Videl and Zangya Wedgie Story

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Videl landed on top of the mountain, her feet gently touch the mountain’s tip. “Got it,” she murmured. She had been practicing with flying for several days now, improving slowly but surely. Majin Buu had been defeated and Goku and Vegeta had recently defeated a monster named Janemba, restoring peace for the time being. Videl currently wore her blue and orange “FIGHT” t-shirt with a long-sleeved orange undershirt, tight-fitting white pants, and orange shoes.


“Good job Videl!” Goten shouted, watching from the bottom of the mountain.


“What?” Videl yelled, placing a hand to her left ear.  “I can’t you hear from down there!”


“Speak up!” Goten shouted back. “I can’t hear you from up there!”


Videl groaned, realizing there was no way the young boy was going to hear her. She took a single step before she ended up tripping. She face planted against the mountain several times, taking more and more damage with each hit. Eventually, she caught herself, albeit involuntarily. “Oh,” she moaned, realizing what had happened. Her white, fluffy teddy bear panties had hooked onto one of the many sections of rock decorating the mountain. Feelings of pain, confusion, and gratification swirled across her mind. Much to her relief, her underwear had not ripped in the slightest. A faint, befuddled grin made its way onto her face. A tight pain constricted her posterior as her legs dangled in the air. “Oh, yeah...” she purred, her face becoming bright red while rocking back and forth like a swing set. The agonizing sensation was perfect as she dipped down, tightening her wedgie’s grip on her posterior even more. The fabric grinded against her bottom, her underwear acting not unlike a cheese grater. “Ahhhhhhh,” she whispered, tugging on the leg holes, seeing how far the lingerie would stretch. Although she had no intention of giving herself a wedgie, she was by no means complaining.



“Videl!” Goten shouted, startlingly her. He soared through the sky, stopping three feet from Videl’s face. “Are you okay?”


Videl looked away, becoming reticent. While she loved the feeling of wedgies, that was a secret only she knew about and that was how she wanted to keep it. “Could be better,” she lied, desperately attempting not to smile. Her vocal pitch had increased dramatically, making her voice practically squeak from the excruciating sensation. The feeling was too much fun for her, causing a smile to appear in the cracks of her rough exterior.


Goten scratched his head. “Is something wrong?” he questioned, noticing the faint smile curled onto her lips. “You seem kind of happy about that wedgie.”


Videl’s eyes widened in terror, realizing what he meant. “No!” she shouted, her voice cracking up. “I was just thinking about Gohan! That’s all...”


“Aw, that’s cute,” Goten said happily. “Does he give wedgies like the mountain does?”


“Kami, I wish,” Videl whispered.


“What was that?” Goten asked, becoming more and more confused by Videl’s speech patterns.


“I said I hope not,” Videl said quickly, sweating profusely as Goten began studying her face.


The young child knew something was off about Videl, but he could not quite put his finger on it. “Has he ever given you a wedgie?” Goten asked.


“That would be amazing,” Videl murmured.


Goten raised an eyebrow. “What did you just say?”


“Nothing!” Videl insisted. “I was just... talking... to... myself...” Upon saying that out loud she realized how absurd that sounded.


“Why?” Goten questioned. “Are you lonely?”


“Uh... sometimes,” Videl admitted. Her love of wedgies separated her from society and she feared rejection from Gohan if she told him about this.


“Isn’t that what Gohan’s for?” Goten wondered aloud. “Does he not pay enough attention to you? I can talk to him if you want.”


“No, that’s quite alright,” Videl stated, shaking her head. “I just get nervous around him, that’s all.”


“Why’s that?” Goten questioned. “You’re so cool, Videl! You shouldn’t be nervous. Gohan loves you more than anybody else! Just tell him how you really feel!”


Videl let out a sigh, making sure it was distinguishable from a moan. “Thanks, Goten. You’re a good brother. Goku must be proud of you.”


Goten nodded eagerly. “You’re welcome, Videl!” A single thought popped into his brain. “Do you want help... getting down?”


Videl bit her tongue, attempting to think of an answer. “I could go either way,” she murmured.


“Huh?” Goten questioned.


Videl shook her head. “I think I’ll stay up here,” she murmured. “It can be training for me. You know, endurance.”


Goten scratched his head. “I guess,” he murmured. “Do you want me to come back and help you down later?”


“Maybe later,” Videl said with a pained grin. “Thanks for caring, Goten.”


“No problem,” Goten murmured, flying away. As he did so, a singular thought popped into his mind. Videl is kind of weird.


Videl let out a sigh of relief. “That was a close one,” she murmured. She nearly smacked herself on the head. “Stupid,” she whispered. “You were so close to giving it away. And to Goten of all people! He doesn’t need to know about this.” She took a deep breath and let her panties gently rock her in the air. “Well, now it’s just you and me.” She looked up to her undergarments floating above her. Stretched out teddy bears smiled back at her, allowing her to enjoy the wedgie even more. She could not explain why she enjoyed the wedgie so much. Perhaps she secretly liked the humiliation of her underwear slithering past her neck and over her scalp. It was also possible she simply liked how the wedgie tested her pain tolerance. She could not put her finger on it, but she knew that one thing was certain: she simply adored wedgies. The hanging wedgie was quite similarly to quicksand: the more she struggled, the more she continued to sink. Unlike quicksand, Videl actually wanted to sink here. Much to her annoyance, however, was the fact that a new person flew past her. This flying figure stopped in her tracks upon seeing her. “Oh no,” she whispered.


The woman raised an eyebrow. “What are you doing?” she questioned, placing her hands to her hips. This woman had bluish- green skin, curly orange hair that reached down to her waist, blue eyes, and pointed ears. Her attire consisted of a white  jacket and pants, a blue undershirt, a black pull-on sleeves, a purple sash, and black and yellow boots.


“Uh, just hanging around,” Videl joked, putting on a nervous smile. “Who are you?”


“Zangya,” the woman answered. “You’re Videl, right?”


“How did you know that?” Videl squeaked, growing worried.


“I saw your boyfriend kill Freeza,” Zangya explained. “After that, I did some research about you,” she continued.


“Why?” Videl questioned, growing impatient. She simply wanted to return to her wedgie; she did not care that this random person was interrogating her. Maybe she can give me wedgies, she thought giddily. But I can’t give it away that I like this stuff.


“It wasn’t really about you,” Zangya admitted. “I remember your boyfriend killed my friends. And he also killed my boss. I just wanted to find out what happened to him. I sensed a serious power boost from him. I want to know how to get something like that.”


She must be talking Gohan’s power up from the Old Kai, Videl realized. “It’s hard to explain,” Videl stated, having little understanding of the process herself.


Zangya raised an eyebrow, noticing the stretched out fabric. “Do you want some help getting down?”

“Uh...” Videl murmured, her voice stuttering. Her face, as red as it was, found a way to become even brighter.


Zangya’s eyes caught onto Videl’s fluttering lips, constantly switching between a scowl and a smile. “Are... you enjoying this?” she asked, barely able to contain her incredulity.


“Maybe,” Videl conceded, allowing her lips to relax and finally curl into a grin. Screw it, she thought, letting out a long-awaited moan of self-gratification. “Yes,” she finally admitted happily.


“You’re hanging by your panties... and you’re enjoying it?” Zangya questioned, attempting not to vomit. “Why?”


“I... can’t explain it,” Videl admitted, letting her shoulders droop dejectedly. “It just feels good  to me. The fabric just rides up against me so well,” she said, her voice picking up a few decibels.


“Stop,” Zangya demanded, holding her hand. Her face had become nauseous just thinking about Videl’s description. “I don’t want to hear anymore.”


“Can you give me an atomic wedgie?!” Videl blurted out. Well, no turning back now, she thought desperately. While a hanging wedgie was delightful as well as any other wedgies she gave herself, nothing beat an atomic wedgie from another person. The pure pleasure of having someone else weaponize her panties against her was too much for her to handle.


“What?!” Zangya asked, taking a few steps back in the air. “Why?!”


“I’ll pay you!” Videl said quickly, hoping not to scare her away. “My dad’s the richest guy around. I’ll give you however much you want.”


Zangya placed a finger to her lips, weighing her options. She could certainly use the money, especially since she all on her own now. A single tear dripped from her eye as memories began to resurface. The race of Hera was completely gone thanks to Gohan, but she could not bring herself to want revenge. In her time in Hell, she had plenty of time to think about her actions. She had realized how stupid she had been, following a leader who treated her like garbage in the end by killing her. She let out a sigh as the memories continued to swirl around her mind. Being betrayed by the one person she trusted hurt worse than being killed. She was the last of her race still alive; everyone else had returned to Hell.


“Are you okay?” Videl whimpered, her voice peaking in its high pitch. The fabric had wedged itself so far into her bottom that she was certain the wedgie had become permanent. She resisted the urge to moan for fear of scaring Zangya off.


Zangya groaned, flying up to unhook Videl from the mountain top. She let Videl land on her feet on one of the rock structures of the mountain. She watched with a morbid curiosity as Videl jovially picked out the cotton wedged into her posterior. The fabric soon found itself had drooping to the ground. “You are so weird,” Zangya murmured, crossing her arms.


“Picking it out is the best part,” Videl said with a nervous chuckle.


Zangya sighed. “You’d better pay me a lot for this. And I want you to get me that power up your boyfriend got.” She never wanted to be weak again. The feeling of helplessness that had consumed her when Bojack killed racked her brain constantly. While in Hell, she lived that memory over and over that she could not stop seeing it.


“I will,” Videl stated, her voice returning to normal. “You better promise not to do anything evil, though.”


Zangya groaned. “I promise you I’m done with that life. Following a warlord who kills you may not have been the best idea.”


Videl's eyes noticed a yellow fabric sticking out of Zangya’s pants, contrasting with the blue undershirt tightly tucked into her pants. “Uh... your panties are sticking out,” she said, pointing her finger at Zangya’s waist while blushing tremendously. “Are those rainbows?” Videl questioned with a chuckle, noticing a particular print appear underneath Zangya’s white, frilly waistband.


Zangya simply groaned. “You weren’t supposed to see those,” she murmured, beginning to blush while unsuccessfully attempting to stuff the fabric back into her pants. “Just tuck your panties back in and let’s do this.” Videl nodded in response. With a single thought, her underwear unstretched itself and quickly slithered its way back into Videl’s pants. Zangya’s eyes widened in surprise. “What the?” she asked, her jaw gaping. She had never seen a piece act so alive before.


“Oh, that’s just how my panties work,” Videl explained nonchalantly. “I bought the pair from Capsule Corp. Their underwear has nanotechnology in the fabric that stretches and returns to normal using your mind.”


“So, were you making your underwear as stretchy as possible while you were hanging?” Zangya questioned, both impressed and disgusted by the thought.


“Yeah,” Videl said with a smile. There was something that made her want to jump for joy with the honesty she had been expressing the past few minutes. She could never imagine being this open with Gohan, no matter how much she wanted to tell him. “It just feels really good, you know?”


Zangya sighed, placing the palm of her hands against her face. She was starting to get used to Videl’s unusual characteristics. Although she could not explain it, she hoped she could make Videl her friend. “Where do you want me to give you the atomic wedgie?” she asked, placing her hands to her hips.


“In my bedroom,” Videl stated, surprising Zangya.


“Why there?” Zangya questioned.


“I can get you your money at my house,” Videl explained. “My dad can sign you a check when we’re done.”


“This isn’t going to a recurring activity is it?” Zangya asked worriedly.

Videl shrugged. “Only if you want it to,” she stated. “Let’ get going,” she stated, flying into the air. Zangya followed her, soaring a great distance until they finally reached their destination. “Your house is pretty nice,” Zangya murmured, observing the large interior as they walked through the hallway. From there, she bumped into Mr. Satan, who had just walked out of the bathroom on the left. A piece of toilet paper was attached to his shoe and he had been holding his hands onto his stomach.


“Ow,” Zangya murmured, rubbing her head after taking a collusion from Mr. Satan’s cranium.


“Why?” Mr. Satan groaned, holding onto the bump appearing on his forehead. When his vision cleared, his eyes focused on the woman before him. “Uh... who are you?” he asked. The woman seemed vaguely familiar, but he could not remember where he had seen her before.


“I’m... Videl’s friend,” Zangya said slowly. “She wanted me to hang out with her.” Sweat dripped down her face as Mr. Satan studied her for any negative auras.


Mr. Satan let out a hearty chuckle. “Well, you seem fine to me.”


“Hey Dad,” Videl began, walking up to her father. “My friend here is in need of some money for... saving the rainforest... from fires...” She became reticent while attempting to find further words for her excuse.


“Say no more!” Mr. Satan exclaimed, pumping his fists in the air. “Those poor animals won’t burn to death anymore on my watch! I, the champion, will personally donate to every charity to stop these demonic fires! My money will punch out those evil flames!”


“Okay...” Zangya murmured, her jaw gaping. Has this man ever listened to himself talk? she wondered, questing how Mr. Satan could sound so narcissistic. “Thanks for your help,” she said through gritted teeth while putting on a fake smile.


“You’re very welcome!” Mr. Satan shouted, his voice rattling through Zangya’s ears.


Zangya struggled to hold onto her smile. “If you don’t mind... I need to talk with Videl for a few minutes,” she said with false serenity, wrapping her fingers around Videl’s wrist. She jerked Videl in her direction, walking into the latter’s room.


“Okay,” Mr. Satan said with a genuine smile on his face. “Oh!” he exclaimed, snapping his fingers. “Videl! Gohan’s picking you up in a little while for your date! Don’t forget!”


Videl’s body froze, causing Zangya to almost trip while she was jerked by Videl’s arm staying in place. “Um... how long until he gets here?” she asked worriedly, turning her head in her father’s direction. She had completely forgotten that their date was tonight.


“About ten minutes,” Mr. Satan replied. “Have fun with your friend!” he said with a wave, walking away.


Videl quickly shut the door behind her and locked the door immediately. “We gotta hurry,” she said, her blood boiling.


“Let me guess,” Zangya said smugly, crossing her arms. “He doesn’t know a thing about your kink.”


Videl sighed. “I want to tell him, but I’m worried he’s gonna leave me if I do,” she admitting, tightening her fists.


“You can’t hide this from him forever,” Zangya pointed out, plopping down onto the white, teddy bear printed bed. “You really like teddy bears, don’t you?” she observed, feeling the covers.

“Yeah,” Videl admitted with a solemn smile, holding her arms behind her back.


“How long until you tell him?” Zangya questioned, returning her focus to the matter at hand.


“I... don’t know,” Videl admitted, struggling to speak. She knew that this kink was bizarre, but she was hopeful that Gohan would accept her.


“Look, I don’t really know about relationships,” Zangya admitted, placing her left leg over her right for a more comfortable position. “But I know this. Hiding important stuff like this is not a good idea. If you don’t tell him sooner rather than later, you’re going to regret it. I’m sure he’ll accept you.”


“You know what? You’re right,” Videl realized. “I can’t keep hiding this from him. I’m going to tell him tonight.”


Zangya’s eyes widened in surprise. “Wow. I didn’t think you had it in you. Good luck.”


Videl nodded. “Thanks,” she said eagerly. “That’s why I need you to give me an atomic wedgie. When he shows up, I want him to see me for how I truly am.”


“That’s... one way to do it,” Zangya murmured.


Videl’s eyes focused on the frilly waistband peeking out of Zangya’s pants. “One more thing. After you give me the atomic wedgie, I want to get you back someday.”


Zangya raised an eyebrow. “Why?”


“It’ll be fun for me,” Videl explained, spinning around. Although she had no real satisfaction from watching others get wedgies, she still found it humorous. “Ready?”


“As I’ll ever be,” Zangya replied with a sigh, wrapping her cold fingers around Videl’s smooth waistband. Videl’s body shook in anticipation as the Zangya slowly pulled the fabric up her back.


“Faster,” Videl demanded. “I really want to feel it.”


Zangya groaned, quickly reaching for the sky. “If you insist,” she replied, watching the leg holes leap out of Videl’s pants. The fabric soared through Videl’s posterior, grating through the skin.


“Oh yeah!” Videl exclaimed, holding her hands together excitedly. She had not felt this good in weeks.


“Ew,” Zangya shuddered, sticking her tongue out. She continued to pull, watching as Videl jovially squirmed. “You really like this, don’t you?”


“You have no idea,” Videl said with a chuckle, her vocal pitch increasing with each tug. There was something absolutely delightful about the fabric riding up through her bottom. The tightening fabric suffocating her posterior as the lack of open space diminished more and more with each passing second. Videl giggled as the fabric slithered past her neck, rubbing against her hair. Very rarely had she ever received an atomic, but it was her favorite. The waistband crawled past her hair, inching even closer to her forehead. “Yes...” she murmured, seeing the smiling teddy bears blanket her eyes. Her neck strained itself backwards, bending in a magnificently agonizing manner. The waistband was hooked onto her nose, blowing a fresh breeze into her nostrils. She was somewhat relieved that she had done laundry recently. Her underwear was clean and soft, providing a fragrant smell that contrasted with the beautiful torment that was her atomic wedgie.


“There,” Zangya murmured, watching Videl happily waddle around. Her legs twitched frequently, barely able to contain her excitement. “You happy there?” Zangya asked with a chuckle. Videl struggled to turn around, taking almost a minute simply to face Zangya. A goofy grin spread across Videl’s face. “With that atomic wedgie on you, you walk like a penguin,” Zangya observed.


Videl gave a small laugh. “Wenk wenk,” she said, mimicking the flightless bird. She tugged on her own leg holes, moaning giddily as the fabric wedged itself even further into her bottom.


“I will never understand this kink of yours,” Zangya said with a chuckle. “Just don’t forget to pay me and get me that power up.”


“I’ll make sure I’ll get both done by tomorrow,” Videl replied, her voice squeaking. “Now, get out through the window before Gohan gets here.”


Zangya nodded and gave her a wave. She opened the window to the left of the bed and leaped out of the opening. Videl tiptoed over and shut the window behind the alien. “What a good friend,” Videl murmured. Somebody knocked on the door, prompting Videl to answer, “Who is it?”


“It’s Gohan,” a familiar voice answered. “Is everything okay? You locked the door.”


“Yeah, I’ll be right there,” Videl replied, shuffling over to the door. Her atomic wedgie was kept snugly in place as she unlocked the door. “I have a secret to tell you,” she said, opening the door.


In front of stood Gohan wearing a brown suit and pants, white undershirt, and black shoes. In his left hand was a bouquet of roses. “Ah!” Gohan shouted upon seeing the woman he loved trapped in an atomic wedgie. “What happened to you?!” he asked worriedly as he dropped the flowers out of his hand.


“It’s... a long story,” Videl said, pulling her undergarments off her head. “I... have... a kink,” she stated, struggling to get the words out. “I didn’t want to hide this from you any longer.”

“Is the kink... wedgies?” Gohan questioned, scratching his head.


Videl reluctantly nodded. “I don’t know how or when it happened, but one day I just started liking wedgies. They’re so much fun to get.”


Gohan raised an eyebrow. “How do you enjoy a wedgie? Isn’t it a prank? What do you like about them?” Gohan asked, blushing upon seeing the stretched-out fabric drooping from Videl’s pants.


Videl caught Gohan’s gaze, causing her to smirk. “My eyes are up here, Gohan,” she chuckled.


“Sorry!” Gohan quickly apologized, blushing even more than Videl was.


“It’s fine,” Videl said with a smirk. A hearty laugh emitted from her lungs. “I’m just happy to be honest with you.”


“Me too,” Gohan agreed, letting out a tremendous sigh. “So... do you want me to give you a wedgie sometime?”


“Only if you want to,” Videl replied. “I won’t pester you about it. I only want you to do it if you’re okay with it. I just didn’t want to go through our entire relationship with me hiding this.”


Gohan wrapped his arms, presenting a welcome surprise for Videl. “I don’t know if I’ll do it, but I’ll always be here for you,” he whispered into her ear.


“Thank you, Gohan,” Videl whispered back, tears of joy streaming down her face. She wrapped her arms tightly around her boyfriend, feeling more reassurance than she had in the past few weeks.



The next day, Zangya stared at the check Mr. Satan had handed her several minutes prior. Next to her stood Videl, and Kibito Kai on the planet of the Kais. While she was amazed that the fusion had been able to instantly teleport them, she was currently mesmerized by the amount of zeroes present on the check. Maybe I will use this to help the rainforest, she thought with a faint smile. She had been surprised by Mr. Satan’s generosity with handing over the check. The man’s narcissism made her believe that he was all bark and no bite, but she was pleasantly surprised by this revelation.


Videl patted Zangya on the back. “Good luck with that power up. I heard it takes a while. And the guy who does it is a bit weird.”


Zangya broke free of her addictive vision. “What do you mean?” she questioned, raising an eyebrow.


“You’ll see,” Videl replied, teleporting away with Kibito Kai.


“What did she mean by that?” Zangya questioned.


“Oooooh!” an older voice exclaimed, startling Zangya. The alien spun around to see a hunchback, purple-skinned before her. “You’re the new recruit, eh?” he asked excitedly, rubbing his dripping nose. “You’re certainly a cut above the rest... uh... what’s your name?” the Old Kai asked, walking over to her.


“Zangya,” the alien answered sternly. “What do I need to do for this power up? Squats or something?”


The Old Kai shook his head as his eyes focused onto a white fabric peeking out of Zangya’s pants. “For the ritual to begin, you must embarrass yourself to the ultimate level with your undergarments,” he answered solemnly. “The power up only works when the receiver is embarrassed beyond belief. Gohan had to do it and so will you if you want your potential unleashed.”


Zangya’s left eye began to twitch. “You have got to be kidding me,” she murmured. “Is there no other way?” she asked desperately.


“I’m afraid not,” the Old Kai said with a sad look on his face. “Now then. Go ahead and pull your underwear over your head. The ritual can only begin when that part has been completed,” he explained. Zangya groaned, gripping the back of her waistband. She grimaced as she pulled her own underwear up her back, exposing the rainbows printed onto the yellow fabric. The Old Kai walked past her, watching from behind. “Keep going,” he demanded, barely able to contain his joy. He loved a pretty woman and one that could humiliate herself as well as Zangya was doing. Zangya nodded reluctantly, tightening her fingers’ grip on her waistband. The fabric completely bound itself to her posterior, practically being glued to her bottom. The underwear wedged itself within the core of her derrière.


This is going to take forever to pick out, she thought miserably. For a moment, she envied Videl. The human woman loved every bit of receiving a wedgie and Zangya would desperately try to trade places with her if possible. Zangya let out an angry moan, confusing the Old Kai.


“Everything okay over there?” the Old Kai questioned.


Zangya struggled to nod as the fabric slinked its way up against her neck. Throughout this journey, her underwear constantly crawled up her long, lustrous hair. She bent her knees to make it easier for the underwear to complete its trip. The fabric trekked past her scalp and brushed past her forehead. She finished the job by hooking the frills of her waistband onto her eyebrows. Her neck strained back, bending the tendons within her cervix. Her eyes stared endlessly into the blue sky. “There,” she grunted, stumbling while attempting to move. Her voice had risen a few decibels as the pain of the atomic wedgie increased. “You happy?”


“Quite,” the Old Kai admitted with a dopey grin on his face, staring into the endless void that was Zangya’s underwear. “I almost forgot to mention. According to the ritual, you must say something that you consider embarrassing to yourself.”


“Are you serious?” Zangya asked through gritted teeth. The Old Kai nodded, angering her further. “This is a stupid process for a power up.”


“Well, everyone has to do it,” the Old Kai said with a shrug. “Do you want to be strong or not?”


“Fine,” Zangya grumbled. Lyrics of one of her favorite songs popped into her head. She loved this song more than anything else, but was embarrassed to ever say it somebody who was conscious. She would only say it when her opponent was knocked out, but now she had no choice. “Don't cha wish your girlfriend was tough like me? Don't cha?” she sang serenely, her face becoming more red than green.


The Old Kai nodded and walked in front of Zangya. “You got a good singing voice,” he observed. He started throwing his fists into the air, dancing around.


“Uh, what are you doing?” Zangya questioned.


“Starting the ritual,” the Old Kai snapped. “Don’t you know anything?! This part takes five hours! Then the next part has us sitting for twenty hours while I do the second half.”


“Can I at least take off the atomic?” Zangya asked, crossing her arms angrily.


“I’m afraid not,” the Old Kai replied, making Zangya want to scream. “Don’t worry. It’ll be done in no time.” After the five hours of Zangya stood frozen in her atomic wedgie, the Old Kai instructed her to sit down. Zangya held onto the waistband as she sat down on the grass. She crossed her legs together as the Old Kai sat in front of her. “Now comes the long part,” he said, holding out his hands. For the next twenty hours, Zangya struggled to stay awake while fighting off a grumbling stomach. Halfway through, she pulled out a Senzu bean and tossed it into her mouth. In her time researching about Gohan and Videl, she had discovered the existence of these beans and their healing properties. Her teeth grinded the bean into the mush and let it slip down her throat. Her body’s pain immediately ceased and her stomach stopped grumbling. “And we’re done!” the Old Kai exclaimed several hours later, prompting Zangya to jump to her feet.


The alien wrenched her underwear off her head and pressed her fingers against her neck, hoping to work out any knots. “Thank Kami!” she exclaimed, sensing a newfound power in her body. Her aura glowed more prominently, releasing sparks of electricity off her body.


“And you’re welcome,” the Old Kai said in a snobbish manner. “Say, you’re a pretty woman. What do you say we hang out sometime and...”


“No,” Zangya said quickly, smashing her fist into the Old Kai’s jaw. Her knuckles became covered in blood as she sent the Old Kai flying via an uppercut. “That’s for all those wedgies!” she shouted, watching the the Old Kai disappear into the sky. She let out a sigh of relief as she studied her own power. She had never felt so independent before. Nobody would overpower or humiliate her again. Not Bojack. Not that old man. Nobody is going to screw with me ever again, she thought with a grin. Thanks, Videl.

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