The Great Saiyawoman Misadventure

BY : Donglibog
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Videl, in her Great Saiyawoman (or Great Saiyaman 2) super heroine costume, soars through the air on one of her patrols. She is the nineteen year old daughter of Mr. Satan, legendary martial arts champion and mayor of the city. And Videl considers it her duty to help and protect all of her father's constituents.

"HELP!", she hears someone's frightened scream.

She looks around and spots an overweight, bespectecled boy, perhaps a year younger than her, running for dear life. He is being chased by several other, far more athletic boys. And with all that weight he's carrying, it doesn't look like it will take his pursuers long to catch him.

Out of breath, the fat boy turns around and begs on his knees, "Please don't hurt me! I'm sorry!"

"Jinbao, you sick little creep!", the leader of the taller, better looking boys snarls. "After what you did to my girlfriend, you think an apology is enough?! I'm gonna beat the living shit out of you!"

"You know what I hate the most about bullies?", Videl announces as she hovers to the ground. "They're cowards. They only fight the weak and outnumbered."

"Holy crap, Glen," one of the pursuers tells his leader. "It's the Great Saiyawoman."

"Wait, you don't understand," Glen tells Videl. "You don't know what he's done!"

But Videl refuses to listen. She goes into a fighting stance and says, "Let's see how brave you are against someone stronger."

Glen's friends know that they are no match for the super heroine, and they fearfully scurry away. Their leader glares at the fat boy once more before retreating like his friends.


Jinbao, still on his knees, stares in shock at the Great Saiyawoman. He has been a fan of hers since she started her career as the sidekick of the Great Saiyaman. But never in his perverted fantasies did he ever hope to meet her. She is even more beautiful in person than in any of her photos in online news or fan sites. Truly  deserving of her moniker, the Goddess of Peace.

The heroine is wearing a dark purplish, figure hugging bodysuit, traditional superhero wear. She wears a sleeveless, blue green gi over this, an orange cape on her back, a belt around her waist, a pair of white gloves and boots, and a helmet with a heart shape symbol on the forehead and a semi-transparent visor over her eyes.

She turns around to face the stupefied youth. And with her hands on her hips, she cheerfully says, "It's OK. They're gone."

"Y-You're the Goddess of Peace, Great Saiyawoman," he stutters.

Videl laughs. "That's what they call me. Come on. Get up."

She helps him to his feet. She notices that his hands are cold and trembling.

"My name's Jinbao," the boy says excitedly. "I've been a fan of yours since forever! I watch all the online news about you. Gosh, you're even prettier in person!"

"Aw, thank you."

"My friends are never going to believe that I've actually met you."

"Well, we can take a selfie so you can prove it to them."

"Really?! Cool!", Jinbao exclaims with a wide smile. And Videl has to stop herself from grimacing when she notices all the tartar on his teeth.

They stand next to each other. The fat boy takes out his smartphone and extends his short, chubby arm to take their picture. Videl makes a cute smile and flashes a peace sign.

"Uhm, you have to get closer to fit in the picture," Jinbao says.

He puts an arm around her waist and pulls her close to him. So close, that the side swell of her left breast is pressed against his pimply cheek.

"It has to be this close?", Videl asks uncomfortably.

"Yea. My phone camera's like that."

He prepares to take the picture again, and Videl forces herself to smile at the camera. She doesn't notice his hand move upward from her waist. The fat boy slyly and carefully pulls the lapel of her gi to uncover her shapely right breast in the close-fitting suit. He takes one picture.

Then, without warning, he grabs her right breast and squeezes it, just as he takes another picture. Videl gasps. She looks down at the hand squeezing her breast, but she figures he's nervous, and probably grabbed her by accident. So she ignores it and smiles uneasily at the camera for a third picture.

"OK. That should do it-", she begins to say. But as she turns her head, he suddenly kisses her in the mouth!

Videl's eyes widen in shock. She gently pushes him back.

"Why did you do that?!", she complains.

"I'm sorry," he answers worriedly. "I figured that if people thought we were close, then I wouldn't get bullied so much all the time."

Videl considers this. She remembers the angry look on the other boy's face. They would most certainly go after Jinbao again. She won't be able to watch over him all the time. Perhaps this way, they might fear her retribution and stay away from him.

"OK," she grudgingly agrees. "You can take a picture of us kissing."

Jinbao's face brightens. "Really?! Oh, wow! You're the coolest!"

He readies his phone again, and Videl gives him a peck on the lips.

"Oh, I wasn't able to take the picture," he informs her.

Videl sighs. "OK. We can kiss a little longer. But take the picture this time, alright?"

He wraps an arm around her waist, grabs her right breast again, and gives her a long, hard kiss. She even feels his tongue inside her mouth. But she restrains herself from protesting, just to get the whole thing over with. The kiss is so long, Videl has to catch her breath afterwards. But when Jinbao checks the picture, there is a look of disappointment in his face.

"Could you pretend to like it a little," he requests. "This looks like I'm kissing you at gunpoint.

"Feels like it, too," Videl mumbles angrily.

"What was that?"

"Nothing," Videl answers cheerfully.

They kiss again. This time, as instructed, Videl French kisses him back. But after he takes some photos of their tongue play, he makes another request.

"My arm is much shorter than yours. And I'm so nervous, my hand is shaking," he explains. "Maybe you should take the picture."

"OK," Videl agrees again. "But after this, I have to go."

"Oh, do you have to? I wanted to show you my Great Saiyawoman memorabilia."

"Sorry," the Great Saiyawoman apologizes softly. "I'm on patrol. Maybe next time if we run into each other again."

Jinbao nods a little sadly. Videl takes the phone and extends her arm to take the shot. The fat boy stands behind her, and the taller super heroine has to bend her knees slightly so that she doesn't cover his face with her shoulder. But with both his hands now free, Jinbao grabs and squeezes both her breasts!

Videl winces in embarrassment. But she doesn't complain and fulfills the agreement. She turns her head and takes a few pictures of them French kissing while he gropes her. Afterwards, to her surprise, he doesn't stop massaging her breasts.

"Wow, your boobs are awesome," he comments lustfully.

"Th-Thanks," she replies uneasily.

"I've never felt boobs before. Never even seen them. Well, except in hentai videos."


"Yea. All the girls at my school are into jerks like Glen."

Videl suddenly feels sorry for him. Most of the girls in her school prefer the bad boys, too. But not her. She chose Son Gohan, a nice guy. Except Gohan is tall, lean, and good looking. Not to mention, he's a gifted martial artist that has saved the world on more than one occasion. But Jinbao is short, fat, ugly, has bad hygiene, and couldn't even save himself from a small group of bullies. The only chance he has with a woman is if he makes a lot of money. And then hires a prostitute.

Videl makes a difficult decision and says, "If we can go some place private, I-I'll let you see mine."


The Great Saiyawoman flies Jinbao back to his house. He has no siblings, and both his parents are out of town. Once in his room, surrounded by Great Saiyawoman posters and collectible statuettes, Videl enters a series of commands on her signal watch. And just like magic, her bodysuit vanishes, leaving her only in her gi, cape, helmet, gloves, and boots.

Her slender thighs and rich cleavage now exposed, she can't help but notice the excited look on her host's face, as he sits on a chair before her. She also notices the huge bulge in the crotch of his pants. Videl's trembling hands reach for the lapels of her gi. She hesitates for a second, thinking twice about stripping for a boy that she doesn't love, that she doesn't even find remotely attractive. In the end, she decides to keep her word. She pulls the lapels and uncovers her bare breasts to him.

"Whoa!", he reacts, leaning forward. "I could stare at them forever."

"Y-You can take a picture of me," she consents. "But you have to promise not to show anyone else, OK?"

"Aw, not even my best friends?"

"Well, OK. But just your closest friends. I don't want these pictures to end up on the Internet or something."

"Screw pictures. I'm gonna catch this on video."

Jinbao eagerly takes out his phone and begins recording. Videl's face reddens in embarrassment. She looks away from the camera, but holds her lapels open for him while he takes a video of her naked bust. After a few minutes he kneels before her and begins filming her pussy as well. This was never part of the deal. But Videl figures that it wouldn't make much of a difference now. So she graciously raises the hem of her gi and spreads her legs a little to give him a better shot. Still not content, he uses two fingers to open her pussy. It hurts her a little, but she doesn't show it, and she lets him continue recording. 

After another few minutes, he returns the camera to her breasts and says, "They really are awesome. Can I touch them?"

"You never needed my permission before," Videl grumbles.

"What was that?"

"Nothing," Videl answers cheerfully.

"I'm gonna need both hands, so you film us, OK?"

"See? You still didn't need my permission."

"What was that?"

"Nothing," Videl answers cheerfully.

Jinbao hands her his phone. He goes behind her and cups her breasts with his hands. Videl tries to prevent the disgust from showing in her face as she feels his sweaty, pudgy fingers on her skin. She holds the phone horizontally before her with two outstretched arms and begins filming as he plays with her bare bosom more roughly than he did before.

"Ow! Not too rough," she tells him. "You're hurting me."

"Really? You can take a punch from super powered kung fu aliens. How can a wimp like me hurt you?", he asks.

"Well, I'm not in a fight right now, so my power level's down."

Curiously, he starts squeezing her breasts even harder. Almost like he enjoys causing her pain. But Videl assures herself that a nice guy like Jinbao wouldn't even hurt a fly. Nonetheless, she decides it might be best to just tolerate the pain and stop complaining. Besides, Jinbao is right. This pain is nothing compared to the punch of a super powered kung fu alien. It's far more discomforting though.

Videl gasps when Jinbao begins tickling her nipples with his forefingers.

"Wow, look at how fast your nipples harden!", Jinbao exclaims. "I barely touched them!"

"I-I've always had sensitive nipples," she admits. Though she has no idea why she just told him that.


Jinbao takes advantage of the new information. He pinches her nipples and twists them repeatedly. Videl's nipples stiffen even more. Her breathing becomes erratic, and her body starts shaking so much that she can barely hold the camera steady.

"I bet you're sensitive all over," the fat boy whispers.

One of his hands slowly slides down her belly. It stops between her legs and begins stroking her down there.

"Please, don't-", Videl says.

But Jinbao ignores her. Instead, he begins licking the side of her neck. And with his fingers working both her pussy and one very sensitive nipple, she starts to get wet. She also knows that she's seconds away from moaning. And once he hears her do that, who knows what else he'll be motivated to do?

Videl quickly shuts off the camera.

"Hey, why'd you do that?", Jinbao protests. "We were just getting to the good part!"

Videl puts the phone down. She gently pushes his hands off her body, and she pulls the lapels of her gi together to cover her chest. The disappointment in the young boy's face is obvious now that the super heroine's breasts are once again hidden from view. He looks as if he has just received news of his best friend's death.

"I'm sorry. But it's getting really late. That's when criminals like to strike. Someone out there could need my help," Videl softly tells him.

"I need your help right now," Jinbao insists.

"I have helped you. I saved you from a bunch of bullies, remember? I took pictures of us kissing. I let you film me naked for both you and your friends. I even filmed you t-touching me-"

"But it's not enough!"

"Not enough for what?"

The fat boy lowers his head and says, "It's not enough to make me the cool kid."

Again, Videl feels sorry for the little loser. She wishes she could tell him some corny super heroine spiel, like he doesn't need her to be cool, that he can be cool on his own, or that he's cool in his own way. But she knows that it's just not true. She's seen a photo of his parents. An ugly couple who clearly settled for each other because nobody else wanted them. And then they decided to have an even uglier son. Jinbao could try to diet, work out, get a makeover, and none of it would matter, because his genes had screwed him over from the get-go.

"It isn't fair," Videl thinks. "Why can't the weak, ugly kids be cool for once."

She makes a decision that she might soon regret and asks the uncool kid, "What do you need me to do?"


"So we just make out a little on camera, and that's it, right?", Videl asks nervously.

"And I'll be the envy of every boy in school," Jinbao replies, grinning as he sets his phone on a coffee table.

"What's that?"

"Oh, uhm, I said that my friends will think I'm so cool."

He makes sure that the camera is facing the bed, then he walks over to his guest. Something in the back of Videl's mind is screaming at her to escape now before it's too late, as she watches him approach her.

Without a word, he unbuckles her belt. Then he slips her gi down her smooth shoulders. Cape, belt, and gi fall to the floor. Videl hadn't expected him to do that, undress her himself. He has seen her private parts already. Yet somehow, now that she is even more naked, with only her helmet, gloves, and boots left on her, she feels more self-conscious and vulnerable. She very nearly covers her exposed chest with her arms.

Jinbao smiles widely, visibly pleased that he can once again gaze at her naked form. He puts a hand on the small of her back and guides her to his bed. Videl flinches as he touches her. Something has changed. Something about him now frightens her a little. They sit on the edge of the bed right in front of the camera. He wraps his right arm around her waist. Then he cups and squeezes her right breast with his left hand.

Jinbao notices how jittery she is and reminds her, "Remember, you have to pretend to really like it."

Videl only nods anxiously. He abruptly kisses her in the mouth, and she forces herself to kiss him back. He tweaks her nipple, which again quickly hardens in response. After a few minutes of French kissing, his lips move down her chest. He begins licking her other nipple. Once again, Videl's breathing becomes uneven. But it isn't just because of the physical stimulation. Earlier, he was just a pathetic, lonely loser in need of a win. Now, there is something creepy, even predatory about him.

She reminds herself that it's all just an act. A show for both his friends and enemies. And to make it believable, she should wrap her arms around him while he plays with her nipples. But she can't bring herself to do it, and her trembling, clenched fists remain at her sides.

"Pretend he's Gohan," she tells herself. "Even the most imaginative woman won't be able to do that."

When Jinbao takes her nipple in his mouth and begins sucking, Videl allows herself to moan. And just as she earlier feared, it motivates him to do more. He forces her down on the bed with him on top of her, right between her legs.

"What are you doing?", she asks fearfully.

He doesn't answer. Or maybe he does, and she just can't understand him with her teat still in his mouth. When she hears the sound of his fly being undone, she panics!

"OK! I think we have enough footage!", she almost screams. "You can stop now!"

She feels the tip of his penis poking at her entrance.

"Jinbao, stop!", she really screams now.

He forces his shaft inside her.

"STOOOOOOOOOOPP!!!", she wails as he rapes her.

He isn't as big as Gohan. But Videl isn't as wet as she should be, so his thrusts are quite painful. Also, he had no trouble enterring her. He isn't climaxing too quickly. And he is fucking her with a degree of skill, that makes her doubt his earlier implication of being a virgin.

She is stronger than he is. She can easily push him off her. But the problem is, Jinbao is too weak and fragile. Great Saiyawoman's visor is equipped with a scouter that measures power levels. If she were to measure Jinbao's power level, it would most certainly be in the negative. This means that even the slightest increase in her own power level would most likely disintegrate him! Rather than risk his life, she opts to reason with him instead.

"Jinbao, please stop," she begs him, tears flowing from her eyes. "You don't want to do this. You're a nice, decent guy. I know you are. You can't-"

He begins fucking her harder, making her squeal.

"OH, KAME!", she cries. "JINBAO, PLEASE STOP!"

She feels his body convulsing between her thighs, and she realizes that he's about to come. Knowing that it's all too late, she covers her face with her hands and sobs as he orgasms inside her.


"WHY DID YOU DO THAT?!", Videl wails as they sit on his bed.

"What do you mean?", Jinbao asks.

"What do I mean?! You raped me!"

"Raped you?! What, no! I would never-!"

"I told you to stop!"

Jinbao lowers his head again and whimpers, "I'm sorry. I couldn't help it. I thought you wanted me to. I thought you liked me."

And just like that, the creepy predator vanishes. And before her, once more, sits the pathetic loser. Inspite of what he's done, Videl looks at him with sympathy and says, "I do like you. But I have a boyfriend, and-"

"You don't like me. You're just like the other girls in my school."

"No! No, I'm not! I wanted you to d-do what you did."

"No you don't. You can't even say it."

Videl swallows hard. And to spare Jinbao's feelings, she lies, "I wanted you to f-fuck me."

Jinbao looks up at her and smiles. He picks up his phone from the coffee table and tells the super heroine, "Say it in front of the camera."

Videl's face reddens. But she forces herself to look straight at the camera and say, "Jinbao, I want you to fuck me."

The fat boy smiles widely and says, "Perfect."

He puts the phone down and is just about to grab Videl's breasts again, when she says, "Wait. Can you do me doggy style this time? I like it better that way."

She actually doesn't. Or even if she does, it's certainly not with him. The only reason she made that request is so that her back would be to him, and he wouldn't be able to see her crying.

"Sure!", he answers eagerly.

"A-And can you use a condom, please?"

Jinbao frowns and says, "Do I look like the kind of guy who carries around a condom?"

"Oh. It's OK. I'm on the pill."

She just might take several pills all at once later, just to make sure.

Videl turns around on her knees, presses the side of her face to the mattress, and raises her firm ass for him. Jinbao giggles excitedly. He grabs her buttocks and begins roughly kneading them. For a second, Videl worries that Jinbao might fuck her anally. Fortunately, he doesn't. And once again, she feels his invading member enter her. She clenches her fists, grits her teeth, and shuts her eyes tight, as fresh tears roll down her face.

"Hey, why are you shaking so much?", Jinbao asks.

"I-I'm just excited," she lies again. "Your dick feels so good inside me."

Jinbao smirks and starts fucking her hard the second time tonight. The truth is, he's figured out that she's crying. He just doesn't care.


Jinbao ends up fucking the Great Saiyawoman two more times that night. Videl doesn't come even once. The ordeal isn't pleasurable for her. It's the opposite of pleasurable, actually. Although, she does fake it a couple of times for his benefit. Early the next day, Videl asks to use the shower. Jinbao requests to shower with her for a potential fifth fuck.

"You can't!" Videl quickly answers. "I-I mean, you'd see me without my helmet. I need to protect my secret identity."

"Oh, that makes sense," Jinbao agrees.

And Videl quietly sighs in relief. She's been looking forward to a good, hot shower the moment he pulled her towards him for that very first picture.

She takes her time in the shower. Afterwards, she gets dressed in her costume, including the bodysuit which she reactivates with her watch.

"Well, it was nice meeting you-", she begins to politely bid him goodbye, when he surprises her by wrapping his right arm around her waist, roughly pulling her towards him, grabbing her right breast with his left hand, and giving her another long French kiss.

She allows it for a couple of minutes since it's going to be the absolute last time he'll be able to touch her. But she pulls away before he can escalate it into another fuck which he clearly intended to.

He asks, "Oh, do you want some breakfast-?"

"No that's OK bye!", she quickly says and flies out the window.


Soaring through the air once more, Videl realizes that the satisfaction of helping Jinbao with his problems far outweighs the disgust of being repeatedly sexually violated by him. She's a super heroine, after all. Helping people is what she does. She hopes that the girls in his school will give him a chance now. Maybe they'll get curious about him enough when they see their kissing pictures, and wonder what the Great Saiyawoman herself saw in Jinbao. She also hopes that he doesn't upload their sex videos.

Meanwhile, sitting in a couch at his home, Jinbao watches the video he took of the Great Saiyawoman showing her boobs to him for the first time. He's about to jack off to it, when he notices a fly land near him. He kills the insect with a flyswatter without so much as a second thought.



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