Boku no Uchuu ni Kimi ga Iru

BY : Kakarott
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Warnings: AU, M/M, Vegeta/Goku, Canon-typical violence, A/B/O elements.



Dark eyes widened at the scene before them as the man they belonged to stumbled upon the pair on the bed through the open door. The woman’s legs were wrapped around the man’s waist. The only sounds they made were grunts and groans of pleasure.


The room smelled of sweat and sex.


Neither of the two on the bed noticed him standing there staring. He backed away from the door one slow step at a time.


They might not have shut the door, but even if they had, the sounds and the smells were strong enough for him to have sensed even outside his home. Their home.


Shaking his head he turned and headed down the hall to check on someone else. That door had been left open too. But there was no one inside.


‘Goten must be sleeping over at Trunks’ place.’ A sigh of relief passed his lips that his teenage son wasn’t at home.


It made him question how long this had been going on. The scent of the man was that of a stranger. Which meant he didn’t know him and felt a sense of relief that they weren’t one of his friends.


Turning around he headed for the kitchen. He could still hear them and smell them. He could sense all of it. It turned his stomach.


Perhaps, he thought, it was his own fault for not being there enough. Saving their world was important. Chichi might not think she was important, but she was. Or at least she had been. Now, he didn’t know.


Didn’t she know he did what he did to keep their family safe?


Then again, there was the fact he didn’t enjoy what those two were doing. But Chichi was his wife. She’d taught him all about marriage and monogamy.


He’d never cheated on her, which is what she’d have called it if he’d been doing that with anyone else but her.


When a spouse cheated, she’d mentioned it was dishonorable and cause for divorce.


He’d thought he’d be angry. Perhaps even sad. Instead he felt numb.


Shaking his head again he lifted his fingers to his forehead and used his ability, Instant Teleport, to arrive at Capsule Corp.

Bulma sat outside with Videl, Pan and Bulla.


She glanced up and waved with a smile, “Goku! What are you doing here?”


Lowering his head, his hair cast a shadow over his eyes. “Bulma. Do you know…”


Bulma blinked and stood up. She walked over to him. “What’s going on, Goku?”


“I can’t talk about it in front of anyone.” If his sons didn’t know, he didn’t want them to find out. Not until he’d sorted out his confusion.


She nodded and called over her shoulder. “I’m going inside with Goku, you stay out here and enjoy the sunshine.”


They waved back to her each of them with a carefree smile.


Once inside, Bulma sat him down on the couch and she sat on a recliner across from him.


“Now, Goku, tell me what’s wrong.”


“Where are Goten and Trunks?”


“They went to the movies.”


He nodded. They had been doing that a lot lately. As long as their school work was done, no one seemed to mind.


“Do you know what Chichi is doing right now?”


“No. Did she try and throw another frying pan at you?”


He shook his head. Lifted his gaze to hers. “She’s doing that with some strange man.”


“That?” She blinked.


Goku felt his face heating up and lowered his gaze again with a slight nod.


“Oh! That’s horrible!”


Goku saw her hand touch his.


“What are you going to do, Goku?”


“I guess… do whatever divorce does.”


“Do you know what a divorce is, Goku?”


“No-not really. Is it painful?” He looked up again to meet her eyes.


“For some people, it is. But in cases like your own, it’s better than trying to stay with someone who might do this again.”


“I don’t know if this is the first time she’s done this. I’m… I know I’m not home often enough.”


“But you do important things Goku. Chichi, if she was going to cheat on you, should have gotten a divorce first. She should have told you her feelings have changed. But…”


He blinked. “What?”


“I know Chichi loves you and you love her, but I don’t think either of you were ever in love with each other.”




“There is a difference Goku. I love Vegeta, but I’m not in love with him.”


“You have children with him.”


She nodded. “This is true, but just because a person is attracted to someone doesn’t mean they’re in love with them. Remember, I never married Vegeta.”


“Why not?”


“For one, he never believed in much of Earth customs and because, as he told me, Saiyans cannot form a bond with non-Saiyans.”


He blinked. He’d never heard of this before, but then Vegeta didn’t tell him that much about Vegetasei and he hadn’t really been willing to learn. The planet was gone. Their people extinct save for the two of them. Their offspring were half-Saiyan. His young granddaughter only a quarter.




Bulma nodded. “Yes. Vegeta told me about it, to make me understand. Yet even on Vegetasei mate bonds were rare. Males and females only got together for breeding much like, well, some animals do in the animal kingdom. Most, if not all animals are non-monogamous. Your people, the Saiyans, well they could have multiple partners. They didn’t marry, but some of them did have a mating bond. Vegeta mentioned that few were lucky to find a true mate. Which meant none of them wanted to be bound to anyone else.”


“I… see… I think.” He was glad Vegeta wasn’t there right then. He was sure the older Saiyan would call him names. As always.


“Now, do you really want a divorce, Goku?”


“Yes. I made Chichi a promise, but she broke her vows.”


“She did. I’ll call up my lawyers and help you with this.” She stood up and gave his shoulder a squeeze before moving to the house phone.


Goku closed his eyes as a single tear slipped down his cheek. It hurt, and yet he felt somehow free.


“What am I going to tell the boys?” He whispered to himself.


Just then Gohan, Goten and Trunks arrived.


He blinked as he glanced out the window at Trunks’ arm wrapped around Goten’s waist. Took note of the flush of Goten’s cheeks.


The same look he’d first noticed Gohan have when he’d started dating Videl.


Goku tilted his head. They were both male. With a shake of his head and a shrug of his shoulders he went outside to greet them with a smile and a wave of his hand.


Trunks gulped. “Your Tousan saw!” He quickly withdrew his arm.


Goten stared at his father. “I don’t think he understands.”


Gohan walked up behind them. “What doesn’t Tousan understand?”


Goten and Trunks both jumped away from each other and turned around.


“Gohan!” Goten growled, “Don’t sneak up on us like that!”


Goku walked up to them with a weary smile. “Hi Gohan.” He glanced at Goten. “Goten, how long have you and Trunks been dating?”


Goten’s eyes widened. “What!? Uh… I…”


Trunks took a breath before stepping up beside Goten and took his hand. “Six months, sir.”


Goku lifted his hand to the back of his head with a grin. “Oh. Well, I’m sorry I didn’t know sooner.”


Goten blinked. “You’re not… mad?”


“Why? Should I be?”


Gohan quirked a brow. “It seems little brother here thought you’d be mad, because he’s dating a boy instead of a girl.”


Goten’s jaw dropped. “Aren’t you mad, Gohan?”


Gohan crossed his arms and chuckled. “Goten, I’ve known about your crush on Trunks since you were Gotenks for the first time.”


Goku’s eyes widened and he saw the reddened cheeks of the two teenage demi-Saiyans.


“As long as you’re both happy, I don’t see what the problem is, Goten, Trunks.”


Goten grinned, “Thanks Tousan!” He reached out to hug him.


Goku smiled. At least he had his boys even if they were both old enough to take care of themselves.


Goten backed away and then lowered his gaze. “I think Okkasan will be mad when she finds out.”


“Why?” Goku didn’t understand why his wife would be mad about it.


Gohan sighed, “Dad, some people don’t like it when two guys are together, or when two women are together. I’m glad you’re not a homophobe, but mother… she’s not so accepting of these things.”


“Well,” he glanced at Goten and Trunks, “I’ll support you, no matter what.”


Goten and Trunks smiled. “Thank you!”


Gohan walked past Goku to reach his arms around and hug his wife from behind.


Videl laughed, “Gohan!”


Pan giggled, “Tousan!” She lifted her arms up demanding to be lifted up by her father.


Goku hoped that Gohan and Videl were always happy and that neither would do what he’d seen Chichi doing.


Goten, “Tousan?”


He blinked and turned back to his son. “Yes, Goten?”


“Is something wrong?”


He lifted his hand back to the back of his head and glanced sideways. “I’m not sure if I should tell you about this.”


Bulma then stepped up beside him. “You should tell the boys, Goku. They’re old enough to know, even if it might hurt.”


With a sigh he nodded. “Okay.”


Bulma, “Goten, Trunks, Gohan, Goku, come inside.” She left Videl to watch over Bulla


Gohan quirked a brow as he and the others followed Bulma and Goku inside.


Goku sat down at the large dining table and ducked his head. “I already told Bulma…”


Bulma nodded. “This is hard on your Tousan, Goten, Gohan. Trunks you’re only here to hear this, because I know you’ve been dating Goten.”


Trunks stared wide-eyed at the information.


“Your Tousan knows too, Trunks.”


Goten and Trunks looked as if they might keel over, but turned their attention to Goku when they heard him take a deep breath.


“Gohan… Goten… I don’t know how best to say this, but today… when I got home… I saw…” He grimaced. This was much more difficult than any training or fighting could ever be. This was bound to hurt them. So much more than it had him. It hurt him that he felt free instead of heartache over the loss of his marriage.


The boys, as all three of them would always be to Goku, stared at him with vivid attention.


“I walked to the door of the bedroom I share with your mother. The door was open. But there… there was another man with her. Doing that.”


Gohan frowned.


Goten gasped.


Trunks lifted his arm and wrapped it around Goten, his brows furrowed.


Gohan asked, “Was this the first time?”


“Yeah. The first time I saw anyway.”


Goten gulped. “I thought there was a strange smell a few times before, but I didn’t… didn’t know…”


Gohan glanced at Goten. “Why didn’t you say anything to anyone, Goten?”


“I just thought it was a funny smell! I had no idea Okkasan was d-doing that with someone.” Goten glanced down at his fisted hands on the table.


Goku reached across to hold his son’s hand. “It’s okay Goten. I know if you’d known you would have said something to someone. At least I know now.” It hadn’t been the only time. Not if Goten had been noticing a strangers smell and far more often than the occasional delivery service.


Bulma sat down next to Trunks. “I’ve gotten a hold of my lawyers. They’ve already faxed me a set of divorce papers for you and Chichi to sign. If she doesn’t sign, well there will be a court battle.”


Gohan blinked. “Divorce?”


Goten frowned. “What? Of course Tousan should get a divorce. How would you feel if you walked in on your wife…”


Gohan shuddered, “Please don’t even go there Goten.”


“Thank you, Bulma. I… don’t really want to go back home… err.... to the house.” He didn’t. Memories were there. Many good. Some not-so-good, and more so not-so-good ones as of late, even before this latest discovery.


“I can always give Chichi a call and invite her over.”


He nodded. “Where is Vegeta?”


“Oh! No one’s told you, but he has his own house now.”




She nodded. “Shocking, isn’t it? He lives nearby. I don’t know how long he’ll stay.”


“Why, what do you mean?”


“He cares for his children, as you do, but he’s a Saiyan. He’s grown restless. Someday, I know, maybe even tomorrow, he’s going to leave Earth.”


“Leave… Earth?”


She nodded. 


“Where would he go?” The thought of Vegeta leaving brought bile to his throat and his chest ached.


“I don’t know. Maybe you should go visit him. Let him know what’s going on.” She smiled.


“I don’t understand why you’re not more upset.”


“Because, I’ve always known who he is Goku. And I think, somewhere deep down, so have you.”


Gohan and Goten shared a look before speaking up.


Gohan spoke first. “Tousan, it’s okay if you want to leave Earth too. There’s always somewhere to communicate. And if you don’t go too far away, you still have IT to bring you back and forth.”


He blinked. “Leave Earth?”


Gohan nodded. “I’ll still be here to defend it. I’ve… started training again.”


He blinked, “You have!?”




Goten grinned. “Gotenks has gone up against him a few times! Vegeta too!”


Goku smiled. “That’s great.”


Trunks looked to his mother. “Okkasan, what if I want to leave Earth too?”


She blinked and looked to him. “Oh, Trunks, I would miss you, but I’d understand. Still, I think you should wait until Goten graduates from high school, it’s not that far away.”


“True. He’s only one year behind me,” he smiled.


“A divorce from Chichi and then leaving Earth… maybe…” Goku trailed off before standing up.


“Where are you going Tousan?” Gohan asked.


“To see Vegeta.” There was too much going on. Too many things going through his head. The other full blooded Saiyan might call him names, but at least he could distract him from his thoughts with a spar.


Bulma watched him leave and smiled as she turned to the boys. “I know this is going to be hard on you, Gohan, Goten, and it may not be the best time yet, but think about this. Vegeta and Goku, both full blooded Saiyans. Whether or not they decide to leave Earth, they’d be adorable together, don’t you think so?”


Trunks and Goten’s jaws dropped. “Wh-what!?”


Gohan chuckled. “Perhaps. I don’t know how you’d manage that Bulma. I don’t care who it is, as long as my Tousan is happy.” He stood up, ruffled Trunks and Goten’s hair before leaving to rejoin his wife and daughter outside.


Goku himself found the house he sensed Vegeta’s ki coming from. Lifting his hand he rang the doorbell.


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