Mechanic's sexual desires

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The gleaming blue sky sparkled in the sunlight and radiates Rush Valley as usual. The rocky mountains surrounding the town give a feeling of comfort that was rare to explain, without specifying the summer heat of living in a desert. And despite that, it was never strange to hear aloud the conversations and exchanges of some people on the streets that were the sign of a typical day in the town, where they did not rest for a minute in fraternizing about knowledge of automail. It was cozy for any mechanical lover to live in such an environment, which is why it was the main meeting point for all automail lovers in the country.

And while people on the streets continued in their happy difficulties about mechanics, in a certain department, a girl watched them from the window with a smile on her face.

"Nice scenery, isn't it, Winry?" asked a man in a deep voice who was lying on a bed and watching the girl in the bedroom window. The man was tall and stocky, wearing only boxers for clothing.

Winry Rockbell turned to see him. "Yes, it is very cozy." She was leaning her arms against the window frame. The blonde was only dressed in pink panties and a loose sleeveless shirt that allowed her big breasts to be seen without much difficulty. She had gotten used to being without much clothing because of the heat that living there in all seasons meant. She loved it, she felt more liberated.

And that's how it changed since I first came to town. The friends she had made there in the few months she has been living have had the charisma she heard so much about. Away from the peaceful but boring Resembool, where her grandmother still lived, and also away from the catastrophic Central city, where she knew she would listen the countless news about politics that bothered her so much. No, she would prefer a quiet but fun place, according to her personality and how she liked it.

"Come on baby, sit on my lap," said the man behind her. Winry turned with a laugh and they connected to the bed. As she got closer she took off her sandals and put her legs on either side of him before putting her hands on his shoulders for support, lowering himself onto him as she maintains eye contact with him and smiling. As soon as she was sent onto his lap, she could feel his cock pressing against his boxers, who were now pressing against his panties and his butt complaining to the blonde as she could see that he was quite large. She directed her attention to his muscular abs and began to trace them with her nails while she bit her lip to feel the muscles so defined and developed.

Winry, who didn't want to wait much longer, wanted "And what do you want to do now Sam?"

"Well I want to use that today is your day off to have you with me," Sam said with a mischievous twinkle in his eyes.

She grinned and said "Here you have me" before including when both pairs of lips experienced a kiss as the man and the blonde explored each other's bodies, now moving their hands down and up the stomach and abdominals of the other.
The truth is that she needed it, the past few days he had been very busy with some special requests. She had barely left the workshop in three days, and probably more due to the season. Besides, she hadn't been with Sam for a long time, and wasn't going to waste him.

The couple kept kissing and changing the positions of their heads as they lusted for each other with every passing second. Winry's mind slowly went blank as she felt the very high intensity of Sam's kisses making her head spin as her panties became wetter as more of her sweet nectar was being released. Sam could feel her panties soaking wet and he smiled as his right hand moved from rubbing her upper thigh to her stomach and then onto the fabric of her shirt. He stopped on her left chest cupping it.

Winry flinched as she felt her chest hollow out and toyed with what was reflected in her kiss as she pressed hard against her upper lip and started sucking on it. This returned to Sam more as he squeezed her chest tighter causing Winry to flinch momentarily in pain. At the same time, he moved and pressed his private region further against her own private region to further please the couple. Feeling his hard cock press against her like that was wonderful, he sent shocks of pleasure into Winry's body, causing her to break the kiss as she gasped and looked at Sam, who was looking at her with an arrogant gaze. Winry playfully didn't seem very pleased by his arrogance, she decided she wanted to get it back and started to move her hips and press against his lap while his hands caressed her face. Sam was doing his best to resist her movements, but soon gave up as he growled "Ahh that feels so good. You sure know how to use your body to please men well."

Winry had a triumphant smile and said "Thank you. You also know how to turn a girl on."

Sam was happy with the lapdance and wouldn't mind sitting here and enjoying it for the rest of the day, but he knew they both wanted more. He wanted to be inside the girl and please her like no other man before him, so without saying anything, he grabbed her by the hips and turned her so that she was lying on her back on the bed. Once he was on he looked at her, and since he didn't know what he was going to do next, he smiled before kissing her forehead saying "Come on. Let's start now."

Winry looked at Sam with with lust written across her face eager to see what he was going to do next as she started impatiently taking off her shirt desperate to take it off. Sam snickered seeing the horny teen rushing to get undressed which made him realise she was still young and not in full control of her hormones. He decided to help her by taking the shirt off her shoulders. Such that now she lay on the bed in her pink panties making her look innocent and this false perception excited Sam more when his cock pressed against the tight restraints of her boxers. He looked hungrily into her eyes and said, "You look so innocent. I can't wait to be inside you."

Winry heard what he said and saw his erect cock press against his boxers and so he moved his left foot towards the center of his boxers and started rubbing the sole of his foot against his cock while looking at Sam's face while sucking on his right index finger. trying to act and look even cuter and more innocent to tease him. Sam sucked in some air as he gasped in delight at Winry's foot stimulating his member and was beginning to shake in the knees. Not wanting her to have the upper hand, he placed his right hand on the underside of her left leg which was still rubbing his cock and rubbed her thigh, going as far as touching the fabric of her panties as well. Winry closed her eyes and sucked on her finger hard as she let out an audible "Mmm".

That was all Sam needed to hear as he moved his right hand from her thigh to her left ankle and grabbed her before falling to his knees and moving his head to her panties smelling the sweet scent of her pussy as he licked the part that covered her folds. Winry started to tremble and removed her finger from her mouth and groaned "Ooooh yes Sam. That feels sooo good."

After a few minutes he removed his head from her panties covered private region glad he was making the girl feel so good. Wiping his lips to remove his excess saliva and the small amounts of Winry's sweet tasting fluids that soaked and leaked through her panties he stood up and looked at the girl who was panting slightly with her hair now messy from all the shifting and turning she did as Sam pleasured her. Winry from the corner of her eyes saw Sam look at her and offered a smile before raising her legs as she continued to look at him. Sam received the message and nodded as he moved his hands to the hem of her panties and started pulling on them as he guided the garment down her thighs and then down her legs as they passed her ankles and feet until it was in his hands.

Winry smiled as she lowered her legs again before spreading them out showing her intimate shaved region, showing him how wet and excited she was for him. Seeing her tight little wet hole was driving Sam crazy ,he wasted no time and started taking off her boxers while Winry watched enthusiastically. Her eyes widened when she saw Sam drop his boxers revealing his 7-inch cock. Seeing his erect cock stand up as he jerked from side to side as Sam approached her, Winry began to drool internally, especially as the man gently dropped onto top of her, followed by him kissing her neck as his cock went down. he rubbed against her stomach and the outer folds of her pussy. Even though she liked the kisses on her neck, Winry wanted his cock inside her and begged "Please Sam. I need your cock inside me. Now. Please!"

Sam smiled as he kissed her on the shoulder and said, "Sure, Winry. I want that, too."

Winry nodded as she wrapped her legs around his waist and her arms behind his neck to hold him in position, gasping as he eased into her. His gasp was soon silenced as he felt Sam's lips wrap around hers now turning his attention to return her lover's temporary kiss as she closed her eyes.


6 hours later


There was silence, except for the snoring from inside the cabin as two naked bodies lay on top of each other on the bed. Winry started to move as she slept when her ears finally caught Sam's snoring. After a few minutes of Winry trying to move nervously and moving, but finding it difficult to do so, she opened her eyes and found Sam's body on top of hers with her head resting against his neck and her chin against his left shoulder. Winry groaned as the many hours of sex with Sam passed before her making her smile as she removed his arms from her back before rubbing her back as she tried to gently move him to her side to give her more space and to stop having the weight of his body pressing against her before it started to hurt. She looked over the nightstand next to her and saw that it was 7 in the afternoon.

With a few more gentle pushes Sam's body rolled off hers and landed next to her which caused him to stir in his sleep too. Winry frowned, feeling bad for almost waking him up after all the pleasure he'd given her. Waiting a few seconds to make sure he went back to sleep, she shifted her feet to the side of the bed and stood up when she felt something liquid. The blonde looked down and saw that he had stepped on some sperm on the floor, it felt cold and dry on the sole of the right foot. Winry sighed before reaching for the nightstand next to the bed and grabbed some handkerchiefs to wipe her sole. When she looked around, she remembered how they did it doggy style earlier, which made her blush as she dried her foot. Winry turned to the bed and looked for her clothes to change.

As she dressed, Sam woke up and turned to her as she put on her shoes and asked, "Are you leaving?"

Winry turned to the man in the bed "Yes, it's late and I have to go back to the workshop to check some issues, do you want to come?"

The man smiled "No thanks, I'm too tired to get up. I see you tomorrow."

Winry laughed, kissed Sam for goodbye, and left his apartment. She did not remember that his house was far from Garfield's workshop, she forgot. She thought about it a little while walking and thought that the best thing would be to go back to her apartment and go back to the workshop tomorrow, after all she was only just going to see if any new requests for automail had arrived.

As she walked she began to think about how quickly she had adapted to the new life in Rush Valley. When she arrived it had been a real problem even though she wanted it. Her emotional condition had been a real obstacle in her happiness, especially since her brothers ... well friends Elric continued on their tour of the country.

She try to erase that thought as soon as possible, she reminded herself that she wouldn't think about them. She replace it with all the happy moments she was going through in the town, recently with what just happened with Sam. In a way she was very happy to be able to relax. She did not feel guilty of abusing her sexual desire, that also had been her idea for a long time as a way to avoid bad memories. It was like a pain reliever for her, it put her in a good mood, and that's what mattered.

Hopefully the silly Sam has some strength for tomorrow. She thought with a laugh as she remembered everything they had done in his room that day.

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