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Quatre jumped, the buzzer interrupting him suddenly from his paperwork. The 19 year old never seemed to stop working recently. Since being forced into taking over the Winner family business he had taken it from strength to strength but this left Quatre working early mornings and late nights, with little time to himself. Sighing, he pressed the button to hear his assistants message.

“Yes, Marie?”
“You have a visitor, Mr. Winner. He says he’s here on Circus business?” Marie sounded extremely confused but he knew exactly who his visitor was.
“Please send him in immediately.”

The door opened and in walked his visitor. The door hadn’t completely shut behind him and Quatre was already in his arms, kissing him passionately before resting his head on his shoulder. “Trowa, you’re early! I’ve missed you so much.”

The green eyed boy pulled back to speak to his smaller lover. “I spoke to Rashid yesterday and he was able to pick me up so I didn’t need to wait for a normal shuttle. My understudy did a run through of his new performance and they didn’t need me there any longer.”

Trowa leaned in to kiss Quatre again. It had been 3 months since the two had last been together and both partners had struggled to cope with the distance even with speaking to each other daily. He moved over to Quatres chair and sat down, pulling the blonde boy onto his lap, nuzzling into his lovers hair. He adored the smell of his lovers shampoo, but even smelling the bottle in his trailer couldn’t compare to this. The smaller boy pushed the buzzer again, informing Marie that he was finished for the day and reminding her that he would be off for the next week. She was a fantastic assistant and would keep things going for him while he was away.

He stood up, pulling Trowa up after him. “Have you eaten?” Trowa shook his head. “Let’s go out for lunch then. I know a wonderful little place not too far off.” The taller boy took his hand and Quatre led him out to his car. His assistant grinned to herself as they went past, realising who her boss’s visitor was. She’d heard a lot about Trowa but hadn’t met him in person since she’d started working there.

Trowa settled into the passenger seat, smiling as he watched Quatre concentrating on the road. The circus had been touring on Earth for the past 6 months, with Trowa headlining with his acrobatics. Quatre had managed to get a week off to spend time with his partner 3 months ago, but they had been apart ever since. Those past 3 months without his partner only made these quiet moments even more precious. He closed his eyes for a moment. It had been months of long nights performing, not to mention hours of rehearsals and training his understudies. He was exhausted.

He awoke suddenly to a pair of lips pressed against his cheek. “Tro we’re here.” Quatre whispered in his ear. “Let’s get some lunch then I’ll take you home to bed.”
“Is that a promise?” Trowa replied with a purr. Even half asleep and knowing his partner hadn’t meant it like that, he couldn’t help feeling excited over the idea of getting into bed again with the man he loved. Trowa yawned and looked up into those gorgeous blue eyes.
“Yes.” Quatre replied with a knowing grin. “But later. Food first.”

The restaurant owner greeted Quatre warmly, and shook Trowas hand respectfully when he was introduced. Quatre occasionally dined there with important clients, but usually came in alone, so to see the blonde come in with his partner meant a lot to them.  They settled into a booth, Trowa sipped his coffee, while he relaxed and let Quatre order for them both. The smaller boy slid into the seat next to Trowa and slid his arm around his waist. “I love this place. And you.” He was telling his lover about a recent meeting he’d been at that went totally wrong when their food arrived. The taller ex pilot could instantly tell why this was Quatres favourite place, the food was fantastic.

They got to Quatres home just after 3pm. The caffeine was starting to wear off and Trowa stifled a yawn. His partner led him towards the bedroom, and he couldn’t help but smile at the sight of one of his jumpers lying on the pillow next to Quatres. Trowa turned, wrapping his arms round his lover, holding him close.
“I’ve got one of your shirts on my bed too.” Trowa admitted. “I couldn’t sleep when you had to go back last time. I slept with it every night so I could smell you, even if you couldn’t be there.”
“Guess I shouldn’t be too embarrassed then.” Quatre gave Trowa a tiny kiss and guided him to the bed. “I was going to give it back when you got here but I want another one left in its place please. I’ll give you a new shirt in return.” Trowa just nodded and yawned again. “Come on Tro, Bed. You’ve been pushing yourself for months and its time you got some proper rest.”

Trowa stripped off, just leaving on his boxers to sleep in and climbed into the bed, burying his face into Quatres pillow. He was exhausted. The blonde ex pilot had gone into the bathroom and changed into shorts and tshirt before joining Trowa in the bed. The taller boy was already asleep, cuddling the pillow like a teddy bear. Quatre wrapped his arms around his partner and snuggled up against him, enjoying being able to hold him rather than an old jumper. Trowa had always been able to sleep well in this bed. Quatre allowed his mind to wander, remembering their last night in Trowas trailer. They had made love and then simply held each other all night. Neither of them wanted to sleep and miss any of their precious time together. Trowa had put on even more muscle since they were last together and Quatre had to take some deep breathes to control himself. As much as he’d love to wake and seduce him, there was no way he would wake up his partner yet.

The Arabian nuzzled into his lovers hair and settled down to get some sleep himself. After all, if it was like last time they were together they certainly wouldn’t be getting much tonight.


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