Sonic n goku bff love 4ever *sAD*

BY : N01
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Once upon a time there was a man called GOku and a hedgehoge named sonic. They r walking in the forrest and holding hands (sonic has hads, k?) suddenly sHadow apears and attacks them. And sonix dies. As he dies, goku holds him close. "Sonuc, i want to tell you that i-i lo-" sonics daymeanor changes. "Do not cry for me my son, avvenge me now." And sonic dies. Goku kills dhadow and he wins but is still sad that he lost his lover forever. He sets out on anew adventire.


Author's note: this was painful but fun to write. I wanted to really get back to the glory days of fanfiction (if you could even call them that), with bad spelling, incorrect names, and so on. Comment, add more chapters (if you do, keep the same kind of style), share it around, I really don't care. See you all later.

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