Coming Together

BY : Lunar Khaos
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It had been nearly a year since Paragus had tried taking over. The clean up and rebuilding of the planet had finished not long ago. For now the Saiyans were in a time that was new to them. A time of peace.

"It's kinda boring now..." Lyri muttered as she sat across from Nix and Kakarot, "I'm tired of sparring with the same people. Why can't we find someone good to fight?" Before Nix or Kakarot could get onto her, she added, " I know. I know. We're trying to improve how the universe sees us. Doesn't mena it's any less boring."

"I've been thinking about something," Nix said.

"What?" Kakarot asked.

"We, the Saiyans, are known as ruthless assholes. We weren't always like that. We were once the most sought after mercenaries in the universe. I say, we turn back to the old ways and become mercenaries again," Nix said.

"And how do we go about doing that? The universe either hates or fears us," Lyri told him.

"I've already sent a couple of Saiyans I trust to a few of the planets that we have a decent relationship with. They're to tell them that we're no longer under Frieza's control and we're going back to being mercenaries and if they ever need help, to let us know," he explained.

"Hard to be under someone's controlwhen they're dead," Lyri muttered. She took a breath. "Anyway, what do we do about Broly? He's been collared and under heavy monitoring, but shouldn't we, and by we I mean you Nix, be teaching him yo control himself and his powers?"

"He's done well with the reintegration. Fewer Saiyans are scared of him," Nix said.

"Oh! Oh! Give her that job you were telling me about," Kakarot piped up.

"What job?" Lyri asked suspiciously.

"You kinda have this way about you," Nix told her, "You bring out different side of people."

"No, I don't," Lyri said.

"You got Vegeta to actually care..." Kakarot told her.

Lyri frowned. "No, I didn't."

"Bulma!" Nix called out. A minute later, Bulma poked her head into the conference room. "Tell Lyri that she has a way of bringing the best out of others."

Bulma walked in and sat doen next to Lyri. "You do," she told her, "You have this energy about you. Whenever you're around others, you bring out different aspects of them."

"How so?" Lyri asked.

"Well, let's start with Kakarot. You make him think. And not like strategic planning or anything. You make him stop being his goofy self when things get serious," she told her.

Kakarot shrugged. "I never noticed until Bulma pointed it out, but it's true."

"And with Nix, he's less guarded around you," Bulma added.

"You're one of the few people I can truly trust," Nix told her.

Bulma nodded. She was quiet for a minute, but continued. "And I know you feel like he didn't, but you somehow got Vegeta to care about you. He really did care...and I think that scared him."

Lyri shook her head. "You're wrong. He didn't care. He's only ever cared about himself."

"Whether you believe it or not, Vegeta did change and that change scared the crap out of him. That's why he left," Nix told her. Lyri said nothing, she didn't believe him and being reminded that Vegeta was gone hurt. "Anyway, back to what I'm asking of you."

"You want me to babysit Broly in a hope that I change him or whatever," Lyri said, "I don't know what you want me to do. I don't change people."

"It's not up for discussion," Nix told her.

"What?! That's bullshit!" she snapped at him.

"Think of it as your next mission," he told her. Lyri growled and sat back in her chair, crossing her arms over her chest.

A guard stuck his head in the room. "Sir, you have messagesthat need your attention."

"Ok, I'll be there in a minute," Nix told him. The guard nodded and left. "Let me go see what this is all all about. If I need anything, I'll let you both know."

Lyri and Kakarot got and and bowed their heads until Nix and Bulma left. "Really? You knew he was going to have me babysitting Broly and you didn't say anything?" Lyri snapped.

Kakarot shrugged. "He asked me not to say anything. Besides, I think it'll be good for Broly and it'll get your mind off Vegeta."

"I don't need to get my mind off Vegeta because I don't think about him," Lyri said. She walked out, leaving Kakarot alone. Once alone and out of earshot, she let out a sigh. She had lied to Kakarot. She thought of Vegeta often. She probably shouldn't have after everything that had happened but she couldn't help it. Lyri just didn't want her adoptive brother to worry. She made her way out of the palace and into the capital. She took flight and flew to her home village where she landed outside the house she grew up in. She greeted a couple people before walking off towards the desrt. A minute of two later, she came across a small house that was out of the way. Lyri hesitated. What the hell did Nix expect her to do?

"What are you doing?"

The voice made Lyri jump. "Dear gods, don't do that!" she yelled turing to face Broly.

He looked down ar her for a moment before stepping around her and walking towards his house.

"Hey wait!" Lyri said following him. He ignored her, shutting the door in her face. She knocked on the door but her didn't answer. She knocked again but no answer. "Ok. Fine. You want to be alone. I'll come back!" she yelled. She flew back to the palace and burst into the king's study where Nix and Bulma were.

"Knocking would be nice," Bulma muttered standing up from Nix's lap.

"Not fucking in the king's study would be better," Lyri countered.

"We weren't fucking," Nix told her.

"Uh-huh," Lyri muttered.

"What brings you here?" Nix asked.

"What the hell am I supposed to do with Broly? He rarely talks and just shut his door in my face," she told him.

"Well, wasn't that how Vegeta was in the beginning?" Nix asked.

"Vegeta at least acknowledged me and had a personality. Broly has the personality of a dead fish," she said.

"That's mean," Bulma said.

"It's not mean if it's true," Lyri told her.

"Lyri...the man has been enslaved, tortured and sedated most of his life. He probably doesn't know what to think about most things. It's going to take time, but if anyone can get through to him, it's you," Nix told her. Bulma nodded in agreement. Lyri turned to leave when Nix stopped her. "Wait, there's something else I want you to do."

"What?" she asked.

Nix pulled out a capsule and tossed it to her. "In there you'll find journals that belonged to the former kings. I need you to go through them for me."

"Why? Why don't you do it?" Lyri asked.

"Because with everything else that is going on, I don't have the time. And, your views on what's in those won't be as biased as my own," he told her.

"I don't know if I can," she said. She felt like reading these journals would be like going behind Vegeta's back. She took a deep breath. "I'll try though."

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