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Videl, dressed in her Great Saiyawoman suit, flew across Satan City. Her suit was a pallet swap to her boyfriend’s: a teal gi with a purple bodysuit underneath, a pinkish-orange cape, and white gloves, boots, and belt. Finally, she wore a white helmet with silver antennae, marked by an orange stripe on the forehead with a yellow heart on top of it.


Videl looked around in the air, searching for some crimes to stop. There’s gotta be something interesting out there, she thought to herself. She noticed Bulma in an alleyway below her, being threatened by an angry man with a knife. She raced down to the ground, slamming her feet into the concrete.


“What the?” the thug murmured.


“Nobody will cause evil when the symbol of peace is here!” Videl exclaimed. She quickly looked to the green-haired woman, who wore brown pants, white shoes, and a blue t-shirt. “Hey, Bulma! How’s it going?” she asked with a friendly wave.


Bulma gave a shrug. “Not much. Just getting robbed,” she said nonchalantly. She supposed it was a regular occurrence at this point in her life for someone to try to rob someone as rich and famous as her. She hid a laser gun in her right hand behind her back, waiting for the right moment to strike. Videl showing up had surprised her, but she supposed the result would still be the same.


Videl returned her focus on the thug and ducked his knife swipe before delivering a swift punch to his stomach. “And that takes care of that,” she said, dusting her hands off as the thug crumpled to the ground. She did her signature pose and let out a chant. “Never fear! I am here!”


Bulma began laughing at her. Videl let out a sigh as she placed her palm to her forehead. She was used to this reaction, but she wished more people would enjoy the act more than just Gohan. “I appreciate the help,” Bulma admitted. “But maybe you should be more careful.” She then said something that made Videl freeze: “You might want to check your backside.”


“What...?” Videl questioned, turning her head. She noticed a hole had been torn into the back of her gi, exposing her rainbow-colored underwear. “Oh no,” she muttered, covering her posterior.


Bulma pointed at Videl’s backside as she attempted to suppress her laughs. “Are those really ponies?”


Videl gritted her teeth as she turned to face them. “You know, I just saved your life,” she pointed out.


Bulma nodded. “I know,” she stated with a snicker. “I just find it funny that somebody else wears the style. I wonder what Gohan thinks of them.”


Videl’s twitching eyes noticed Bulma’s waistband sticking out. “Seriously?” Videl asked incredulously. She angrily walked over and grabbed a fistful of rainbow fabric, wrapping her fingers around the front part of the green waistband. She yanked Bulma’s underwear into the air, causing a shriek to bounce out of the latter’s mouth. “You wear them, too!”


“Eeeek!” Bulma shrieked, her face contorting from the fabric stretching up her stomach. “I thought that was implied!”


Videl lifted her fist even higher, tightening the wedgie’s grip and worsening the pain tenfold. She continued to tug, listening to a new yelp every five seconds. Eventually, she grew bored and released her grip on Bulma's underwear, letting the material snap painfully against her stomach. “There,” she said confidently. “Now so funny now, is it?”


“Jeez,” Bulma muttered, rubbing her sore stomach. “You didn’t have to do that.”


Videl let out a sigh. That’s not very heroic, she admitted to herself. “Sorry, Bulma. I get annoyed pretty easily.”


“I can tell,” Bulma murmured weakly, her voice still recovering from the pain. “At least it wasn’t 18 this time,” she said, thinking of her blonde tormentor. The android named 18, although her friend, loved to mess with her by giving her wedgies. On occasion, Bulma would get her back, but 18 was typically the victor in their rivalry.


Videl shuddered in agreement. “I know that feeling. She loves giving wedgies to me sometimes,” she said, reminiscing about the times where 18 would prank her for the fun of it. “It gets so annoying.”


“Maybe you and I can team up against her sometime,” Bulma suggested.


“Won’t she wreck us?” Videl asked, raising an eyebrow. “I’ve never gotten the chance to give her a wedgie.”


“I have,” Bulma said bragocidiously. “You just need to get her distracted and it’s an easy win.”


”Hmm,” Videl murmured. “I’ll take your word for it,” she murmured. “Well, I should get going. The city isn’t going to protect itself.” She gave her a wave as she flew away. I get the strangest feeling she’s lying. She continued to fly until she noticed explosions coming from an empty building. “What is that?” Videl wondered aloud. She flew down to the building and noticed a familiar face. “18?” Videl questioned.


18 turned her head, eyeing Videl. “What are you doing here?” 18 asked. She was wearing her black shirt with black and white striped long sleeves, blue jeans, a brown belt, and black flats with orange socks.


“I saw explosions and I had to see what was happening,” Videl explained.


18 raised an eyebrow. “Wait... what are you wearing?” she questioned.


“Oh this?” Videl asked, looking down at her costume. “It’s my superhero costume. I’m Great Saiyawoman. You like it?”


18 scratched her head. “Not really,” she said bluntly. “Isn’t your costume just a ripoff of Gohan’s?”


Videl’s face puffed up in annoyance. “It’s not a ripoff!” she insisted. “I’m his partner!”


“That’s a terrible excuse for unoriginality,” 18 joked.


Videl groaned. “I don’t hear you coming up with any better names,” she replied.


18 shook her head. “Let's get back on track,” she suggested.


“Okay,” Videl agreed. “Why are you here?”


“I’m fighting an old foe,” 18 explained. “Bio-Broly.”


Videl rubbed her chin with perplexion. “Who?” She knew who Broly was, but she had not heard of a Bio-Broly.


“He’s a clone of Broly,” 18 continued, letting out a groan. “He’s much weaker, though. I’ve pushed him back some distance, but he should be here in a few minutes. You and I should be able to beat him on our own.”


“Is he that weak?” Videl wondered aloud. She had stood no chance against the real Broly, so she couldn’t imagine putting up a fight against a clone.


18 nodded. “Goten, Trunks, and Krillin were able to beat him together.”


“How did he come back?” Videl questioned.


18 shrugged. “I don’t know,” she admitted. “Broly just seems to do that.”


“Does he have any weaknesses?”


“He fell into the seawater and turned to stone,” 18 remembered.


“That sounds... anticlimactic,” Videl observed.


18 nodded. “We have to find a pool of water first,” she pointed out.


Videl looked around. “So, where is he?”


18 snickered upon seeing Videl’s backside. “You might want to get that fixed,” she joked.

Videl’s face turned red as she covered the exposed material with her hands. “It’s not funny,” she claimed.


“How did that happen?” 18 asked, pointing towards the hole.


Videl became reticent. She reluctantly answered, “I was fighting a guy with a knife and he ended up cutting my gi.” 18 continued to laugh. “Will you quit laughing?”


18 continued her laughter. “You have to admit it sounds kind of funny,” she pointed out.


Videl walked past 18. She knew that the android’s guard was down, so this would be her only chance. She pulled a white fabric out of 18’s jeans and yanked it harshly up the android’s back. “Eep!” 18 squeaked, making her grit her teeth.


“Not so funny now is it?” Videl questioned, pulling 18’s waistband up to her neck.


“Let me go now or you’re going to be tasting your own pair for a week,” 18 threatened as the pain grew even worse.


“Nope,” Videl replied smugly. She had now realized the one thing that made the almighty android immobile: wedgies. “Also, duckies? And you’re laughing at mine?” she questioned, staring at the cartoonish pattern gracing 18’s underwear.


“Can we focus?!” 18 shouted. “Broly will be here any second to kill us and you’re giving me a wedgie!” Videl released her grasp on 18’s undergarments, letting them snap against her posterior for a sensation not unlike an unsuspecting needle. “Ack!” 18 shrieked. She flicked Videl on the shoulder, making the latter yelp. “Don’t do that again,” she said coldly. “If you do, I’m leaving Broly to kill you.”


Videl shook her head. “I don’t want to fight that guy again!” she said nervously.


“Then listen and don’t give me another wedgie,” 18 demanded. A roar shook the ground beneath them. “He’s here,” the android whispered. The demon’s footsteps echoed throughout the building as it approached 18 and Videl. The monster had green, syrupy skin along with glowing red eyes. Its size easily dwarfed 18 and Videl as it walked closer. 18 turned to Videl. “I need you to distract him. Have him follow me.”


Videl’s eyes widened in surprise. “Wait. Why me?”


“Because somebody has to get his attention,” 18 explained. “If we’re lucky, we can surprise him and lure him into the water.”


Videl sighed. “Why does he keep coming back?”


18 shrugged as she pushed Videl into Bio-Broly’s path. “No idea. Now get going!”


“Hey!” Videl shouted before bumping into Bio-Broly’s leg. Her body shook with fear as the slimy monster growled at her. “Umm... hi?” She looked behind her, noticing 18 had flown away. While she was distracted, Bio-Broly focused on her backside. It noticed Videl’s colorful waistband sticking out. Its eyes locked onto her waistband and gripped it with its muddy left hand. “Eep!” Videl squeaked. “What are you doing?!”


The monster lifted her off the ground, making her squeal. “Why are you giving me a wedgie?!” Videl shrieked. Bio-Broly stared at the stretched out waistband and scratched its mucky head. Its right hand wrapped its fingers around her legs and continued to pull on the material. “Let me go!” Videl demanded as her underwear stretched past her helmet. Videl bit her tongue to prevent further screams from escaping her lungs. The hero struggled to break free but to no avail.


Bio-Broly released its grip on her legs and pulled her helmet off. “Please don’t...” Videl pleaded, her voice quivering. The monster ignored her prayers and yanked her underwear over her head effortless. Oh Kami! Videl thought, horrified by the syrup touching her hair. Her entire world became dark as her underwear was hooked underneath her chin. She felt her helmet being placed back onto her head as she was dropped to the ground. How does he know what an atomic is?! Videl wanted to scream. She could hear chuckling coming from the monster. </i>It’s not funny! She regretted buying underwear from Capsule Corp. She remembered reading on the tag that the underwear would last forever. Little did she know then just how right that description would be.

18 returned to the room, wondering what had been taking so long. Her eyes widened, distrubed by what she saw: the Great Saiyawoman reduced to a whimpering mess in an atomic wedgie. “What happened here?” 18 asked. The monster was laughing at Videl’s predicament, prompting 18 to slam her into Bio-Broly’s neck. Unaffected, the demon continued to cackle as it gripped 18’s waistband. The android froze, realizing the trap she had placed herself in. “Eek!” 18 shrieked as Bio-Broly yanked her duck-themed panties out of her jeans. The monster also pulled from the front, giving her a melvin wedgie as well.


18 held out her arms and blasted golden energy beams into Bio-Broly’s face, but it got a roar in response. 18 slammed her feet into the demon’s chest, but that didn’t work either. I’ve got to get out of here! 18 thought worriedly. She quickly pulled out her phone and began dialing a number.



Krillin was making lunch for Marron, who was playing with her toys in the living room. “Lunch is almost ready,” he announced to his daughter.


“Yay!” Marron exclaimed, standing up. She walked over to the dinner table and attempted to climb into the chair. Krillin walked over and lifted her up. He gently placed her into the chair and moved her bowl of rice closer to her. Marron licked her lips as she grabbed a handful of rice and stuffed it into her mouth. Pieces of rice spilled along the way, making Krillin sigh.


“You need to get some manners, young lady,” he said with a smile.


“What’s that?” the young child questioned as she took another handful of rice.


Krillin chuckled as he sat down next to her. “It means behaving well at the dinner table or anywhere for that manner.”


Marron scratched her chin. “Don’t I do that already?” she questioned.


Krillin smiled. “Somewhat,” he said. Their family moment came to an abrupt pause when his phone began ringing. He looked at the caller ID and answered it. “Hi, 18,” he greeted cheerfully.


“I need your help!” 18 shouted suddenly, frightening Marron out of her seat.


Krillin rushed out of his seat to catch his daughter and quickly placed her back in her seat. “Is Mommy okay?” Marron asked worriedly.


18 shrieked through the phone. “I’m in Satan city. Get here now! That Broly clone is-” The phone call ended abruptly, startling Krillin.


“18? 18!” Krillin shouted into the phone, hoping she would respond. He groaned, realizing that the phone call would not pick back up. Broly clone? How did he come back? he wondered. He noticed Marron attempting not to cry. He placed concerned hands onto her shoulders. “I’m going to check on Mommy,” he told her.


“Is she going to be okay?” Marron asked as a tear dripped down her face.


Krillin nodded. “She will be. She’s the strongest woman I know.” He flew through the open window near him and rushed to find 18’s energy signature. It then occurred to them: he could not detect 18’s ki. For as long as he knew her, he could never read her ki. This applied to her and nearly all the androids he had met. Tracking her down would be a bit more difficult than he thought. “Crap,” he murmured aloud. This is going to take forever...



18 cursed herself as Bio-Broly smashed her phone to pieces with its teeth. She held up her arm to form a Destructo Disc, but the energy could not form. The double wedgie prevented her from supplying the concentration needed for the attack. “Oh come on!” she complained. “Aieeeee!” Bio-Broly wrenched both parts of her underwear around her, wrapping her in a cocoon of undergarments.


18 broke her hand free and concentrated all of her energy into the Destructo Disc, finally forming the attack. She threw it at Bio-Broly’s head, but the disc swerved away from his neck. “Why?!” she screamed. The attack came swirling towards Videl, who had picked herself up. “Videl! Look out!”


What’s she talking about? Videl wondered, unable to see where she was moving. The Destructo Disc barely scratched her, slashing an opening into the front part of her gi. What was that?!


18 let out a sigh of relief. While she and Videl didn’t always get along, she never wished for Videl to be bisected. Her relief returned to pain as Bio-Broly hooked her panties onto her chin. The creature’s muddy syrup had stained 18’s underwear beyond repair. Bio-Broly found a nearby metal pole and hooked 18 onto it. There, she dangled in her mummy wedgie, hoping somebody would free her.


Bio-Broly walked over to Videl and gripped both sides of her underwear. Not again! she wanted to scream. It moved its arms so quickly she never even saw it coming: a cat’s cradle made of her underwear. Oh Kami! Videl thought with horror. Bio-Broly cackled as it saw Videl’s panties stretch beyond imagination. The demon moved its arms once more, creating a Jacob’s Ladder with her undergarments. How is this even possible?! Videl wondered. Underwear should not stretch this much!


The monster wrapped her underwear around herself until her entire body was covered. In the meantime, the antennae on her helmet broke after being crushed by the cotton’s gravity. When the job was finished, Videl’s mummy wedgie was not unlike a cocoon found on a spiderweb. How could this happen? Videl wondered weakly. She felt herself being hoisted into the air. Bio-Broly tied a strand of her underwear onto a pole attached to the ceiling. There, she hung upside down, wondering when the pain would end. The demon laughed at her and 18’s predicament. It walked out of the building, leaving the duo to their fates.



Krillin flew around Satan City, hoping to find any sign of his wife. “Where is she?” he asked to no one in particular. He noticed Mr. Satan relaxing on his lawn chair next to his pool. He raced down to Mr. Satan, startling the champion. “Have you seen 18?”


“Ah!” Mr. Satan shouted, falling out of his chair. “I already paid your wife the money! I’m not paying anymore!” he yelled worriedly.


“I’m not here for money,” Krillin replied. “I’m looking for 18. That Broly clone’s back and he’s on a rampage. I need to find him.”


Mr. Satan’s eyes widened in surprise. “He’s back?” he asked nervously.


Krillin nodded. “Do you have any idea where he is?”


An explosion rocked a nearby building as a green energy beam shot out of the ceiling. “Uh... I think he might be over there,” Mr. Satan said, pointing a shaking finger in that direction.


Krillin flew over to the building in an instant and burst through one of the broken windows. “18!” he shouted. “Are you in here?”


“Krillin!” a muffled voice called out.


Krillin looked around, hoping to find his wife. He froze when he saw her: a mummy made of underwear hanging from a pole. “What... happened to you?” he asked as his face turned red.


“Helpmeoud!” her suppressed voice shouted.


“Please!” another muffled voice yelled.


Krillin turned his head and noticed a second mummy hanging in the air. “Who is that?” he questioned. A deafening roar shook the building. “It’s him,” he realized. Bio-Broly came charging at him, rapidly swinging its fists at Krillin. The Earthling dodged the attacks and lured the monster outside the building. The creature continued to aim its fists at Krillin, who kept flying backwards. Just a little bit closer... Krillin thought to himself, flying down onto a dock by the nearby ocean. The monster’s weight caused the dock to break apart, making Bio-Broly fall into the water below. The creature’s syrupy skin solidified, freezing it in place and letting it sink to the bottom of the ocean.


Krillin let out a sigh. “It’s finally over,” he murmured. He flew back to 18, who was still dangling by her underwear. “I did it,” he told her. “I beat him.” He floated upward and pulled 18 down from the pole. He yanked off the undergarments and freed her from the mummy wedgie.


18 panted for breath and let out a sigh of relief. “Thanks,” she said, wrapping her arms around him before kissing him on the lips. When their passionate kiss had ceased, 18 tore the rest of her undergarments clean off. “Never let that happen to you,” she advised her husband. “It’s not fun.”


“Noted,” Krillin observed, eyeing her undergarments. “Uh, you okay?”


18 blushed, looking down at the pile of underwear surrounding her body. The fabric had spread out in all directions, extending out several feet. Somehow during this entire fight, the cotton had not ripped. “I guess that’s what the tag meant by it’ll last forever,” 18 murmured, reconsidering whether or not it was a good idea to buy from Capsule Corp. 18 looked up and noticed Videl still hanging in the air. “Whoops,” she muttered, remembering Videl’s struggles to get free.


18 flew up and wrenched the underwear off the pole. She sighed as she took several minutes to unwrap Videl’s cocoon. “Thank you,” Videl murmured weakly. “I can’t feel my butt.”


18 nodded, understanding her pain.


Krillin walked over, holding a small brown bag. “I’ve got some senzu beans if you want,” he offered.


18 took the bean slowly while Videl snatched herself one. Upon consuming the bean, the pain began to fade. Eventually, the agony finally came to an end. “That’s much better,” 18 said before giving Krillin a kiss on the cheek.


“Thank you, Krillin,” Videl stated. Her broken antennae fell off her helmet, disappointing her. “Oh man.” She knew that she was going to have to get a new helmet and they meant talking to Bulma. She dreaded the idea of telling Bulma today’s events. Even lying about it would make her feel awful. She let out a groan as she stared at the mounds of rainbow-colored material emanating from her costume. “See you guys later,” she said, flying off. She had to get home as soon as possible so nobody would see her.


“Hey, what happened to her?” a voice called out from the distance, scaring her to the point that she flew even faster.


“Are those her panties?” another questioned, making her heart beat faster than a cheetah running.


“What a nerd Great Saiyawoman is!” a third voice exclaimed.


“Great Saiyawoman is Mr. Satan’s daughter, right?” a fourth voice asked.


It did not matter how fast she flew. Everyone who saw her was talking about her. She soared through the window of her bedroom, thankful she had left it open earlier that day. She quickly changed out of her old clothes, took a shower, and put on her normal outfit: a pink t-shirt, a white sleeveless loose shirt, black shorts, black gloves, and yellow boots. She had tossed the stretched out undergarments into the trash can in her room, but had to stuff it down due to there being so much fabric present. Even then, the fabric was still overfilling the trash can.


She let out a sigh. “At least it’s over...”


Mr. Satan bust through the door. “Videl, are you okay?!” he shouted, scaring his daughter off her bed. “I heard people saying something bad happened to you.”


“Ow,” Videl muttered, picking herself up. “I’m fine, Dad.”


“Oh,” her father murmured. “Somebody told me you had a rough day and somebody had been picking on you.” Videl bit her tongue, becoming reticent. “I didn’t believe it,” Mr. Satan added quickly, speaking as though he was trying to convince himself more than anybody else. “My daughter getting picked on? No way! They had to be lying!” He placed a comforting hand on her shoulder. “Nobody’s as strong as you,” he told her, reassuring her somewhat.


Videl smiled. “Thanks, Dad. That means a lot.”


Mr. Satan stood up and headed for the door. “If you need anything just let me know,” he said as he closed the door.


Videl wrapped her sheets over her head, but remembered her overflowing trash can. She was incredibly grateful her father had not even noticed that. Otherwise, she would have been screwed. “I should probably put that in a Dumpster,” she surmised. I hope 18’s having a better day than I am.


After Videl had left, 18 followed Krillin through the air as quickly as possible.

Fortunately, they were moving so fast nobody had seen long enough to identify who they saw. When they entered the Kame House, they noticed that Marron was still sitting in her chair. The child rushed to her mother and wrapped her arms around 18’s legs. “You’re okay!” Marron exclaimed.


18 smiled as she hugged her daughter back.


Marron finished their hug and stared at the muddy fabric streaming out of jeans. “What’s that?” she asked, tugging on the cotton.


“Um... I got it from a party,” 18 lied. “They’re party streamers.”


Marron raised an eyebrow. “Why were you screaming on the phone?” she asked innocently.


“Uh,” 18 murmured, attempting to think of an excuse. “I got attacked by a bad guy earlier. Your dad saved me and we went to a party right after.”


“Oh, okay,” the child stated. She tugged on the fabric and giggled, much to 18’s embarrassment. “Hee hee. I like duckies.”


“Hey, why don’t we get you to bed?” Krillin suggested.


“But it’s only three o’clock,” Marron whined.


“No buts young lady,” 18 told her daughter. “You need a nap.”


“But I’m not tired,” Marron continued to complain.


18 groaned. “Just take a nap for a little bit, okay? We’ll get you up later.”


Marron sighed as she walked into her room. “Okay,” she said dejectedly, walking into her room.


18 let out a sigh of relief as Marron closed the door behind her. “At least it’s over,” she said calmly. She then heard Krillin snickering. “What?” she asked, becoming vexxed.


“Party streamers? Really?” Krillin questioned.


18’s blushing returned as her face became redder than a fire truck. “It was the only thing I could think of,” she admitted, rubbing her shoulder anxiously.


Krillin laughed as he flew up to give her a kiss on the cheek. “I think it was a good excuse,” he claimed.


18 chuckled. “No you don’t,” she stated, seeing right through his lies.


“Maybe,” Krillin said with a sly grin on his face. He turned his attention to the duck prints. “At the very least, you have good taste.”


18 grinned as she pulled Krillin towards her for another kiss. “Come here you,” she said as their lips connected for an ardent kiss. Her underwear might have been stretched out six ways from Sunday, but she didn’t care. The pain had ceased and she was having a good time with her man. Wedgies come and go, but I’ll always have Krillin around...

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