Android 18 vs Captain Marvel Wedgie Story

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Android 18’s eyes fluttered open, hearing an alarm clock blare in her head. She slowly picked herself up and stretched her arms as she walked to her cabinet. At the moment, she wore pink pajamas and pink slippers. She opened the cabinet, finding very little pickings for clothing. “Crap,” she muttered, clenching her fists. Most of her clothes were still washing in the laundry, leaving her with only one outfit. “Maybe for old times sake,” 18 murmured, picking up the outfit. “If anything, it should make Krillin happy.” She changed clothes, putting on an outfit she had not in a long time. She despised the outfit due to it reminding her of cruel origins at the hands of Dr. Gero, but she supposed that the surprise change in clothes would surprise Krillin. While the original clothing was destroyed, a replica had been given to her by Android 21.


18 strolled into the kitchen, walking up to Krillin, who had been sipping a cup of coffee. He wore a red shirt, brown pants, black shoes, and possessed a mess of black hair atop his head. 18 snuck behind him before he could notice, covering his eyes with the palms of her hands. “Guess who?” she asked with a smirk.


Krillin chuckled, pulling her hands gently away. “Morning,” he greeted, craning his neck. His heart stopped as he saw her outfit. She wore a blue denim vest and skirt, with the Red Ribbon logo on the back of the vest, with dark blue tights, a brown belt, brown boots, and a black shirt that has white and black striped long sleeves.


“You like it?” 18 asked.


“Uh huh,” Krillin replied, stammering while simultaneously blushing.


“Good,” 18 replied, her smile widening with approval.


“So, any plans for today?” Krillin asked, removing any hesitation from his voice.


“Just the typical grocery shopping and seeing if anything fun is going on around town,” 18 said with a shrug.


“I think Goku’s summoning Shenron if you want anything fun to happen,” Krillin replied.


“Thanks,” 18 stated, taking notice of the darkness enveloping the sky outside.


“You might want to hurry,” Krillin suggested, pointing towards the window. “There’s no telling how many wishes will be left by the time Goku’s done.”


“I got it,” 18 replied, pushing the window open and soaring out within an instant. She saw Goku waving to the mighty Dragon in the sky.


“Thanks, Shenron!” Goku stated before he started rubbing his chin. “Now what should the last wish be?”


“Goku,” 18 spoke sternly, startling the Saiyan.


“Ah!” Goku yelped. He grabbed his racing heart as he panted. “Oh, it’s just you, 18,” he said, catching his breath. “For a second there, I thought you were Chi-Chi coming to yell at me.”

“What did you wish for?” 18 asked.


“To open a portal to other universes so I can fight strong guys!” Goku exclaimed, throwing his arms into the air. “And for the portals to close when I’m done.”


“That is the dumbest idea I’ve ever heard,” 18 stated, almost dumbfounded. “But... it’s something you would do, Goku.”


“Hee hee,” Goku chuckled, scratching his head nervously. He gave her a wave as he flew into the purple portal floating in the sky. “Later, 18! You can have the last wish!”


“At least I got something out of this,” 18 murmured, crossing her arms. She tapped her left foot anxiously, trying to think of what to do next. “Now, what to wish for?”


Carol Danvers tapped her right foot against the ground as she stared at the time for her phone. The woman had blonde hair that reached past her shoulders, a muscular figure and wore a colorful costume: a protection suit consisting of red gloves and matching long boots and sash. The suit was primarily dark blue with the top portions being red and a yellow lining that gave way to a star in the center of her uniform. One of the perks of wearing her hero uniform in public was the automatic sense of respect she got from civillains. Admittingly, she had a bit of an ego, but she was also one of the strongest people on the planet. She figured she could afford to be arrogant once in a while.


“Here’s your smoothie,” the female employee spoke cheerfully, handing a white plastic cup over the counter. Carol currently resided within the local smoothie shop, the Smoothie Galaxy, waiting for the employee to finish her order. “Berry blast, just like you like it.”


Carol grinned. “Thanks,” she replied, taking the smoothie and sipping through the red straw. “What do I owe you?”


“You and the Avengers have saved the city so many times, I’ve thought I’d make it on the house,” the employee stated chipperly. “I just got one favor to ask you.”


Carol raised an eyebrow. “Oh, what’s that?” she asked with curiosity.


The employee struggled to contain herself. “You’re friends with Spidey, right?”


Carol took a brief moment away from her smoothie to give her answer. “You could say that,” she said with a shrug, returning to her frozen beverage.


“Could you get me his autograph?!” the employee asked eagerly, nearly startling Carol.


“Eager, aren’t you?” Carol observed. “He’s not the kind of guy to give away his signature. It’s sort of part of his trade.”


“Oh!” the employee complained. “Are you absolutely sure?”


“Sorry,” Carol replied with a shrug. Her phone buzzed in her left hand, making her answer the call. “What is it, Fury?” Carol asked, seeing the face of a grumpy African-American man stare back at her. His bald head shined brightly as he wore a black eyepatch across his left eye.


“There’s been a rift created that’s opened a portal to other worlds,” Nick Fury stated sternly. “You’re the closest to the portal and we need to act fast.”


“Let me guess, you need me to shut the portal and do your job for you,” Captain Marvel asked with a smirk.


“Don’t get sassy with me, Danvers,” Fury snapped. “Just take care of it. Fury Out.” The phone call immediately disconnected, making Carol chuckle.


“And I thought I had anger issues,” she murmured, thinking about the occasional times where she let her anger override her ability to complete tasks. “Whatever,” she stated, placing her phone in her pocket, putting her drink down on the nearest wooden table outside, and walking away from the shop. “Let’s get this over with.” She looked up to the sky, seeing a purple portal enveloping the sky. “That doesn’t look good.”


A blonde woman fell through the portal. She used her flight to prevent herself from crashing into the ground. She landed on her feet, taking a deep breath as she regained her footing. “That was unpleasant,” 18 murmured, dusting herself off. Her eyes locked onto Carol’s. “Oh, hey,” she greeted apathetically.


“Who are you?” Carol questioned, assuming a fighting stance and clenching her fists.


“You can call me 18,” the android replied casually, placing her hands on her hips. “And you?”


“Captain Marvel,” Carol stated confidently. “I’m part of the Avengers.”


18 raised an eyebrow. “The who?”


“I guess we don’t exist in your world,” Carol observed, not budging in the slightest. She had no clue whether or not 18 was a threat, so she was not about to drop her guard. “And it seems that portal dragged you here.”


“Observant,” 18 stated. “And you can thank Goku for this mess.”


“Goku?” Captain Marvel questioned, raising an eyebrow.


“An idiot who likes to fight,” 18 stated, placing her left hand to her forehead.


“Speak your wish,” Shenron’s voice echoed through the portal.


“Huh?” Captain Marvel asked, looking up to the portal. “What is that? Some kind of genie?”


“I am not a genie. I am Shenron,” the Dragon roared with a hint of annoyance in his tone. “Speak your wish. I grow tired of waiting.”


“So I can wish for whatever I want?” Captain Marvel asked, questioning the ramifications of her actions.


“No way,” 18 snapped. “I’m taking that wish. It’s mine.”


“Sounds like you want to fight for it,” Captain Marvel said with a grin, reassuming her fighting position. She could not sense any energy from the android at all, adding another level of confidence to her already massive ego. This should be easy.


“That’s what I do best,” 18 replied as she smirked, clenching her fists. The two clashed fists, electricity across each other’s bodies. 18 and Carol threw a fist simultaneously, with both landing a mighty punch on each other’s cheek respectively, sending a shockwave through each other’s systems. The two blew away from each other, both picking themselves up immediately.


“You’re not half-bad,” Captain Marvel muttered, wiping away blood from her chin.


“Years of practice,” 18 replied, doing the same to her own chin. A devious idea popped into her brain. She and Carol soared towards each other once more, but 18 sidestepped her opponent. Her fingers wrapped themselves around Carol’s scalp, yanking mercilessly on her hair.


“Hey!” Carol yelped, struggling to move. “That’s cheating!”


18 took notice of the lack of area surrounding Carol’s backside. “You’re not packing much, are you?” 18 joked, staring at Carol’s flat posterior.


“Shut up!” Carol barked, realizing immediately what 18 meant. The android held out her left hand, blasting a golden energy beam into the bottom of Carol’s suit. “Ack!” the hero yelped.


“Really?” 18 questioned, observing the blue-and-white striped fabric now appearing. “Boy shorts? That’s boring.” She wrapped her cold fingers around Carol’s waistband, sending a shiver down the hero’s spine.


“W-what are you doing?” Carol stammered before she realized what was about to happen. The fabric zipped up her backside, causing her to yell at the top of her lungs. 18 merely grinned, watching the fabric tear Carol a new one. The material acted like a chainsaw with Carol’s bottom being like a tree unprepared to be cut in half. 18 took delight in hearing the underwear make its typical stretching sound, finding humor in seeing the leg holes stretch past its normal capacity. The fabric soared up to Carol's neck, but the journey was nowhere near complete. The material slinked its way up to her scalp, terrifying her more than any foe ever could. The power of the wedgie was unlike any other: paralyzing her with pained embarrassment. All the while, Carol struggled to contain her screams.


“Let’s wrap this up,” 18 stated, pulling the waistband past Carol’s scalp. The underwear slithered past the rest of Carol’s hair, hooking the waistband onto the hero’s forehead.


“Ugh,” Carol murmured, feeling her neck strain back slightly. She wondered if having her underwear completely stretched out was a good thing since the circumstances saved her from a more painful atomic, She lifted her head forward, watching 18 laugh at her uncontrollably. Carol’s face became consumed by a crimson red, rage building within every vein inside her body. Without any hesitation, she zipped past 18 and pushed the android to the ground.


Guess I let my guard down, 18 realized, attempting to pull herself up. “Ack!” she yelped, feeling an energy beam zapping her tush, exposing a plain white fabric. “Eek!” she shrieked, feeling cotton be yanked up her posterior not unlike she had done to Carol.


 “Not so funny now, is it?” Carol asked, her voice drenched in anger. Without any hesitation, she used all her strength in the next tug. The yank completely wedged the fabric up 18’s back, making the android yelp loud enough to break glass.


She’s going all out, 18 realized. Unlike the hero, 18 had been administering the atomic wedgie to Carol through a slow, steady, and painful process. Carol’s method was quick, but absolutely agonizing.


“Time’s up,” Carol said through gritted teeth, preparing for the endgame. She roared as she launched her final assault. The plain white fabric stretched all the way out, making the leg holes are large as basketball hoops. The material stretched to the point that the underwear was barely holding together at the seams. By the time that the waistband crossed 18’s scalp, the android was about ready to yield.


I should have used all my power from the start, 18 wanted to say, but the cotton finding its new home within the core of her posterior prevented her from doing so. The fabric leapt past her forehead, latching onto her chin. Her neck strained back considerably as her nostrils were squashed by the lack of breathing room. I haven’t gotten a wedgie like this... ever… 18 murmured inside her thoughts, picking herself up and waddling around like a penguin. Although she hated to admit it, she was impressed by Captain Marvel’s strength. Granted, she was certain that she was stronger, but overconfidence was her undoing.


“Ha ha!” Carol exclaimed, wiping away tears of joy while becoming numb to her own atomic. “That’s how it feels!”


Now’s my chance! 18 thought, rushing up to Carol. The hero’s eyes widened in surprise, unable to react in time. 18 gripped Carol’s waistband and wrenched the fabric past her nose and hooked the waistband underneath the chin.


“Eek!” Carol screamed from her cotton prison, scratching at the fabric.


“Are either of you going to make a wish?” Shenron’s voice asked, growing vexed. “I have no time for your petty squabbles.”


18 and Carol managed to yank their underwear off their faces, leaving the stretched out material to lifelessly droop from their backsides. “That Dragon is incredibly similar to the Infinity Gauntlet,” Captain Marvel murmured.


“What’s that?” 18 questioned. A devious grin appeared on her lips as she prepared her next statement.


“Oh shit,” the hero cursed, realizing her error. She had only one shot to save herself. Let’s hope I’m not too late, Carol thought worriedly.



Android 18 Wins:

“Give me the Infinity Gauntlet!” 18 demanded, outspeeding Carol’s same exact sentence.


“Your wish is granted!” Shenron’s voice stated, a red glow briefly appearing through the portal before disappearing. “All three wishes have been granted. Farewell!” The voice disappeared as a yellow gauntlet with 6 stones of varying color appeared on 18’s left hand.


“It’s heavier than I thought it’d be,” 18 murmured, rubbing the gauntlet with her free hand.


“Give me that!” Captain Marvel demanded, charging at 18. “No one should wield that!”


“No,” 18, holding the gauntlet in the air and freezing Carol in time. She noticed an unfinished smoothie standing on a nearby table. “You like smoothies?”


“No,” Captain Marvel lied, hoping she could break free of the gauntlet’s power.


“You’re a terrible liar,” 18 observed, seeing right through Carol. “You don’t get a lot of wedgies, do you?”


“Not really,” Carol admitted, her cheeks blushing as the fabric magically slithered up her back. “Please stop,” she begged, feeling the cotton split her in two.


“Tell you what,” 18 stated calmly. “I’ll do you a favor.”


Carol’s eyes widened in relief. “You’ll let me go?” she asked optimistically.


18 chuckled as she shook her head. “Nah. I’ll make the wedgie a bit more enjoyable for you.” She snapped her fingers, sending an energy pulse through Carol’s system. It was almost as if a switch had been flipped. The fabric was wedged up her bottom and while it still hurt, a new sensation engaged her system.


“Oh... yeah,” she moaned, but she quickly covered her mouth upon saying that. Did I say that? she wondered. I kind of want an atomic... What? No, I don’t! But imagine how much fun it’ll be... No, it isn’t! You won’t know until you try... and if the smoothie is added... imagine how good that’ll feel! No! Don’t say anything! Her next words she was both happy and regretful to have said. “I want a messy atomic...” she whispered before she quickly covered her mouth.


“If you insist,” 18 replied with a grin. She floated the smoothie towards Carol and dumped its frozen contents down her undergarments, sending her tush on a one-way trip to Antarctica. Her once blue-and-white underwear now had purple added into the mix, straining the fabric effortlessly.


“So cold...” Carol said through chattering teeth. This is amazing! I should’ve started loving wedgies years ago! No! I don’t need to love this! But it’s soooo good! The fabric crawled up her neck, slithering ever closer to the top of her head. Under normal circumstances, a wedgie would have been the bane of her existence. Now, she was on cloud nine, although she hated to admit it. Her waistband leaped over her scalp, stretching past its normal limits to latch onto her chin once more. Her lips and nose became acquainted with smoothie, letting her have the time of her life. Ugh, it’s in my hair... Who cares? This is great! I wonder... how much crime I could fight in a wedgie? Maybe an atomic wedgie could be my mask! No! Stop staying that! Don’t enjoy this!


“You having a good time?” 18 asked, watching Carol constantly switch between a grin and a grimace.


Carol weakly hovered her left hand in the air. “Yes and no,” she muttered.


“Okay,” 18 replied. “Last one.” She looked around to find the most impressive building she could find. Her grin grew even wider upon finding her target: Avengers Tower. The building stood tall and proud, at least for now. 18 snapped her fingers one more time, making Carol clamp her eyes shut in anticipation.When she reopened them, she was in a state of complete euphoria. Her underwear had been stretched to lengths she would never have dreamed were possible. The fabric had wrapped around the tower in numerous directions, tying her against the tower. She was completely trapped by a clothing she once took comfort in as a normal piece of fabric. Now, the material had been enchanted as the ultimate form of entertainment.


Carol bit her lip, attempting not to say anything. She found it humorous that the underwear now resembled a pattern not unlike that of a spider web. Too bad Pete ain’t here to see this, she thought with a chuckle. She noticed that 18 had disappeared, but had left the gauntlet behind. She was not sure whether to be happy or annoyed about that fact. On the one hand, she was glad that 18 would not be using it anymore. On the other, she viewed this as a form of a taunt. ‘I don’t need this glove to beat you in the future.’ That’s probably what she thinks, Carol thought bitterly. Well, at least I get to enjoy this wedgie all to myself! No! Stop enjoying it! Once you get the gauntlet, this nightmare will be over!


“So, you hang out here often?” a familiar voice asked sarcastically. A man in a red-and-blue spandex outfit appeared before her, hanging onto a webline. Spider-Man.


“What the hell happened here?” Fury screamed from a nearby window.


“Ugh...” Captain Marvel groaned.



Captain Marvel Wins:

“Give me the Infinity Gauntlet!” Captain Marvel managed to scream out before 18. She only ever intended to use the gauntlet as a last resort and she could not allow somebody who did not understand the power to wield it.


“Your wish is granted!” Shenron’s voice stated, a red glow briefly appearing through the portal before disappearing. “All three wishes have been granted. Farewell!” The voice disappeared as a yellow gauntlet with 6 stones of varying color appeared on Carol’s left hand.


“What is that?” 18 asked, staring at the weapon.


“Your destruction,” Captain Marvel, holding the glove in front of 18. She used the stones inside the gauntlet to read 18’s memories and discover her knowledge. “I had no idea so many of these existed,” Carol murmured, seeing dozens of different wedgies. “How do you know about so many of these?”


“Eh, years of practice,” 18 said with a shrug. “Let me guess. You’re going to use that thing to give me the worst wedgies you can think of.”


“You’re smarter than you look,” Captain Marvel said with a devious grin. She waved the gauntlet in the air, making the back of 18’s underwear snap into the air. Making her underwear as stretchy as can be will certainly help, Carol thought to herself. “Sorry, but I play to win.” Out of thin air, a slice of pepperoni pizza appeared. The pizza slice floated in the air, terrifying 18 for what was about to happen next. “It’s a New York classic,” Carol explained, letting the scalding food drop down the back of 18’s underwear.


18 bit her tongue, attempting to ignore the grease staining the fabric. She had never tried pizza before, although she had heard that the food tasted good. After today, she definitely had no incentive to ever try the food. The cheese slid off the crust, spilling the tomato sauce and meat chunks throughout the fabric. I’m never wearing this pair again, 18 thought bitterly, attempting to ignore the burning sensation roasting her bottom. The material magically flew over her head, staining her hair and clothes while she was shuddering. Once more, the fabric hooked onto her chin, giving her nostrils a new stench to intake. Oh Kami. Why is pizza a thing? 18 thought miserably.


“18? What happened to you?” a concerned, familiar voice asked.


Krillin?! 18 wanted to scream, realizing that Captain Marvel had summoned him from the portal. She could only assume Carol had read her mind and found out her marriage.


“One last wedgie,” Carol stated, snapping her fingers and engulfing the entire area in a bright light.


“What the?” 18 asked, finding that the waistband had unhooked itself from her chin. Her body and Krillin slammed into each other suddenly, forcing each other into a kiss. 18’s undergarments wrapped themselves around the couple, making a cocoon of cotton.


“Mmph!” 18 and Krillin screamed simultaneously, now trapped in a wedgie chrysalis. 18 had found that she involuntarily wrapped her arms around Krillin, making the forced kiss more passionate.


“I think I’m done here,” Carol murmured. I need to find a place to dispose of this before the wrong hands get to them. She looked back to the portal. Maybe I should fix that first.


This is not how I wanted us to make out, Krillin wanted to complain. On the bright side, 18 and I are closer now, heh heh.


Ugh, this is just wonderful, 18 thought sarcastically. While she loved Krillin, she didn’t want to kiss him in these circumstances. She conceded defeat, the pain of the tight fabric now beginning to numb. Never thought I’d ever kiss Krillin in a wedgie. Wish I could say I enjoy it…



“Give me the Infinity Gauntlet!” 18 and Captain Marvel demanded simultaneously.


“Your wish is granted!” Shenron’s voice stated, a red glow briefly appearing through the portal before disappearing. “All three wishes have been granted. Farewell!” The voice disappeared as a yellow gauntlet with 6 stones of varying color appeared on 18 and Carol’s left hand.

More specifically, the gauntlet had been summoned to them and their hands had been forcibly jammed into the glove.


“What the hell?” 18 asked, blinking in disbelief.


“Let go of that!” Carol snapped, reaching over to 18's waist and grabbing a fistful of cotton.


“Ack!” 18 shouted, feeling the fabric jolt up her stomach. She gritted her teeth as she attempted to figure out a way to control the gauntlet. Maybe if I snap my fingers... She held up her hand, preparing a snap when Carol's eyes widened in panic. “You should have gone for the head,” the android advised. This woman is such a nerd. Kind of like Bulma... and Videl... and Chi-Chi... and Launch when she's got that blue hair... As she snapped, she felt the cotton zip up her stomach one more time. “Ah!” she screamed as the gauntlet engulfed the two in a bright light.



Bulma sat down on the couch, taking a moment to relax. She currently wore her typical outfit: a white t-shirt, a red bandana, pale blue jeans, and cowgirl boots. She stretched her arms, grabbing the remote and turning on the TV. Letting out a yawn, she scratched her stomach. She noticed her white waistband had started peeking out of the top of her jeans. “Must be losing weight,” she assumed, pulling her jeans up. As she did so, the fabric slithered past her stomach, surprising the scientist. “Uh... what?" she asked, pulling her jeans up her even higher. The fabric simply crawled past her chest, now yanking itself upward. “Ow!” Bulma yelped, watching in terror as her strawberry printed undergarments soared past her head. “Nononono!” Bulma shouted as the fabric's waistband passed her face and hooked itself to the back of her skull. She scratched at her face as she stood up,


Launch walked through the door. The blue-haired woman wore a red ribbon in her hair, a light-green belly-baring tank top, yellow shorts with a red belt, brown fingerless gloves and red shoes with worn with green socks. She had come to visit Bulma and hanging out with Tenshinhan throughout the day. “Hi, Bulma,” she greeted, not noticing her friend's predicament as she was walking through the door. “I hope you don't mind a surprise visit!” Her eyes widened in surprise as she saw her friend clawing at her own underwear. “Uh, is now a bad time?” she asked squeamishly.


“Get me out of this!” Bulma's muffled voice roared.


“Uh... how?” Launch asked, placing a confused finger to her lips. Suddenly, a pink fabric slinked up her back, causing her to squeak. “What's causing that?” she wondered, her vocal pitch growing higher as the fabric reached all the way up to her neck. The material crawled past her scalp, stretching even further than it normally could. “This is weird,” she murmured. She had gotten a few wedgies throughout her life, but she had always seen the culprit until now. The fabric launched itself onto Launch's forehead, finding a comfortable home above her eyebrows. The wedgie was uncomfortable, but not particularly painful. She tried to pull the waistband off her head, but found that it had magically glued itself to her cranium. No amount of pulling produced any results. As Bulma screamed for help, Launch blissfully looked on the bright side. “At least I got a new hat,” she said chipperly, patting the soft fabric adorning her head.



Videl's fist clashed with Chi-Chi's as the two fought in the back yard of Chi-Chi's house. Videl had her short hairtyle and wore a casual outfit for old times' sake: a blue and orange “FIGHT” t-shirt with a long-sleeved orange undershirt, tight-fitting white pants, and orange shoes. Chi-Chi also wore an old outfit, although for the sake of making herself look younger: a blue cheongsam, red pants, armband, shoes, and sash, along with white socks. She also wore her hair in a ponytail rather than her usual bun. Finally, she held Goku’s red Power Pole in her hands. As they fought, a fabric peaked out of their pants before it zipped high into the sky. “Ack!” the mother and daughter-in-law shouted simultaneously, feeling the fabric painfully yank up their backsides.


“Videl, stop doing this!” Chi-Chi barked, feeling her toes losing touch with the ground.


“I'm not doing it!” Videl snapped. Her level of ki control was not that good, and she certainly would not use such an underhanded tactic to win the fight. “Look for yourself!” she shouted, pointing to the white fabric stretching past her head. She closed her eyes as she prepared for the worst: an atomic. Instead, the teddy bear printed fabric zoomed past her body and wrapped itself around her with a tight grip. “Eeep!” Videl squealed, feeling the fabric burn her bottom with its tight pulls. Once the job was done, the waistband had latched itself onto her eyes as she fell over. Her body resembled that of a mummy with her underwear acting as the bandages. She struggled for several minutes before giving up and accepting her wedgied fate.


Chi-Chi's screams echoed through the air as she hovered helplessly through the air, the red Nimbus Cloud printed fabric stretching far past her head. The leg holes had been stretched to the point that her head could have easily fit through the holes. To make matters worse, the Power Pole had gained a mind of its own, holding her high up into the air. She eventually stopped yelling and kicking, deciding to take a deep breath. I don't know how, but I feel like 18 is behind this...



Android 18 and Captain Marvel struggled to move. Their necks had been strained back by their underwear, the waistbands having latched onto their chins. However, they were not witnessing the toxic experience of their own underwear. Rather, the opponent's underwear had latched onto the other, blanketing 18's vision with blue-and-white fabric and Carol's vision with plain white fabric. “Ack! When was the last time you did laundry?!” 18 shouted through her cotton mask, clawing at her prison in her attempts to remove the seemingly glued fabric.


“Hey! You try being a hero 24/7 around the universe. You find that you don't have that much free time!” She struggled to remove her underwear from her chin. Despite using all of her power, she could not get the fabric to budge. While she hated to admit it, as painful as her atomic was, it did not particularly smell.


“Hey, is that Captain Marvel?” an ongoer asked. During the fight, most pedestrians had run away in fear of the portal. It was only now that a few had returned. “And another lady.”


Oh no, Carol thought worriedly, her cheeks flushing redder than her costume.


Great, 18 thought sarcastically, resisting the urge to murder them all. This might not have been worth it...


“I guess the comic books are accurate,” a woman observed. “She really does have a flat ass.”


Oh come on! Carol fumed, placing her hands behind herself to hide her backside. I could've won if I was faster...

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