Dragon Ball Fighter Z Wedgie Story

BY : Revenger
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Disclaimer: I do not own Dragon Ball Z and I make no profit from this story. Warning - Wedgie fetish and all characters are 18+

Android 18 was strapping her boots on as she prepared for the upcoming fight. She currently resided at the World Tournament Arena, awaiting her turn in to fight in the Dragon Ball FighterZ game. The rules to win were simple: knock out or ring out. She personally had no interest in the tournament itself, but she did want the cash prize offered to the winner of the tournament. She found it humorous that people liked her character and wanted to fight.


I still need two partners, she realized. Without any support or assists, she would have a lot of trouble on her own. Even if everyone’s power level became the same, she did not want to be fighting three against one. Now, who do I pick? 17’s already on another team and so is 16.


A knock could be heard from her door, startling her. “Come in,” she told them. In walked Bulma and Chi-Chi. “What do you two want?” she asked.


“We want to team up with you,” Chi-Chi stated. Android 18 took notice of Chi-Chi’s attire: a blue cheongsam, red pants, armband, shoes, and sash, along with white socks. She was wearing her hair in a ponytail rather than her usual bun. Finally, she held Goku’s red Power Pole in her hands.


Bulma, on the other hand, was wearing her usual clothing: a white t-shirt, a red bandana, pale blue jeans, and cowgirl boots. “I figured it’d be some good bonding for the three of us,” she added.


18 raised an eyebrow. “Do you two even know how to fight?”


“I do,” Chi-Chi stated, gesturing toward her outfit.


“Oh,” 18 murmured. “I thought you were just wearing that to look younger.”


“Grr,” Chi-Chi grunted, clenching her fists. “Not everyone can you look as young as you can, 18,” she spoke through gritted teeth.


“Sorry,” 18 replied in a tone not at all apologetic. Her eyes locked with Chi-Chi’s. “Why are you really here?”


“I want to win the zeni,” Chi-Chi admitted sheepishly. “Goku doesn’t exactly provide an income, you know.”


18 turned to Bulma. “And what about you?”


Bulma shrugged. “I just wanted to test out my new ray gun,” she stated.


18 sighed as she walked up to them. “Sure. Why not? I don’t have anyone else to team up with.” She noticed a white fabric sticking out of Bulma’s pants. “Hey, nerd. Pull your pants up,” she suggested.


Bulma’s eyes widened as she gripped her pants. “Sorry,” she apologized, attempting to pull up her jeans. She then 18’s cold fingers wrap themselves around her waistband. “What are you doing?” she asked worriedly. 18’s arm reached into the air, wrenching Bulma’s underwear up her back for an excruciating wedgie. “Sweet Kami!” Bulma shrieked, feeling her bottom tighten as the fabric sliced through her skin.


“Strawberries? Really?” 18 asked incredulously, observing the pattern. “You really are a nerd.”


Chi-Chi snickered, but froze when she heard Bulma yell. “It’s not funny!” Bulma barked at her. She then looked back to 18. “Let me go!” Bulma shouted, kicking her foot back. The boot crashed into 18’s groin, making her release her grip and causing Bulma to fall to the ground. Bulma grumbled as she stuffed her underwear back into her jeans, although the fabric still peeked out a bit.


“We’re not done,” 18 muttered as she picked herself up. Her cold fingers wrapped themselves around the front part of Bulma’s underwear, sending a chill down the latter’s spine. Without any hesitation, 18 yanked the material all the way up Bulma’s chest.


“Please stop,” Bulma whimpered, her face becoming distressed from the agony. 18 simply jerked her grip harder, making Bulma squeal at the top of her lungs. 18 finally released her grip, letting the waistband snap painfully against Bulma’s stomach. “Why?” she whimpered as she felt herself being split in half on both sides.


“You kicked me in the crotch,” 18 pointed out, the memory of letting her guard down still haunting her.


“You gave me a wedgie before that,” Bulma grunted, her eyes contorting in new directions with each tug.


“You were being a nerd,” 18 defended herself.


“Can we please stop fighting?” Chi-Chi asked, coming between them. “We have a tournament to win, and we can’t do that fighting each other.”


Bulma and 18 sighed. “Fine,” they said simultaneously.


18 walked to the door, but froze when she felt her underwear being pulled out of her skirt. “Nice panties,” Bulma taunted, moving her arm in an uppercut position. She observed the color and pattern, making her laugh. “Pink and duckies? What, did Krillin buy them for you?”


18’s left eye twitched, angered at the insult, mostly since it was true. “Shut up.” she demanded through gritted teeth. She had no idea how or why, but wedgies were the one thing that made her feel completely powerless. “Ack!” 18 grunted as her underwear was already yanked up to her neck. Her posterior had completely lost its breathing room, now having become almost inseparable from the ever tightening fabric.


“I wonder if I can get it over your head,” Bulma said sadistically, her lips slowly curling into a grin.


“Girls!” Chi-Chi barked. “What did I tell you?!”


Bulma froze, realizing the pettiness of her own actions. Her fingers immediately released themselves from 18's waistband. “Sorry, Chi-Chi,” she apologized, looking down in shame.


“Stop acting like a girl scout,” 18 demanded, walking over to Chi-Chi. “You’re an even bigger nerd than Bulma.”


“What do you think you’re doing?” Chi-Chi asked angrily. “We need to focus. I need that money.”


“What you need is to shut up,” 18 retorted, spinning Chi-Chi easily. Once more, her cold fingers found themselves a new victim and this one was no more willing than the last.


“Don’t you dare!” Chi-Chi shouted. “Eek!” Her demands were cut off by 18’s lack of interest as the android raised both arms in the air to stretch the red fabric up Chi-Chi’s tush. The waistband reached past Chi-Chi’s neck in no time, causing a shrill squeak from the fighter and making her drop the Power Pole. “18! Stop this before-”


“Before what?” 18 asked with a smirk. “I see how far this pair will stretch?” Using her left hand, she grabbed the back of Chi-Chi’s head and pulled it back. With great delight, 18 watched jovially as the fabric crawled past her scalp. The material leaped over Chi-Chi’s cranium, latching onto her nose. Her neck strained back, forcing her to stare at the ceiling. “Cute,” 18 commented, observing the Nimbus cloud pattern on Chi-Chi’s underwear.


“Uggh,” Chi-Chi groaned, the muscles in her neck tensing beyond belief. “I hate you.”


18 simply chuckled in response. “Maybe we should get going,” Bulma suggested. “We don’t want to let the tournament start without us.”


18 gave the blue-haired woman a nod. She and Bulma exited the room, unintentionally leaving Chi-Chi behind. “Girls?” Chi-Chi whispered as her neck kept her immobile. 18 returned and grabbed Chi-Chi by the wrist. She dragged Chi-Chi out of the room and brought her onto the tournament stage. The crowd burst into cheers upon seeing the atomic-wedgied Chi-Chi. “Oh, no,” she realized. 18 pulled her waistband off her head, re-establishing mobility in her neck. She sensed Goku in his base form staring at her, blushing the entire time. Why does life hate me? she wondered.


“Stay behind me,” 18 instructed her allies, pushing the two behind her.


“Well, what are we supposed to do?” Bulma questioned, pulling out her ray gun.


“Give me assists,” 18 replied without bothering to look behind her. “Even if the tournament sets us all at the same power level, you two aren’t strong enough to win.”


“Don’t underestimate us!” Chi-Chi yelled at 18, her face turning a rageful red. “We’re stronger than you think.”


18 placed a frustrated hand to her face. “Do you seriously want another atomic wedgie?”


“That won’t happen again!” Chi-Chi inisted, clenching her fists as her blood pressure increased tremendously.


18 grinned, enjoying Chi-Chi’s frustrations. “Sure...”


“I mean it!” Chi-Chi shouted, stamping her foot on the ground.


“Ladies, we have to focus,” Bulma informed them, hoping she could stay calm during their stupidity.


“Are you guys going to be able to fight?” Videl asked from the other side, confused by their squabbles.


“Yes!” the trio said simultaneously. 18 assumed a fighting position while Bulma and Chi-Chi stood behind her.


“Are you going to fix that?” Bulma whispered to Chi-Chi, pointing to the trail of underwear sagging from her pants.


Chi-Chi’s eyes widened in embarrassment, immediately stuffing her underwear back into her pants and hoping the audience would not see the fabric. “Damn it,” she cursed, realizing the material was still quite visible for the audience to see. “Why can’t they go back in?” She kept poking at the material, her face turning an even brighter shade of red as she realized she was stuck looking the way she did.


18 clashed fists with Goku before flying into the air. Golden energy formed around her hands before she unleashed the stream below her. Goku took it head-on and was unable to block it. “Give me an assist, Bulma!” 18 shouted.


Bulma nodded and pointed her ray gun at Goku, shooting a red energy beam that struck the Saiyan directly on the forehead. “Ow,” the Saiyan muttered, rubbing his aching cranium. “Why do those lasers hurt so much?” From the air, 18 smashed her boot into Goku’s face and proceeded to uppercut him across the jaw. While he flew into the air, she gripped his leg with both arms and slammed him face first into the concrete. She delivered on final blow by grinding her boot into Goku’s head before becoming bored and kicking him off the stage.


“I win,” 18 said without a care in the world. “Who’s next?”


Gohan appeared behind Videl and charged at 18. The two clashed fists until 18 jumped out of the way. “Chi-Chi, switch in for me!” she shouted, running behind Chi-Chi and pushing her into Gohan’s path.


Gohan ceased his attack. “I can’t fight Mom,” he said worriedly.


Chi-Chi dusted herself off before facing 18. “You could have warned me before shoving me into the fight,” she said angrily.


“I did,” 18 pointed out. “Now go fight him.”


Chi-Chi turned to face Gohan, who was staring nervously. “What’s wrong, Gohan?” she asked her son.


“Mom, I can’t fight you,” he stated. “I don’t want to hurt you.”


Chi-Chi sighed. “I know you care about my safety, Gohan. But I’ll be fine.”


“Okay,” Gohan murmured. Chi-Chi threw a kick that landed in his stomach. Gohan grunted, backing away. She then launched a punch to his cheek that sent him off the stage.


“That was... anticlimactic,” Bulma observed, somewhat disappointed by the result.


“That’s the idea,” 18 pointed out.


“Wait... did you set them up to fight for an easy win?” Bulma questioned.


18 smirked as she crossed her arms. “You tell me.”


“That seems a bit unfair,” Bulma replied.


18 shrugged. “Hey, a win’s a win.”


“Gohan, are you okay?” Chi-Chi shouted.


Gohan picked himself up and dusted himself off. “Yeah. I’m fine. I guess you win.”


“Come on, Gohan!” Videl complained. “I’m all alone now!”


“Sorry, Videl,” Gohan apologized as he walked away, exiting the stadium with his father.


Videl sighed and assumed her fighting position. She charged at Chi-Chi, who blocked her strike. Chi-Chi then tripped Videl, sending her flying on her face. “Ow,” Videl muttered as her face connected with the stone ground.


Chi-Chi noticed that a white material separated itself from Videl’s white t-shirt and black shorts. Her eyes widened in surprise upon seeing what she did. Her thoughts became interrupted by 18 shouting, “Give her a wedgie!”


Both Chi-Chi and Videl’s jaws dropped upon hearing such a request. “What? Why?” they asked simultaneously.


“Do it and I’ll split my part of the winnings with you!” 18 shouted, prompting a vexed Bulma to let out a sigh.


“This is stupid,” the scientist murmured to herself.


Chi-Chi contemplated her options. While she enjoyed the prospect of more money to keep herself stable, she could not stand the idea of humiliating Videl like that. She let out a sigh as she made her decision. “Sorry, Videl.” She gripped Videl by the arm and quickly tossed her onto the grass, winning the match. Videl cleaned the dirt off her face as she picked herself up off the ground.


“That was disappointing,” 18 whispered to herself.


Thank Kami she didn’t actually do it, Videl murmured inside her thoughts. Like Bulma and Chi-Chi, she was more than familiar with 18’s bullying tactics. She quickly raced out of the area, hoping 18 would not follow her.


18 watched her run away and groaned. If not for her power being sealed for this game and her own laziness, she would have done the job herself. Instead, she angrily tapped Chi-Chi on the shoulder. “Come on. We have to get ready,” she told Chi-Chi, gripping her by the waistband and eliciting a yelp from the latter. She dragged Chi-Chi, kicked and screamed in protest, back to the room as Bulma carefully followed them. Once they were back in the room, 18 released Chi-Chi, prompting the latter to once again attempt to stuff the fabric back into her pants. In the meantime, 18 went out for a little bit and returned munching on a hot, buttery pretzel she had purchased. “We make a pretty good team,” 18 admitted between bites. Her eyes became focused on Bulma. “That laser of yours is pretty good.”


“Thanks,” Bulma replied with a smirk, silently praying 18 would not turn on her. “You’re not so bad yourself.”


18 noticed two angry eyes staring at her. “What’s wrong with you?” the android questioned.


“You tried to get me to humiliate Videl,” Chi-Chi stated angrily. “She’s lucky I didn’t.”


“Will you quit whining?” 18 replied, placing her pretzel on a nearby table. She zoomed past Chi-Chi and gripped the back of her waistband. She gave a quick yank, but received a lack of a response due to Chi-Chi biting her lip. Unlike before, 18 found very little satisfaction from this prank. An idea of provocation bounced around in 18’s head. “You don’t hate it anymore? What, you enjoy this stuff?”


“No!” Chi-Chi blurted out, her face turning red and allowing an opening for 18 to give her another agonizing yank. “Eeek!”


“Gotcha,” 18 replied, smirking as she began dragging Chi-Chi across the room. She snapped Chi-Chi’s waistband over a metal hook on one of the nearby lockers. There, Chi-Chi dangled with a depressed look on her face.


“Ooooh,” Chi-Chi groaned, feeling her bottom tighten as she surpassed the normal limits of pain she could normally endure. “Can... you... please... let... me down?” she asked, her voice going up a decibel with each word.


“When the next match starts,” 18 replied with a shrug.


“You don’t have to be such a bully, you know,” Bulma pointed out.


“It doesn’t help that you two are practically asking for wedgies,” 18 pointed out. “Plus, this is fun.”


“Yeah, but not to get,” Bulma replied.


“You just need to get good,” 18 stated smugly, walking up to Bulma. She quickly gripped Bulma’s waistband and took delight in wrenching her underwear over the scientist’s shoulders.


“Eek!” Bulma screeched, her eye twitching constantly. “Not another one...”


“Yep,” 18 replied. “Another one.” A devious grin appeared on her face as she grabbed her pretzel. She dropped the snack down the back of Bulma’s underwear, letting it stain the cotton.


“18, you bitch!” Bulma cursed at her, taking in the burning sensation of the salty pretzel and the ickiness of the melting butter.


18 snickered as she watched Bulma struggle to pull her arms free. Once her arms were freed, Bulma pulled herself out of the shoulder wedgie and tossed the pretzel at 18’s face. The android dodged the attack, letting the  and sidestepped Bulma as the latter charged at her. 18 merely smirked as she dodged Bulma’s attempts to grab her underwear. “You’re not getting me again.” In an instant, Bulma froze in pain.


“What... did you... do?” Bulma whimpered. She felt her underwear being yanked up her back and yet 18 was not even touching her.


“Feel your back,” 18 replied smugly.


“I... can’t...” Bulma whimpered. “I only feel pain.”


18 sighed. “Just do it,” she instructed.


Bulma felt her spine and shuddered when she realized what 18 was talking about. The legholes of her underwear had been stretched to a ridiculous degree. 18 had moved so fast that she unhooked Bulma’s bra and rehooked it through the leg holes. “How did you...?”


“Think of it as a permanent wedgie,” 18 explained. “You don’t even need me to give you the wedgie anymore.”


“Why?” Bulma questioned, incredulous that such a wedgie could exist.


18 shrugged. “I wanted to be creative.” She took notice of the clock on the wall, its hands having moved past their expected time to leave. “I guess it’s time for us to get going.” She walked over to Chi-Chi and unhooked her waistband. Chi-Chi fell, but didn’t quite hit the ground. 18 had let go of her, but had caught her waistband while she was still in the air.


“Owie,” Chi-Chi wheezed, dangling helplessly as the cotton wedged itself further up her rear.


“Wow,” 18 observed. “How has this pair not ripped by now?”


Chi-Chi shrugged. “I like the bigger pairs,” she answered weakly, making 18 laugh.


Bulma walked over, struggling to undo her wedgie. She eventually succeeded, leaving her stretched-out undergarments to droop against her jeans. “I hate you,” she grumbled in 18’s direction while stuffing her undergarments back into her jeans.


18 smirked. “You’ll only get better if you practice,” she argued, walking out of the room. “Are you two coming or not?” 18 asked, peeking her head through the door. “We’ve got a match to win.”


Bulma and Chi-Chi nodded quickly as they followed her out into the ring. There, they noticed their trio of opponents: Android 17, Android 21, and Goku Black. Bulma’s eyes widened in surprise. “What is he doing here?” she questioned, pointing a terrified finger at Black. “I thought he died.”


18 shrugged. “I don’t really question it,” she admitted.


“He looks just like Goku,” Chi-Chi murmured worriedly. She knew that Black had murdered her and Bulma in another timeline, and the thought of him doing it again terrified the both of them. “They’re not allowed to kill, right?”


18 nodded. “Yep.”


Chi-Chi wanted to be relieved, but Black’s energy foretold nothing but destruction for them. “You go first,” she suggested to 18.


18 smirked. “You got it,” she replied as she assumed a fighting position, readying her fists for combat.


Android 17 tucked on his gloves and assumed his fighting position. “Wow, 18. You’re the last person I thought I’d run into here,” he admitted, thinking that 18 had retired from fighting.


18 chuckled. “Eh. The money’s pretty good,” she replied. Their fists clashed before 18 gained the advantage. She grabbed 17 by the arm and slammed him into the ground. Her boot crashed into his back before she kicked him off the stage. “Hmph. That’s one down,” 18 commented with a grin.


Android 21 swapped out for him and clashed fists with 18. “Don’t blame me if you get hurt,” 21 taunted, shooting a laser at 18. The blonde android crossed her arms together, blocking the attack. 18 raced past 21 and wrapped her fingers around her golden belt. 18 grinned as she pulled out 21’s waistband. She yanked upward, making 21’s eyes widen in surprise. “Oooh,” 21 whimpered. 18 gripped the front part of her waistband and wrenched it upward. “Ooooooooooh,” 21 groaned, feeling the undergarments flossing her posterior. 18 smirked as she exposed 21’s black undergarments with multi-colored hearts and candies printed onto the fabric.


“Wedgie time, nerd,” 18 taunted, yanking the front part all the way up to 21’s chin.


“Isn’t that cheating?” 17 wondered aloud, pulling himself up from the ground.


Black shrugged. “What a fascinating tactic these disgusting mortals have thought of,” he observed. “So immature and yet so effective.”


“A wedgie is all it takes to beat her?” Bulma asked, flabbergasted.


“Apparently so,” Chi-Chi replied, equally as surprised. “Maybe Goku should have done that with his enemies.”


“How are you liking this?” 18 said mockingly as she gave another tug.


21’s look of pain became one of enjoyment, surprising 18. “Oh, I love this!” she moaned, disturbing everyone around her.


“What?” 18 asked, incredulous at 21’s exclamation. “It’s a wedgie. You shouldn’t like it.”


“Is that what it’s called?” 21 asked excitedly. “It feels so good I can almost taste it!”


Chi-Chi covered her mouth, holding in her vomit. Who is this lady?


“Ugh,” Bulma muttered, becoming nauseous. “How can anybody enjoy this?!”


21’s smile grew even wider as she bit onto the front part of her waistband, making 18 drop it from her grasp. “Oh, yes!” she exclaimed. “It even tastes like candy!”


18 raised an eyebrow. “How... are you enjoying this?” she questioned, every fiber of her being wanting to scream out in disgust.


21 put her arms through the leg holes on the front part of her underwear and continued to tug, stretching to kingcome come. “Can you pull my panties over my head?” she pleaded. “I want to taste the other side.”


18 paused, weighing her options. She found 21’s love for wedgies completely disgusting, but she really wanted to see 21 with her underwear over her face. She shrugged and wrenched 21’s panties over her face before she hooked the waistband onto the top portion of 21’s teeth. 21 began jumping for joy, disgusting 18 even further. “Oh, thank you!” she shouted happily.


18 showed her gratitude by kicking her in the stomach, sending her flying off the stage. “You’re welcome,” she muttered, unsure of how to comprehend 21’s behavior.


“This is... too weird...” 17 murmured, looking away while trying to remove the image from his brain.


“How fascinating,” Black observed, rubbing his chin. “Does the pain make her stronger as well?”


17 shrugged, trying not to think about it. “Maybe, she is part Saiyan.”


“What an interesting strategy,” Black stated. “Maybe I should try it out.” He gripped his white waistband from the back of his gi.


“What are you doing?” Zamasu asked, watching in horror from the sidelines.


Black ignored him and yanked his underwear. He smiled as his underwear was wrenched even higher. “This pain will make me stronger,” he stated, grinning as the tightening pain grew even worse.


“You’re an idiot,” Zamasu grumbled, watching his counterpart from behind.


“No, I’m you,” Black replied, lifting the waistband over his head. “Time to reach even grander heights.” He snapped his waistband onto his eyebrows, letting it strain his neck back. “Behold!” he exclaimed, taking in the pain of the atomic wedgie. “Am I not the pinnacle of beauty?”


Zamasu placed his exasperated face into his hands. How is this person myself?


Bulma and Chi-Chi stared at Black, flabbergasted at the Saiyan’s appreciation for wedgies. “This makes no sense,” Bulma murmured.


“Agreed,” Chi-Chi replied, not taking her eyes off Black. How could this guy take my husband’s body?


Black whispered something into Zamasu’s ear, who rolled his eyes before reluctantly nodding. He soared through the air, colliding his fists with 18’s. “Did you seriously give yourself a wedgie?” 18 asked, confused by today’s events.


“Of course!” Black shouted. “I will achieve a new level through this method!”


18 snickered. She couldn’t imagine Vegeta achieving his Majin state by getting a wedgie from Babidi or Goku obtaining Super Saiyan 3 by getting wedgies in Otherworld. “Sure...” she said sarcastically.


Black placed his arms together and slowly spoke, “Ka... me... ha... me...”


18 smirked, crossing her arms together to block the attack. The android froze in terror as she felt her waistband being pulled up her back. In the corner of her eye she noticed Zamasu yanking her duck panties up to her neck. “You cannot escape,” the Kai taunted.


“...ha!” Black finished, shooting the pink beam into her stomach.


“Ooh,” 18 grunted, collapsing to the ground. Zamasu wrenched her underwear once more, making her jump to her feet. “Let me go,” she said through gritted teeth.


Zamasu smirked as he grabbed her hair and pulled her head back. The fabric crawled past her scalp before blanketing her vision with smiling ducks.  The smell was absolutely abborhant as the waistband was hooked onto her nose, making the android roar. She could Bulma and Chi-Chi burst into laughter, making her yell even more. “You mortals are really pathetic,” Zamasu taunted. “How could anybody actually wear a fabric this silly?”


“Shut up!” 18 roared, kicking him into the crotch. Zamasu froze, unable to react to the pain other than to collapse. 18 grabbed Zamasu by the shoulders and tossed him off the stage. “Good riddance...” Black formed his pink energy scythe from his hands and swung it at 18. 18, due to her lack of mobility, was unable to dodge the attack. The scythe’s blade hooked its tip onto the front part of her waistband. “What... are you...?”


Black smiled, lifting her into the air via his scythe. “You shall now feel the full throttle of a god's anger,” he explained, bouncing her up and down and swinging her around. 18 yelled as Bulma and Chi-Chi’s laughter grew even louder. For Bulma, she found it particularly hilarious because the only company that sold undergarments that resilient was her own. She could only figure that 18 bought the pair on her own or Krillin had done so for her. She could not blame either for doing so. Her company had bought out the competition, making her brand the only viable option.

“Help me out!” 18 shrieked.


“I am impressed with your fabric, mortal,” Black admitted, continuing to spin her around. “The cotton seems to be constituted of the stretchiest material around. It is truly something to be proud of.”


Bulma pulled out her ray gun and aimed it carefully in the corrupted Saiyan’s direction. The laser shot Black in the forehead, making him drop 18 and causing his scythe to dissipate. The android yanked her panties off her head and slammed her boot into Black’s stomach. The doppelganger crashed into the nearby patch of grass, eliminating him. “It can’t be!” Black shouted from the patch of grass he fell on. He grumbled as he dusted himself off walking away from Zamasu.


18 sighed as she stuffed her underwear back into her skirt. Even then, her waistband was still exposed to the cheering and gushing audience. By this point, pictures and videos of her getting an atomic wedgie and a melvin wedgie were already trending on the internet. Now I know how Chi-Chi feels, 18 realized in embarrassment as she waddled off the stage, the pain making her have trouble walking. Along the way, she pulled the fabric off her head and tucked the material back into her skirt.


“Good job!” Chi-Chi congratulated her with a snicker.


“You did your best,” Bulma said with false sincerity as she and Chi-Chi followed her into her locker room.


18 groaned. “Look, I’m... sorry...” she struggled to say. “I shouldn’t have given you two wedgies.”


Bulma smiled. “No more wedgies?” she questioned.


18 nodded. “Not a single one,” she guaranteed. “We have one more match in a few minutes.”


“Wedgies in public aren’t so fun are they?” Chi-Chi stated, crossing her arms smugly.


18 sighed. “I... see your point.” Bulma withheld a small snicker, realizing that she had been the only one to not get a wedgie in public. “Does anyone have a senzu bean?” 18 questioned, rubbing her sore posterior.


Bulma shook her head. “I wish,” she stated, feeling 18’s sentiment.


“That would be nice,” Chi-Chi agreed. “I don’t even know how many wedgies I’ve gotten today.” The trio waited for their next match, with 18 resting on her seat.


“Hey, 18,” Chi-Chi began.


“What?” 18 asked.


“How did you get into this Dragon Ball FighterZ game?” Chi-Chi asked, waving her hands into the air to aggrandize the title. “I’m just a commentator sometimes.”


“Yeah,” Bulma agreed. “You get to be a commentator and a fighter. We’re not normally allowed to fight.”


18 shrugged. “I guess I’m just more popular,” she replied. “That seems to be how it goes with these games.”


“But we’ve been a part of the team longer than you have,” Chi-Chi murmured. “How can you be more popular?”


“It might be my personality and appearance,” 18 replied. “I go online and people all day long are talking about how hot I am.”


“You don’t have to brag about it,” Chi-Chi replied angrily, her rage boiling over.


“Sorry,” 18 stated, albeit in an actually genuine tone. “I can’t help it. It just happens.” She looked at the clock, whose hands had just struck the exact time for their departure. “I guess it’s time for the last match.”


“Oh!” Chi-Chi shouted, realizing something. She scooped up her Power Pole from the ground. “I can’t believe that I forgot about this.”


18 sighed. “That would have been useful to have earlier,” she commented.


“I would have used it if you didn’t give me a wedgie!” Chi-Chi barked.


“Yeah, sorry,” 18 apologized sheepishly. “Let’s get going.”


The trio followed each other into the ring, but froze when they saw their final opponent. “How is he allowed in?” Bulma questioned, quaking with fear.


“Where’s his team?” Chi-Chi wondered aloud, equally terrified.


18 sighed, annoyed by the identity of their opponent. “Not you again...”


“You’ve faced him before?” Bulma asked, hoping for some relief. “Did you beat him?”


“Once,” 18 replied, bringing some reassurance to Bulma’s anxious heart. “It’s just him now, so I think we can beat him now.”


Their manacial opponent cackled as he assumed a fighting position. “Oh, look,” he said nonchalantly. “Another bug for me to squash!”


18 smiled. “You don’t scare me, Broly.”


The Legendary Super Saiyan laughed at her. “Do you really think you can beat me with so little power?”


“Yes, we can!” Chi-Chi shouted. “Goku didn’t give up against you and neither will we!”


“Kakarot?” Broly questioned. His left eye began twitching as his body twisted and contorted. “Kakarot!” he screamed, grabbing his shaking head.


Chi-Chi held onto her brave face, hoping Broly would not pound her into the ground. In the meantime, 18 and Broly’s fists slammed together, sparking electricity around themselves. 18 threw out a flurry of punches, each making contact with Broly’s chest. She sent him back a few steps via a roundhouse kick to the gut.


Broly chuckled as he gathered his footing. “You've done well to last this long,” he admitted. He rushed behind her and smashed his fists against her back, making her crumple to the ground. His eyes caught onto her exposed waistband, making him cackle.


Oh no, 18 realized in terror as she felt Broly grip her waistband and hoist her effortlessly into the air. “Wedgie…” 18 murmured, unable to comprehend the pain other than to name it.


Broly snickered and lifted 18 into the air even higher, bouncing her up and down like a paddle ball. “But your time is up,” Broly continued. He gripped the front part of her duck-printed underwear and easily yanked it over her head, further tightening the fabric’s excruciating grip on her.


“Ack!” 18 shrieked, frightening her teammates. This shouldn’t even be possible… Broly hooked the back part over her head and tied the two tips of the waistband together, making her feel as though she was being split in half and forced back together.


“What kind of wedgie is that?” Chi-Chi wondered, horrified by 18’s predicament.


“It’s some kind of... gift wrap... atomic wedgie,” Bulma guessed, stunned by such a prank.


Broly laughed demonically as he watched 18 waddle around like a penguin. Oh my Kami! 18 wanted to scream. Her nostrils flared up, taking in both the smell and agony of her panties being wrapped against her head. With a single punch, Broly knocked 18 off the stage.


“Oh crap!” Bulma shouted. Their best fighter was done for and they were next. A soaring fist ground itself into her skull, making her crumple to the floor. She considered herself lucky everyone was at the same level of power, otherwise she might have been killed. However, she really wished she had more experience participating in this game. A sinister chuckle echoed through the air, sending a chill down her spine. She then remembered that her waistband was still very visible to the audience, which was now being gripped by Broly.


“Chi-Chi, you coward!” Bulma shrieked as Broly hoisted the fabric above her head. The Saiyan yanked her underwear past its normal limits, laughing as he did so. “Stop it, you monster!” Bulma demanded.


“A monster, you say?” Broly questioned with a devilish grin. “No, I'm a demon!” He stretched her underwear over her head, teaching her rear to new degrees of pain. He jammed the material into her mouth, making her taste the cotton. The audience went crazy with laughter, making Bulma’s face turn redder than the strawberry prints on her underwear.


“What a nerd!” one audience member shouted.


“Isn’t that the daughter of the Capsule Corp. President?” another wondered.


“What, did she pee herself too?” a third shouted.


Oh Kami! Bulma wanted to scream, realizing what they meant. The stain from the buttery pretzel had unfortunately remained, making onlookers mistake the circumstances for something else. Broly then repeatedly stretched the front part of her waistband until it finally tore. Why?!


Chi-Chi took a deep breath. I can’t get scared, she told herself. I can’t beat him on my own, but I can outthink him. She cupped her hands to her mouth. “Hey, Broly!” she shouted. “Why don’t you stuff some grass into Bulma’s wedgie?”


Broly’s grin grew even wider. “Good idea,” he said, turning around.


Whose side are you on? Bulma desperately wanted to shriek.


Broly walked over to the edge of the ring and picked up a mound of dirt and grass. While he was distracted, Chi-Chi charged the extended Power Pole into his backside. He flew off the stage, eliminating Bulma and himself. “I did it!” Chi-Chi exclaimed, jumping for joy.


“Chi-Chi is the winner!” the announcer exclaimed. “She and her team wins the 100 million zeni!”


Chi-Chi’s grin grew even wider upon hearing that statement. She knew the prize would be zeni, but she didn’t realize it was going to be that much. She looked over to Broly, who had angrily flown away from the stadium. She knew that as long as Broly was within a five-hundred mile radius, his powers would still be affected. She reassured herself with the knowledge that Broly would not blow up the planet because she knew that he wanted to fight Goku personally.


Chi-Chi leaped off the stage to aid her friends, pulling off their atomic wedgies. The underwear drooped to the ground, creating a mound of fabric.


“Thanks, Chi-Chi,” Bulma told her, staring pessimistically at the pile of cotton behind her. “That stuff tastes disgusting,” she said with a shudder.


“Thanks ner... Chi-Chi,” 18 said, correcting herself mid-sentence. She sighed as she looked behind her, noticing a pile resembling a pink ice cream swirl.

“You saved our asses there.”


“Literally,” Chi-Chi added with a smile. “This is the best day I’ve had in awhile.”


“What, you like having your panties yanked up your ass?” 18 asked, raising an eyebrow.


Chi-Chi shook her head. “I meant us bonding, you know. I don’t really get out that much. I’m usually taking care of Goten, so I don’t really get to have fun.”


“Being a mother isn’t easy,” 18 agreed, placing her ripped panties into her pocket.


Bulma nodded as she did the same. “Trunks can certainly be a handful,” she admitted. “And tomorrow, all our kids will probably have seen us getting wedgies.” Chi-Chi groaned, realizing what she meant. With the internet around, information travelled around faster than Goku did. “If it helps, practically everyone’s wedgies will be on the internet tomorrow,” Bulma pointed out, hoping to ease tensions.


At the moment, the announcer walked up to Chi-Chi, but froze when he saw her current predicament. “Are you going to be okay?” he asked. “We haven’t seen anything like this in our previous tournaments.”


Chi-Chi let out a sigh. “I would figure...” she admitted.



“Anyway, we’ve got your zeni ready for you and your team,” the announcer explained.


“That’s good to hear,” Bulma assured the announcer.


The announcer nodded. “I’m sure you’ve all had a rough day,” he assumed.


“That’s an understatement,” 18 said with a shudder, still hearing the cotton stretching beyond comprehension in her mind. The echoes would not leave her mind just yet, of that she was certain.


Chi-Chi smiled, rubbing her sore posterior. “You can say that again,” she agreed. The announcer pulled out a briefcase and opened it, revealing the numerous amounts of zeni present. Chi-Chi’s smile became a grin as she eyed her prize. At least today didn’t go too badly.

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