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Bulma dropped the Dragon Balls to the ground. She currently wore a sleeveless red dress, a yellow handkerchief wrapped firmly around her neck, yellow shoes, and gold hoop earrings. Finally, kept her green hair in a bowl cut. A hole had been torn into the back of her dress as pile of plain white fabric followed behind her. She raised her arms excitedly into the air and shouted, “I summon you, Shenron!” The orbs came to life, glowing instantly. A bright light enveloped her backyard. A mystical, enormous green Dragon consumed the sky, its red eyes glowing brightly.


 Shenron let out a mighty roar. “I am Shenron!” his voice boomed. “I shall grant you three wishes. Now speak!”


 “For the rest of the day, I want Android 18 to become wedgie-prone!” Bulma exclaimed, shaking her left fist into the air.


 Shenron raised an eyebrow. “Uhhhhh... what?” he asked, flabbergasted.


 “You heard me!” Bulma retorted, placing her hands on her hips. “She keeps giving me wedgies and I want some payback!”


 “Isn’t that... kind of petty?” the Dragon questioned.


 “Oh, what do you care?” Bulma snapped. “You’re a magical Dragon who grants wishes. Why is this so bizarre?”

 “Fair enough,” Shenron conceded with a sigh. His red eyes flashed as he spoke, “Your wish has been granted. What are your other wishes?”


 “Make her give herself wedgies randomly for the rest of the day!” Bulma shouted excitedly.


 Shenron simply groaned. “Really?” he asked.


 “Yes, really!” Bulma shouted back. “If she didn’t give me a wedgie every other day, I wouldn’t be here right now. Just grant the wish!”


 Shenron’s eyes flashed once more. “Done. You have one wish remaining. Use it wisely.”


 “Make 18’s panties as stretchy as mine!” Bulma demanded with a grin spread across her face. Her own undergarments had been made by Capsule Corp, meaning that it was the most elastic and unrippable pair of undergarments on the planet. She regretted agreeing to let her father make such a decision to create them. She hated herself even more for now relying on these pairs since her father pretty much bought out the competition. “Make it come from my father’s brand!”


 Shenron let out another sigh. “Why?” he questioned.


 “So I can keep giving her wedgies all day!” Bulma stated angrily, stomping her feet in the grass. She pointed to her backside furiously. Her bottom had almost become numb from the constant wedgies she had received from 18. “Do you not see this?! I feel like you aren’t taking me seriously!”


 “I’m not,” Shenron admitted. “Your wishes are the most ridiculous ones I have ever granted.”


 “You don’t have to be rude about it!” Bulma yelled back at the Dragon. “Just grant the wish!”


 “Fine,” Shenron grunted. His eyes flashed for the third time. “All three of your idiotic wishes have been granted. Farewell!” The Dragon disappeared into the Sky and took the Dragon Balls with him.


 “What a rude Dragon,” Bulma murmured. A snicker erupted from her lungs. “Payback time, 18!” she exclaimed.



Android 18 was soaring through the air, heading to the grocery store. She wore her typical outfit: a black t-shirt with white and black striped long sleeves, blue jeans, a brown belt, and black flats with orange socks. Suddenly, the power drained from her body and she fell out of the sky. She attempted to stop her fall, but from this height it would be extraordinarily painful. Fortunately, or unfortunately, something caught her fall. She panted her breath, having the wind knocked out of her. She craned her neck to see what had happened. “Oh no,” she said weakly, her vocal pitch increasing by a few decibels. She watched in horror as she saw her white, duck printed panties become latched onto a moldy tree branch. Her bottom clenched itself as she felt the fabric slice its way through her skin.


 Bulma stepped out, having now replaced her underwear and her dress with an identical copy, and smiled upon seeing the helpless bully. Her faint smile let out a chuckle before finally erupting into complete chortling. “Hey 18,” she said boastfully. “Good to see you. I really like what you did with your panties. It’s a vast improvement if you asked me,” she stated while giggling and circling the motionless android. “So, how’s it hanging?” she joked, wrapping her fingers around 18’s legs. “And I just want to say thanks. I’ve always wanted a swing.” She pulled 18 back and forth, continuing to laugh as she watched 18 clamp her eyes shut and desperately attempt to hold in her screams. Bulma watched jovially as 18 rocked back and forth while small whimpers could be heard from 18’s lips.


 “Did... you do this?” 18 squeaked, feeling the cotton burn her bottom and trapping her between a rock and a hard place. The constant swinging felt like a needle injection every five seconds. It did not help matters that she already wore tight jeans, giving her two wedgies in a sense. She could feel herself sinking as the fabric stretched itself out, but that could not bring her to the ground. Instead, the fabric rode up her derrière even further, making her wonder when she was going to split in half.


 “Of course!” Bulma barked at her. “Didn’t you see the sky go dark earlier?!”


 18’s eyes widened in anger as she remembered seeing that earlier. “You made that wish?” she asked, growing more and more vexed. “That seems... petty.”


 “You try having your underwear being stretched to kingdom come,” Bulma retorted, angrily pointing her left index finger in 18’s face. “Not so funny now, is it?”


 18 put on a brave face. “It’s not so bad,” she lied through gritted teeth. She had to find a way to get out of this wedgie. She despised the fact that wedgies drained all the power from her body, making her as weak as Bulma normally was. “In fact, I kind of like this wedgie,” she said with a sly grin.


 Bulma raised an eyebrow. “What?” she asked, her jaw having dropped. “No you don’t!”


 Got to make this seem convincing, 18 thought miserably. She imagined herself having one of the best nights of her life with Krillin, just the two of them. That mental image blocked out the pain as she let out a pleasurable moan. “Oh yes,” she murmured, seemingly enamoured by her wedgie. She gripped the leg holes and bounced herself, imagining her husband instead of focusing on the pain. Another moan emitted from her lungs, disgusting Bulma. “Did I ever mention how much I love wedgies?” 18 asked, putting on a dopey grin. “Krillin gives them to me all the time! Does Vegeta ever give you this much pleasure in bed?”


 Bulma eyes’ snapped open. “Hey! Vegeta is great in bed! And he doesn’t need to give me wedgies to do it!”


 “Maybe, but is he as good as Krillin?” 18 said with a grin. “The wedgies and the-”


 “Shut up!” Bulma screamed. “You shouldn’t enjoy this! Why can’t you just let me win?” she whined.


 “You must be quite the loser to get upset over something this small,” 18 remarked, her grin growing even wider.  “Sorry you have to be such a baby. I bet you couldn’t give me an atomic even if you wanted to.”


 Bulma paused, wondering how she should approach this. On the one hand, 18 would just enjoy it. On the other, she would never have a better opportunity to hook 18’s waistband onto her chin. She walked over and climbed the wall by the tree. From there, she snapped the tree branch and allowed 18 to drop to the ground. 18 crashed face first into the ground, letting a mound of duck-printed fabric pile onto her head. Thank Kami, 18 murmured inside her thoughts. I’ve got to keep this up, she remembered. “That was kind of disappointing,” she said melodramatically.“I thought you would’ve let me have some fun and keep me up there.”


 “Stop enjoying this!” Bulma barked.


 I can’t believe I’m doing this, 18 thought incredulously. Then again, I have to be convincing. She slapped her sore tush as a way to provoke Bulma, and it was working. “Come on. Are you too scared, Dorkma?”

 “No!” Bulma shouted, further revolted by 18’s enjoyment of this.


 “Then prove it, Nerdma,” 18 replied, gesturing towards her bottom.


 “Why... are you like this?” Bulma questioned, her whole body shaking in revulsion.


 “You can thank Krillin for that,” 18 said with a giggle. “He and I always have a great time in bed. The wedgies are just icing on the cake. My favorite part is when he pulls my panties over my chin and I tell him how much I love my space duck. Then we take turns giving me messy wedgies, seeing what kinds of food we can put into my-”


 “Stop describing it!” Bulma begged, becoming nauseous. “Keep your fetishes to yourself!”


 “You’re the one who gave me the wedgie in the first place,” 18 said with a grin. Bulma groaned as she watched 18’s undergarments slink back into her jeans. That’s new, 18 thought to herself. Bulma almost found it humorous that her father had installed a feature in the underwear that could make it as stretchy as the user wanted. At the moment, that did not matter. Now was her chance. She raced up to 18’s back, gripped the waistband, and reached for the sky. “Eeep!” 18 exclaimed, before quickly turning the yelp into a moan. “Not bad,” she admitted smugly. She had not expected Bulma to actually give her the wedgie. In fact, she would have thought she would have recovered in time to do the same to Bulma. “Could you pull a bit tighter? Yours are good, but Krillin’s are better.”


 Bulma’s left eye twitched angrily before yanking the fabric up to 18’s neck. A devious grin popped onto her face as she watched 18’s tight jeans become even tighter. “You enjoying it now?” she asked boastfully.


 “Eh, your wedgies are pretty weak now that I think about it,” 18 replied.


 “Then how about this?!” Bulma shouted, gripping the back of 18’s blonde hair. She pulled 18 back and crawled her panty-filled fingers past 18’s scalp. After that, Bulma ran her hand down 18’s face to hook it to her chin.


 “Ooooh,” 18 moaned, infuriated Bulma further. “It’s almost as good as Krillin’s,” her muffled voice purred. Underneath her cotton mask, she clamped her eyes shut to not see anymore of the cute ducks blanketing her vision. She continued to imagine Krillin’s smiling face throughout the whole endeavor, restoring her peace of mind. She considered herself lucky she had just done laundry today, making the smell of her own tush somewhat tolerable.


 Bulma sighed, letting herself drop to the ground. Her head rested against the ground as she attempted to figure out what she was doing with her life. She had just wasted three wishes over a petty squabble, and her tormentor was now enjoying having the treatment turned onto her. Without Bulma noticing, 18 blasted a hole into the back of Bulma’s dress via a yellow energy beam from her right index finger. Without putting any thought behind it, 18, still wearing her underwear mask, gripped Bulma’s purple waistband and lifted her into the air. “Ack!” Bulma shrieked, watching her feet leave the ground. 18 jovially bounced Bulma up and down while still wearing her atomic wedgie.


 It’s funny, 18 thought in a moment of reflection. This whole experience kind of makes me numb to wedgies.


 “Put me down!” Bulma shrieked.


 And now for some theatricality, 18 thought to herself, remembering that movie Krillin had showed her once. “Do you want to know why I wear the mask?” her muffled voice questioned, now putting on a fake accent.


 “What?!” Bulma squeaked.


 “No one cared who I was until I put on the mask,” 18 continued, pulling Bulma’s undergarments up past her own head. Bulma’s face jerked into 18’s bottom before pushing herself back in disgust. “And do you know what would happen if you tried to pull off my mask?” She delighted in hearing Bulma shriek once more. “It would be extremely painful,” she explained. Then, for reasons she could not explain herself, she pulled her own head back and attached Bulma’s frilly waistband over her own and reveled in Bulma’s screams. “For you.”

Why did I do that? 18 wondered. Everything until that part had been an act, but pulling Bulma’s underwear over her face had been something she did completely involuntarily.


 “What the HELL is this?” a familiar voice shouted.


 “Vegeta?!” Bulma cried, watched her husband stand before her dumbfounded. He wore a pink shirt, brown pants, black shoes, and held a can of Hetap in his right hand.


 “Uh oh,” 18 whispered, recognizing the voice. She could not bring herself to become free, however, and she could not explain why. She was having too much fun with this acting and part of her wanted to keep it up. “Hey Vegeta,” she greeted serenely.


 “What are you doing to my wife?” he barked, dropping his Hetap.


 18 reluctantly pulled off both panty masks. “Nice shirt,” she joked.


 “Kiss my ass,” Vegeta snapped.


 “You’re wife’s doing that right now,” 18 snickered as Bulma tried putting her hands between herself and 18’s tush. “She tried giving me a wedgie, so I returned the favor.”


 “What kind of wedgie is that?!” Vegeta shouted, veins appearing in his shaking hands. “You two look like a damn horse!”


 Bulma pushed herself away from 18 and ran behind Vegeta. Trails of undergarments followed her, making Vegeta want to puke. “Vegeta, I need you to get her back. Give her the worst wedgie you can think of!”


 Vegeta raised an eyebrow, staring at the bored android, whose panties drooped past her bottom and lay several feet behind her. “Why?” he asked. “I don’t want any part of this!”


 “Vegeta! I am your wife! And as your wife, you will give her a wedgie or I’m not taking you out to dinner tonight!”


 “You know, you’d look a lot prettier with your underwear pulled over your face,” Vegeta retorted, growing tired of her nagging. Although he did actually find her quite attractive when he had found her in atomic wedgies in the past.


 “Please!” Bulma pleaded, although she briefly paused to consider if a wedgie from Vegeta would have been enjoyable. She got that nasty thought out of her head quickly. “I’ll get you the fanciest dessert around! I’ll buy you whatever you want! Just help me out!”


 “Fine,” Vegeta groaned, crossing his arms. He raced over and grabbed 18’s waistband off the ground. He shot an energy ring around her feet, which then planted themselves to the ground. He soared into the sky and found the largest object he could find. His eyes caught onto the moon and flew behind it. He held his breath while in space, attaching the massive undergarments to the moon. He tied the fabric to the surface, wrapping it like a present. Although he was in space, he was certain 18 was screaming. He soared back down and found 18 had a big dopey grin on her face. “Are you serious?!” he screamed.


 I really should have become an actor, 18 thought miserably while struggling to appear happy. She had shrieked for a few seconds, satisfying Bulma until the android turned the screams into moans. “What can I say?” 18 joked, her voice now barely hearable due to how high-pitched it had become. She held onto her lap, which had become so tight it was close to imploding on itself.


 “You can’t enjoy that forever!” Bulma stated, pulling out her phone. She pressed the record button and waited patiently for 18 to drop her smile.


 “I’m out of here,” Vegeta said with a wave, walking back into the house.


 “You really want me to hate this wedgie, don’t you?” 18 said with a snicker. Her voice now sounded as if she had consumed a can of helium. I can’t believe I’ve kept this up for so long, 18 thought in amazement. Granted, the moon wedgie she had just received was probably the worst one she had ever received, but she could not stand the idea of Bulma getting a proper form of revenge. The woman was so dorky sometimes and it was so much fun to watch her fall apart into a deep rage.


 “YES!” Bulma screamed. “Why won’t you?!” 18 shrugged, barely able to keep smiling. After about ten minutes, Bulma’s phone battery died. “Oh come on!” the scientist whined. “Why can’t I win?” she murmured. A thought burst into her brain. “I’m going to put this online. Everyone’s going to see your panties!” 18’s grin briefly turned into a scowl, enticing Bulma. “Your big dorky panties for the world to see!”


 “That sounds fantastic,” 18 purred, making Bulma want to scream more than whenever she had been placed into a wedgie. “We need more wedgie lovers out there. And people love me as it is. I see this as an absolute win,” she continued, ever so dramatic.


 “Ugh!” Bulma groaned, walking over to slap 18. Before she could, 18 broke free of her energy cuffs and flew behind Bulma. Even with the wedgie in place, 18 was still mobile. She gripped the sagging underwear off the ground and flew past Bulma several times. Bulma’s body became constricted as she watched 18 soar past her, tying her up in her own undergarments. She left Bulma completely trapped in a cocoon of cotton and finished the job by hooking the waistband onto Bulma’s teeth.


 18 chuckled as she flicked Bulma on her nose. “You enjoying that wedgie?” she asked smugly.


 “No,” Bulma whimpered, struggling to not breathe in the toxic fumes. She cursed herself for not doing laundry recently.


 “Wanna hear a secret?” 18 began. She waited to hear a response, but only heard a soft moan. “It seems you like it a bit,” 18 noticed.


 “NO!” Bulma screamed, her face becoming as red as the strawberries printed onto her undergarments.


 “Anyway,” 18 continued. “You know how I said I really love wedgies?” Bulma tried to nod, but could not due to her prison. “I lied,” 18 stated proudly.


 “What?” Bulma whimpered.


 “I don’t like wedgies at all,” 18 explained. “But you thought I did and that’s all that matters.”


 Tears dripped down Bulma’s cocooned face, staining the fabric. “No fair,” she grumbled.


 18 pushed her down, laughing as Bulma struggled to even just move. “Have fun with that,” she taunted, waving her goodbye. “I’m sure Vegeta will love to see you like this!”


 “Get back here!” Bulma shrieked, but by that point, 18 had already left.


 18 pulled her undergarments off the moon. It had taken her several minutes to undo the knots Vegeta had created. That was just too weird, 18 mumbled inside her thoughts. She quickly went to the grocery store, made her purchases, and returned home. As she cooked ramen, thoughts about the prank sneaked its way back into her mind. Honestly, those wedgies didn’t feel so bad after a while, she admitted to herself. Apart from the moon wedgie, almost none of the wedgies made her particularly terrified. Throughout the entire time, she was actually enjoying herself. But that was just the acting, she told herself. But why did I pull her panties over my face? Did she make another wish? And how did my panties get so stretchy? Was that another wish?


 She stared into the ramen’s glowing aura, licking her lips in anticipation. Marron and Krillin were out until dinner time, and something compelled her to try this. She grabbed a handful of scalding ramen and dumped it down the back of her jeans. “Owowowow,” she whimpered, wondering why she had done that. Her hands gripped onto her waistband, now messy from the stains, and yanked the fabric and ramen up her tush. Some of the noodles fell through the leg holes, spilling down her legs. “Why?” she questioned herself as her derrière burned. The remaining ramen crawled up against her back, staining her black shirt. “Ugh,” she complained. “Why am I doing this?” She bent her knees as she held her head back, watching dreadfully as the now stained waistband climbed past her forehead, spreading noodles throughout her hair.


 She slowly pulled the waistband over her eyes, blanketing her vision with ducks and noodles. She then finished the job by hooking the waistband onto her nostrils, taking in the combined odor of ramen and her rear. There, she stood for several minutes, unsure of how to process what she had just did. Part of her wanted to eat the noodles, but another part of her told her it would be a waste. She walked around the house in the atomic, bending her legs and maneuvering like a crab on sand. Not bad, she told her herself. A fission of excitement bounced around in her tush as it was roasted by the ramen. Oh Kami! she realized in horror. Do I like this? She tugged on the front of her undergarments, becoming enticed by the fabric rising up against her stomach. She stopped pulling when the cotton was hooked onto her bust, covering her chest like a tube top. Damn it. I do, she conceded.



Before dinner, she had managed to take a shower and change into a new attire: a dark indigo shirt with purple sleeves, pale blue jeans, a belt that kept a tight grip on her waist, blue boots, and a pearl necklace gracefully adorned across her neck. She had to replace the dinner since she had dumped half of it previously. She went with tacos since it was the easiest she could manage. She managed to resist the urge to dump that as well. After dinner with Krillin and Marron, 18 retired to her and Krillin’s bedroom upstairs. She kicked off her shoes, pulled off her socks, and sat down on top of the bed. She turned on the TV with the remote, trying to distract herself.


 All she could think about was the fabric’s delightful grip it had on her previously. She could not properly explain how she enjoyed this sensation. Maybe she liked the pain she could bring upon herself at will. The pain made her feel stronger in a way. The agony was like a test of will power, along with endurance, and she would make sure she always won. Another reason, she supposed, was the courage it took to do so. It reminded her of how Vegeta wore his pink shirt despite the blow to his pride. To allow others to see her in such a painful position gave her a sense of valor. Of course, she would never want Marron of any children to see her like this. She may have loved this stuff, but she knew that it was not for kids. Marron was the only person she never wanted to find out about this. She could not care less about her friends finding out, but she never wanted her little girl to know about this. Perhaps when she was an adult, 18 could tell her, but not now. 18 let out a deep sigh. It’s been a crazy day, she thought to herself. How does anybody actually get one of these kinks?


 Krillin appeared in the doorway, wearing his normal outfit: a red t-shirt and brown pants. His black hair had grown out a bit as he scratched his scalp. “You doing okay?” he asked. “I heard you and Bulma got into a fight today.”


 “Yeah, we just gave each other some wedgies. That’s all,” 18 said with a shrug.


 “You two seem to do that a lot,” Krillin observed, sitting down to the right of her. “Why do you give her wedgies again?”

 “I don’t know,” 18 admitted. “It makes me laugh, I guess. She’s just really easy to give a wedgie to.”


 “Did you win at least?” Krillin questioned.


 18 nodded. “I always do,” she said, pressing her lips against his left cheek.


 Krillin smiled back. While he did not approve of their squabbles, he knew they were just screwing around. “That’s good, I guess,” he replied.

 18 took in a deep breath. It’s now or never, she told herself. “Krillin, I have to tell you something.”



 “Sure,” Krillin said with a smile.


 “It’s... a bit weird,” 18 said reluctantly.


 “I mean, our lives are pretty weird,” Krillin pointed out. “It can’t be that bizarre.”


 “I... have a kink,” 18 admitted.


 “That’s it?” Krillin asked.


 “What do you mean ‘That’s it?’” 18 asked, surprised by his apathy.


 “I thought you might have been pregnant again,” Krillin said with a chuckle. “That would have been more surprising.”


 18 raised an eyebrow. “So... you don’t care that I have a kink?” she asked, hopelessly perplexed by her husband’s indifference.


 “Well, what is it?” Krillin replied. “We’ve been together for years. I think I can handle it.”


 “I just started liking them today,” 18 continued. “I like... wedgies.”


 Krillin raised an eyebrow. “So, you got this from Bulma?” he asked, becoming confused.


 “Yes and no,” 18 answered. “Let me start from the beginning.” She described her entire day to Krillin, slightly confusing the latter but not grossing him out.


 “So, Bulma asked Shrenron to make you more... wedgie-prone?” Krillin asked, hoping he was getting it.


 18 nodded. “And to give myself wedgies on occasion. And for my panties to be as stretchy as hers.”


 “And she did this because you kept giving her wedgies?” Krillin clarified.


 18 nodded once more. “Yeah. In retrospect, I kind of deserved it.”


 “And so you pretended to enjoy it to screw with her, and Vegeta gave you wedgies on Bulma’s behalf. Do you want me to get him back?” Krillin offered.


 18 chuckled. “That’s awfully kind of you,” she stated, wrapping his arm around his shoulders. “But Vegeta would eat you alive.”


 “Yeah, but I’d do it for you,” Krillin said with a sly grin. “So, you’re not mad about him giving you wedgies?”


 18 shrugged. “I was, but I got back at Bulma. I gave her a mummy wedgie and left her there,” she said with a devilish smile, remembering earlier events quite fondly.


 “So, when did you start... enjoying wedgies?” Krillin asked, scratching his head. “And do you get turned on by giving them or getting them?”


 “When I got home, and I magically started giving myself wedgies,” 18 explained. “Before that, I just felt numb to them. I only get turned on by me getting wedgies, nobody else. The wedgie I gave myself earlier was simply amazing.” Stars formed in 18’s blue eyes as she reminisced about the beautiful mess she had created for herself. She shook her head and returned to her normal thoughts. “So, are you bothered by this at all?”


 “Eh, it’s a bit weird, I’ll give you that,” Krillin admitted. “But then again, we’ve fought some pretty bizarre foes. I think the weirdest one was Buu eating us.”


 18 shuddered in disgust. That was one of the worst days of her life. Being turned into food had left her completely powerless and alone. She never wanted to feel like that again. “So, if I asked you to give me a wedgie, would you?” 18 asked, becoming optimistic.


 Krillin shrugged. “I don’t mind,” he admitted. Although he would never say it out loud, from the times he had rarely seen it, seeing his wife get a wedgie was kind of hot. “What kind do you want?”

 18’s lips curved upward in a heartbeat. “Atomic.”


 “That’s the one that goes over your head, right?” Krillin questioned.


 18 nodded eagerly. “It’s the best one.” She moved back onto the bed, plopping her entire body down. She lay on her stomach, her rear trembling in anticipation. She quickly pulled off her necklace and placed it on the desk to the left of their bed. “Ready when you are,” she said, pulling her waistband out a bit.


 Krillin’s fingers wrapped themselves around her waistband, giving her a sense of reassurance. He lifted the fabric up slowly, eliciting a purr from 18. “What happened to the duck pair I bought you?”


 “In the wash,” 18 said with a shrug. “This was the next best thing,” she stated, referring to the hot pink fabric slicing through her skin. The cotton had wedged itself with the core of her rear. “Mmmph,” she purred. The fabric tightened its excruciating grip on her bottom, diminishing the breathing room for her posterior. “Yeah,” she moaned. “Keep going.”


 “You seem to be having a good time,” Krillin observed, his face turning more pink than his wife’s undergarments. 18 nodded as she smiled upon hearing the leg holes stretch themselves out. “So what is it you like about this again?”


 “It’s a test,” 18 answered simply. “I see how long I can go for and how much pain I can take,” she explained.


 “So, a test of endurance?” Krillin assumed.


 “Something like that,” 18 replied nonchalantly. “It just feels good to me. It’s like Goku going past his limits, if you get the idea.”


 “I don’t think Goku ever gave himself wedgies,” Krillin surmised. “At least I hope not.”


 “Let’s get back on track,” 18 suggested. Krillin yanked the fabric past her scalp, creating a pleasurable moan from 18 as the fabric rubbed against her hair. One of the things that added to this delightfully agonizing experience was the fact that Krillin was giving her the wedgie. She trusted him more than anybody else and she viewed him doing this as him giving more power to her than she ever could on her own. Granted, she would always be physically stronger than him, but that did not matter in her mind. While doing the process alone was satisfactory enough, there was something special about having someone she cared for performing the deed.


 “You ready?” Krillin asked, approaching the end of their journey.


 “Always,” 18 hummed. The fabric stretched past her forehead and blanketed her vision, giving her a literal sense of pink eye. She was certain this was the tightest Krillin could muster and she was proud of that. “Almost there,” she murmured. Krillin gave a sigh and kept going, pulling the cotton past her nose.


 “There?” Krillin asked.


 “No, chin,” 18 replied calmly.


 “Okay,” Krillin said with a shrug. The fabric consumed her face, invading her nostrils with a toxic odor before being hooked onto her chin. “And we’re done,” Krillin stated, releasing his grip. He admired his handiwork, unable to look away from his deed.


 “Thanks,” 18’s muffled voice told him.


 Krillin smiled back. It helped matters for him that he believed that he found quite hot in this position. “I’d kiss you, but I think you’re already taken,” he joked, observing the attachment between her face and her undergarments.


 “Hmmph,” 18 mumbled through the underwear prison, although this was a jail she never wanted to leave. She was happy she had picked out a stretchy pair, since it allowed for mobility in her neck. She tugged on the leg holes, hoping they would stretch even farther. She supposed that was another thing about wedgies she liked. The feelings of going beyond her limit, moving past the original intentions of the design, gave her a high unlike any other.


 A small knock could heard on the door, startling the couple. Krillin jumped off the bed and raced to the door, which had slowly been slowly creaking open. “Is everything alright?” Marron asked from the other side, attempting to poke her head through the door. “I heard Mommy making funny noises.”


 “Yeah, she was just... eating,” Krillin lied, sweating profusely.


 “Did the food taste good?” Marron questioned.


 “Uh... you could say that,” Krillin murmured. “So, why are you up? I thought I put you in bed.”

 Marron nodded. “You left the door open and I didn’t want to sleep.”


 Krillin sighed. “Give me a minute,” he told her, sneaking his way through the door. Much to his relief, Marron did not take notice of her mother’s current predicament. When he had returned, he made sure to lock the door behind him. “Okay, that’s taken care of,” he said, letting out a sigh of relief. “And the door’s locked just in case.”


 18 lifted her mask up past her nose. “You almost got us caught,” she grumbled.


 “Sorry!” Krillin apologized, returning to her on the bed. She sat up next to him and placed her head against his shoulders. “You having a good time there?” he joked, noticing her atomic wedgie still in place. He grabbed her pearl necklace and placed it over her head, adding to her appeal.


 “You could say that,” she whispered into his ear before kissing him on the cheek once more. “I’ve got a surprise for you.” She pulled him in closer before pressing her lips passionately against his. Her arms wrapped tightly around his spine, completely enamoured by the kiss. When their lips briefly separated, 18 took a deep breath. “You know what? I’m in a good mood tonight.” She immediately locked lips with again, providing him an unexpected, albeit not unpleasant, reward. Eventually, their kiss ended and 18 plopped down onto the bed, lying on her back.


 “Are... you going to sleep like that?” Krillin questioned. “I mean, I don’t mind if you do...”


 18 smiled as she crawled underneath the covers. She took notice of the fact that the atomic made for a great sleeping mask. Tonight may have started off rocky, but things were starting to work out. She may have been trapped in an atomic wedgie, but she never felt so free. “Hell yeah.”

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