Saiyan Survival

BY : Red-Eyed-Duelist
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Author's Note: This is my last new story, I promise. This is basically me throwing out samples of my writing, more or less.  Anyways, This will be multipairings, both hetero and gay. If you want for me to list them I will- AND I will be skipping at some parts. But yeah, Enjoy!

Goku’s body was tense and in a fighting stance, his tail holding his four year old son against the back of his leg and the tip intertwined with Gohan’s in comfort. He stared at the intruder that claimed to be his older brother- can he really believe him? Goku didn’t want to, but he knew that it was a high possibility that it was true, especially with the tail.

“You said that I was sent here to destroy this planet, right?” Goku questioned.

“Yes, that’s right.” Raditz replied, staring at Goku and Gohan.

“What...what if I told you that there’s no need?” Goku swallowed. “They do have some useful things here.”

“They do, do they?”

“Goku, what are you doing?” Krillin questioned, panic in his voice.

“Just trust me Krillin.” Goku said to him, never taking his eyes off of Raditz.

“You think that, somehow, this filthy planet is useful?” Raditz questioned.

“Yes, I’ve been living here so I know so.”

“Well than, why don’t you explain all that to our king.” Raditz sneered Before turning. “And your cub needs to come as well.”

Goku frowned. Cub? What did that mean? Surely He couldn't be referring to Gohan. Deep down inside though, he knew it was.

“What? But he-”

“He’s of saiyan blood!” Raditz snapped. “He is coming with us!” Goku sent him a glare before picking up his terrified son and hold him close to his chest. He could hear his friends behind him, telling him not to go. He must though, to make sure they all lived.

“Lead the way.” Goku stated as he handed Gohan’s hat to Bulma and watched as Raditz rose up into the air and Goku followed.

“Daddy, I’m scared.” Gohan whimpered as he curled his tail around Goku’s arm. Goku just let out a soothing rumble deep within his chest, soothing the boy. The small moment didn’t last long, however, when he felt a familiar powerlevel heading towards them, making him stop.

“What is it now?!” Growled Raditz as he stopped, irritated.

“Er...we are going to have some company.” Goku stated as he looked off into the distance. Soon enough, a dot was seen a few minutes later, rapidly approaching the three. Goku knew who it was, it was hard to forget this powerlevel.

“Where do you think YOU’RE going, Son?!” Snarled Piccolo as he stopped in front of the three, his fangs bared and his eyes held his glaring hatred.

“I’m sorry Piccolo, but looks like our rematch will have to wait.”

Piccolo snarled, glaring as his cape waved in the wind behind him.

“If you want to fight my idiotic little brother, than just come!” snapped  Raditz. “I swear to the gods, you are the only “special guest” that is allowed to come.”

Piccolo peered at Raditz before sneering. “Fine, but only because this means I can have a crack at the idiot.”

“Don’t expect a warm welcome, green man.”

“Tch, like I need one.”

In no time, they reached Raditz’ pod and landed just outside of the crater. The pod landed in a vast field and the only thing that was worth noting was a battered old blue truck and a man laying in front of it. Goku forced himself to stay put and not go over to check the man, he was afraid what he would find.

“Raditz reporting.” Raditz suddenly stated, a finger pressing a button on his scouter. “Send down two pods, we got an unexpected tag along.”

Goku watched as Raditz paused before saying something else and turning towards him.

“The pods will be here soon. I suggest you warn your brat when you see them coming from the sky.”

Goku pressed his son more against his chest, gently touching and stroking his tail to keep him calm as they waited- which didn’t take long.

Goku whispered a warning to Gohan just before the two crashed into the ground, making Gohan yelp in fright.

“Everyone get in one.”  Raditz ordered before slipping into his pod. Goku and Piccolo got into their own pods- which was already on autopilot- and the three went shooting up into space.

Goku nuzzled into his son’s hair, giving the boy as much comfort as he could. He didn’t know what lies ahead but he would be damned if something were to happen to his son.

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