Saiyan Fighter

BY : Sa1yan
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Location Cell Games Arena 

Watching on in shock, Son Goku was trying to think of a way out of the mess that they were in.

‘I don’t have enough time to take everyone to New Namek or King Kai with instant transmission!’

‘What about just going to New Namek and reviving everyone with their dragon balls.. no I don’t know if their dragon balls are ready!’

“Bring him home, that’s all I ask..”

Turning to his friends, Goku sighed.

“What is it Goku, do you have a plan?” Krillin asked.

“Listen guys... there’s only one option that I can think of to save the world now.” Goku said with a sad smile.

“What are you talking about!?” Piccolo exclaimed.

‘One option? He can’t mean..’ Trunks thought to himself.

“No Goku there has to be another way! You don’t have to do this!” Trunks exclaimed as the thought became reality.

Raising his hand to his forehead Goku smiled.
“Good bye, my friends.”

“NOOOO!!!” Krillen yelled as Goku vanished.

“I would say it’s been a pleasure but then I would be lying!” Cell laughed as his body continued to expand.

Hearing instant transmission, Gohan looked up from the floor.


“You did well my son let me finish it for you..”


“Tell your mother I kept my...

“Tell... TELL HER YOURSELF!” Gohan shouted as he punched Goku away from Cell.


Putting a hand on Cell’s expanding body, Gohan gritted his teeth.

“Gohan’s power just went through the roof!” Trunks exclaimed.

“Gohan... why?!” Goku shouted. “Have you gone mad?!”
“Listen, dad and listen well..”

“This time she comes first, not the planet not our friends... mum. You are going back to her today.”

“Gohan! Enough!”

Bouncing back off the barrier that Gohan had placed around himself and Cell, Goku stared in shock at the two in the ball of energy.

“This time I finish the fight, I will clean up my mess... tell mother I love her and look after my brother/sister.”


Lifting the ball into the sky Gohan sighed.

‘Mr Piccolo... my mother is pregnant, she’s probably unaware of it right now but I need you to make sure that my father does right by him/her.’


‘Tell everyone I said thank you and goodbye.’


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