Itching Powder

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Today was an important day for Gohan and Videl. Today their families were going to have dinner together and although Gohan didn’t have a ring, he was planning on asking Videl to marry him. Currently their families were out shopping together and Gohan and Videl were at Mr. Satan’s mansion getting things ready. Videl wanted everything to be perfect for tonight and was looking for some special decorations. Now it was fall and the weather had been chilly today. So Videl was wearing a long green sleeve shirt and blue jeans. While Gohan wore a long white sleeve shirt and brown pants. While Gohan and the Videl were in the process of setting up the table, the doorbell rang.

         “Just a second.” Videl said.

Videl opened the door and saw a single purple package sitting on her doorstep. Videl sighed and picked it up. Gohan walked over to her. “Is that another present for your dad.”

“Yeah it is, I’m really sick of him getting credit for what your father did.”

“True , but nobody but us will remember any of this in a few months.”

“Still doesn’t make this anymore right.”

Suddenly the package exploded and Gohan and Videl found themselves covered in white powder. It wasn’t poison though, Gohan would have sensed if it was. Videl coughed. “What the hell was that?”

Gohan responded. “A really mean prank. But don’t worry I don’t think this powder is anything dangerous.”

“Yeah but what is it? Man, it itches.”

Videl started scratching herself all over and Gohan did likewise while saying. “This is itching powder!”

“Whoever did this is a total jerk!”

“It’s all over are clothes, do you think we should take them off?” Gohan asked.

Videl was in the process of taking off her shirt already. “That’s fine by me.”

Gohan and Videl stripped down to their underwear. Gohan was wearing orange boxers while Videl wore a lacy black bra and panties. Videl feasted her eyes on Gohan’s perfectly muscular chest, arms, legs and abs. While Gohan looked at Videl’s strong arms and legs and flat belly. They had seen each other  in a similar state of undress before when they went swimming in their swimsuits. But that didn’t lessen the impact of seeing one another in their undies for the first time. Although they were far too itchy to feel any embarrassment.

Even with their clothes off itching didn’t stop. Videl grabbed her boyfriend’s hand. “Come with me Gohan.”   

Videl rushed them over to a bathroom that had a blue tiled shower that was big enough for half a dozen people. Gohan and Videl didn’t bother taking off their underwear, they got under the huge shiny metal shower head and Videl turned the water onto full blast. She forgot to turn the dial though, so the water was freezing cold. The water sprayed all over them, it washed all the powder away and made the itching cease. It also soaked Videl and Gohan’s underwear and left them shivering so hard that their teeth were chattering. Videl leaned against Gohan’s strong chest and he wrapped his arms around her. “Are…you alright…Videl?”

“I can’t…remember…ever…being so cold…I can’t even move my fingers! You need to get our underwear off us… and get the shower nice …and hot!”

       “Got it!”

Without hesitation Gohan tore off his own boxers and tossed them aside. He then ripped off Videl’s bra and panties. Then Gohan turned the shower dial, to the perfect warm tempter. Videl sighed in bliss and rubbed her hands against Gohan’s’ chest. “Ah this is so much better!”

Gohan’s checks reddened as he replied. “It sure is, hey Videl you realize we’re both naked.”

Videl blushed and she covered her breasts with her left arm while crossing her legs together and covering her pussy with her right hand. Gohan made no move cover himself and Videl found her eyes glued to his crotch as she replied. “We sure are, and you look great!”

       “Thanks so do you!”

Gohan and Videl shared a quick kiss and when it ended Videl’s gaze returned to Gohan’s privates. Gohan had black pubic hair, nice pair of balls and a nice big penis that was starting to harden. Then an idea popped into Videl’s mind. “Hey Gohan, would you mind going Super Saiyan?”

    “If that’s what you want. Just don’t ask me to go beyond that or I will definitely  destroy this shower and probably the rest of your house .”

Gohan went Super Saiyan, his eyes became blue and the hair on his head became blond and so did his pubic hair. His balls got bigger and so did his dick. Videl smirked as she uncovered her breasts and kept her eyes fixed on Gohan’s large cock.  As for Gohan he had his eyes glued to Videl’s breasts. Her boobs were perfectly round and were the perfect size for his hands, Videl’s nipples were pointy and a lovely light shade of pink. Videl’s took her other hand off her privates and Gohan saw her vagina was covered in a nice strip of black pubic hair, her slit and folds were visible and Gohan could swear he saw a wetness dripping down it that wasn’t water. Videl’s watched as Gohan got a huge hard on. Then she turned around said. “Hey Gohan, my shoulders are a little sore. Can you give me a back rub?”

Gohan found his eyes glued to Videl’s awesome buttocks as he replied. “Okay sure.”

Gohan started by rubbing his girlfriend’s shoulders. Videl mewed as his hands went to the center of her back. Soon Videl couldn’t take it anymore and groaned. “Just grab my ass already!”

Gohan grabbed Videl’s ass and squeezed her butt checks and then rubbed them like crazy. After giving her rump some playful taps, his hands moved to Videl’s breasts. He ran her nipples between his fingers while he gently groped them. Videl moans grew louder and louder as she grinded her ass against Gohan’s groin. Gohan clenched Videl’s breasts like his life depended on it as he thrust his dick against her ass. A pressure started to develop in Gohan’s balls and started moving up to his dick.

After a couple more thrusts Gohan found the head of his member buried between Videl’s butt cheeks. Videl’s clenched her ass cheeks around the head of his dick and Gohan as ejaculated all over Videl’s backside. Gohan screamed in pleasure as he jizz all over Videl’s backside. Videl felt Gohan’s cum running down her rump and between her butt cheeks. She swiped some of it with her fingers and smeared if over her vagina. Then she spun around she and Gohan kissed harder and more passionately than ever before.  Gohan’s tongue invaded her mouth and as Videl fought back with hers as her knees started to shake.

Gohan was running his hands over Videl’s’ breasts, buttocks and vagina. Her nipples had become rock hard and she was just getting wetter and wetter. Gohan’s erection pressed against Videl’s lower abdomen. The kiss was making Videl’s pussy start to tightened, her womanhood overflowed, and her vagina muscles clenched. Videl broke her kiss with Gohan and her screams echoed all over the bathroom. Videl’s came hard and the ecstasy of her release knocked her flat on her ass.

Gohan sat down next to her and stroked Videl’s hair. “Are you okay?”

Videl struggled to catch her breath. “Kissing you when you’re a Super Saiyan, made me cum!”

“I almost came again to.” Gohan responded.

Videl gave Gohan a peck on the cheek and then wrapped her left hand around his huge throbbing member. “Let’s keep going.”

Videl stroked Gohan’s wonderful penis while she opened her legs and stabbed her right index finger into her hot wet and overflowing love tunnel. Videl love juices overflowed as she quickened her hand job. She then added a second finger into her pussy as she and Gohan kissed. The couple’s tongues clashed as Videl swirled her fingers in her tightening snatch and several drops of pre-cum leaked out of Gohan’s cock. Gohan and Videl broke their kiss so they could breath. Videl’s vagina walls closed in around her fingers as Gohan’s penis pulsed in her hand. Videl’s love juices overflowed all over her right hand while Gohan shot his sticky white seed all over her left one. They closed their eyes as the pleasure of orgasm overtook them. When it ended, they opened their eyes and Videl said. “I need you inside me now Gohan!”

Gohan nodded. “Aright, but I think it’ll be dangerous if I do it as a Super Saiyan.”

Videl positioned herself in Gohan’s lap. Her vagina brushed against his cock and breasts pressed against his chest. She placed her hands on his shoulders and rubbed her nose against his. “Your pretty big, but I am sure I can take it. Regardless, I am so happy to have my first time with you.”

Gohan had thought that he and Videl would give their virginity to one another after they were married as his parents had done. But now, now he understood that it was their time to make love. Videl spread her legs as wide as they could go and positioned Gohan’s cock at her moist entrance. She slowly descended on his penis; her pussy walls stretched to accommodate his huge length. Her hymen broke and her virgin blood ran down Gohan’s cock and dripped down his ball sack. Videl could not deny that she was in a lot of pain, but she was also in a state of utter joy at being so filled.

Gohan could not believe how warm and tight the inside of Videl’s vagina was.  Still he noticed the pain in Videl’s eyes. “Are you alright Videl?”

Videl replied. “It hurts, but it also feels so great. I think I’m going to cum at any moment.”

 “Let’s cum together!”


Videl started thrusting down on Gohan’s penis, slowly at first.  However, as their moans increased so did her speed.  With every thrust Videl took the inside of her vagina, just got tighter and tighter.  Gohan cupped Videl’s rear end as their tongues dueled.  He held her in place while his dick twitched inside her. After while it all became too much, and Videl screamed to the heavens as she came, her warm vagina walls clashed around Gohan’s member setting off his own orgasm.  Gohan moaned as he shot all of his cum into Videl’s welcoming womb. Her vagina squeezing every last drop from his testicles.  He came so much that a lot of his cum leaked out of Videl’s vagina and dripped down his ball sack.  While Gohan and Videl came together, time seemed to stop as they experienced an endless burst of pleasure! That brought tears to their eyes and made their toes and fingers tingle!

When it finally ended, Gohan withdrew his softening penis from Videl’s depths.  He breathed deeply as he left his Super Saiyan state and his hair turned back to normal.  Gohan said. “Videl I love you; will you please marry me?”

Despite how lame Gohan’s proposal was Videl’s heart was filled with nothing, but happiness and joy. She covered Gohan’s face with kisses while shouting. “Fuck yeah! I love you to Gohan and I’ll happily marry you.”

Before Gohan and say anything, Videl kissed him and then the two of them cuddled and let the shower water wash them clean. Then Chi-Chi walked into the bathroom, she took one look at the two cum covered , blushing young adults and happily shouted. “Grandchildren!” Then she fainted from happiness.


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