DBZ Gang-bang

BY : Donglibog
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Disclaimer: DISCLAIMER: I do not own Dragon ball Z characters, and I make no money from this fan fic.

DISCLAIMER: I do not own Dragon ball Z characters, and I make no money from this fan fic.


Gang-bang 3






It is the rain that finally wakes Son Gohan. But he doesn't get up. He just lies there, face down on the ground, staring at his broken glasses, as he bitterly recalls his humiliating defeat at the hands of the teenage androids.


He isn't even that angry at them. He is more angry with his mother for making him focus on his studies, in stead of on his training. He is angry at his father for always yielding to his mother on how he should be raised, and for not taking a more active part in his martial arts training.


But most of all, he is angry at himself. Because his parents never put a gun to his head. It was his decision. He had let his mother run his life, even though, somewhere deep down inside, he knew she was wrong.


“Dammit,” he mutters, smashing his fist to the ground, cracking the pavement. “Dammit, dammit, dammit, DAMMIT!”


Then he remembers something. A long time ago, as a child, he had gotten very angry, and dealt a grievous blow to his evil uncle Raditz. This was before he had received any kind of martial arts training.


Yes, he is out of practice. Yes, his skills have dulled. But his anger? His rage? He will always have that. Whether he likes it or not, his rage is the one companion he will always have. Even in moments of happiness, it's there. Deep down inside. Hiding in the dark places. Biding its time. Waiting for release.


He releases it now, the rage. For what greater anger is there, than anger at oneself?


His eyeballs turn green. His dark hair becomes golden. And Son Gohan transforms into a Super Saiyan!




Videl's erotic moans along with her pleas for mercy can be heard from every corner of the large warehouse. Her discarded sundress is on the floor. The only items of clothing she has left on her are her shoes.


The green haired Android 70 holds both her arms behind her, as he licks and kisses the side of her neck. The short, but muscular Android 71 has his arms wrapped around her lithe waist, while he viciously sucks at the nipple of her bare right breast. Sucking at her other teat is their leader, the mischievous Android 69, who currently has two of his fingers inside the hapless girl's sopping vagina, stroking her G-spot.


“S-S-Stop it! Please...!” she begs them, her entire body trembling from the combined sexual assault.


But they don't stop. They continue the debauchery, until she could take no more. She shudders, shuts her eyes, clenches her teeth. She's close. Shaking her head, she initially refuses to give them the satisfaction, but in the end she yields. And with a shameful scream of defeat, she orgasms all over the depraved android's hand.


They release her, and she collapses on her side, gasping for breath, her body still spasming. The teenage androids howl in victory, and give each other congratulatory fist bumps.


“You...bastards...” she sobs weakly.


Then Android 70 suddenly detects a faint power signature.


“What is it, 70?” Android 69 asks, noticing the change of expression on his friend's face.


“It's that halfbreed boyfriend of hers,” Android 70 answers.


“Go...han...?” Videl wearily whispers the name of the man she loves, feeling a sudden sliver of hope.


“You mean he hasn't had enough?” Android 71 asks. “What is he, like a masochist or something?”


“You guys keep having fun with her,” Android 70 confidently tells his buddies. “I'll take care of him.”




Super Saiyan Son Gohan rockets through the air. His girlfriend barely has any energy left, but he still manages to track down her distinctive qi or energy signature. Unfortunately he doesn't know how to use Instant Transmission, his father's technique of immediately appearing next to any qi he can detect, no matter the distance, so all he can do is hurry, and hope that he is not too late.


A minute later, and he sees the green haired android boy that attacked them earlier, hovering in the air, waiting for him.


“Just crash right into him,” Super Saiyan Son Gohan tells himself, clenching his fists and teeth. “Just like you did against your evil uncle a long time ago. No techniques, no strategy,...just rage!”


Android 70 sees the Saiyan hybrid speeding towards him.


“Hmm? There's something...different about him,” Android 70 realizes with a frown. Then his eyes widen in terror! His forehead becomes beaded with sweat, and he shouts, “It's his fighting level! IT'S OVER NINE-!”


The wind gets knocked out of him, as Super Saiyan Son Gohan's shoulder crashes into his midsection!




“GET OFF ME!” Videl screams.


Android 69 is on top of her, between her frantically thrashing legs, squeezing her tits in his hands, licking at her neck. She tries to push him off, but with no success.


“This is going to be just like last time,” he purrs into her ear. “You remember that, don't you? Of course you do. Gonna rape you all night. Gonna use every sexual position and violation available in the database of my android brain...”


“Can you quit with the foreplay, and just stick your meat in already?” Android 71 impatiently complains. “There are some of us waiting in line here?”


“Dude, you just raped her.”


“I'm not an energy draining Android like you. I've got one of those unlimited power sources. I'm always good to go. Besides, like you said, you already had that all-nighter with her.”


“Yea, but General Fuchsia did almost all of the raping. Most of the time, I was just holding her down for 'em.”


“You know, she's got more than one hole on her, right? I could use the back door, while you get yourself a nice blow job.”


Android 69 takes a second to consider, then says, “That sounds good to me.”


“NO!” Videl protests hysterically.


The young android yanks her up, and roughly shoves her down on all fours. Android 71 takes position behind her, holding her by her hips. She feels the tip of his stiff cock bumping against her anus. Her butt-cheeks instinctively clench in fear.


“No, no, no, please no. Please not there...!” she nervously begs them, tears flowing from her eyes.


Android 69 grabs her by her hair, and forces her to face his swollen member.


“Listen to me, bitch,” he tells her. “You're going to lick my dick. And when I say you're done, I'm gonna shove it down your throat, and you're gonna fricking suck. Got it?!”


Videl sobs, and shakes her head.


The android teen angrily yells at her, “I said, lick my goddamn dick!”


Videl tentatively nods her head. She shuts her eyes, opens her mouth, and hesitantly sticks out her trembling tongue. As soon as the tip of her tongue makes contact with the glans of his penis, she immediately pulls her tongue back in her mouth, and grimaces in disgust.


“You take that tongue back out, and lick my balls, you bitch!” Android 69 threatens her. “Or I'll-!”


The cement wall suddenly explodes inward, as Android 70's limp body is thrown through it, and into the metal surface of an intermodal container, that is dented from the impact!


“What...in the hell...could have done that to him?” Android 69 apprehensively asks.


“I don't know,” Android 71 answers just as fearfully, his muscular body shaking. “But I'm not gonna wait to find out!”


They grab their unconscious friend by his arms, and quickly escape through a back door.


Videl forces herself back to her feet. She gathers her clothes, gets dressed, then walks out through the gaping hole in the wall.


At first, she thinks it's morning, and she has to shield her eyes with her arm. But it isn't the sun. It's the bright aura surrounding her powerful boyfriend. Super Saiyan Son Gohan hovers in the air, and smiles down at her.


Not a single word is spoken. Videl smiles back, levitates off the ground, and happily floats into her lover's waiting arms.



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