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"normal speech"

omk = oh my kami.  for those curious.



Bulma was looking out the window of her living room to the sunset sky thinking about the day she had while drinking soda. First she was driving a little recklessly then she almost squashed a wild little boy with abnormal strength named goku who thought she was a monster at first until she told him that she is a human, and a girl, thus explaining herself out of getting slain, then she followed goku to his home, which is merely a small hut, where she found her objective, a dragonball. However goku was quite resistant in letting her have it, mainly because it was all he had left of his grandfather.

Finding herself at an impasse she first tried to fake seduce goku but goku was oblivious to it, so she reluctantly told goku about the dragonballs and their legend where if all seven are together they summon an eternal dragon that grants one wish which she plans to use to have a perfect boyfriend, she forgot to tell goku that if the wish was granted the dragonballs separate into different parts of the planet, but she'll cross that bridge when she comes to it.

She then let goku travel with her so that she will have a travel companion and be more safe from the dangers of the world. Then she found herself attacked by a pterodactyle that tried to eat her but goku killed it first before it could, then after a change in wardrobe due to her 'accident' she and goku continued to travel until it became sunset.

Which is when she ended up using her capsule to build a big mansion different from other average houses from west city, basically looking like a huge half sphere, with two cylinder shaped towers, ending with two half spheres at the top, all colored light blue. She then guided goku on a tour through the mansion so that he doesen't get lost, which brings her here to the living room finishing her drink and thinking back to how off the wall the day was for her, yet was thankful to have survived it.

As for her thoughts about goku, she finds him cute for his naivete, and his innocent nature, but was annoyed about his cluelessness, his occasional rude times, and an obvious lack of any education in other things other than strength and martial arts. Her thinking was interrupted by goku speaking to her.


"Wow bulma this is huge" goku said as he was taking in the sights of the living room in it was some seats, with some coffee tables, as well as a big glass table in the middle, with two corner couches one of which she was sitting on with a big hdtv that is 22x28 inches on the wall with a game system to the side. Bulma then spied a remote to the tv deciding to play a little joke on goku. when goku was a little close to the tv she then turned it on to have an image popping up on the tv in a nanosecond showing a guy playing a guitar, thus startling goku much to her amusement, then she switched to a romance channel where she ended up getting close to the tv hoping to see them kiss, which is when goku got his revenge by gently taking the remote out of her hand, then switching to the monster channel, when the monster breathed fire towards the direction of the screen scaring bulma much to goku's amusement.

After she reprimanded him for that (though finding it funny herself.) she then turned off the tv, which is when the bad smell ended up hitting her. "Hey what is that smell?" she then finds out it was coming from goku "UGH! goku you need a bath badly." bulma said grossed out, causing goku to get confused asking what a bath is. "OMK i can't believe you're asking, i guess i gotta show you" bulma says shocked and a little creeped out at goku's confusion.

*small time skip*

After being guided to the bathroom, goku took in the sights of how beautiful the bathroom is with a long seated shower inside looks like it could fit ten people in there, having not one but two ceiling sprayers as well as another showerhead to hold when washing places the ceiling one can't reach, and as well as having a window inside so that both could see the outside while showering, and the ovular bath in the middle of the room looking like a half of a white egg, with a faucet on the edge of the tub in the center, also having a shower head on the bathtub's head of the tub in bulma's hand, with shiny and beautiful ceramic tile all over the walls and floor, as well as a few sinks and a toilet, looking like a millionare owned this room like she owned this mansion, something that bulma prides herself on, being a daughter of the current owner of capsule corp, like she is a princess.


Goku was told to undress himself while bulma prepared the bath filling it up to waist deepness. So he stripped off his shoes first, his red wristbands second, then his blue fighter gi starting with the shirt, then his pants were next, leaving him in a loincloth that looks more akin to a sumo wrestler's mawashi that is shrunk down to his size. Bulma couldn't help but find goku cute in that cloth as he stripped it off and added it to his pile of clothes. After putting his clothes in the basket, goku who is now naked, picked up a white cloth studying it for a second.

"We civilised folk call that a towel, let's get this over with kid hop in." bulma said while goku walked towards the bath butt naked with only a towel in hand who happens to be ignorant about his lack of modesty. "so this is a bath?" goku asked "look at you! you're supposed to cover up the front!" bulma yelled out annoyed by his lack of proper modesty. "Hmm... like this?" goku asked while using his towel to cover his face with it, much to bulma's annoyance. Despite her outburst she coudn't resist a peek towards goku's junk, and was surprised by what she saw as not one but...

"two" penises in a vertical row.

"You gotta be kidding me! WoW, either he was born with those two as a birth abnormality or he's actually an alien from another planet that sent him here, wouldn't surprise me if it's the latter." despite this surprise she laughed inwardly at the fact his little winkies isn't developed or at least was only in the early stages of growing up, being tiny like worm's heads and the forskins covering all the way around and closing as a hood at the tips, wasn't much of a surprise from someone who she guessed to be at least eight.

After goku entered the bath at bulma's beckoning, bulma first took another towel from the rack and ended up placing it under her for comfort and to stay dry then put her chest on the egg bath to scrub goku with comfort. she was washing his body at the front then used the shampoo to wash his hair "what is this stuff bulma?" bulma didn't answer as she was keepin focus on making sure that his body is sqeaky clean. Though the weird substance is not harming goku, he decided to not worry. She then used the showerhead to wash the shampoo out his hair, which continues to stick in all directions despite the fact that it's wet.

She continues to wash goku's front avoiding his cocks so far. while that is going on goku was looking at bulma's shirt which due to her loose top and being smooshed on bathtub edge starting to show bulma's clevage, he was merely curious about bulma's chest knowing he or his grandpa never had these, feeling interested in seeing her weird balls, though he tried to look away they looked too ...nice? goku gulped, he started feeling a little hot all over his body which started to grow in heat as he tried to pry his eyes away but kept stealing hidden glances to her chest, he was sure the warm water had nothing to do with him starting to feel hot and that was solely bulma's fault.

He started to feel his crotch start to stir, he had similar times like this in the past where this kind of thing would happen on occaisions like waking up in the morning or if touched in a certain part and usually goes away in time, though this time goku has this kind of response because of someone else, which didn't go unoticed by bulma, as she looked at goku's cocks as they twitched and started to grow some inches, and point more upwards, with her cheeks blushing when she looked at goku's junk again.
"is he...is he getting hard?" bulma thought, getting delighted at his reaction, feeling confident about her body thinking she is the sexiest lady around having men basically wanting to date her but she rejected them as she merely wants to have herself saved for her perfect boyfriend, despite losing her virginity one time.

 Although she was also befuddled about why his body reacted this time around when in earlier times like when she showed him her panties back at his house, going so far as to pull her panties rear part up to make it a thong, he didn't even bat an eye to her sexiness, and her nearly naked butt until now. "So little goku is not so different from the other perverted boys after all." she mused giggling to herself, and so she decided to humor him a little, she had thoughts of goku finding him cute, he maybe not be perfect boyfriend material but he will be up there someday.

bulma feeling giddy had plenty of scenarios of what to do with goku, but first she had to make sure he was clean then she'll do it with him. "after all he did save me from that dino earlier." she thought as she continued to clean him. she then had goku turn around so that she can wash his back but then she saw a tail on goku's tailbone. "Huh? What's this? I thought it was attached to your pants, what did you do, superglue it to your butt?" she then tried to remove it thinking it's just a fake to wash him properly despite it hurting him. But then found out that the tail was actually real when he used it to wash his back with her scrubber. Causing her to scream in shock. Leaving bulma figuratively jumping out of her pants. It was official for her, goku is indeed an alien.

While recovering from shock she notices goku was in the middle of scrubbing himself with her scrubber using his tail on not just his back, but also his butt, his armpits, his belly and his feet, which he giggles when he scrubbs his soles, and finally his crotch. "I... can't believe... your tail... it... moves." She stuttered while stunned and a little creeped out. "T-that means... it's... r-real." She finished while reeling back from the surprise. "Holy kami goku, how did you grow that tail?" she asked.

"I don't know. All i know is that i was born with one. So all boys like me have them. It's no big deal." goku responded while washing himself leaving bulma confused at the answer. "But how? I've seen nude boys and even made love to some before, and they don't have tails. They also don't have two dicks like goku does either." bulma thought. While goku then said, "Oh wait. My grandpa didn't have a tail, so i know that not all boys have one." Bulma then was responding. "T-then you should know that normal men like your grandpa doesn't have tails." bulma said. "But what i do know is that grandpa was an odd fellow." goku then said. "Well i think i now know where goku's naivete and idiocy comes from." bulma thought annoyed.

she then notices that he has a shade of red all over his body, she also notices that his soaped up cocks are standing to attention though still covered by his forskins and only grew a few inches. Also noticing that his forskins looked a little stretched.  her horny side took advantage of her shock, taking over her brain. causing her to definately want to do him. That is when goku was done scrubbing himself that he washed the soap off his body, when she told goku to sit on the bathtub's edge which he obeyed, then bulma then decided to undress herself until she to was naked so that her clothes won't get wet, and so she could see how goku reacts to her body, and put them in the same basket goku's are in.

she counted on goku getting hypnotised by her body, which he was when he saw her boobies, "b-bulma why do you have a sexy butt on your chest?" goku asked, bulma was offended about what goku called her breasts causing her to do an anime face fault then to snap.  "IT'S NOT A BUTT YOU RUDE LITTLE BOY!! they're my breasts!! Also called boobies, boobs for short." After her outburst goku apologised and then say that her boobs look nice causing her to smile and thank him. then smiled at goku's hypnotised look leering down seeing if he's enjoying the show, she then got startled when goku looked at her crotch and screamed out in shock, after that she asked what is wrong which made him say "YOUR BALLS WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR BALLS!?!", confused at first she nearly quickly figured out that he was saying that she had no penis, so she explained to him that she's a woman and that she has a different private part called a vagina a.k.a, a pussy. That proclamation calmed goku down though he was still reeling from the shock, and bulma proceeded to get in the tub with him.

Once she is in the water, she then ended up covering her hands in soap then proceeded to rub goku's cocks making sure to cover them in soap again, nervous and confused but aroused goku asked what she was doing, she answered "relax i'm just cleaning the most important part of your body." bulma answered while continuing.

After a minute she washed the soap off goku's penises and then caught goku off guard by blowing him beginning with peeling off his forskins, opening the hood with her fingers on his bottom cock, and her tounge and lips on his top cock, though doing so had her nose and mouth assaulted by the rank smell and taste of his melted rotten cheese-like smegma, despite gagging at the taste, she ignored the smegma and proceeded with her blowjob on his top cock cleaning it of the smegma.

Both started to enjoy the sensation of having the blowjob despite goku resisting at first thinking she was going to eat it, until what feels like an inflating meaty balloon started to expand inside her mouth and through her throat. Caught off guard, she gagged and pulled her head back to breathe and see what was in her throat, what she saw had her speechless, and had her jaw dropping.

Goku's small cocks suddenly looked like they bloated to massive size like meaty untied animal balloons at surprising 9 inches in lengths and 1 3/4 inches thick with his peeled forskins showing his penis glans. basically looking nothing like his flaccid dangling 'winkies' between his legs, little did she know it was all thanks to his saiyan blood. "Okay i believe he is definately not a human and is in fact an alien. After all, other than the tail being the giveaway, what kind of man i have slept with already and also saw in porn, has a sausage that inflates to a more bigger size like a balloon made of meat when they are aroused, let alone two!? Also on top of that goku has a tiny body looking like he is just out of his toddler age, yet he's packing a huge pair of meats between his legs!? Man i feel sorry for any future sex partners that may have quality time with those 'monsters' when he grows up." she thought, correctly guessing goku's inhuman part.

Though she was shocked, she was also aroused at the size of those big cocks, in her squatting position, she then made goku stand up at the edge of the egg bathtub and continued with her blowjob on his top cock deciding to suck his top cock while giving the base a handjob, then also licking it like a lollipop for a minute from base to head tasting the few dollops of his precum and his remaining smegma, which she actually didn't mind tasting despite it tasting like old melted cheese. then she then gave him a titfuck smothering his penises with her breasts which goku ended up grabbing her nipples in response having her moan. And then deepthroated goku while molesting his still small testicles and giving his bottom cock a handjob while cleaning it of the uncleaned smegma, which she made sure to wash down to the bathwater. basicallly having both her and goku both enjoying the blowjob experience, until after five minutes when goku was starting to experience his first climax.

"B-bulma something's coming... i can't hold it, i feel like... i'm about to pee!" bulma then went back to sucking and handjob combo, until she felt goku grab her back of her head as well as her ponytail and forced her to deepthroat his top cock, she didn't mind at first starting to want to get throatfucked, which he proceeded to do. Having his thrusts sawwing her throats insides for about 30 seconds until, "AAAAHHHHHHHH!!!" with a scream goku then came, both his swelling cocks expanding in thickness by an inch or two then spraying alot of sperm like a hose of yogurt, little did he know his top cock was in her mouth spraying a huge amount into her throat, she felt a large volume of jizz overflowing through her mouth and throat, feeling like a high pressure hose was in her mouth on full blast. Spraying gallons every 5 seconds. She tried to swallow all of his jizz but his squirting cock was pumping out more than she could take and breathing through her nose was impossible since his top penis swelled until it acted like a plug, causing his jizz to overflow with no room in her mouth and throat causing his sperm to go through her sinuses and was flowing out her nostrils.

"This is not good i have to do something or i'll drown in his jizz." so with tears in her eyes from choking, she struggled in his grasp trying to break free to breathe, her attenpts to scream at him was futile because the flowing jizz makes her gag and sputter forcing her to swallow everytime she tried, so she then tried to force goku's grip off her head but he was strong and she would cause him to pull her hair and ponytail trying, pushing at goku but he's like a stone wall, trying to claw at his back, pulling his hair, and then slapping and pinching and scatching his butt as hard as she can again and again to have him nurse his butt welts with atleast one arm giving her enough leverage to break free.

It was for naught however as goku's orgasm and tough skin had him feel little to nothing, plus her nails were leaving no marks behind. Pretty soon she is starting to lose conciousness, losing her strength, her struggles turn sluggish, her slaps and pinches at goku's butt was turning more into taps and tugs, and her shoving starts to weaken, along with her grip on goku's hair, pretty soon her body slowly starts to limp and twitch, her arms starting to feel numb and also feel like jelly. and her vision goes blurry and she's starting to see stars while her vision starts to darken, she also hears water hitting water though she turned off the faucet to the bathtub at hip deepness, which at first she thought was his jizz on his lower cock spraying into the water, but then feels the water trail on her inner thighs feeling nothing like yogurty jizz, she quickly realised she's peeing, "EEWWWW THAT'S GROSS!!" she thought as her golden water trail fills up the bathtub, coloring the water in it yellow. 

She hoped that she will survive this accident, merely passing out and regaining conciousness, still alive and in her house with goku apologising for this, which she couldn't blame him as he couldn't control himself in his orgasmic state with his muscles locking up, nor did he feel aware of her choking. "Besides...at least... it...was an...accident." her 'would be' final thoughts crystallizing as her eyelids are feeling heavy and her vision fills with more stars and starts to blacken, and her peeing was nearly done and her arms limp off the tub, she slipped onto her knees, and she is about to pass out. Then through her blurry darkening vision she sees goku's monkey tail wagging left and right in exitement, that's when she has an idea that may save her. So with what is left of her strength she then lifts her jellylike arm with some difficulty and grabs goku's tail, then squeezes hard enough with all her strength. Goku then suddenly seized, gripping her hair painfully harder for a few seconds, then his grip started to weaken. She then uses one last push to break free, which she succeded.

Getting her mouth off of his cock she then pukes and coughs a medium amount of jizz out of her throat into the yellow water and finally breathes in her much needed air and blew out her nose to clear up her sinuses, while goku topples off the bathtub edge onto his back. "Crisis averted, although i might need a wash myself" she thinks, though her thoughts were cut short because she had to close her eyes. as goku's still coming with his cocks aimed at her spraying jizz in an arch, with (for her at least,) surprising amount of force, to knock her down into the bathwater covering more of her in sperm and more of her pee, while she took the sperm all over in her face, on her boobs, on her stomach and in her hair. basically painting all of her white while trying to paint the yellow water white also, until after what felt like thirty minutes to her his cumming dies down with his sperm no longer spraying like hoses.

she recovered her breath by that time, clearing up her sinuses. then looking at own body and the mess in the tub she then thought annoyed "let me rephrase that, i definately need a wash myself. Dayum though!! is it normal to have him spray that much jizz out with such force? even if he had it all saved up in those tiny balls of his?" she wondered shocked. she then looked at goku who was getting out of his own orgasm, "woah that was... wow" goku spoke with sincerity to his voice. then looked at her covered in his what he thinks yogurt and then started to laugh, making jokes about her. bulma was not happy, although she thought it was humorous smiling at him, then she gestures goku to hush which he did.

she then spoke to him "And this is why you should be nice and polite to women like me." she spoke. then she took the towel she laid on and wiped as much of the thick gooey cum off her face and bust that the towel can take. then she tossed it aside, hearing a messy splat sound she stood up, got out of the tub, she then helped goku to his feet. she then spoke "And who knows, if you play your cards right, i might teach you more. and you might do more than this with me or any other lady you meet." she said goku hearing this had his eyes widened "you mean there is more than this?" he spoke out of shock and exitement learning there is more to this sort of game of some kind than that, unable to hide his energy. bulma was snickering naughtily to herself she then calmed down then said "why yes there is more, but you shall learn more someday when you and i get to know eachother more." she then pointed to the door entrance to the bathroom. "For the moment though get that little tush out of this room. i want to have some me time."

goku then obeyed her order and left the bathroom at bulma's demand still nude with the other clean towel drying himself off while bulma drained the bathtub and cleaned it of his sperm and her pee,  then she then uses the long seated shower after getting her hair down. Using one of the sprayers, cleaning herself of all the jizz and her own pee sticking to her. while she was showering she started to fantasize about her perfect boyfriend and goku himself, washing her sexy body which had DDD-cup breasts and a tiny waist with a big huge butt that though was fat, was also curvy and showed tightness, with her shaved crotch showing no signs of any pubes so far, she is confident in her body that men would die for, in her eyes she is hands down the most sexiest woman ever. she started to get naughty and then started to touch herself. especially on her breasts and in her inner thighs moaning quietly. after a few minutes of her cleaning and steaming up the glass walls, her daydream was quickly coming to and end though, by goku still stark naked putting his hands on her butt and rubbing soap on it.

At first she thought her dream boyfriend was doing that. making a naughty moan she had a naughty smile. then twirled her hips making sure that his hands rubbed every square inch of both her buttcheeks, while playing with her breasts and nipples. until bulma said out loud "spank me." which goku obeyed slapping her right buttcheek hard. squealing briefly she was snapping out of her daydream from the shock and pain of actually getting spanked. she quickly turned and looked down. she saw goku below her. still sporting his huge erections. causing her to get distracted into staring at him, as well as surprised about his endowment, and that he is still big. both stared at eachother until bulma snapped out of it then covered herself and admonished goku. "GOKU WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE!? CANT YOU SEE IM NAKED!?!?" goku was startled by bulma's yell but told her "i'm sorry bulma, i just wanted to wash your back since you have no tail." bulma initially was going to refuse, but her daydream and touching herself had her horny and seeing goku's erections made her think goku may need some relief as well.

"fine goku, just try not to get rough. or perverted." bulma said while sitting on the bench from the wall much to goku's exitement. after sitting down on the bench, she prepared for her furo session while goku rubbed soap on his hands and then proceeded to wash her back. it was close to a minute when he was done. though he couldn't resist rubbing his tail in between her buttcrack while washing her causing her to squeak in surprise. then glared at goku for doing that though she wasn't complaining. After he's done she used the shower to wash the soap off her back. then while goku was leaving she grabbed him, sat down on the bench and put him on her lap. "w-what are you doing bulma?" goku asked feeling her handjob. "don't worry goku i'm making sure you're getting relief for your erections." bulma said while continuing. then she made goku stand on the bench while she got liquid soap. to rub and sud her boobs with. once their all soaped up she gave goku a paizuri soaping up his cocks. Cleaning them of any sweat and remaining droplets of cum and smegma.

while she did that goku grabbed her nipples like in the bath making her moan naughtily at his touch she then kissed goku on the lips surprising him. He kissed back though and each kissed eachother, making out while bulma continued with her paizuri. soon goku curiously opened his mouth sticking his tounge out licking bulma on the lips. bulma out of reflex opened her mouth and let goku stick his little tounge inside while wrapping her bigger tounge around it basically tounge wrestling with him. Despite his tounge's smaller size he seems to be winning this. so she decided to use one of her arms to continue her paizuri and the other to grab his butt giving it some squeezes. surprising goku but he continued to tounge wrestle with bulma dominating her tounge.

it went on for a couple minutes until both pulled their heads back to breathe air. she got done with her paizuri after minutes of it then washed the soap off his penises with the handheld showerhead. she then decided to give goku another blowjob this time on his bottom cock. bulma gave a handjob to his top cock while sucking the glans of his bottom one, then suddenly goku put his hands on her head then forced her to deepthroat the bottom cock. she didn't mind though and started to enjoy getting throatfucked, though cautioned herself in making him cum in her mouth again so that she isn't gonna drown. She put her hands on goku's butt, massaging it making him moan, giving it some soft slaps, making him yelp.

while she dug her fingers into her pussy collecting her juices. goku then let go of her hair letting her mouth off his bottom cock so that she'll lick his bottom cock like a lollipop. goku was gonna cum again though, so she made sure to make goku cum outside this time, as she gave him a handjob. goku let out another more smaller scream as he came all over her as she braced herself for his onslaught of cock yogurt. goku had his sperm covering her all over trying to paint her whiter than her own skin.

she felt herself getting pushed down from the force of his jizz like he had hi pressure firehoses between his legs. it took 4 minutes in real time though to her felt like 25 minutes this time when he was done. He was still standing much to bulma's surprise as she was on her back covered in goku's yogurt again. she had to use the shower to wash it off with a little difficulty due to it's thickness. while goku was recovering staying on his feet, she looked at goku's penises expecting them to deflate. only to be really surprised to see that his cocks are still hard and pointing at her. Though she was shocked she was also excited for what goku was gonna offer. Little does she know though is that she's gonna get more than she bargained for.

After she washed herself clean, she turned off the shower to save the warm water. She dried off with goku after washing his sperm off him, then she did the tounge wrestling with goku again while picking him up and walking out the shower, and then out the bathroom still naked. she programed the a.i of the maid bots to take care of goku's and her laundry after both leaves, before she began goku's bath. which they're doing now that both has left the bathroom. now both are in bulma's master bedroom with a big queen sized circle shaped bed in the center, a japanese dresser to it's right, with a big mirror on it currently reflecting both their nude bodies making out with eachother. As well as a big hdtv on the walls north of it where the pillows are positioned on the bed facing north. usually causing bulma to lay on her belly when watching. With some windows on her walls.

When they reached the bed, bulma put goku on the edge while continuing to tounge wrestle him. then she molested his small testicles while moaning naughtily at their tounge wrestling. minutes later goku suddenly pulled back allowing bulma to breathe. once she caught her breath she was driven crazy by how much goku was getting good at this despite being a virgin. "Hey bulma there is more than the pee pee sucking you did back in the bathroom, right? May i try those? pleeeeaaasse?" Goku begged using his eyes. when bulma saw those she couldn't resist how cute he looked, to the point where she gave in. "Okay goku, i'll do it. But there is only one thing i'll teach you this time. After that, earn my trust and love first. Then you'll learn more. got it?" Goku celebrated as he was excited to try out the new thing bulma agreed to. Pumping both his arms to his chest and shaking his hips side to side along with wagging his tail like an excited monkey. Inadverdantly swinging his big dicks side to side in an hypnotic motion for bulma.

She then wondered what to let him do to her. She had thoughts of doing anal with him but with 2 dicks she got nervous and hesitated hoping it's safe today when she lets him have both her anus and pussy. Eventually she decided it's not worth risking it and let goku use her anus hoping he'll use only one dick. So she got up and retreated back to the bathroom while telling goku to stay. Which he obeyed seeing her run out the room. While watching her run, he felt like he was in slow mo. Seeing her big naked butt jiggling with her running motion as she was running. He couldn't help but stare at what he thinks as a beautiful derriere. Getting more excited seeing her butt, he grinned in thought of what she planned for him, that hopefully involves playing with it. Then eventually to his eyes she was gone. She then ran through the halls nude running to her bathroom, despite some difficulties with finding the bathroom door in her mansion halls she ended up finding it soon enough, then searched the bathroom for the necessary lube, she then got a glass jar of purple colored lotion, next to the sunscreen she would use when sunbathing.

She got back to the room where goku was right where she left him and made him move to the center of the bed. when she got on the bed she gave goku the jar of lotion. "Now goku be sure to take a dollop of this lotion and smear it "only" on your bottom dick and stick it in the hole i'm directing you to, but do it gently and make sure your lube is applied first. because it'll hurt me if you don't. do you understand?' goku nodded causing bulma to crawl to the side facing the mirror. she could hear the cork on the jar pop off and hear the squishy sounds of goku applying the lotion. if she lowered her ass flat on the bed however she would see that goku is actually applying the lotion to both his cocks. The reason being is that goku was not willing to use only one cock so he was going to use both his cocks to very good use.

After finishing applying the lube bulma told goku to close the jar and put it on the dresser which goku then obeyed and ran to the dresser jar in hand. Bulma seeing him run to the dresser felt like she was in slow mo as she is seeing his naked butt wiggling and jiggling with his running motion and his tail wagging in exitement sorta like a monkey. Bulma can't help but inwardly giggle seeing that goku despite his strength, still has yet to shed his baby fat still looking pretty chubby, especially if his nude and pudgy butt is showing. It made her giddy and had her thinking about kissing him on his left buttcheek, while giving his right one a pinch and possibly softly slapping it to see it jiggle. When he ran back to the bed he made sure his lubed dicks are hard for bulma to notice, and got on the bed behind bulma. She then showed goku her asshole and said "Gently stick that dick in there. then fuck the shit out of me when i tell you to." bulma looked in the mirror and on the mirror's reflection she saw goku's eyes focused on her asshole while walking his tiny naked form to her ass then climbing onto her buttcheeks in a leapfrog position. sorta like a monkey, and sticking "it" in her ass.

Unfortunately for her the "it" in question being both his dicks in her ass. which she didn't know, thinking it was a bigger dick than she expected being shoved in her anus. "UUUUUUGHH!!" bulma screamed out clenching her eyes and teeth shut, as bulma was thankful for the lotion as she felt and thought what feels like a neverending log of meat being pushed inch by inch up her ass. Even though she had anal before, it was merely with a single dick, and no dick from a man was as big as goku's no matter how big, and last but not least he had two dicks that little did she know, is being pushed up her ass. It was a couple of minutes until he reached the base of his dicks causing to goku double over at the tight feeling of her asshole. lasting a few minutes until goku started to thrust gently.

At least at first until goku started to go faster. "AAAAUUUGGHHHH!! GOKUOOUGHGH SLOW DAUUUGHHNN!" bulma tried to say but merely grunted out gibberish, with goku not hearing her properly continuing at the same pace. "AAAAUUGH GOKUOOOUGH STOAAUUHHP" bulma's begging came out gibberish as she continued to witness him in the mirror's reflection as goku continued to thrust. "oh kami look at him, he's like a monkey. a sexually energetic monkey with two big dicks, who just lost his virginity to my ass. not counting the blowjob." bulma thought who suddenly feels like a furry rope rubbing her pussy. giving her jolts of pleasure. She then realized it's his tail that is doing that. "Though of course he is sort of a monkey with that bushy tail of his." she thought.

While she was loudly moaning in pain on her hands and knees, she is also basically moaning in pleasure as goku continued to rub her pussy with his tail. She is however, still aware that her anal is still burning. She also couldn't help but gag once she felt his penises bump a certain part of her innards that isn't her g spot.

"STAHHHHUGP PULL IT OUOOUUUUUGH!!" she however still couldnt speak properly and merely grunted and gagged due to the pain causing her to give up on begging and deciding to let goku keep going. Since at this point she believed that he might not listen to her once he got started. Taking the anal pains until after a couple minutes when she suddenly felt pleasure.

She looked in the mirror to see what she could describe as a monkey boy, having a crazed look in his eyes, all the while having his mouth open with a smile sticking his tounge out, droplets of drool leaking out of his tounge and onto her buttcheeks and lower back. like he's enjoying this and not willing to stop. she later actually didn't want to stop either, as the sex continued on. 

"Yeah goku!! Fuck my ass!! Give it to me you horny monkey!!" she said as goku thrusted harder and faster into her and molested her buttcheeks like they were made of jello.

bulma buried her face in her pillow out of cumming and a little shame. "This is so shameful im naked with a young monkey boy who should be in preschool right now seeing that he's a dimwit, as well as looking pretty chubby with baby fat, who has abnormally big dicks, who i swear to kami is an alien from some wild human monkey planet, and he's fucking me!! I know i shouldn't be enjoying this little rutt. So why am i?" bulma wondered untill she felt goku's tail starting to tease her clit. causing her to moan naughtily while rolling her eyes up to the back. she then also felt goku inserting his tail into her pussy. basically for her feeling like goku's second more hairy dick is in her too even though it's actualy his third more hairy cock. Meanwhile goku felt like he is in paradise. if paradise felt bouncy, as he felt her buttcheeks jiggling and bouncing him back only for him to thrust back in.

Bulma was loving this, but wanted to know goku's age, so that she wouldn't feel like she's a pedophile, although she feels she already crossed the line when she began her blowjob on him.

"H-hey goku i want to know, how old are you?" bulma asked while she was gasping and moaning.

Goku kept thrusting but he was also thinking about what to answer bulma with. it was a couple minutes until goku then answered. "Umm... i don't know, maybe... fourteen? why do you ask bulma?" he asked while he was huffing and also moaning.

Bulma answered goku's question saying she was just curious, though on the inside she thought, "FOURTEEN!?!? How the hell could he be fourteen?! He looks nothing like how he should look, as a fourteen year old! He looks like he should be back in school!! Looking like he just barely grew out of his toddler age!! With all that baby fat he still has. Is there some sort of growth cycle that goku's species goes through that is different from ours that i don't know about? Because he definately looks like he is slow to develop his body past his baby age, physically at least, despite the fact that his cocks looks like they should be on a grown man, instead of a small chubby body like his!!" bulma wondered.

She was nevertheless thrilled and relieved that goku's feeling older then he looks, and she is not feeling as much like a pedophile as she thinks. Though she swears that she's still gonna get locked up if her time with goku was public knowledge. Little does she know he is not fourteen, but twelve. though he doesn't know how to count yet.

she cut her thoughts short as she felt herself cumming. all the while she started to moan loudly in pleasure. goku suddenly felt his more wild instincts start to take over his mind. as he suddenly accelerated his thrusts, much to bulma's sudden enjoyment. "OOOHH YES YES YES! GOKU FASTER! FASTER!" she yelled in pleasure out as she looked in the mirror. Seeing goku starting to thrust faster up her ass, managing to bruise her butt, while his tail started to move in and out her pussy, and seeing goku looking like he was going crazy and having fun while thrusting harder while he decided to spank her. "OH yeah keep doing that! spank me harder!! I'M LOVING THIS!! POUND ME YOU FUCKING MONKEY!!" bulma yelled out. feeling her buttcheeks turn red.

Suddenly seeing in her mirror's reflection goku somehow was able to reach her ponytail and pull on it. effectively riding her like she is a horse. bulma on her hands and knees did feel like a mare in heat, and was being treated like one by goku when he pulled her hair while fucking her. "Now i'm being dominated by a monkey boy who should be in school, with big dicks and is getting rough. Is this a mating thing they do back on his planet of monkeys? i swear i wish i had dozens of bananas packed with me in this capsulised mansion. those could've calmed him down." bulma joked to herself, both of there bodies getting covered in sweat as a result of the sex, while she continued her doggie style with him. "KEEP GOING GOKU I'M CUMMING!! I'M CUMMING FROM GETTING MY ASS FUCKED BY A MONKEY BOY!!"  she was cumming at least 2 times during her sex with goku as she went cross eyed and squirted on the sheets while her pussy tightened around goku's tail, and clenching her fists on her blankets. "Thank goodness i had rubber sheets applied." She thought as she continued her rough anal with goku.

Having enough of rationality in her mind she looked in the mirror not seeing the top cock in the reflection. At first she thought her big jiggling butt was in the way. Then she realized after a few minutes that he used both his cocks for anally fucking her. she thought about reprimanding goku when her first round was done, but she decided to do it tomorrow as she thinks she might not have the strength to even stand at least for today after this was over.

While also despite their size, goku's testicles swung with his thrusting hips smacking the undersides of her butt and just over her pussy also feeling a little more bloated than usual, looking golf ball sized instead of marble sized like earlier. because of that bulma could imagine feeling goku's sperm sloshing in those balls of his, she also learns the hard way that the lube is pretty much a double edged sword, as due to goku's exitement and speed, his testicles despite their size, slapped her butt's undersides turning it red, making it sting. Which also applies to his hips, as due to his enthusiasic thrusting, his hips is spanking her as well, basically bruising her butt as well.

Bulma was wondering why his testicles aren't big like any other man's yet was able to hold an impossibly huge amount of jizz. All the while she feels the stinging of his hips spanking her at high speeds. With goku's strength in mind, she hoped that her pelvis would be okay after this session with goku is done, as goku continued to thrust at high speeds with high power. 

"i wonder how long he could go on like this? i know that horny monkey should bust his dam anytime now." bulma thought as the sex progressed burying her face in her pillow to muffle her screaming when she came again, drooling on her pillow. With goku tail fucking her also and playing her buttcheeks like bongo drums. She hoped that she would still have her pelvis by the time he's done with her.

It was surprisingly for her a few hours as it was sunset by the time his bath began and continued to his subsequent first time with bulma, into nighttime with a bright moon crescent out by the time he came for the third time. goku accelerated to inhumanly fast when he felt his climax coming  "Bulma i cant hold it. i'm gonna squirt out my yogurt!!" bulma felt his cocks expand in thickness as he thrusted, she was amazed he lasted this long as she felt she's not sitting down for days due to anal with him. though she was sure he coudn't last 6 hours as he is now. Goku this time gritted his teeth and grunted when he came again. as expected for bulma he came a large amount with her cumming to, burying her face in her pillow again to muffle her screaming on top of her lungs, after cumming 4 times with goku. even while she was cumming, she felt her belly start to bloat, looking like she would be at least 3 months pregnant with a big baby, swelling up like a beach ball as he came. she hoped that she is not gonna pop like a balloon by the time goku was done cumming. her hopes were answered when goku was done after at least 5 minutes, not cumming as much as he did back in the bath, but still cumming a milk jug load. with bulma looking like she was 6 months pregnant by the time goku stopped cumming. when bulma gently rolled to the side feeling cum sloshing in her belly. "holy makron he came alot, and he was fun in bed while we were rutting like rabbits. my kami, i hope this isn't one time only because i don't think i'm going back to other dicks after i'm done with him, because he definately ruined me good."  bulma thought as she felt goku pulled out of her anus, ploping on the bed seemingly passed out. despite the fact she came a few times she clenched her anus, and climbed out of bed and walked despite difficulty since her legs are like jelly.

she walked jiggling to the kitchen still naked instead of the bathroom since she felt like letting his sperm slosh around in her belly. after getting close to cumming a few times due to the sperm. she then fixed herself a drink and looked out the window seeing it nighttime. she then looked at the clock, and was surprised to see that it was atleast 3 hours since her giving goku his first bath. "HOLY COW! i didn't think we were going at it for this long. i'm starting to think he done this before." bulma thought as she lied down on the couch enjoying her drink.

while she enjoyed her drink she imagined what she believes goku's planet is. being heavily forested with trees all over the place, with horny human monkey males with big twin dicks and curvy females rutting on the branches of trees, swinging around on vines, eating fruit like apples, oranges and bananas, dancing to drum beats, and that inside the hugest tree was a kingdom, with goku like a baby prince being breast fed by his beautiful mom, and being taught how to walk by his parents, playing around in his jungle gym swinging, climbing, jumping around in it, or just having fun in his loincloth or diapers, or while he's naked, and may have learned how to hunt at night either naked or not, or may have skinny dipped in lakes or rivers, alone or with a maiden, and that by age 4 he may have ended up having his first rut with one of his naked maidens in his bathtub while he was washed by her. While by age 6 he could've had an orgy. little does she know however, goku's actual home planet is not even close to what she thinks. Nor was goku any form of royalty. her imagination was interrupted by gurgling noises, signaling 2 things to bulma.

1. she's hungry.

2. her belly maybe unable to hold the human monkey sperm goku left inside.


After berating herself for her foolish decision, she then climbed off the couch onto her feet with some difficulty because of her belly. she then hurredly walked finding the bathroom still wiggling due to her jelly legs, trying not to expell the sperm too soon, onto the floor. like last time her walking around trying to find her bathroom still had some difficulties and she was frustrated that she has trouble finding the bathroom without some directional problems, by the time she found the bathroom door, she felt like she was gonna pop, and felt like cumming. she crawled to the toilet when her legs felt too much like jelly to walk with. she made it to the toilet, opened the lid and let loose in the bowl, just in the nick of time, though she came in the middle of it squirting her pussy juices on the bathroom floor. by the time she was done she had a face that screamed ahegao look. after recovering she then flushed the toilet, then got back to the kitchen with her recovering jelly legs, to make a midnight snack for herself and possibly for goku when he get's back up.

She puts an apron on to cover her front while he got ready to cook some ramen up. basically cooking naked wearing an apron had bulma interested in doing this again while she cooked. she grabbed some spices to go with her ramen, keeping her apron facing the stove so that she won't chance a droplet of hot water popping off the pan onto her vulnerable naked butt, something she giggled inwardly about. after she was done cooking she had two bowls of ramen ready for eating, she removed her apron, waited for the ramen to cool enough, and begun digging in being careful to not make a mess on her naked skin.

when she was done eating, she put the empty ramen bowl in the sink and prepared for the second bowl, when she felt tiny hands on her butt. when she turned she then saw goku still nude with his penises still surprisingly hard. "hey bulma may i have more of what we did in bed?" bulma was shocked thet goku still had more in him despite cumming 3 times today. "OMK he's still rarin to go despite passing out? i hope my lower body is gonna handle this much." she thought as she reluctantly said yes, though she was also excited to do more with him. as she got on the couch on her hands and knees and prepared for goku to do it again. which he did roughly, causing her to squeal in shock when she felt him shove both his dicks up her butt again, and shove his tail up her pussy to. bulma was loudly moaning in the beginning of her sex at first enjoying making love to goku. When suddenly goku thrusted in a certain angle where bulma squealed and saw stars in her vision. Realising he thrusted into her anal g-spot she knew if he was so sexually strong he could figuratively fuck her to death. So she tried to tell goku to stop. "WAIT STOP GOKU AREN"T YOU TIRED YET?!?!" when goku stopped she felt relieved since goku was gonna make her cum over and over until she was in a sex induced coma. sadly for bulma it was a brief stop when goku repositioned her onto her side then he lifted her leg onto his shoulder then said "i'm not tired at all! i'm just starting to have fun!" he then thrusted again getting lucky and pushing her anal g-spot from a different angle. bulma was trying to beg goku to stop pressing her g-spot but unfortunatly, he ignored her pleas and continued, looking like he is too crazy to listen. She couldn't stop herself from screaming on top of her lungs as her weak spot kept getting pressed, and both of their bodies got more sweaty from the sex.

Putting her fingernails to her face, her vision filled with stars as her sex progressed, as she was powerless to stop goku's aggressive thrusting. she felt like she was gonna lose her voice screaming and might pass out from her repeated orgasms, she tried to crawl off the couch and away from goku, but only half succeeded with her off the couch and getting onto her knees, but goku was still in her butt and thrusting while simply adjusting himself to where he's clenching onto her butt like a monkey to a tree. she was only able to get onto her feet when she came once again making a silly ahegao face as she squrted onto the floor, making a puddle, and fell back to her knees. then to make matters worse for bulma, goku inserted his tail into her pussy again and with a couple experimental thrusts he also hit her pussy's g spot. she felt herself cumming again and again as she felt herself floating as she ended up having her pussy tighten around goku's tail and squrt into the puddle making it bigger. "GOKU STOOOP MY PUTHYY AND ASSTH MIGHSH BWEAK!!!" she spoke with her tounge out speaking babylike while cumming. she felt her vision fill with more stars as she was now helpless to even put up a token resistance other than yelling and begging. which was ignored by goku as he thrusted faster and got more crazy.

He basically was gonna fuck her to a sexual coma, and she can't do anything about it. Goku started to go at a super speed like his hips are a blur, as bulma merely spoke gibberish and squeaked, unable to scream for now.

bulma eventually came hard enough to make a big puddle of her pussy juices, and to finally black out with a very silly ahegao look, complete with her tounge sticking out. the final things she saw before she saw black was her tiled floor getting closer as her legs gave out, and she felt her own pussy juices on her face and tasted them due to her tounge sticking out, when she faceplanted onto her floor. all the while goku continued to fuck her limp form, hearing her moaning in her blacked out state before he to passed out after cumming enough.


It was morning and the sun was shining bright, with the birds singing, When bulma was somehow able to wake up from her sexual coma.

The first thing bulma felt when she woke up from her sex nap is that she was on the floor on her side. when she got up she noticed 3 things.

1. It was morning having bright sunlight shining through her windows of her kitchen she was still in

2. She was still naked.

3. She noticed goku sleeping beside her, head on her belly.


she gently got up without waking goku up, then got to the windows to look out and see the daytime sun. the light reflecting off her sweaty body. she then looked at the clock and saw that it was atleast after ten. "HOLY COW!! it was a long session of anal i had with him? he must be a sexual monster." she thought shocked although she was sexualy satisfied, though a little dissapointed. "i tried my best to make him cum to sleeping first, trying my best to outsex him. but to think that he'd be able to have me lose by making me cum over and over until i pass out. definately hurts my pride." she then felt content and relieved. "but he made me feel good, and it was fun with him. so i'm not complaining." she then looked over at goku who was snoring while he's still asleep. he was still naked showing his penises. which finally deflated and shrunk to winky size. while still having his large pool of dry jizz and her dry juices pooling under him. "look at his shameless expression, he's so cute." bulma thought smiling sitting down on her seat. she basically couldn't help but decide on one thing being clear to her. "i've made up my mind. goku is the one for me. he may be young but he would be a great boyfriend, and maybe... a potential husband, until he grows up to adulthood first that is." she then thought annoyed "Plus he really needs an education about other things this world may offer him. But i'm happy to be his tutor." she then thought dreamily  "I don't think i may need the dragonballs for a boyfriend anymore, not while i have him." she then thought about what she is gonna do with her journey from now on. it was a while until she decided, "I'm still continuing my journey, but when all seven are mine, i'm making a different wish, ... or i'll let someone else do it, maybe him. But until then i'm gonna go back home with goku in my arms and with all seven in my pocket. then i'm gonna make great love to him under the stars. or in my cruise ship. for now though i may need to do a little freshening up." she then first decided to clean out the now stale second bowl of ramen, then made a trek for the bathroom to wash herself clean for her new journey that may change her life, forever.

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