Videl's life

BY : Dark-Overlord
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Monday's are great for videl, after the weekend full of getting fucked by diffrent people she always feels more like herself, the slut daughter of world champ and the slut of Satan city. She alwasy know to trust Ersa to bring her back home after the orgy each weekend. 

Without opening her eyes she touched her aboused holes and moaned, she always feels the soreness and kept on waiting for more but first she has to clean up, she sat up on her bed and looked at the mirror in front of her, her current condition was that of a usual monday morning, with dried cum all over her, her double-e cup boobs have a lot of dried cum on it, she inspected her pussy and was rewarded with a good amount of cum, which she happily gulped down.

She stood up and turned around, looking at her ass in the mirror, she spread her ass cheeks and saw her abused red hole and cum dripping from it, she left it there and went to take a bath.

After filling the bath with got water she sat inside, enjoying the warm water on her sore skin, on the table adjacent tobath her sex toys were sitting, she grabbed a double headed dildo and after licking it a few times, she put one end in her pussy and another in her ass, with that done she placed one hand on her left breast and squeezed hard making herself moan, she placed her other hand on her clit and pinched it sometimes then removed her hand. She grabbed the dildo inside her and started to fuck herself. After cumming she removed the dried cum from her .

She got out of water and grabbed a towel and her 'for school' buttplug and started heading down to the dining room, there she found her father in his bathrobe, eating. She walked up to him and gave him a wet kiss. 

"Good morning daddy. "

"Good morning videl, how was your weekend party? " Hercule asked her while making her sit on het usual place right next to him. Videl smiled brightly at the question and replied, 

"As usual daddy it was fun, but i still love your cock most" she grabbed her father's semi erect cock under his bathrobe and stated to massage it, she started slipping down the table, "now eat daddy, I'll give you your morning blowjob. "

She sat on her knees and fished out his cock, she stated kissing his head and after the while licking his whole length, she then stated to take him inside her mouth deepthoating him until she had whole 11 inches down, she boobed her head fast and used her toung to lick the underside of his cock, after a while Hurcule came undone in his doughter's mouth. 

Videl rose up from the table smiling, "Now daddy, fuck me." nothing else was needed as she bended onto the dining table and spread her ass, Hurcule went behind her and knowing his daughter he directly plunged into her ass, making the father-daughter pair moan, he turned her head around and kissed her.

"Ahhhhh daddy just right there ahhh. " videl's moan were enough to tell him that he had hit a spot, he kept fucking her and started to get more rough .

" Kami! videl, as tight as ever, your old man's gonna cum soon you want some for breakfast right. " to his question videl nodded her head furiously, soon Hurcule started cumming, they both stood a while like that, enjoying the feeling before he pulled out and sprut out some more cum on the sandwich sitting un front of him. Videl turned her head to him, " Daddy put my buttplug in please ." Hurcule grabbed the buttplug from table, looking at the 12 inches of it for just once before jamming it inside his daughter's ass without a thought and then slapping it makeing her giggle .

She grabs the sandwich and her towel and after giving her father one more kiss and thinking him she went upstairs to get dressed for school. 

Videl looked at her closet and pulled out, a transparent latex shorts with a chain going from the fron to back, for easy access to her holes, a white shirt with no sleeves, which barely coveres her large breasts, and knee high white boots. After putting everything on and making sure to zip up her shorts and grabbing her school bag and went down to kiss her father goodbye .

Hercule was standing near the staires and after kissing his daughter and squeezing her ass, told her to come back early as he want to take her somewhere to which she happily agreed. 

Coming out she pulled out her helicopter capsule and after activating it, she hopped in and started driving it to her school. 




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