Reviews for Splinter

BY : TheBatcave

  • From Sam on October 25, 2020

    I read all 28 chapters in like two days !


    Really hope to see more, I'm curious to see how things will play out. 

    I wonder how Gohan would feel if he knew cell raped him? 

    I go back and forth from wanting them to work out as a couple to wanting to rip Cell's head off. Love how twisted this story is, so many emotions.  


    As someone who has suffered through a lot of depression/ anxiety I can relate to this story a lot. Food was my vice though, did consider cutting at one point just never did, too worried I'd do it wrong. 

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  • From Chaanz on September 05, 2018

    Well, a while ago, I started reading this story and I just could not stop! The topics covered and characterization of the characters was simply unforgettable! I hope you continue to write this story ^ - ^

    (Ps: I created an account just to tell you this)

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  • From DamianTheSnowLeox on September 22, 2017

    I am LOVING how you write Gohan and Cell's unorthidox relationship! I remain an avid reader as I await for the next exciting chapter! 

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