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Meer Campbell came out on the stage. The crowd was filled, and she saw an ocean of flashing lights from people with their cameras.  The crowd broke out into applause that sounded like a tidal wave. Meer let it wash over her

She walked out with long pink hair flowing down her body, like a true Pop Idol, she had big blue eyes and  a  long flowing outfit that hit the light just right, she had a long skirt down to her legs that open showing surprisingly thick thighs. She was gorgeous.  The outfit was a mixed of white and pink colors.  She was quite tall and had a pretty space girl vibe about her. She spoke sweetly.  She pushed her lips that had a natural pinkness to the microphone. Her lipstick was pink and so was her nail polish. She had a gold star pendant in her hair

“Are you guys ready for a show” Meer Said

The crowd cheered.  Up in the rafter a Terrorist group known as The Hidden Fist was going through. They were armed up with guns and smoke bombs. They had heard noted Genius Ken Mitchell was in town to avail a new weapon to the government. An ultimate weapon that could change the tide of these endless wars.  Something the Hidden Fist wanted very badly. They didn’t care about the two sides. They cared about selling the money to the highest bidder. Good, bad they didn’t care.  That was just children playing games to the group. For they lived in the shadows feeding of the war making money. The grizzled leader was Name Jin, Takra looked down with binoculars

“Damm she quite a looker boss” His right hand man said

His code name was Deuce. He had white hair and scar across his face

“Well maybe when we are done…I will let you have some fun with her…and then ransom her” Jin Said

“We better make money off this. This being broadcast across several sectors. “Deuce Said

“Don’t get cold Feet on me. We got a special weapon back there in case the Authorities come” Jin Said

They scan the audience and the secret government agent were there, ready to meet the inventor.  They scan for Ken Mitchel.  He was a young-looking guy. He was 18.

“Damm inventor look like a kid” Another one of Jin men said

“Practically is. The young punk got his Doctored in bio engineering when he was six.  Obsessed with J pop and Gundam. We take out the generals when the music loud”

Ken was in the front row. He had a Sign T-shirt by Meer and was super happy. She winked at him and he nearly fainted. She started to sing and shake her hips singing the song Emotion

“Your shadow reflects a smile 
Hiding your teardrops 
Knowing the hope of the earth and the proof of water 
And the loneliness of the things you couldn't say”

They took out rifles with tranq darts and fired taking out some snipers that were scoping the place out.  Deuce saw the head of security in the sky box looking down. He was about to call authorities, but the communication was cut off. Deuce smiled and fired a shot through the glass taking him out

“The Japan version of the song is way better, The English version loses all the nuance, you know” Deuce Said

“Don’t be that guy” Ace Said

Ace was a Russian strong man. He was a muscle of the group.   He shot a Gatling hook down below and slide down taking out two muscle bound guards.

“Emotion - surely this sky is the shape of my dream 
This pounding heartbeat echoes 
Emotion - I want to softly pile up your dreams 
And, quietly closing my eyes, embrace them” She continued singing

Suddenly the song was broken up when smoke bombs dropped down. People thought it was part of the act and then gun fire shot in the air.   His men came down on ropes.  12 men in all.  An undercover agent came out to try to shoot him.  But Ace tackled him and sent him across the room. He knocked him out with one punch. Ace stood 6.7 of solid muscle.


Her had an armored suit on cover his face. He walked over to Ken who was hiding on the under his chair. People were running for cover. Jin grabbed him from under the chair.  He was shaking in fear

“Your coming with me KID” He Said

Suddenly an explosion happens in the roof. 

“Leave my Fans alone” Meer Said

She was coming down in high heels.  Ropes dropped down from the roof

“Your coming with me.  They may decide to shoot our helicopter down if he in. They may figure it better NO one get what in his head then us. But they won’t shoot the world’s Greatest pop star”

They tied the ropes around Meer and she was lift in the air.  There was a helicopter on the roof waiting. The plan was plan out down to the finest details. They had people on the street to set Bombs for the cops if they followed.  The other men escape on cars.  Ace, Jin, Deuce were in the helicopter.  They put Meer and Ken in.  It took off

“All right you little snot. TELL us about the weapon or we tossed your little pop star out of the helicopter” Jim Said

Deuce was behind her. He grabbed her heavy breast. He took a nice squeeze feeling her Melony breast.  He licked her neck

“UNHAND her you pig” Ken Said

Jin slapped him.   Meer smiled as Deuce felt her shoulder

“These are some pretty thick shoulder pads” Deuce Said

Jim open the helicopter door to try to scare them and threaten to pushed Meer and Ken out.

“Those aren’t shoulder pads” She Said

She grabbed Ken. She buried his face into her breast.   She then backed out of the helicopter. He was falling  out of the helicopter with her. He grabbed onto her breast for dear life.  Ken face was buried into her breast

“If I die, I am not afraid because I just been sent to heaven” Ken Said

“Is she crazy” Deuce Said

“She must has a force field” Jim Said

Jin saw her land and make a dent. She got up and draped Ken over her shoulder. She went into a building.  Ace put on a Jet pack

“I will get her.” Ace Said

Jin called in his men to go to that location.  Then he had the helicopter circle around to stop. He walked into the room.   Ace kicked the doors open and saw her in a library.  She was waiting for him

“Just come quietly little lady and you won’t get hurt”

“Don’t think so” She Giggled

“I have a GUN” Ace Said

“You have a gun…well I have GUNS” She Said

She flexed her arms and suddenly her sleeve started to rip. He was amazed as she showed big biceps that seem to be growing before his eyes.  It made him looked scrawny.  Her biceps were thick, 30 inches biceps it glistens with sweat and looked like it was cut from marble

“Since Ken gave me that little formula these clothes been so tight. The secret weapon you are looking for is me.  I can expand my muscle to epic heights gaining strength beyond any man. When he first floated the idea thought he was crazy. But once I got the formula, I decided I LOVE IT.”

She took off her coat and tossed it showing her huge shoulder.  She looked like an Amazon. She was walking to him.  Her pink hair flowed over her face as she smiled.  She had a wild look in her eyes as she seems in complete ecstasy

“Maybe you should take a closer look” She said

She ripped off the top of her clothes showing huge breast.  They had to be at least HH cups with plenty of bounce. He pectoral pushed them up to looked even bigger then that.  She showed her shredded muscles. Her abs were like steal. They were six packs. He gulped. He never seen anything like that. The pop singer nipples were rock hard.  They thick 4 inches. He fired his weapon and the laser bounce off. He ran at her and punched him in the stomach.  It was like a Cannon balls hit him.

“OH Lord”” He Said

He cried out in pain as her strong arms were around him. She had him in a bear hug. He cried out as he felt her arms breaking his ribs. She stripped him naked and grabbed him by his cock. She swung him around his hard shaft and was spinning him again and again.  He was screaming. She made a shhhh sound

“Quiet where in a Library” She Said

She saw 4 cars.  Men with weapons were coming out

“Hmmmm guess that your friends. You boys were making a loud of noise. Probably attracted some people.  Well Then I wouldn’t be a pop star if I didn’t give them a show”

They heard screams coming out the library. The men looked at each other somewhat scared. Ace was tossed through the window and into one of the car windows.  She then leaped out and crushed one of the car slamming her fist through the metal bending it. She grabbed the car and used it to hit two men sending them across the street.   She then lifted it over her head and tossed the car at the second vehicle.  The vehicle exploded into a ball fire. The men ran for screaming. She saw some running down the street. She leaped in the air and smashed through the 3rd car flatten in like a pancake. The car exploded under her.   It burnt her skirt. She tore it off and love the heat from the fire. She waved her gorgeous pink hair to people in the street. They were snapping pictures.  She looked and saw her panties had burnt off. She looked at her ass and glutes. The glutes pushed her now large muscle ass up. She smiled shaking her tits

“This what in the business, we call a wardrobe malfunction”

She seems taller now. About a foot or so taller them normal. Her thighs were a massive 40 inches showing lines of muscle definition.  She was an action figure coming to life. She saw Ken peaking out of the library

“I Would keep cover sweetie” She said

The men that were escaping got some distance. There was one car left.   Ace had smashed through the window of it and was still stuck. She got under it flipping it up, so she could get good grip under it. She dug her hands into the metal and lift it over her head

“Wait what happening…NO” Ace Said

She tossed the car like a Javelin It hit the men that were escaping.  It went into a ball of fire.   She smiled. She heard the helicopter

“Better get cover people” She Said

Some were awe struck looking at her ass. She smiled and did a smile

“Guess that to be expected.” She Said

She looked for something to grab.  She saw the shadow of the helicopter and bank across from the library. There was an armored Truck. She went to it

“WHAT THE HELLL” Jin Said seeing this Amazon and all the destruction “FIRE”

She grabbed the armored van and gritted her teeth.  Bullet from the helicopter fired. She blocked the bullets to protect the people knowing it wont last long.  The armor truck was creating sparks as it got hit. She kicked the armored truck into the helicopter. Deuce and Jin was the only ones able to leap out in time.

“Now can put on a show…or can I put on a show” Meer laughed

Deuce hear sirens

“You go get our weapon boss, take care of this tart” Deuce Said

Jin ran to get his secret escape plan.  Deuce grabbed a laser Rife and fired. 

“Your about to pay you little…

Meer squeeze her strong arms each side of her breast pushed them out. They squeezed showing some blue veins that seem to glow for a second and went to normal disappearing. She licked her lips and used her pecs to make each breast bounce up and down

“OH, were you saying something.”

“Ummmm I” Deuce Said

She licked het thick triceps and forearms. They looked like she had thick gaulents. Her other hand moved down to her pussy. She had a thick clit pushing back the hood. Her finger went deep in. He gulped

“OH sorry I am distracting you aren’t I” She said pushing up with her toes to make her tits bounce. She was going up and down “Silly me. You know us pop stars we can be real Air heads”

He went for his gun. She pulled out the pendant in her and tossed it.  It knocked the gun out of his hand

“Now…Now…gun safety is must.  I did a PSA about it. You shouldn’t be point things around like that. Speaking of pointing” Meer Said

She pointed between his legs.  He had an erection. She moved fast and kicked him between the legs. He screamed

“Wow that some high notes you could be a singer” She said

She stripped him and bent him over the hood of the car. She started spanking. Her hand moves fast making his ass as red as an apple. He cried out as she did. Tears soaked his face.  People took picture of the big terrorist getting spanked. It was humiliating…but the tears flowed regardless

“Oooo your Ass so red and shiny now” She Said

“Please Mercy”

“Look at the big man getting spanked by a cute pink haired pop star. That really going to ruin your rep” Meer laughed

“Please Sorry I be good” Deuce Said

She turns him on his back and started stroking him. She spat on her hand and was massaging his cock.  She bent him, so his cock was over his head. She stroked it and finger his asshole.

“Your bout to get a big old facial” She Said

She licked his balls and up to his shaft.  He started to moan as she then sucked his balls and stroked his cock.  He gritted his teeth and tried to fight the oncoming explosion

“Look at him. He licks being dominated” Meer Said

The picture flashes as she worked his shaft creating a lather of spit. The terrorist shook and jerked as his cock pulsated.  Long ropes if cum shot in his face soaking him. She smiled and held him down. She raised her fist and it slammed down knocking him out.  The ground shook. She looked over and saw a small Gundam.   Ace was controlling it from the inside.  It was his secret weapon. Took a lot of stealing and deal making to get the Gundam.  It was painted Red with head of skeletons painted on.  It seems to be a Gundam uses mostly for minding operations modded out with weapons and some boosters for speed.

“Ooooo Skeleton head…. how scary” She Said Sarcastically

The Gundam raised is weapons. She dodges it. The weapons blew down walls of the building and several parks cars on the street.  She focused. She dug her nails into the ground to get ready

“This multiple tons of metal baby. It going to tear through those pretty little muscles like butter” He Said

She smiled and ran down to ward them.  The legs had thin legs.  She recognized it as minding robot. The legs were thin, and it heels sharp for minding on ice planets. She dated many Gundam pilots that she knew how they worked. The legs on this model was weak.  Nor was it made for ground earth combat. It was made for space, wide areas.  She tackled the legs and took it down. She grabbed her leg and lifted it up. She slammed it into a building back and fourth and kicked it into an abandon store front.  The Gundam crashed. She leaped in the air. The guns were shoot at her. She dodges moving from the machine gun blast.  She grabbed the guns and flexed her muscles as she pulled it. She ripped the machine gun out causing sparks.   She pushed her feet of the Gundam and held the giant gun.  She was falling backward as she fired at the front of the gun. It was the face of it, trying to get to it. She landed on her feet. She pulled the trigger of a gigantic guns 4 times her size. Her breast bounce as she fired as to the enjoyment of the onlooking.  The Gun stood up. The Armor was at 80 percent.

“Damm You” Jin Said

She fired at him till the guns clicked empty.  Jin pressed some buttons and the missiles fired. All of them.  It shot at her and she dodge.  The street broke into Explosion creating some smoke. She took some blast knocking herself back. She couldn’t dodge them all.  They’re was a huge cloud of smoke

“HaHAHHAH…got you” Jin Said

She came out of the smoke holding some missiles

“Think you lost this” She Said

She tossed it at him.  The Gundam was knocked back. She tackled it.  He tried to hit her, but she moved around. The cluncky machine was hitting building it missed her as she pushed him down a thinn Alley

“Not that Great in close quarters is it” She Said

She pushed him into the wall and ripped off his secondary weapon. She fired at him till it went empty

ARMOR 50  Percent

She began punching the Gundam with her strong muscle. She concentrated and her eyes lowed. Her muscles grew bigger, 42 inches biceps of rippling muscles.  She bent the metal with a charge punch

Armor 30 percent

She Slammed two fists into them

Armor 10 percent

Armor Critical

She Ripped the armor open like a tin can and tossed into the sweet. He had a small pistol and fired. The weapon bounce offs her.  She smiled. She grabbed his hand and crushed it. She slammed his back and fourth on the ground like a rag doll.  She clothes leaving him bruises and naked.  He laid on the ground broken. She bent down showing her huge breast. It was look two fleshy planets

“I think I broke your toy” She Said pointing to the damage Gundam

She saw Ken peaking his hand out. She is walking toward him, and she stomped on Jin. Her foot slammed on his balls making him scream

“Oops clumsy me.  I should really watch where I am going” She Said

She grabbed Ken and hugged him. She laid his face into her breast.  He smiled as she patted his head

“How my Genius little muscle freak. You didn’t get hurt did you” She Said

“I am ok” He Said hugging her

She concentrated. Her Biceps shrunk down to 32 inches. She also made her breast grow a bit. She gave him a big kiss. Her tongue pushed into his mouth.  It was going deep into his mouth. She grew her tongue long and put her hands down his pants. His arms soon went limp as her kiss took his breath away


She Turn around and saw Ace with his broken hand. He held a knife

“I am the leader of the HIDDEN FIST…the most dangerous Terrorist unit in the world….no the galaxy. Our names are spoken in whisper. We move in the shadow.  He is what bump in the….

“Pardon me babe” Meer Said to Ken

She put Ken down a ran a top speed. She did an upper cut punch and sent him through the sky. He flew through the clouds. He crashed into an electronic billboard for “Fun Fun Yum Yum Nooddles”.  The signs exploded into a ball of fire as he was filled with electricity. She walked up to ken.  She picked Ken back up and give her a kissed.

“So, what you think the general going to think. You know, that your weapon is serum you gave to a busty pop star” She Asked

“Well…. don’t know. Sure, the video of your kicking their butts going to go all around the world. You be to famous to stop it. Plus, I already sent the formula to other women. But you probably get the best” Ken said

“Ahhhh” Meer Said  “How sweet”

She kissed him again. She was walking through the rubble

“Let me thank you my private Quarters” She Said

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