A Serious Affair

BY : Grezi
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 Pairing Vegeta and Yamcha, this story contains a graphic description of sex between two consenting males. Not your kink? Don't read it.


Vegeta knew Yamcha to be punctual, but this time he really exceeded himself. He was not only early, he was very early – five hours early, to be exact. But it turned out he had a very good reason for his urgency, as he barged in the prince's room, shaking a decorative piece of paper in his hand.

“What the hell is this?” the newcomer demanded. “How long has this been going on? When were you planning on telling me about this? The night before? The night after?”

Vegeta's face turned gloomy the second he recognized the paper. He had guessed Yamcha would be mad and had thus neglected telling him – but judging by the outburst he was now witnessing, keeping it a secret had just made matters worse. He didn't say anything, and his silence infuriated Yamcha even more. The paper was thrown onto the floor and Yamcha grabbed Vegeta by the collar with both hands.

“What the fuck are you playing at?!” he yelled at the shorter man's face. “Letting me know you're getting married by inviting me to the wedding?!”

Vegeta tried in vain to make the reality of Yamcha's words go away by closing his eyes. The human shoved him away, he stumbled and fell sitting on the floor, feeling just as crumpled as the wedding invitation next to him. Yamcha turned on his heels and paced around the room, his hands in his hair.

“How can you – how dare you – how the hell did this happen? What the fuck do you take me for, Vegeta? Or is it just that, a fuck? Three years and this is how you shrug me off? By inviting me to your wedding?!”

His last sentence Yamcha dictated slowly, pressing every word, the absurdity of the matter becoming more evident with each. Vegeta slowly stood up, picked up the wrinkled invitation and mumbled:

“She sent the invitations, not me. She was the one to ask as well. She wanted the kid's parents to be married, but it doesn't mean anything to me. Just a formality, she put it. I agreed just to get her out of my hair. Really, it means nothing to me.”

“Hasn't it occurred to you that it might mean something to me?” asked Yamcha, eyes wide and cheeks pale with disbelief. “It means a lot to me! I allowed myself to get attached to you because I figured you guys had nothing in common save for the kid. But I will not settle for being the other woman – man – whatever! I won't be a home-breaker, Vegeta. I'm not going to have a second-rate affair with a married guy, whether he cares for his wife or not.”

Yamcha's eyes had begun to tear up, from anger or sorrow or both, and he averted them.

“I don't want an affair”, he said, his lower lip quivering. “I want a real relationship. I thought that's what you wanted with me too. I agreed to keep a low profile because I thought you just needed time… But I guess it was just a fling. I guess you never meant us to be serious.”

Vegeta looked at Yamcha, who turned his back at him and hung down his head. The prince sighed deep, stepped closer and put his hands on the human's shivering shoulders. Yamcha returned his gesture of affection with a slap and a snap:

“Don't touch me, you lying piece of shit!”

“Yamcha”, Vegeta said in a scolding tone, grabbing the upset man by the wrist. “You know that's not true. My feelings for you are real. This arrangement is being made purely out of convenience for her. I couldn't care less, you hear me? I couldn’t care less about her and her stupid social institution.”

“I could!” yelled Yamcha, turning to face the prince. “I care! And I can't possibly think of a deeper state of humiliation than being some closeted fag's gay paramour, and whether you realize it or not, that's what you make me if you insist on marrying her and continuing to see me!”

“I'll break it off then!” shouted Vegeta in turn, holding tighter when the human struggled to get his arm free. “If you're so damn touchy about it, I'll tell her the whole thing's off! Hell, do you have to lose your whole fucking mind over some stupid piece of paper!?”

“Fuck you!”

As if obeying an order, Vegeta slammed Yamcha against the nearest wall, pinned his wrists on each side of his head and stifled any protests by pressing his lips to his mouth. Yamcha tried to bite him, but he didn't mind. Vegeta slid the trapped hands above the other’s head and held on to both with one hand. His free hand he placed at the back of the human's neck, pulling him deeper into the kiss. Yamcha was writhing and squirming, but the prince's hold was firm. Yamcha hated it when Vegeta silenced him like this, it wasn't fair and it sure wasn't romantic – if anything, it was degrading. He wanted to smash the arrogant saiyan's face in, but the more he struggled, the more hurt took over anger, and his will to fight faded. When Vegeta felt the other calm down, he pulled away, leaving his hands where they were - one on Yamcha's wrists above his head, one on the back of his neck, thumb resting on a scarred cheek. The human let his head hang low, defeated.

“Why did you agree to her proposal?” he mumbled. “Why didn't you turn her down by saying you had someone else? Are you ashamed of me?”

Vegeta loosened his grip of Yamcha's hands and the human's arms fell slowly around his neck. The prince leaned his forehead against Yamcha's and sank his fingers in the luscious raven hair.

“What are you saying, ashamed? I'm fucking proud of you”, he answered softly. “You tamed me. You didn't need strength or cunning to overpower me. You did it by just being you. All you needed was your heart.”

“And my abs”, added Yamcha, trying to sound playful despite holding back tears. Vegeta smiled.

“Your abs did work in your favor”, he said, tracing the outlines of said muscles with his finger. “But you must know by now, Yamcha, that I'm no good at talking about my feelings. The fact that my excuse to jump on your abs was smashing the Gravity Chamber's controls to bits and asking you of all people to fix them is proof of that. I don't have a big heart like you do, but if it's really important to you, then let's just announce our relationship. Let's print it in the paper. Let's make out in people's front yards and ring the doorbells. I'll tell the woman I misheard or misunderstood her, that I thought marriage is a vegetable or something. Okay?”

Yamcha chuckled, and his warm breath tickled Vegeta's ear pleasantly.

“Okay”, the human said. “But we don't have to announce it to the whole world at once if you're not comfortable with it. Just… maybe our closest friends, at least. I'll be happy just to be able to hold your hand when we go out.”

“I'll hold more than your hand”, whispered the prince, slowly moving his hand down Yamcha's abdomen and towards his groin. “I'll hold you right here, right now…”

With a twist of his head, Vegeta caught Yamcha's lips again in a kiss, much gentler this time. Yamcha inhaled deeply and wrapped his arms tighter around the other. Vegeta put one hand on the human's hips and pulled him close, while the other hand moved slowly up and down between their pelvises, gently caressing his partner through his clothes.

“Here, literally?” breathed Yamcha among the kissing. “We've never done it here.“

“I know”, murmured Vegeta softly. “So isn't it about time?”

“But – but she –“

Yamcha's words were cut off when Vegeta evoked a sharp gasp from him by squeezing the front of his pants. Vegeta ushered the man demandingly over to his unmade bed in the opposite corner of the room.

“She's not in. She took the kid and went shopping with her mom.”

Yamcha fell sitting on the bed and Vegeta pushed him backwards, following on his knees until both were fully on top of the bed, his right hand busy untying the sash of the human's loose training pants. They kissed again, Vegeta's tongue scraping the walls of his partner's mouth, and Yamcha gasped audibly when the saiyan's hand finally found its way inside his underwear, gripping him firmly. Vegeta had just found a perfectly balanced position when, suddenly, Yamcha turned his head to the side and pushed his face away with his hands.

“Shopping?” he breathed. “Wait, Vegeta, wait – you have to call her.”

“What, now? Yamcha, it's not like we're desecrating anything by being in my room. She and I are not intimate, there's nothing to –“

“No, I don't mean that”, Yamcha said, his brow knitting in concern as he looked down. “But she's… probably making wedding arrangements. You have to call her and tell her to stop before she spends all that money – tell her not to buy any – she… she might be shopping for a dress, you have to -”

Another squeeze by Vegeta, this time on his exposed flesh, made Yamcha yelp. The saiyan descended on his side, resting on the elbow of his unoccupied arm. His other hand began to stroke his partner at an even pace, clenching tighter every now and then. Yamcha gasped and groaned, gipping Vegeta by the shoulder of his shirt.

“Vegeta –“, the human began again, but Vegeta was well acquainted with his partner's body and knew exactly where and when to touch to cut him off.

“You want me to call her? Right now?” Vegeta whispered, teasing. “Maybe you're right, I should call her. Put her on speaker, tell her not to bother with the arrangements, repeat what she can't make out over the sound of your ecstatic moaning, leave the line open for her to listen however long she wants… You would like that, wouldn't you? No room for misunderstanding.”

“Stop it”, Yamcha sighed, but Vegeta knew that dirty talking turned his lover on more than anything. The saiyan bent down, continuing to whisper his obscene suggestions into the man's ear. He nibbled at the earlobe and let his tongue run across it as he spoke. Yamcha's breathing grew heavier and Vegeta could feel his partner's excitement in the stiffness of the member his hand was still stroking, now even faster, alternating between tight and tender. His own arousal was growing as he listened to the other man's breathy moans and feeling the well-built body twitch in response to his stimulations.

After a while he felt Yamcha's hand come up to his head, grab a tuft of his hair and yank him away from the crimson ear.

“Vegeta, I'm serious”, the human said, looking the prince in the eyes. His face was flushed with arousal but his eyes were stern, and that little frown of compassion had not yet left his forehead. Vegeta smirked, not arrogantly but playfully, and he ceased his fondling to bring his right hand up to brush a few strands of hair away from Yamcha's forehead.

“I know”, he said quietly. “Don't worry about the money – she can always return what she buys. She's tough, you know she is. When we're done here, I'll call her and tell her to come back so I can talk to her. Exciting as the idea may be, I'd rather not explain everything over the phone. Okay?”

Softly, Vegeta kissed his lover on the lips, cupping his face and gently petting the scarred cheek with his thumb. Yamcha murmured and sighed as he brought his arms around the prince's neck. Vegeta shifted to lie on top of him, elbows on each side, fingers intertwined in the long hair, and continued to kiss him with increasing intensity before pausing and pulling back a mere inch – only just to be able to talk.

“You care too much”, the prince whispered, his voice soft and adoring. “About everything and everyone. Now will you stop talking about your ex-girlfriend when I'm about to fuck you senseless? You're making me jealous.”

As Yamcha chuckled in response, Vegeta reclaimed his lips hungrily, plundering the warm mouth with his tongue. Yamcha responded equally eagerly, fingers tangled in the thick head of hair as he swirled his tongue around, briefly stopping to catch and suck Vegeta's lower lip in the manner he knew drove the other crazy with desire. Vegeta groaned, grinding his body against Yamcha, trying to get maximum friction between the other's and his own clothed arousal. Both moaned and breathed heavily through their noses as any attempt to break away for air was rejected by the other. Vegeta pulled his knees under him, straddling Yamcha's waist while still crouched over in the lingering kiss. Yamcha fought one hand free from Vegeta's hair and slid it down along the prince's shoulder and side, all the way to his groin. He caressed Vegeta's already hardened member with a flat open palm, making the saiyan murmur in delight. Yamcha continued to touch him, slowly, softly and tantalizing, as was his style.

Finally, his patience wearing thin under Yamcha's drawn-out caresses, Vegeta forced himself to pull his mouth away. Both panted as Vegeta straightened, sitting back on his partner's thighs. Quickly he pulled his unbuttoned, short-sleeved shirt off his shoulders, then proceeded to rid himself of the tight training top he wore underneath. Yamcha let his hands rest on Vegeta's knees as he looked up in admiration at the saiyan's bare-chested glory. Vegeta grabbed him by his forearms, pulled him to sit up and peeled off the well-fitting T-shirt he was wearing. Vegeta tossed the garment to the floor and buried his face in his partner's hair, inhaling the scent as Yamcha leaned in to kiss Vegeta's impressive pectoral. The prince ran his hands along the other's shoulder blades, one of his favourite parts of his lover's anatomy, and pressed hard with his fingertips to outline the big muscles of his back. Then, to Yamcha's dismay, he interrupted the eager human fingers making their way inside the waistband of his knee-length training shorts.

“Impatient”, he whispered as he pushed Yamcha back down, holding the man's hands apart, pinning them to the bed. “But so beautiful. So fucking beautiful.”

He mumbled more compliments into his partner's skin as he put his mouth down on Yamcha's neck. He kissed and sucked, pinching soft skin between his lips, nibbling and twirling his tongue around the human's Adam's apple. Yamcha sighed as Vegeta's tongue brushed along the length of his neck – and then yelped sharply and arched his neck as the saiyan suddenly sank his teeth into his collarbone. He should have learned to expect it by now, but somehow Vegeta always found a way to catch him off guard. Vegeta grinned to himself, pleased, as he kissed and sucked on the skin of the area that made his partner quiver and writhe.

After a generous moment spent exploring the spot, the saiyan crawled backwards, letting go of Yamcha's hands, until his face was on level with the other's waist. Determined, he slid the pants off his partner's legs, along with any underwear, and lowered his mouth to Yamcha's abdomen. He ran his tongue along the sculpted muscles that pleased him so much before wrapping his hand around the base of the erect organ below, and slipping its whole length into his mouth.

Yamcha sighed and moaned as Vegeta devoured his cock. The prince sucked and licked covetously, almost too intensely for Yamcha to appreciate it, making him throw his head back and pull on the bedsheets to the point of tearing them.

“V-Vegeta”, he panted, “too much – you're making –“

Vegeta ascended with a committed slurp, evoking a long groan from Yamcha. He then reached across Yamcha's chest for the simple two-drawer nightstand next to the bed. As he opened the top drawer, Yamcha took advantage of the position and pulled down his shorts, revealing Vegeta's sizeable cock. The prince never wore underwear under his training clothes, for which Yamcha was often grateful. Vegeta rummaged through the drawer until he found the bottle of lubricant he had stashed away in his room just in case. As he leaned back, Yamcha sat up and pushed Vegeta off him, making his back slam the wall as he fumbled in the shorts still clinging to his knees.

“My turn”, breathed Yamcha. He shifted onto his hands and knees and lowered his head to meet Vegeta's crotch. Vegeta kicked and pulled the shorts off his feet until the touch of Yamcha's warm, wet mouth to this swollen erection made him wince and hit his head back against the wall. The human's tongue swirled around the tip as his hand stroked the prince's manhood rhythmically. Gradually his mouth took over more of the length, his suctions becoming longer and more intense, building pressure as only he knew how. Over the time they had been together, Yamcha had become a master at this. Vegeta cursed and growled under his breath as his partner's head bobbed up and down on his lap.

“I'm not done with you”, the prince snarled. Yamcha lifted himself, stroking Vegeta's cock vigorously, looked at him and raised an eyebrow.

“At the pace you were going, I would've been done in a matter of seconds”, he said, then added, snorting: “And I'm the impatient one…”

His hand still eager at work, Yamcha kissed Vegeta's mouth, and the saiyan clenched him by the hair tightly with the hand that didn't have a bottle in it. Yamcha's fondling made Vegeta jerk and flinch in such a way the kiss was all over their faces, saliva coating their cheeks and chins. Then Vegeta seized Yamcha's hand almost violently and threw his partner onto his back. Yamcha let out a grunt of dismay, but such impulses were nothing new from the prince, who always seemed to get angry when he enjoyed himself too much. Vegeta finally freed himself from the shorts and threw them over his shoulder, popped open the cap of the bottle in his hand and squeezed a generous amount of the slippery substance onto his fingers.

Vegeta pushed Yamcha's legs slightly apart and met his mouth with the human's stiff cock once again. Yamcha flinched, breathing `easy, easy', and Vegeta let out a gruff murmur as if to say `shut up'. He took his time, savouring the rigid flesh, bringing it steadily in and out of his mouth. Soon he brought two fingers, slick with the lubricant, to the hole below and smeared the substance around it before inserting the fingers inside. He moved them in and out in rhythm with his suctions so that every time his mouth slid down, his fingers would enter. This was his favourite thing to do, preparing his partner for penetration while pleasuring him orally. He loved how the sensations made Yamcha writhe and whimper and curse, how the legs on either side of his head tensed and juddered and how the flesh surrounding his fingers alternately tightened and relaxed, gradually giving in. Removing his mouth, he added a third finger and continued to massage the lubricated opening for a little longer. Of course Yamcha was used to this by now, but he was naturally tight and Vegeta was well endowed, and the prince took pride in making sex nothing short of voluptuous to his lover.

Finally, when he could tell Yamcha's body was ready for him, Vegeta pulled his fingers out and stood up on his knees. He poured a little more lubricant on his hand and spread it all over his erection as Yamcha turned on his stomach, bringing his knees and elbows under himself. Vegeta moved closer and put his hands on his partner's hips, pressing his cock against the man's behind and proceeding to slide slowly inside. They both groaned with pleasure as he entered, taking a few slow pushes to make it all the way in. Vegeta moved back and forth slowly, savouring the feeling, before moving his hands up on Yamcha's back to allow more of his weight on them. He then thrusted harder, making Yamcha jerk and gasp. Gradually the prince moved even harder, faster, enjoying the tight warmth that surrounded his throbbing erection. Vegeta panting, Yamcha moaning, their passion approached its peak. Vegeta threw Yamcha's long hair aside, wrapped his arms around the other's waist and pressed his cheek against his lover's back.

“Perfect”, he breathed, “perfect and sexy and beautiful and all mine.”

Yamcha tried to reply, but all he could manage was the first syllable of Vegeta's name. The prince's thrusts grew even stronger and Yamcha cried out, the thrilling sensations spreading all over his body like an electric shock. He felt one of his Vegeta's hands grip his erection and stroke it, his legs trembled all but ready to give in and he knew he was to explode any moment now. He tried again to articulate how good and amazing it all felt but words failed him. Behind him, Vegeta groaned and growled, the hand around his cock tightened and with a breathy cry, the human came, soaking the bedding underneath. Mere moments later, Vegeta thrust forward the final time before also climaxing, then jolted a few times with his member buried inside his partner's body, before finally pulling back.

Vegeta sat down, back against the wall that felt cold to his bare skin, while Yamcha sat up on his knees, one hand on each. Both inhaled and exhaled heavily. Vegeta then reached his arm out to touch the other's shoulder, inviting him to sit next to him, and Yamcha did – the prince put his arm around his neck and they sat down together against the wall. For a long moment even after both had caught their breath they sat in silence, relaxed, content, nothing needing to be said.

Vegeta took his arm from around the human to go and get his cell phone from his nightstand. Then he sat back down and started browsing for a number.

“You're really going to call her?” asked Yamcha as he made himself comfortable against Vegeta's shoulder.

“Yeah”, the prince answered, tapped on the number and brought the phone to his ear. Yamcha could hear the phone start ringing and watched curiously Vegeta's eyes shift from side to side as he waited for someone to answer. He seemed very calm, just his usual self, as if this call was going to be nothing out of the ordinary. Finally someone picked up and Bulma's voice spoke from the other end.

“Vegeta, what's up?”

“Where are you?” Vegeta asked.

“Still at the mall. Mom's shopping for dinner and I'm looking at clothes to get for Trunks. Damn child's going to bankrupt me. I swear it hasn't been three months since I got him new overalls and he's already grown out of them. Why? Do you need me to get you something?”

“Once you're done, could you come home right away? There's something I need to talk to you about.”

“Did you break the Gravity Chamber again? I've told you, whacking at the control panel isn't going to

“It's not that”, Vegeta interrupted. “Just come back as soon as you can. I need to talk to you.”

“Woah, you're being awfully polite. Is it serious?”

“Yeah”, said Vegeta, turning to look at the man sitting next to him. “It's pretty serious.”

-The End-

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