    Okay, this is a complete rewrite of “What Has Become of Me.” (The original was started January 2003 OMG) I recently came back to this and thought maybe I should finish it. (Thank Dragonball Super for my renewed interest <3) I reread this and was very disappointed with my older writing, it lacks description, depth, and doesn't clearly outline my view of life on Vegeta-sei. So with my original goals for this story still in mind I will be writing again :)
What has Become of Me...
Story by: Sohma Star
Chapter One: Capture

     The full Chikara moon hung high in the dark autumn sky, casting an eerie glow on the barren rocky terrain. She was safe, for now... crouching in the large shadow of a boulder, waiting, silently trying to drag breath into her burning lungs. Her heart was hammering, it's desperate rhythm thundering in her ears. A cool breeze sent a chill down her spine, bristling the hair on her tail. Her ears straining for sounds beyond her own heart's rapid rhythm. Her alert chocolate eyes focusing on the red jagged cliffs for any signs of attackers. Tonight was the hunt.

    Saiyajins by design are a very instinctual race. While a small number of saiyajins develop more complex feelings, most mate out of lust or necessity, not love. They take a mate solely to vent their sexual urges, offspring are often accidental consequences of these couplings. Every eight years when the blue Chikara moon is full, this impulse goes into overdrive as the saiyajin males go into blood heat. This period is known as “the hunt,” during which saiyajins hunt and claim mates. To claim a mate, a male overpowers a female and forces submission. After she submits the male ruts with her then, either leaves or, marks her as his mate creating a life bond.
    Pan's prospects of making it through the night unclaimed are bleak. Saiyajin males naturally outnumber females roughly five to one, and young males looking for mates are not the only concern. Due to their bond, mated males can no longer participate in the hunt, instead they bed their mates. Some however, choose to spend the full moon as slavers instead of rutting. Slavers take special medicine to resist the pull of the moon and use the hunt to capture young girls. They get the best prices for virgin girls, the higher the power level and class the better. If bested tonight, her freedom could be lost forever.

     Pan herself was a very strange saiyajin, she wanted love. She wanted a mate like her mother's, one that she knew and cared about before they mated. Not that she had ever met her father, but the look of longing in her mother’s eyes each time she spoke of him told Pan all she needed to know.

     The thought of some random saiyajin grabbing her to cool his raging hormones sickened her, even as the moon began it's slow descent she knew the night was far from over. Already she had beaten off half a dozen crazed males. Her clothing hung in shreds barely covering her small frame and her ki was getting dangerously low. Shifting her foot, a small stone collided with another. The usually soft clack seemed amplified to an almost deafening level with her desperation to stay unnoticed. She held her breath, hoping and praying the small sound hadn't been heard.

     The tiny noise caught the attention of a male lurking in the nearby shadows, his dark hair was twisted into a thick braid that reached his mid back. He lifted his nose breathing deeply, his mouth twisting into a dangerous smirk, he could smell her fear... He licked his dry lips in anticipation. Confidently, he soundlessly crept toward his prey.

     Pan's skin prickled, something was wrong. Her ears heard nothing yet, she could feel danger was near. All sound seemed drowned out by the rapid pounding in her chest. She took a sharp breath, deciding to make a break for it. Gathering all of her courage it was now or never.

     Pan froze as her body was grabbed roughly from behind. Large masculine arms locked around her waist, massive hands blindly fumbled for her poorly veiled breasts. She bent forward flipping her attacker over her shoulder in a reflexive panic. The male landed hard on his back in front of an extremely startled Pan. Casually climbing to his feet with a look of hunger burning in his dark eyes the male continued advancing towards his intended quarry. Quickly she threw a small ki blast in his face temporarily blinding him, and took off as fast as possible.

     Growling the saiyajin gave chase. Knocking the young girl back to the ground, he pinned her between himself and the red rocky terrain tearing at her already ragged clothes. Pan pushed at his chest with her small hands trying desperately to increase the distance between their bodies. He immobilized her tiny flailing hands with a single colossal one, reaching down with the other to free his pulsing member. Pan's stomach turned as her chocolate eyes met charcoal lust filled ones. With no other options, she brought her knee up smashing it into his groin with as much force as she could muster. He cursed in pain reflexively freeing her hands and she wasted no time slipping out of his grasp and blasting off into the darkness leaving her attacker writhing in agony.

    Pan's attention remained focused behind her in search of pursuit. As she zipped past the sandy red cliffs a sudden weight sent her unexpectedly plummeting to the ground. She forcefully connected with the sandy red soil knocking the air from her lungs. Breathlessly, she struggled under the heavy netting pinning her, tangling herself in the process. It seemed the more she fought the more entrapped she became.

     Another saiyajin appeared from a nearby crevice between two large red boulders. His thick arms crossed over his muscular chest as he looked down on her squirming form. His impressive height dwarfed Pan who's small body fell completely within his dark shadow. A smug grin graced his scarred face and intelligent black eyes met hers.

    This wasn't a male in blood heat. The small scar in the shadow of his collar bone proudly professed his mated status. He wore his dark hair in a short ponytail tied with coarse string. His hunter green vest was littered with pockets as were his tan cargo pants. Pouches of assorted size and material decorated his belt. He confidently strode forward, his boots kicking up red dust in their wake, admiring the jumbled mess he had captured. Calmly he rummaged through his pockets removing a pair of white metallic shackles from one he approached Pan's still struggling pinned body. Lifting the heavy net to expose her arms he snapped the cuffs in place on her delicate wrists before, pulling the rest of her outside the net's oppressive grasp and hauling her roughly to her feet. He gave her another look over before grunting in approval and shuffling her in the direction of a covered two wheeled cart.

    Pan's eyes watered and she bit her lip willing herself not to cry in frustration at the reality of her predicament. She couldn't cry, crying was a sign of weakness. She hadn't just been caught, she had been captured by a slaver which meant she would likely never have a mate. Her life could have only two directions now. Either she'd be sold off planet as a plaything for some weird alien collector or she'd become the whore of some rich saiyajin snob until he tired of her or took a mate then she would be passed to another owner only to repeat the cycle, if she was lucky she wouldn't be too badly abused, but with saiyajins abuse was almost a certainty.

    As the cart's twin wheels lurched forward she observed it's others occupants. Five girls were huddled together tears painting their dirty bruised faces their ragged clothing a testament to the horrors they saw this night. This slaver had done very well, to get one or two away from the hormonally challenged males was impressive, but to get six? This slaver must really know his stuff... Pan watched the dusty red scenery pass as they approached the city. The small cave homes she was accustomed to gave way to enormous pristine white metallic buildings with small bubble windows and the bumpy country trail became an unfamiliar paved white road. The sun started to peek over the horizon, as the night finally ended. How ironic to be caught by a slaver... Pan briefly wondered if it would have been better to let one of her attackers win and become her mate She let out a defeated sigh, it was too late for that, it was too late for anything.
    The cart jerked to a halt and the greedy slaver took off after another girl. Pan took her chance, with her hands still bound and her little remaining ki suppressed she rolled off the back of the cart. Trying to flee with her wrists bound during the full moon would be suicide. Taking cover behind a small storage building, she waited in complete silence until the slaver returned.

     The girl he was carrying was resisting, twisting violently as she desperately tried to free herself from his grasp. Her loud protests only aiding Pan in her sneak attack. While he was still facing the cart trying to end the girl's vain struggles Pan crept behind him without a sound. She threw her shackled hands over his head using the short chain to strangle him. He dropped the protesting girl to flail, helplessly clawing at the chain. Pan hung on, slowly choking him of air until he passed out. Once she was sure he was out cold she released him. His limp body crumbled to the ground with a heavy thud and she frantically searched his ridiculous pockets for a key. After three pockets and no luck she was getting desperate finally, she pulled the key from the fourth pocket. Pan used her mouth to maneuver the key into the lock on her cuffs and slid them off. Next she freed the other girls. The grateful girls tearfully thanked her and made presumably empty promises to repay her if ever they could before finally taking off into sun streaked morning sky.

    Pan dropped the key onto the white pavement and was just about to take flight herself when the now conscious slaver grabbed her tail. Pain shot through her entire body and all strength left her limbs. She fell to her knees, her teary chocolate eyes meeting his fiery black depths with renewed fear. His livid eyes bore into her large terrified ones as he spoke.

     "Never in all my years has even ONE girl escaped, but now I lost an entire night's worth of work. If I return empty handed I will be laughed out of employment." His glare and grip intensified and Pan winced sucking in a sharp breath, seeing spots dance in her vision.

     "You will pay DEARLY for my humiliation." He jerked her tail propelling her face first into metallic road. While she lay stunned from the pain, he removed more shackles from his numerous pockets cuffing her hands behind her back this time. He then violently threw her tired body into the empty cart, grabbing another pair of cuffs he secured her ankle to the cart, with that he seemed satisfied.

     "You may have freed the others, but your fate is sealed." He strode quickly to the front of the cart quietly musing to himself, this girl would have the worst master on Vegeta-sei he'd make sure of that.
    Trunks stood surveying the damages. All of his private concubines, saiyajin and alien alike lay dead. Expensive silk dresses stained crimson lay in burnt shreds as cooling blood congealed around the pile of corpses. His loins were still hot, burning with unfulfilled desires. The ki suppression bracelet his mother invented lay in pieces on the cold metallic floor and clearly the urge suppressing pills were not doing their job. His hard blue eyes dismissed the carnage as he sourly made his way back to his chambers.

    A deep sigh left his mouth, this was his second full moon since he came of age. His teeth ached for blood. He was now twenty-eight and still had no mate. If he was unable to produce an heir soon the counsel would turn against him perhaps, in favor of his uncle Tarble. They had even made the foolish suggestion he mate Bulla, his sister, with her similar pedigree it was thought perhaps she could withstand his powerful lust. This idea was quickly rejected by the King. Bulla had a very low power level and likely would not survive coupling. Which was all the better in his opinion, as the aqua haired girl did not suit his tastes in the slightest. Her frivolous chatty nature got on his nerves to no end, as did her overly pampered upbringing.

    His hand raked through his long unruly lavender hair. During the last full moon he had participated in the hunt as a regular saiyajin should. The final result had been horrific. By the end of the night over one hundred saiyajins lay dead, male and female alike. His power was simply too uncontrollable. This time they gathered female saiyajins and alien slaves all with above average power levels in hopes of sating the Prince's beast-like urges. This too proved obviously unsuccessful. Pain and heat surged through his body again pooling in his throbbing groin. He ground his teeth would there ever be a cure? The second moon would be full soon and he didn't know if he could survive without an outlet.

    The second moon Kizuna is known as the bonding moon. This moon was not native to Vegeta-sei. The moon came from Kanassa-sei. In the year 736 a saiyajin raiding party cleared Kanassa-sei of life for Frieza. Soon there after, Frieza decided the planet did not suit his needs and destroyed it. It's freed moon was pulled in by the strong gravity of nearby Vegeta-sei and resettled in it's orbit. The red Kizuna moon is closer to Vegeta-sei and even though it is a smaller moon than Chikara it's closer proximity has caused oozaru transformations even with the anti-oozaru shields in place. It is full every twenty-nine years. This will be the first time Trunks experiences the Kizuna moon's effects.

    So, that is it for chapter one. I'm trying for longer chapters, and hopefully my attention span with hold. ADHD Sorry, >.<* Let me know how you like it <3 Star-chan

           P.S. I'm still totally shipping Trunks/Pan, even though it seems Trunks/Mai is going to be cannon bleh.



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