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Disclaimer: I do not own Dragon Ball Z and am not profiting from this work.


Gohan knew this was a bad idea. A terrible idea. The worst idea in the long sad history of bad ideas; but he didn’t have any choice. He was desperate. He needed her help.

From Satan City to West City, it was only a short flight across the county, but he held nothing back, desperate to put as much distance between himself and that girl as possible.  Before the urge took him again.

He could still feel it. The heat. The awareness. The throbbing energy cracking through his skin, making it feel too tight for his body. The hunger. The raw, undeniable… need.

Gohan couldn’t understand it.

It had all begun the morning he started attending Orange Star High. He’d been flying over the city, on his way to school, when he’d noticed a robbery and had stepped in to settle the issue before anyone got hurt. A simple enough matter really, and after he’d turned Super Saiyan, it had only taken a moment to take their vehicle off the road and arrange for the miscreants inside to take a trip into intensive care to think on their misdeeds. His work done, he’d been all set to get back on his way, then it happened.

 It had started like an itch he couldn’t quite scratch, a tingle of sensation racing down his spine. Then he’d heard footsteps behind him and glanced around just in time to see a dark-haired girl dressed in an overly large white t-shirt running up the street, snapping for the gathering crowd of people to get out of her way. And suddenly his every sense was focused on her, and as she surveyed the scene, he couldn’t stop himself from giving her a long, slow once over.

He’d managed to drag his eyes away just in time, but she must have sensed him watching her because no sooner had he done so than her head had snapped around to fix on him. Her big blue eyes had narrowed suspiciously, but far from being intimidated, the challenging look had sent another tingle down his spine, stirring the beast between his legs even as he did an about-turn and quick timed it down the street out of her sight.

However, he’d soon learned his escape had been only momentary. Videl Satan was not only a student of Orange Star High like himself, she was a part of his very homeroom and sat not two seats down. Just close enough for him to catch her scent on every breath, clean and fresh with a hint of vanilla from her morning shower, and feel her eyes glaring at him, watching him, provoking him.

He didn’t know how much longer he could fight it off. The only time he’d felt anything like it was when he had been those times he’d transformed into the giant ape, only this was more concentrated, more focused. This wasn’t a transformation, but a single-minded drive, and it was growing stronger.

The last time had been the worst. She’d cornered him in a corridor on the way to class, all fire and brimstone, demanding to know if he was ‘that buffoon with a bucket on his head’, as she put it. And it had been all he could do not to push her up against the lockers and silence her with a hungry kiss. He almost had, when she’d stepped in close and started prodding his chest, the beast in him had taken over and closed the gap, his head dipping so they were almost nose to nose, lips just brushing-

If she had stood her ground, he didn’t want to think what could have happened. Yet for all her bluster and bravado, she’d softened under him and rose onto her tiptoes to meet him and that momentary surrender had broken the spell. So…

He’d fled.

No apologies, no hurried explanation, just turned on his heel and bolted as fast as his legs could carry him. A misspent childhood of ducking and diving his mother’s attempts to get him to study had long since proved that discretion was always the better part of valour after all. And this was no doubt for the best because her furious shouts had hounded him all through the halls of Orange Star High. If he hadn’t been able to fly, he guessed he might have been ducking and diving through the city streets as she divebombed him with that blasted chopper of hers.

He needed to sort this out.

If it had been anybody else, Gohan might have hoped she’d forget about it. It was Friday after all, and that meant she’d have a whole two days of free time to get it out of her mind, but Gohan doubted Videl Satan had ever let herself forget anything. She was possibly the most stubborn girl he had ever known, and he wouldn’t put it past her to get his address out of the school directory and come all the way out to the mountains tonight, just to kick his ass.

And if that happened, he didn’t want to think about what might happen.

He needed help.

He needed to see…her.

Girlgeta, the Saiyan Princess

The thought sent a chill down his spine, but he pressed on regardless, so intent on his destination, he almost didn’t notice the movement below.

When they attacked, they moved as one. The first coming up from the south, rising up on Gohan’s blindside in a burst of energy, trying to distract him while the second exploded up from directly below, coming at him hard and fast. Too fast. Too fast to follow as Gohan pivoted aside. Too fast to stop as he rolled in mid-air, one leg extended in a roundhouse kick that caught his attacker in the ribs and sent him tumbling back, directly into the path of his oncoming sidekick.

Only for Gohan to catch them both at the last moment.

Trunks looked up at him, his face red but eyes triumphant. “We almost had you that time, Gohan.”

“Yep, you sure did.” And Gohan couldn’t help grinning at his enthusiasm. It didn’t matter how many times he’d caught them, the little guy would just shake it off and try again.

Sniffing, Goten twisted to look up at his big brother, almost on the point of tears. “Did I do good, Gohan?”   

Stretching his grin, Gohan ruffled the miniature image of their father’s hair. “Yeah, you did great Goten, excellent work, I had no idea you guys were there.” The lie was hopelessly transparent, but at only seven, his little brother hadn’t quite learned to look at the glass as half full yet.

Unlike Trunks.

“Don’t sweat it, Goten, we’ll get him next time!” he cheered, giving the other boy a thumbs up. “So what are you doing here Gohan? Dad’s not home, he had to fly off to Europe. There’s some trouble in the Berlin lab and the director needed his help personally…   and hey, I know, do you want to come and play with us up in the valleys? We’ve been watching these old movies and-“

“Yeah, they’re called Star Wars, Gohan,” Goten pipped in, suddenly a little ball of excitement. “And they’re so cool, with guys who have laser swords and can move things with their hands-“

“No, idiot, they don’t move things with their hands, anyone can do that. ”Trunks corrected, annoyed by the younger boys interruption. “They do it with their mind, their hands just direct the force and then-“

However, Goten wouldn’t be dissuaded. “No, they use their hands, remember, we saw Obi-Wan do that thing when he-”

Gohan wasn’t listening.

Boxer wasn’t home, that was probably for the best. He certainly hadn’t been looking forward to broaching the subject with his dad’s oldest friend, and the guy could get funny when people came by, just to see his wife.

Then again, Girlgeta had never been the easiest person to talk to. A buffer was always a nice way to break the long awkward silences. Even if it was Boxer’s ramblings about sport and his own narcissistic genius.

“Th-thanks Trunks, but I can’t play right now, I’ve got to speak with your err… mum.”

Both boys gave an exaggerated groan, that was as sincere as crocodile tears, but never failed to tear at Gohan’s heart. “Hey, come on guys, I promise we’ll play later, ok, I just really need to speak to your mum now Trunks.”

“Ok,” both kids groaned, then Trunks gestured back over his shoulder with his thumb, where Gohan could just make out the great yellow dome of Capsule Corp against the horizon. “She’s training in the ship.”

Gohan swallowed, that one word sending a cold shiver down his spine. “The ship?”

Trunks nodded. “Yeah, she broke the gravity room the other day, and dad hasn’t had a chance to repair it, so she moved into the ship until he does. She’s been pissed off ever since.” He said it offhand as if it was almost an everyday fact of life, rather than a premonition of his friend’s premature demise.

Then again, no one had ever accused Girlgeta of being a placid madden.

“Ok, come on Goten, last one theirs a Wookie nurf herder!” Trunks beamed, suddenly seeming to remember their plans to go play and taking flight, shouting back as he went “best of luck Gohan, and remember you promised to play with us later.”

Goten was right behind him. “Bye Bro, hey Trunks, wait, no fair…”

“Yeah, have fun guys,” Gohan commented, lingering there for a moment to watch the boisterous pair fly off into the endless blue horizon, before resuming his own race towards the ominous yellow dome that loomed over West City.

Yet, however much he needed to see Girlgeta’s help, he couldn’t shake the feeling he was flying out of the frying pan, and into the fire.

A feeling that became a certainty when he flew over the Capsule Corp grounds and saw the all too familiar figure standing outside, besides the corporation’s fourth, and last remaining, Starship. Waiting for him.

Leant back against the hatchway, with her arms crossed over her breasts and dressed in her customary black bodyglove, Girlgeta watched him with her customary glare. A look that made Gohan feel like she was looking straight through him as he dropped out of the sky to land softly on the ground before the Saiyan Princess.  

“What are you doing here, boy?” she growled.

It wasn’t that Girlgeta particularly disliked Gohan. Quite the contrary, she was relatively fond of him. While she might have loathed and respected his father in equal measures, the son was not the father and while she never pretended to like him, she never pretended to particularly like anyone. He might have been part Saiyan, and a powerful fighter, but he was no warrior, and so she felt the same complete indifference towards him, that she did for the rest of this pathetic planet. He had saved her life once, however, so she made an effort to tolerate him more than most. But that didn’t give him carte blanche to interrupt her training whenever he bloody well liked!

“Err…Hey Girlgeta” Feeling his cheeks start to burn under her inscrutable glare, Gohan dropped his eyes to look at his feet. As beautiful as she was dangerous, he was never quite sure where to look when talking to the Saiyan Princess. Given her quick temper and general hunger to fight, meeting her eyes could be more dangerous than staring at her tits.

Of course, that didn’t make the latter any less dangerous. Something Master Roshi had learned the hard way, on multiple occasions.

He swallowed, trying to keep the nervousness from his voice. “Well I - I need your help.”

She snarled, her eyes narrowing in a momentary flash of turquoise as she straightened up, stormed down the flight of steps towards him. “Obviously, baka, but what are-” The words caught in her throat as she caught his scent and stopped dead in her tracks. That scent! Her nostrils flared, tasting the air, her heart suddenly racing as each breath sent waves of sensation coursing through her, igniting her core, making her breasts heavy and nipples peak against the bodyglove. “How long?”

“Hgh?” Caught off guard by the unexpected question, Gohan’s eyes shot back up to meet her accusing glare. “How long… what?”

“How long?” Girlgeta repeated, breathless, and suddenly feeling very warm in her second latex skin. However, his only response was an uncertain look, accompanied by a slight head tilt and arched brow that made him look way too much like his father for her liking. “Err… fine, inside!”

The order hit him like a crash of icy water to the face.

“What!” Gohan doubted he would have been more scared if she had told him Cell had come back from the dead. 

Whatever she had in mind, if it involved going into her ship, it would not be good. Maybe Piccolo would have some idea what was wrong with him, or perhaps the Eternal Dragon could fix whatever was wrong. He just had to find all seven Dragonballs and make a wish. It wouldn’t be too hard, he had two days, he could scour every inch of the planet in that time. Maybe he could even talk his mum into letting Goten help. After all the times their quest for the magic balls had almost gotten her and their dad killed, she’d love the idea.

Or maybe he could somehow convince Videl it had all been just a joke.

Whatever he did, first he needed to get the hell out of dodge.

He edged slowly back, readying himself to kick off from the ground.

He was stronger, faster, even if she went Super, he would be long gone before she ever had a hope of finding him. Just a little further. “Now wait, Girlgeta, can’t we just-“

However, she had already closed the gap.

“I said, get in the fucking ship!” With a strength that belied her small stature, she grabbed him by his white shirt sleeve, turned on her heel, and dragged him back up the steps and through the hatch into the ship.

The hatch slid closed behind them, plunging them into semi-darkness.

Unlike the Corporation’s three other ships, the good Doctor Briefs seemed to of designed this specifically with his daughter in law in mind. While they all shared the same red tile floors and reinforced steel walls, this one had had the multi-level interior stripped out to leave a single-story chamber with a stark and strictly utilitarian open floorplan dominated by the hulk of the enhanced gravity machine. If Dr Briefs had ever tried to instal something as luxurious as a cappuccino machine in here, it would no doubt be nothing but a pile of bits by now, lost somewhere amongst the scrap that was the last remains of Girlgeta’s inexhaustible army of combat droids.

It was exactly as Gohan would have imagined it. Except for the bed.

That was A cavernous four-poster hung with deep red canopies and piled high with a mountain of pillows. A symbol of old-world opulence and luxury. Not exactly the style of a battle-hardened Saiyan Princess.

On the other hand, definitely Boxer’s.

“Sit.” Girlgeta snapped, shattering his momentary distraction and throwing him onto the bed.

“H-hey wha- wait! Girlgeta, what are you doing…” Gohan trailed off as he looked up from the bed, his eyes going as wide as saucers as she started working on the zipper of her body glove, tugging it down the dip between her breasts.

Girlgeta shot him an impatient look.

She wasn’t in any mood for games.

Not now.

Not after what he’d done to her.

“What does it look like baka? Shut up and strip.” Tugging the zipper all the way down to her navel, she shrugged the spandex off her shoulders. Tailored to fit like a second skin, it was designed to allow optimum movement, but now she couldn’t get it off fast enough

 “What? You can’t be-”

“I said get out of your fucking clothes!” Finally succeeding in dragging the spandex from her shoulders, she pushed it down her legs and kicked it away across the ship.

His cheeks burning, Gohan looked away. “But why do I need to-?”

“Because you’re in heat.” She snapped, coming to stand over him with her hands on her hips.

“What!” In his surprise, his eyes snapped back up to her, and almost bulged right out of their sockets when he found the rosy tips of her naked breasts staring back at him.

Gohan wasn’t an innocent, or at least he wasn’t as innocent as everyone always seemed to think. Being friends with the likes of Krillen and Master Roshi had meant that he had glimpsed more than his fair share of girly mags over the years, and some of the things the girls at school wore to class left perilously little to the imagination.  Yeah, Gohan had a pretty good idea of what girls looked like under their clothes, but this wasn’t just some girl.

Though of relatively small stature, the Saiyan Princess was nonetheless full-figured and beautiful, with long legs, a tight flat belly and a bountiful bosom that would more than fill each of his hands.

“What’s the matter cat got your tongue?” Girlgeta growled, her eyes raking over his still fully clothed body until they landed on the tell-tale bulge forming in his trousers. The discovery sent a fresh rush of heat through her core. “You better enjoy it while you can Brat, this is the only time you’re ever going to see what a real woman looks like.”

Swallowing what little moisture was left in his mouth, Gohan forced his eyes up to meet hers. “But I can’t be, how’s that possi-hey, wait, what no! Stop!” He shouted in a sudden rush as she grabbed fistfuls of his trousers, half tugging, and half trying to rip them apart. 

“You want my help; this is the only way.” She snapped even as he grabbed at her hands to force them away, her heart pounding, the wet heat in her centre began to throb insistently. Damnit, now just being close to him was turning her on. “shut-up, do I have to do everything myself …Errr…fine!” Her eyes momentarily flashed turquoise, and the ship filled with the sound of tearing cloth.

Gohan might have been the strongest fighter in the known galaxy, but his trousers and underpants were merely humble cotton. No match for the raw power of a Super Saiyan Princess. With a twist of her wrist, they tore at their very fibres and exploded in a rain of red and black confetti, as well as a single patch of fabric that looked mysteriously like a teddy bear.

Girlgeta however, wasn’t interested in his choice of underwear.

“Mmm…Well, aren’t you just full of surprises.” She purred, drinking in the sight of his arousal standing rampant, huge by any standard and easily as thick as her wrist. She licked her lips. “This is going to be fun.”

Wide-eyed, Gohan could barely speak through the lump in his throat. “No, stop, you can’t be serious-ohh!” His words dissolved in a long moan as lush heat enveloped him.

Curling her fingers around his thick base, delighting in the knowledge that they couldn’t meet in the middle, Girlgeta greedily mouthed the head, fighting back a low moan as his thick musky flavour flooded her senses.

Though not the most obliging of woman, Girlgeta was no blushing virginal bride. Even before Boxer, she could pride herself on being a very proficient lover and cock sucker.

Raised from a young age to be a warrior princess. Trained to use any and every weapon at her disposal to defeat her enemies, Girlgeta had no illusions. Sex was a weapon, and her sex appeal was as much a tool as her Galic Gun, and if used correctly, could be much more effective...

It was how she had survived for so long.

For all his arrogance, Frieza was no fool. He’d always suspected known there was a danger in keeping the Princess of all Saiyans as his pet and Girlgeta knew if she grew too powerful, the bastard wouldn’t hesitate to remove her from his service. So it had been up to her to find a way of making him overlook her ever-increasing power. Fortunately for her, the Galactic tyrant had a penchant for beautiful women, and when she’d offered herself to him, he’d been quick to accept.

It must have been such a thrill for the beast, to have her writhing and moaning breath him, knowing she'd offered herself to him, and had no idea he'd destroyed her planet, her race.

Even now the memories of what she'd done for him, let him do to her, could make her shudder. Yet it had been her who'd had the last laugh, because when she wasn't being used as his obedient sex slave, she had been throwing herself into battles, growing stronger by the day, outfighting and surpassing his flunkies one by one. Working her way through his ranks, Cui, Dodoria, Zarbon, even the legendary Ginyu Force. Until she was even a match for Frieza himself.

Or so she'd thought.

She'd never told anyone about her past. Not Radditz or Nappa, who'd known better than to question her regular visits to the tyrant’s chambers. Not even Boxer, though he enjoyed the benefits of it from time to time.

It was her secret shame and greatest strength.

And now it was time to remind Gohan to never underestimate his Princess.

Just like she’d taught his father, that day she first arrived on earth, so very long ago…

“Gir-Girlgeta, wait… stop… we really shouldn’t… Don’t do-ohhh!” For all his awesome power, Gohan had never felt so helpless. The sight of her lush lips flowing down his length, her cheeks hollowing as she sucked greedily, taking him in all the way to the gate of her throat in one slow plunge while those dark, predatory eyes stared up at him. Watching him. Daring him to interfere. It was too much.

Torn between sinful pleasure and exquisite agony, the urge to push her off or fist her hair and force her down, to take him in to the root, he didn’t know what to do. He couldn’t stand it, yet nor could he look away.

So he just watched, his knuckles turning white as he fisted the bedsheets against the pull of lush warmth, until…

“Mmm… does that feel good, boy, does your big cock like my wet little mouth?” Girlgeta purred, pulling back to flutter her tongue over his tip, delighting in his shuddering gasp and the salty, musky goodness coating his crown. Kami, she loved having so much power over him, seeing the conflict in his eyes, of having him helpless beneath her, and knowing he could turn at any moment. She’d forgotten how much she enjoyed the feeling of wielding power over a warrior so much stronger than her. It was such an exquisite feeling, such a turn on, a delicious cocktail of danger and power.

She wanted more.

“But…” Gohan groaned, his head rolling, fisting and twisting the sheets, the feeling almost too good for him to resist. “wh-what about Boxer?”

“What about him?” she asked, swooping down to lavish attention on his sack. Drawing a figure of eight over and around each ball, before sucking one then the other into her mouth, rolling them with her tongue and relishing the rich musky flavour, before dragging her tongue back up the underside of his length to greedily mouth his wide crest. “Don’t think I’m doing this to please you. This is just sex. You’re giving off so many pheromones, you’re triggering my heat cycle. So I’m going to take the edge off by fucking your brains out.”

And with that, she was all business.

She went all out. Taking him back into her mouth with their eyes still locked, going fast and sloppy, bobbing her head up and down with the same furious intensity she would apply to any battle. He was so thick and deliciously hard, but also soft and warm, like steel wrapped in warm silk. The idea that hers was the first mouth he’d felt wrapped around him, that she was about to be his first, made her core throb and ache to feel him inside her. Yet It wasn’t enough. Girlgeta wanted more. Wanted to claim him. To suck him dry and mark him as hers. To push him to the very edge, to make him gasp and writhe and submit.

“Gir-Girlgeta… please…” Gohan groaned, gritting his teeth against the feeling of her mouth gliding along his arousal, of lush heat sucking him in with long, rhythmic pulls. His eyes at once pleading her to stop and begging her to continue as his body and mind warred within him. Kami, no, fuck, she was going too fast, he couldn’t… couldn’t think… couldn’t… couldn’t… “Oh Kami… your mouth’s so… f-fuck!”

“Yeah, that’s it, you like it don’t you…” Sensing the change in him, the Saiyan Princess smirked inwardly and pulled back, only to cup her breasts. “Mmm such a big tasty cock, you might be a half breed, but you at least have the cock of a true Saiyan warrior.” Pushing the swells of her bosom together around his meat, she slowly started moving up and down.

Gohan had seen people doing this in some of Master Roshi’s magazines. It had looked so awkward and uncomfortable; he couldn’t understand the point of it.

Now he understood. The warmth and softness of her full tits surrounding him, the silky feeling of skin rubbing against slick skin, just watching his cock sliding up through the valley of her breasts was such a wild fucking turn on.

“Kami… Feels so good… oh fuck…don’t… don’t stop you evil bitch… ” He groaned as, with his head starting to spin, his hips instinctively lunging, fucking her tits with wild abandon.

“Oh, I won’t stop, not until you’ve blown your load all over your princess’s tits,” Girlgeta promised, relishing the feel of him between her breasts, huge and hard and scorching hot. So hot, the heat of his desire was brushing over her lips, thick with the musk of his desire, making her lips tingle and clit throb. “Does it feel good squeezed between my tits? Come on, fuck them brat, fuck your princess’s tits, paint me in all your juicy cum. I want to taste, lick you all up, suck your balls dry then ride you till you can’t remember your little human bitch’s name!”

Though his need to cum was growing fiercer by the moment, her gloat cut him like ice. “Wait, how do you know about Videl?”

“Why else would you be so backed up?” She teased, dipping her head down to flutter her tongue across his tip. “When Saiyans find a potentially acceptable mate, they go into a heat cycle. A real Saiyan would have claimed her on sight, fucked her for everyone to see. One ride on this big power pole and the little bitch will probably be begging for you to mark her.”

“N-no, don’t talk about her like that!”

Feeling his energy spike, as well as the way his cock seemed to swell and thicken and pulse against her skin, Girlgeta pressed her advantage. “Aww, what’s the matter brat, are you in love with her? Has the little human wench already made you her bitch? Well, don’t worry, by the time I’m done with you, you’ll have forgotten all about her.”

Her head dipped and she took his crown into her mouth, her cheeks hollowing as she sucked long and hard.

It was all too much. The heat of her mouth. The silky softness of her breasts squeezing around him. The sight of her sucking him while she worked him between her cleavage, and all the while continuing to watch him, her predatory gaze fixed, unblinking, seeming to see through him. It was too much.

“No!” Gohan half groaned, half-choked, squeezing his eyes shut against the sudden rush as his release overcame him. Yet for all his protests, the Saiyan in him would not be denied and as he unleased rope after rope of thick cream into her mouth, his fingers buried themselves in her spiky raven tresses, holding her fast and firm, forcing her to take every drop.

However, Girlgeta only relished his sudden forcefulness, and sucked greedily, milking him for every drop he had to give. Even after his release began to ebb and his fingers slipped from her hair, she kept up her assault, refusing to let him go soft on her.

When black spots started dancing before his eyes, Gohan could only groan. “N-no…Girlgeta… stop…no…no more…”

“Now, don’t be like that.” She pouted, pulling back to fix him with a look that would have almost been a reproach if she hadn’t been so coyly licking her lips. “You should be honoured. It's been a long time since I broke in a cherry, and A Saiyan princess would only ever claim the most elite warriors, as her pet.” Then she winked, and the look became pure predatory hunger as she rose to straddle his waist.  “I hope you’re ready because I’m about to give you the greatest fuck of your life!”

And before he could object, strong dextrous fingers coiled around his revived length, angling it upward as she sunk down.  Then it was too late…

“Gir-Girlgeta! Sto-ohh!” Gohan gasped, all objections leaving him in a long moan at the feeling of sliding into lush heat, of her warm silky walls wrapping around and sucking him in.

“Mmm… too late for that… you’re all mine now…” She purred, lowering herself down, fighting back the moan at the sensation of being filled inch by inch. Fuck… he’s huge.

It had been so long.  She’d forgotten what it felt like to be completely full, stretched, stuffed with thick hard cock. How had she gone without it for so long? Boxer was ok, but for all his frequent boasting, he was only human, and a dog could not satisfy a wolf. Why had she been denying herself this feeling, this sense of completion? It was intoxicating. She wanted, no, she needed more and circled her hips.

And Gohan was powerless to stop her.

“Gi-Girlgeta…. Wait… I… I….” he groaned through gritted teeth, fisting and twisting the sheets against the delicious friction from her inner walls squeezing and sliding along his cock. Yet his eyes were fixed on where they were joined, captivated by the view of her folds sliding along his cock, rising and falling, leaving him wet and slick with her desire. It was the most erotic thing he’d ever seen.

“Yeah, that’s it, boy, watch me take your virginity.” she husked, before bending down to slowly lick up a fat bead of perspiration that was rolling down his neck. Pressing in close so he could feel her breasts pressing against his skin, she followed the salty trail with the point of her tongue up to his earlobe and whispered “You like that baby? Having your princess’s pussy wrapped around your big virgin cock?”

Beyond words, Gohan shook his head, yet couldn’t silence the little gasp that left him as she reared back. Not fooled, Girlgeta grinned toothily down at him and wiggled her hips while dragging a hand down his chiselled torso, scrapping the points of her nails over his flat nipple. “Yeah, you like it don’t you, come on I know you do, let me hear you say it!”

The delicious cocktail of pleasure and pain was too much for Gohan.

“Yes,” He hissed, seizing her hips and dragging her back down, burying himself to the balls in her lush heat.

Girlgeta gasped, throwing her head back, her eyes wide and back bowing with the sudden delicious shock of the deeper penetration, of feeling new tissues getting stretched for the first time. Yet it only fuelled the blazing desire pulsing through her. “Oh fuck, fuck, that’s it, this big fucking cock is all mine, oh Kami! So big and thick, mmm-yes, fuck me, fuck me!”

Bracing her hands on his taut abdominals, she rode him hard and fast, rolling her hips to pushing up and up until he was almost leaving her, then dropping back down.

Gohan was right there with her, powerless against the feeling of her walls squeezing and sucking his cock, enslaved by his raging lust. He couldn’t help himself. Everything about this was wrong, but he just couldn’t fight it anymore. His hips rocked against her, meeting her downward plunge with hard upward thrusts as his hands clawed at her luscious derriere. Needing to fill her lush cavern, to claim her and mark her as her his and leave her in no doubt who she belonged to.

“Oh… fuck… oh my kami, yes, so deep,  mmm… yes… take that pussy, stuff it full with your big dick…” She panted, her words turning feverish as the pleasure spread out from the pulsing knot at her centre. It wouldn’t be long now, Kami who would have ever guessed innocent little Son Gohan had it in him. With his boyish looks and innocent naivety. It got her so hot, knowing she could do this to him, knowing she could make him lose control and take him to the very edge. Knowing she’d broken Kakarot’s brat. “oh fuck… oh my fucking god, feels so good, so fucking deep, oh yes, oh fuck, oh my god, oh my god, so close, make me cum, make your princess cum!”

Drawn by her sounds of pleasure, his eyes moved up her body, taking her in in all her majesty. Her skin sleek and glistening with a mist of perspiration as she rode him, full breasts bouncing, her mane of dark hair floating around her fierce, pleasure flushed face. She was beautiful. A goddess.

And for the moment, she was his.

It was too much.

“Gir… Girlgeta…wait… stoohh fuck…somethings…I’m gonna cum!”

His declaration hit her like a lightning strike. “What! No, not yet, don’t cum inside me, Baka!” No, he couldn’t cum, not inside her, not now. She was in heat. Her cycle had been triggered. The probability of the seed taking root now was as good as certain.

It was what happened last time.

Yet she couldn’t stop.

“Can’t stoooh!” He was too far gone, sucked in by the feel of her lush heat fluttering around swelling desire. His release ripped through him, overtook him, consumed him. And then there was only the beast.

“No! Oh kami, no, stop, stop… I’ll get- oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck! ” Girlgeta groaned, but it was already too late, he was so hot and hard inside her. Her hips wouldn’t stop moving. Her pussy wouldn’t stop clenching. The pleasure spiralling out from her centre, tingling along her nerves, and out to her nipples, fingers and toes, making her bear down on him, milking him to the brink. With a long howl, he crushed her to him, his fingers unescapable and biting into her bum as scorching heat flooded her, pushing her over the edge into sensory oblivion.

Except Gohan wasn’t satisfied.

Taken by the current of desire that had overwhelmed them both, he twisted out from under her, throwing the Princess to the bed, and flipped her onto her front. Still riding the waves and aftershocks of her release, Girlgeta was only half aware of this, until the sudden delicious burn of his broad crest sliding through her folds, going all the way to the root, had her head rolling in a long voiceless moan.

She wouldn’t have thought it possible, but he felt even bigger from this angle. No, not bigger. Just fucking huge. However, before her pleasure frazzled brain could fully begin to comprehend the feeling, he was moving. Easing back then driving hard and fast with deep stabbing thrusts. Those big, powerful hands dragging her back against him, grinding her ass into the saddle of his hips, making her feel every inch of him, until she felt ready to burst all over again. Regardless, her greedy sex took everything he had to give, desperate for the next.

“Errr… fuck… so tight... so… tight…” he growled out, breathless, mindless, more beast than man.

“Oh kami… oh fuck… so good… so deep… yes, pound that fucking pussy… “ Girlgeta could only claw at the bed, desperate for any purchase to push back against him, to match him, take back control, but it was useless. He was dominating her totally, driving into her with such wild abandon, the bed was starting to rock. No, the bed, the whole fucking ship was vibrating, shaking with his violent rhythm. If they kept this up, the damn thing would probably tip over again.  

“Yeah, this what you want, Girlgeta?” Gohan growled, his eyes dark and fierce with primitive lust as all his long-repressed instincts billowed to the surface. The urge to fuck, to dominate, to conquer this arrogant female, to claim her as his. And he forgot about his mother and brother, he forgot about his friends, he forgot about Videl. For a few brief moments, he forgot about the world and his responsibilities and gave himself over to the moment. He became the Saiyan he was born to be. 

“Yes!” She gasped, burying her face in a pillow, pushing back against him as much as she could, silently pleading for more. Unable to bear the shame of her words, her surrender, but refusing to let him stop. She was too far gone, too turned on. Damn it all, this couldn’t be happening. It shouldn’t be happening. She was Girlgeta, princess of all Saiyans. No third class piece of scum should have been able to top her. It was wrong, all so wrong, but then why did it feel so good?

“Fuck your little cunt’s so wet and greedy, Girlgeta.” “You like it rough, don’t you? To get fucked deep and hard? To take my cock like the dirty bitch you are?”

No, what was happening to her.

It was just too much. The fullness, the delicious tease of friction over every nerve ending in places she’d never known existed. Her clit throbbing, aching for attention as his body tightened with every word out of his mouth.

Who’d of guessed he was even capable of such coarse language.

And the way he said it, in that low gravely bestial tone. It was like sex given voice

“Yes, yes you little bastard, give it to me!” The words left her in a rush that she couldn’t control, a fit of passion rising up with the sounds of their bodies meeting, slapping, crashing together, faster and faster. The sound of her submission only spurring him on to stir up her pussy to a blazing white-hot tempest. “I love that dick so much, fuck me harder, shove it in me, stuff it in my pussy…”

“No! Whose cunt is it, Girlgeta?" He snapped, one hand burying itself in her hair, fisting and twisting, dragging her up onto all fours, and then back against him. So she could feel the heat of his skin on her back. Feel his heart pounding in his chest as his hips started circling, driving her wild.

“Yours! Oh, fuck that’s your pussy! It’s yours… please…don’t stop, don’t stop!” Sounds she’d never known she could make escaped her every time he was fully sheathed inside her. Unable to move, unable to escape, she bore down on him, her every sense zeroing in on the feeling of him thickening within her, throbbing. “Yes! Oh fuck, oh fuck, it’s yours! I’ll be such a good little fuck toy for you, fuck me whenever you want, yes, stir up that little cunt, it’s yours… make me cum again, make me cum all over your big dick!”

“That’s right. You tried to dominate me, use me like some fucking toy, but you’re my bitch now, this royal pussy is mine!”  He growled through the feeling of her inner tissues wrapping around him, squeezing him, sucking him in. Loving the sounds she made, her throaty guttural moans and high squeaks, the way she called his name as he bottomed out inside her. The sense of primitive conquest was delicious. To know he'd done this to her.

He’d done the impossible.

He’d conquered the cruel and cold Saiyan princess.

He’d made her feel this way.

He’d torn through her walls, stripped away her control, broken the icy armour she’d encased herself in for so long to reveal the sexual kitten within.

It was enough to push him over the edge.

And with black spots suddenly dancing before his eyes, he crushed her to him, forcing her to take him balls deep, he came.

“Oh fuck! Oh fuck! I can feel your… oh fuck!” Girlgeta gasped out, the throbbing knot in her centre spiralling out of control, igniting in an explosion of golden flames that radiated through her, around her, at the feeling of heat flooding her womb. This was it, fuck, he’d cum inside her twice, she was pregnant for sure. She knew there would come a time when she would regret this moment, that she would curse her stupidity for getting so carried away, but that was later. For now, there was nothing she wanted more. “Yes, that’s it, give me all you cum, fill me up, bread me, bread- oh fuck, I’m cumming, I’m cumming! I-“

With a savage twist, he dragged her head round and his mouth descended on hers, silencing her cries with a hungry kiss. It was their first kiss and the intimacy of it shredded her, tore at her, shattered her into a thousand tiny pieces of starlight right there in his arms. Yet she craved more, needed more.

Their bodies tumbled together to the bed. Drunk on the taste of her Gohan kissed Girlgeta until her body stopped trembling, but only when her aurora of super Saiyan energy was starting to dissipate did he finally pull back. Embarrassed, he looked away, not sure what to say. “Errr…sorry.”

Baka!” She snapped, panting, the aftershocks of the strongest orgasm of her life doing nothing to lessen her outrage as she twisted out of his arms and to her feet, just managing to catch herself before her knees gave way. At some point, the solid oak legs of the bed had given way, but she neither cared nor really noticed as the sensation of him leaving her left her feeling cold and hollow. “Who said you could fucking kiss me?”

“Well um… I err… it just seemed like the thing to do. I thought you might like it.” Gohan mumbled, feeling very suddenly very warm as he resisted the urge to watch her. “Sorry.”

“You apologise too much.” She snarled, not daring to look at him as she pulled on her body glove, just encase he saw her blush. Oh, she’d liked it alright, but she’d be damned if she let him know it. “You need training.”

Gohan couldn’t stop himself from looking up this time. “Training?”

Girlgeta had never expressed any interest in training him before, quite the contrary actually.

Fully dressed, Girlgeta turned back to glare back at him with her hands on her hips, before a sly smirk curled at the corner of her lips. “Lose control like that with your little human bitch and you’ll probably tear the girl apart. You need to learn to control yourself. Come here after school on Monday, it’s time you learnt to fuck like a Saiyan.”   


The End, maybe…


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