~Prostrate Thyself Before Thy Prince~

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to lay oneself flat on the ground face downward, especially in reverence or submission



  Chapter 1


 Prince & 'The Clown'


At Capsule Corp in the dead of the night, mostly everyone slept deeply.. Everyone except for Vegeta that is. He lie there on his back arms crossed over his chest, the thin sheet only covering the lower half of his naturally  warm body. His lips firmly pressed together, eyes fixed upon the ceiling as if he were intensively studying it's domed architecture. With one brow burrowing deeply into his forehead the rounded dome could not be further from his thoughts. He was  wearing his usual perfect, yet perturbed facial expression. Usual for him when he felt irritated, specifically because of a certain clown. 


~Pft.. Kakarot.. You FOOL~


He grumbled to himself. Why did he have say and do things that strike at his nerves so frequently? He wondered silently. Does he do things like this simply to get a rise out of him? Perhaps Kakarot knows of his low tolerance for "BAKA minded" behavior and uses this to publicly unravel him? Was he SO sadistic to plot against him so? ALL of those times in the past Kakarot HUMILIATED him, Disrespected his position as his Prince...first fighting AGAINST him with that damn Namekian, then becoming a Super Saiyan before him, in front of FREEZA nonetheless! Again with Cell giving his very LIFE immortalizing himself as the HERO! Even when he FINALLY thought FOOLISHLY that Kakarot would see the strength he truly possessed in an exclusive yet deadly 'Majin Vegeta' brawl he was mistaken. Kakarot had the audacity he later found out, to still make a fool of him! He learned Kakarot WITHHELD his secret in battle! Super Saiyan 3.. As IF he held PITY for him! As if he felt he The Prince could not handle his new power! He did not even allow him to try.

~Was I never even WORTHY of witnessing this power first hand Kakarot? Not even as a fellow Saiyan?~


Being back from hell had tempered these raw, unresolved emotions quite a bit, so he thought. Vegeta had began to "let bygones be bygones" and just be grateful for his life amongst the living. Settling into a "normal" boring life on earth. Besides his marriage ending, things were up until recently quite uneventful. At first these little 'jabs' of stupidity were easily ignored, now it seemed as if Kakarot just had to find another way to crawl beneath his skin with a pack of razor blades and a large juicy lemon! Did Kakarot feel EMPOWERED knowing he has the ability to cause the Prince to loose his royal composure with only a handful of careless, TACTLESS, stupid words? Could it be so premeditated? How could all of this be mere coincidence?


~NO. It MUST be intentional! NO one could POSSIBLY be this ignorant! Why must you continually TAUNT me Kakarot?~


  These were Vegeta's all consuming thoughts the first week and 1/2 after yet another clown hosted embarrassing scene. This riddle harassed his mind, paralyzed his grip on sanity, wrecking his thoughts throughout these hot restless nights. Why did any of this MATTER so much anyway? Kakarot's STUPIDITY was his own! He thought.. It should not EFFECT him so much! Especially not to the point to where he was recalling events of the past. Events he HAD put behind him. He was aware of how unhealthy this obsession had become. It began to unravel him all to soon after the recent collapse of his "sham" of a human marriage. Since the irritating dissolution, his usual time spent within the gravity chambers had TRIPLED. Especially with all of the tension he felt as he continued  to live there at Capsule Corp. With  Trunk's being on the cusp of adulthood, he did not wishing to loose contact with his father, therefore Vegeta was given the option to continue living in the home.


With these awkward changes he came to rely heavily upon those Gravity Chambers for intensive stress relief. Exhausting himself purposely, as the dissolution left his gut hollow and his mind full of flying poisonous darts that burned and bled feelings of failure of inadequacy past his thoughts. Into his soul. Lately, however these excessive 4x's per day minimum release sessions came to a grinding halt. He was far to DRIVEN. Driven by something that even in his logical mind whispered at times, should NOT matter as much as it obviously did to Vegeta. At times he felt defeated. Other times, like tonight he felt that he was on the verge of a great discovery.


It was NOT only the words spoken by Kakarot that had him tied up in knots, how these words had effected Vegeta.. This is what he deduced, was truly placing him in such a state of duress. He felt betrayed by his own emotions as this secret warred inside of his mind viciously, to REMAIN locked away from him. This continued Every night for weeks. The more he revisited his most recent publically humiliating conversation with his former nemesis, the closer he felt he was closing in on this invisible prey. This illusive thing was just out of sight. He felt he was missing something so IMPORTANT. With this last incident it did FEEL different, even though the outcome was similar. The more Vegeta thought about this gnawing conversation, the more he allowed himself to see that maybe because of his own embarrassment he was missing the point. He began to entertain the possibility that due to the numerous past transgressions of that clown he reflexively ASSUMED the humiliation was intentional. He allowed himself to strongly consider this as a possibility solely because the thing that was DIFFERENT about this embarrassment, was the fact that THIS time Kakarot did the opposite of EXHAULTING himself above Vegeta like before.


This was the one of the main oddities that caused his confusion. With Kakarot's 'unintended' confession honestly, it SHOULD have been MORE of an embarrassment to Kakarot then it was directly to Vegeta. Yet Kakarot seemed CLUELESS about what he unearthed in front of (for the MOST part) perfect strangers

 ~What by the god's were you THINKING Clown!!?? Why would you offer such humiliating personal information about yourself in front of those HUMANS? Those STRANGERS? You could have come to ME privately instead of making a public announcement if you really needed to BLURT it out!! Am I SO unapproachable?~


Vegeta scowled at the high empty dome above.. As pity for the clown washed over Vegeta's thoughts he almost felt like Kakarot in his own "special" way was.. Maybe?.. Could it be? Perhaps Kakarot was trying to cryptically call out to him for assistance? Did Kakarot feel he had NO other way to ask for help? Perhaps he was embarrassed by something connected to his seemingly odd irrelevant question?


That brief conversation with Kakarot echoed in his mind yet again. The wicked carousel twisting around inside of his thoughts, demanded focused attention. Now after weeks of this it became an inescapable torment. Past nauseated Vegeta just wanted OFF. There was only 1 thing he had not tried. He was going to HAVE to get Kakarot ALONE and get to the ROOT of this, once and for all.



~ Prince and The Clown ~

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