Frying Pan

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Disclaimer: I do not own Dragon Ball GT, nor the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story. I do not condone rape or other forms of violence in real life. Keep fantasy separate from reality.

Frying Pan
Description: A few years after the events of Dragon Ball GT, 20-year-old Pan is violated and murdered by a wardroid built in the far future from the remains of Giru.

Content Codes: AFFO Anal Bond ChallengeFic COMPLETE Contro DP Exhib MCD MiCD OC Oneshot Oral PWP Rape Scat Solo Tent Tort Toys Violence Voy WS (also brief/implied FF)
Disclaimer: I do not own Dragon Ball GT, nor the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story. I do not condone rape or other forms of violence in real life. Keep fantasy separate from reality.

For Fuck’s Sake Read This: This story has VIOLENCE, RAPE AND DEATH, so please don’t read it if you don’t like that content or are under 21.

In the future humanity hadn’t achieved any utopian pantisocracy but existed in what was very much a worldwide dystopia. At the head office of a mid-tier corporation a terrible mistake was about to be made. Anti-Vitality Solutions was all set to begin the first live weapons demonstration on their new wardroid, ZX-Urig. A gathering of corporate and military buyers were on site for the show. None of them really needed to come in person, but it was almost tradition, as well as a way to keep tabs on each other. Sat at comfortable tables with their assistants and subordinates and a selection of snacks and drinks, they looked listened to an introductory spiel.

As the talking finished they gasped appreciatively when the viewing window phased from opaque to transparent to reveal the wardroid prototype. ZX-Urig was easily three meters tall on telescoping legs; consisting of a round smooth body with a ‘head’ on top. The head had a flat faceplate with a red light glowing in the middle of a black circle, and could be withdrawn entirely into the body. The legs were the same, allowing ZX-Urig to roll as a sphere if required. ZX-Urig could also open numerous compartments on its body to produce new prehensile tube-based limbs, weapons and other equipment. It had the ability to dynamically reconfigure the tube attachments as required.

The Anti-Vitality Solutions marketing executive told the honored guests all this and more while listing the wardroid’s many advantages over their competitors’ models. He didn’t tell them that parts of the programming and design had been cobbled from the remains of an obsolete droid called Giru, or that any unforeseen problems with this corner cutting could affect the entire ZX-Urig line on mass production. Unlike Giru, ZX-Urig’s visible metal was not pale, but painted jungle khaki. The paint job glistened almost as if it was an unnatural organic form than a machine. Even some of the hardened military buyers were a little unnerved. ZX-Urig was almost far larger and hardier than the small Giru’s body.

“While the ZX-Urig wardroid can be used as armoured support for infantry units , the primary programming design has been towards shock and awe repression of guerrilla and civilian disobedience actions. Why is it khaki? Everyone like’s khaki! Corporate colors are available. Now, with the old rules of war swept away in the Transcontinental Congress, we have programmed ZX-Urig to use the most ancient weapons of conquerors and oppressors: ZX-Urig will make a fine display of violently sexually assaulting a captive - male female, non-binary – while torturing and killing them.”

Holo-projected images panned around the walls illustrating graphically Anti-Vitality Solutions success in the field with other models as the talk continued.

“This more easily quells resistance amongst remaining rebels and rioters. These people might risk instant death by plasma beam for their cause, but are far more reluctant to die slow and public. One viewing of this droid at work will turn heroes to pantywaists! We argue subjugation through rape and torture will make even the most hardened ‘fair pay’ revolt die down quickly and easily. ZX-Urig is by design neither male nor female and can dynamically mimic either. It can flay a rebel penis as easily as it spays a rebel ghetto princess! The wardroid is fully programmed with the Westland Pansexualities Protocol and all known variations thereof to enable it to adapt the most unpleasant rape for each victim. Just look at our projections!”

No member of the audience was taken by surprise by the revelations. All of the large wardroid production facilities were working on shock and awe weapons designed to psychologically press the poorly armed rebels in the industrial zones and the remaining forests and jungle areas into submission. The survivors would still have value for the slave labor it remained uneconomical to use droids on. A few of the audience were actively aroused, and privately decided that should they buy a consignment of the droids, the targets would be the best looking of the rebels. Nobody commented as a hard bitch from PanFrankia yanked her PA down onto their knees, and pulled the woman’s flushed face under her skirt to provide additional stimulation during the upcoming demonstration.

They watched through the large viewing window as a thick blast door opened wide enough to push a gynoid into the testing arena. The gynoid’s metal skin was smoothly silver, curved like a well-stacked woman’s. Her face was carefully anonymous, and she possessed a mouth orifice, and vaginal and anal orifices. ZX-Urig was remotely activated and began its first live fire boot up sequence since the programmers had run the most recent AI integration. Its sensors panned across the attendees beyond the viewing window. The audience passed the requirement for an optimal shock and awe operation, and so it then ran target acquisition protocols.  

Thus, the terrible mistake was made.

Old files recovered from the Giru unit had become corrupted and incorrectly cross-referenced with the targeting systems during the last systems update. ZX-Urig ignored the gynoid’s (programmed) cowering routine and instead gathered information on a target identified by the designation Pan. The wardroid had remotely accessed the Anti-Vitality Solutions corporate network, and then connected to the Hypercloudnet before the handlers had realised even there was an issue. In their defence they had been distracted by noticing they hadn’t wiped all of their semen and/or pussy smears from the gynoid’s chassis. The cowering unit’s metal fingers glistened from the recent activation of a vibrate mode, and even more obviously a seminal dribble was leaking from its crotch.

Accessing ancient records and ultra modern technology ZX-Urig came to the conclusion that its target was hiding in another time zone. 0.035 seconds afterwards ZX-Urig initiated a remote teleportation transfer to the temporal exploration unit at the new coastal campus of the University of Arizona (California was under the waves, but at least the drought had finally been solved). A mere 0.02 seconds after that ZX-Urig had programmed the space/time co-ordinates believed accurate and disappeared from that frame of reference. The calculations were inaccurate. It arrived several years after the un-corrupted memory files had indicated. As the scale of the cock up became apparent nack at the testing area the wardroid’s handlers began working on shifting the blame, One vowed to see the others suffer and one just swore she’d see them dead before she took the fall. Out amidst the pandemonium of the auditorium, riding her PA’s face, the Frankish buyer still came.

Many years before...

Three large single-sex dormitory blocks surrounded a semi-paved courtyard. A flag fluttered high on a pole towards the centre while a huge crowd of young women who lived in the dorms stood about chatting and enjoying the sun. They were mostly all 20 or 21 and at the same place in their studies. Amongst them was one 20 year old woman, Pan. The others were all 100% human while she was one quarter Saiyan with all the powers and abilities her heritage brought. There were some ways in which someone who’d known her years before would still recognise her. Ways she hadn’t changed at all. She was still incredibly tomboyish, with shortly shorn black hair and a tight bandana. She wore butch footwear compared to her more feminine friends, but her adult body was undeniable feminine. Unlike her younger self, her hips were wide and womanly within dark pants, and her face at 20 had already lost the air of a teenager. Her red t-shirt hugged tightly over the breasts that had filled out over her years. She refused to wear a bra to push the c-cups up and out, but did use a sports bra while running or working out.

Her build would be described as wiry, with an athletic, even muscular, set to her arms, legs and lower torso. More than once, somebody who had seen her from the waist up, from behind, had mistaken her for a man. One drunken girl had grabbed her around the waist, feeling for a cock that wasn’t there. Pan had let her carry on feeling inside her pants until realisation kicked in, and she stumbled away looking for a ‘real man’. Pan had laughed. Stood in the courtyard, Pan listened to the two women closest to her talking, occasionally throwing in a remark but mostly perving. She had very definite feelings about the way they looked, talked and moved. In short, they made the tomboyish Pan wet down below. As she admitted, she liked ‘em femmy and loved eating pussy, tribbing, and all kinds of fondling and kissing, but unlike some lesbians had no interest in penetration at all. She didn’t even like fingers in herself, and had kept her hymen as a result, Though she clearly had no interest in boys, she was facing up to the idea she might find herself pressured into marrying to breed and carry on her semi- Saiyan family line. Hints had been dropped. Hints she objected most strenuously too.

She was just about to steer the conversation around to both women joining her in her dorm room when a warm wind roared through the crowd, causing heads to turn and conversation to momentarily cease. Then there was a flash of light and heat as energy backwash from the temporal journey of the arriving ZX-Urig was released into the immediate vicinity. A small circle of women around the materialisation point were instantly flash burned and blinded by the heat. They fell screaming to the floor, clothes melted to charred flesh. The sickly stench wafted across the crowd, and Pan felt her stomach turn. The woman stood nearest to Pan wet her panties in fear. As her flash-dazzled eyes adjusted back to the daylight, she recognised the influence of Giru’s design on the wardroid’s head; the red-light ‘face’ was almost identical to her metal friend’s own. The sight confused her; she couldn’t understand the connection to Giru.

“What are you?” she muttered, almost to herself.

The wardroid paused a moment, allowing terror to build. Its 360 degree sensors panoramically identified members of the crowd starting to flee the courtyard. This would weaken the shock and awe effect. Small compartments slid open, revealing guns mounted on tube-limbs. ZX-Urig fired suddenly, aiming low to disable witnesses and prevent escape. Around the courtyard women screamed and fell as bullets tore through their leg muscles and shattered bones. A few rounds passed straight through, or even missed, bouncing off walls, breaking window panes. Some ricocheted back up from the ground into the panicking women’s torsos. Bloody wounds appeared in blouses and t-shirts across breasts and stomachs; one woman fell clutching her suddenly bleeding cunt. A thousand rounds fired in under a minute saw the entire crowd either wounded or cowed into submission in seconds. Their discordant chorus of screams reached almost deafening levels.

Although Pan was only one quarter Saiyan, she was still of super human ability. As the attack began and women collapsed around her, she ran forward and jumped at the apparently homicidal machine. She figured she was easily strong enough to take an oversized Giru knock off. She was wrong. The force of the impact jarred her knee badly, and even before she bounced away a thin needle-tipped tube darted from the machine and jabbed through her t-shirt and into her left breast. She barely felt the prick as she landed poorly; twisting an ankle. Already her ability to power up was being blocked by the nano-serum in the needle. Pan screamed out at her ankle pain, and stumbled backwards. Fresh compartments slid open all over the khaki painted wardroid as ZX-Urig’s guns fell silent. Claw ended prehensile tube-limbs tugged on Pan’s red t-shirt, and tore it from her upper body. Even in the future the taboo against bared female breasts remained; mostly as a means of control. Pan’s braless breasts bounced lightly as the t-shirt came away. She blushed darkly to be publically exposed.

The red fabric fluttered in the breeze at the end of one of the wardroid’s tube-limbs as if the machine already had a victory banner. Pan lost her footing and tripped over a bleeding, screaming woman. Her fingers scrabbled against bloody concrete as she tried to get back up, and simultaneously cover the smooth skin of her bare breasts and large dark nipples. Pan wanted to try blasting the wardroid right off of its telescoping legs, but it didn’t give her time to try her KameHameHa Wave. The clawed tube-limbs tore away her pants, leaving her in bandana, boots, and panties. The latter it pulled up painfully, wedging the fabric into her bush and splaying her labia, before snapping them away to wave alongside her torn t-shirt. Her full bush was as black as the hair on her head, and had a sheen of sweat and her earlier arousal. If any of the wounded or terrified women around the courtyard had yearned to view the athletic beauty of the tomboyish woman they would never have had a better chance than at that moment.

“You metal pig! I’ll destroy you utterly!”

ZX-Urig judged that most of the crowd were watching, while clutching bloody fingers at their wounds, or too frightened to try fleeing anew. Its health diagnostics along with signals indicating emergency services were approaching suggested enough would survive to tell the tale. Knowing the importance of witnesses the wardroid even messaged the local authorities with detailed casualty reports. So good were the sensors, they even diagnosed panleukopenia in a previously unnoticed cat and reported it to a vet office as part of the Anti-Vitality Solutions PetSafe corporate responsibility package. The people who didn’t rate human life at all highly had a surprising respect for domesticated animals.

There was no emotion in the droid’s circuits, no hated or misogyny or pangs of regret. There was simply poorly coded logic and botched cheaply jerryrigged programming. It could feel no fear as Pan stumbled painfully into position for an energy blast assault against it, although memory files taken from Giru allowed ZX-Urig to recognise the pose. It decided that, however slight, the probability of her overriding the nano-serum and accessing her heritage to power up had to be prevented. The wardroid focussed on the woman’s bared chest.  

Faster than even Pan could follow, tube-limbs with thin metal cups attached shot out from within the wardroid. Made of a future alloy that acted like rubber, the cups smashed painfully against Pan’s breasts, but covered them completely. A fast acting adhesive gripped the metal hard to the mounded flesh. Pan yelped at the sudden cold, and then screamed as thick needles in the centre of each cup fired deep into each of her breasts. Her nipples were pierced right through, and the pain felt like the middle of Pan’s breasts were on fire. ZX-Urig began administering electric shocks into Pan’s gripped flesh through the needles and cups. The wardroid generated fake sparking around the cups, so that the witnesses would have something to see and fear beyond Pan’s physical reaction.

Pan’s alternately stiffened and shuddered as her breasts were electrocuted every five seconds. Though not sufficient to stop her heart or do more than lightly burn, the shocks still hurt enough to make concentrating difficult. The woman groaned as she tried pulling the cups away, but the tugging pain in her skin prevented her ripping them free. It felt as if she’d rip off her own breasts off in the process. Instead, she tried using her super human strength to crush and break the tube-limbs.  In response, new clawed tube-limbs, thicker and stronger than those that had stripped her, lashed out from within the wardroid and gripped her knees, elbows and wrists. Her hands were wrenched away before she had a solid grip. The metal vice-like claws began to glow red as they heated and slowly squeezed where they gripped.

The sudden pain was worse than she’d ever felt. Her incoherent scream bounced around the courtyard, louder than any she’d yet made. A great yellow gush of piss sprayed from between her legs. The stream splashed into the mouth and eyes of a wounded woman at her feet. Weakened by blood loss she could only gargle and splutter as she was drenched by Pan’s hot flow. Once, she’d touched herself while fantasising about Pan pissing in her pretty femme face, but that felt a very long time before. Lying in the bloody dirt Pan’s fallen friend could only think that she didn’t want to die with a mouthful of urine. As blood oozed from her shattered leg it seemed a strong possibility.

Immobile, Pan screamed raggedly as her joints were crushed and cooked at the same time, while the shocks to her breasts continued throughout. ZX-Urig judged it the right time to commence the rape of the target, and an entire adult-sized section of its khaki body slid down. Two dildos emerged mounted on thick tube-limbs. The first dildo was clearly modelled on the cock of a shire horse. Long, thick, and black with an artificially veined shaft and a flared flat head. The second dildo started smaller at the tip and thickened out like a cone until the bottom eight inches matched a fire hydrant. The wardroid didn’t have a reservoir of semen, though it was an optional extra. Instead, warm cooking fat spurted from the flat head of the horse cock dildo, and the rounded tip of the conical attachment.

Blood leaked from Pan’s crushed joints and dripped freely around the clamps. She no longer stood by her own power. Her cup-glued needle-pierced breasts supported her body weight along with the claws on her joints. Every movement increased her pain; it felt to Pan as if her breasts were about to tear away anyway. She regretted not pulling loose when she had the chance, sacrificing her chest to freedom. Her eyes were screwed up tight as she screamed, so Pan did not notice the approach of the dildos. Fresh horrified screams sounded from the captive crowd as they realised the torturous sexual fate in store for Pan. Suddenly a bullet wound didn’t seem so terrible. Pan herself was prevented from descending into the release of shock as the nano-serum kept her fully aware. The screaming woman’s eyes fluttered open as she felt the first pressure between her legs, and she looked down between her metal plate cupped breasts to see the horrific dildos between her muscular thighs, with the last drops of piss running landing against it.

Pan’s scream died in her throat as she processed what she was seeing. The anal dildo was mostly hidden though she could certainly feel the warm oil squirting against her anus. The horse cock dildo she could see clearly. It looked bigger even than her shiny black bush and far larger than her un-stretched virgin entrance. That the metal monster had already crippled her left her with no doubt that it would show no mercy. Deep inside her fear and pain exploded into rage,

“F-fuck you, you-“, she started.

The wardroid analysed the woman’s response. Pan should already have been broken and begging for death. It couldn’t permit Pan’s show of rebelliousness to last and possibly inspire others. Rather than a slow penetration that she might have been able to keep speaking through, it instead cut her off by turning the tube-limbs semi-rigid and shoving both dildos inside her with mechanical strength. Pan’s defiance became a scream of abject agony. Despite the cooking fat lubricant her tight ass tore immediately between her taut buttocks. Her anal sphincter was ripped in two halves as the dildo penetrated far into her bowel, pushing relentlessly past all merely organic obstructions. Pan’s body was strong; the wardroid was stronger. As the dildo widened towards the base her ass tore further until it reached the thick base.

At the front Pan’s thighs were forced wide as the horse cock dildo ripped through her hymen, then tore through the barrier around her cervix, before finally stopping pressed into the far side of her uterine lining in one hard quick stroke. Pan went from a “virgin” to brutally and irrevocably penetrated within seconds. Her femininity was stretched to bursting around a cruel phallic symbol. Blood flowed freely from torn flesh, and there was even a sign of bulging behind her muscular stomach wall. Even if the wardroid stopped its assault immediately, Pan would never be continuing her family line. It had no intention of stopping. ZX-Urig allowed its audience a few seconds to admire just how little of the dildos remained outside Pan’s tortured torso, before tugging the dildos loose in a shower of blood and shit and then brutally slamming them inside again. The wounded witnesses felt filth splash into their wounds, but couldn’t get away.

ZX-Urig increased the power of the shocks to Pan’s breasts, and smoke began to appear around the edge of the metal cups. At the same time, the screaming woman was being lifted six inches upwards as the dildos simultaneously hammered her cunt and ass. ZX-Urig raised the temperature of the cooking fat it was pumping out, so that he could fry Pan from within while shredding her uterus and rectum. Pan gulped air, serving to draw more oxygen to her brain and unintentionally helping the nano-serum to keep her aware. Her eyes were bugging out of her darkly red face as she screamed as much as she could manage. Her increasingly raw throat lent her cries on a raspy tone.

As the double dildo rape continued, new tubing attachments emerged from the wardroid. Little razor blades that slashed shallow cuts at Pan’s armpits, lips, ears and other stretches of sweaty exposed skin. Slow trickles of blood began to run down Pan’s body. Another specialised attachment looking similar to a panga knife sought out her crotch, and, moving in time with the horse cock dildo that made her stomach bulge out wildly, sliced into Pan’s soft flesh. She actually felt the fresh agony as the heavy blade sliced straight through her clitoris and then the curved blade slice-stabbed up into her bladder. Urine mixed with blood to leak out through the wound, which stung as badly as the sweat-drenched razor cuts in Pan’s armpits. ZX-Urig withdrew the blade in a shower of bloody piss and used the knife to prod into other muscles, opening deep wounds across the woman’s body. It was surely only her Saiyan heritage keeping her alive through the blood loss.

The cooking fat spurting dildos passed boiling point in Pan’s core, and her already badly scalded sensitive uterine lining and anal membranes began to fry properly. With nowhere to rise, steam and smoke bloated Pan’s guts out. Her abdomen already bulged obscenely on each inward dildo stabbing, and it grew worse as the Wardroid began raping harder and deeper. Pan’s weakened voice died in her throat as the horsecock dildo burst out bloodily from between her breasts. She saw the smoking flared head for a moment, stinking burned flesh caked around the edge, and then took a face full of sizzling cooking fat. A hot horrific money shot that that melted her eyes and seared her agonised face. She wanted to beg for death. She couldn’t.

The grips on her limbs increased. First the wardroid severed her hands at the wrist, left then right, then her forearms at the elbow. Each time it held the closed red hot grips in place to cauterise the stumps and hurt just a little more. Finally it severed both of her lower legs at the knees, with the sounds of her kneecaps cracking worse even than her other bones. ZX-Urig held Pan’s mutilated body, naked but for her Bandana, high in the air. Her stumps waved weakly, while her head lolled limply towards the horsecock dildo pumping freely between from the hole in her chest. Boiling fat spurted freely, and those who could backed off further. The woman at Pan’s severed feet died with hissing fat splashed into her piss drenched face.  

Pan’s fried face was an unrecognisable mass of blisters, blood and peeling skin beneath a flop of short black hair and bandana while her torso was so bloody it was impossible to see where she was cut and where she wasn’t. The horsecock dildo finally withdraw, and dragged with it intestines in a large rubbery knot through Pan’s cunt and along the floor until ZX-Urig’s Panga knife tipped tube-limb swooped down and cut away the mess. The other claws withdraw into the Wardroid alongside the horsecock dildo, leaving Pan suspended only by the breast cups and anal hydrant dildo, which was fully two feet inside her destroyed ass.

Pan drew laboured breaths through blistered lips as the wardroid displayed her like a trophy to the audience. One woman, driven insane by shock and fear, masturbated openly. Bracing the anal dildo inside her, ZX-Urig ripped Pan’s electo-cooked breasts entirely from her chest with twin sprays of blood and fat. The electric shocks finally ended as the fat-covered glands were torn away. Beyond all probability, Pan was still alive, with her quarter of Saiyan heritage responsible for the incredible endurance and stamina. Alive, but aware of nothing beyond her agony. With considerable panache, the wardroid flicked the tube attached to the anal dildo like a whip with Pan the weighted end. The top half of her face was slammed into the corner of the nearest building. It was a perfect shot, cutting through the woman’s cranium like taking the top from an egg.

Her eyes, nose and upper jaw were sheared away, leaving her lower jaw and tongue still attached to her torso. Pan’s brain smeared across the building’s wall, while her twitching remains were dripped across the bodies of the audience. ZX-Urig dragged the limbless torso that had been Pan into it’s inner compartment. A panel slid back up, and the wardroid pumped cooking fat into the large sealed compartment within. The outer panel of the compartment changed from Khaki to transparent so that the audience could see the corpse floating in the soon bubbling fat. Pan’s remains were deep fried before the final dildo was tugged loose from her anus.

Still following corrupted programming, ZX-Urig intended to feed Pan’s mutilated remains to the audience as a final indignity, and because fed slaves could work harder than unfed. It intended to display the broken bones bolted high onto the building above her spilled brains, where all would see the fate of those who opposed its purchasers. Before it could do so, there was another wash of hot air and the wardroid disappeared. Though some were severely mentally and physically wounded there were only a few deaths in the courtyard.

Far in the future an Anti-Vitality Solutions executive ordered it to be recalled ZX-Urig. The nature of time travel being as it is they could have recalled the wardroid immediately relatively, but had decided the footage and data would be a useful learning opportunity both for the wardroid and to see the impact on the timestream of a vicious rape and murder years before Pan’s original death. Anti-Vitality Solutions did need some scapegoats for disrupted marketing presentation. Two of the employees involved in the cost cutting programming briefly found new roles as test subjects. A third only lost one day’s holiday, due to a number of executives very highly rating her cunnilingus skills.

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Author’s note and Additional Credit: Story with Pan dying was requested in May 2008 on a long deleted forum by user ‘Psycho’. I can’t recall what they wrote in exchange. Sorry Psycho! I realised recently this wasn’t on AFF or anywhere else so I have given it a bit of a re-write and expansion. I know nothing about Dragon Ball GT, the characters or the setting, but it was a request so I read a brief summary and viewed fan art of characters as adults. Any errors of canon are due to this. Some people say you must hate characters to write stories like this, but I don’t know a damn thing about them.


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